Baby Bump

by raplucknett

Copyright© 2015 by raplucknett

Erotic Sex Story: Will 18 year old Henry be able to seduce his older, pregnant crush?

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Lactation   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   .

Adam and I have been best friends since I was little. We met as next door neighbors when I was only ten and he was eighteen. As we grew up we still kept in touch, I was even his best man at his wedding when he married the lovely Sophie Roberts five years ago. He is now twenty six and I am eighteen.

Anyway, this story is not about Adam, it's about his wife Sophie. Last week Adam and Sophie, and their daughter Emma, came around my parent's house where I live, for dinner. I said hello, but being busy with exams, talked for a little bit and then excused myself to go study. About an hour later Sophie came upstairs to put little Emma, only two years old, in the bed in the spare room to sleep. She smiled to me but said nothing.

As she went into the other room, I couldn't help but to get up and have a little peak at her. I caught her just in time as she bent over to tuck her daughter in. Her ass was huge and the outline of her panties could clearly be seen as she bent down in her tight dress. However, it wasn't just Sophie ass that made me hard. Her tits were desperately trying to escape their two-sizes-too-small prison of a bra, and her golden hair swept beautifully over her face to highlight her crystal blue eyes. The best thing of all though, she was pregnant, and it made her look incredibly hot.

Another hour passed, and it was dinner time. We all sat at the dining room table to eat the delicious food that my mom had cooked for us. It was a pretty average family dinner really, with conversations only getting as exciting as what was on TV that night. Then Adam suggested that we all go out to the club after. I did like the idea, but I had to finish my studies, so I stayed. Sophie also stayed behind to look after Emma who was still asleep upstairs.

Everybody else left for the club and I went back upstairs. By eight o'clock I was pretty bored of studying and then, to make matters worse, Emma started crying from the room next door. Sophie came upstairs, gave me the same smile as earlier, and went into Emma's room. A few seconds later the door closed. That it meant it was feeding time. I sat there for a minute imagining what Sophie's breasts would feel like surrounding my cock. Then I had an idea, a very naughty one. It took a minute but I gathered up the courage and burst into the room next door as if I had no idea what was going on in there.

Sophie let out a little scream. I had caught her at just the right moment, Emma had finished and was being put back to bed, but Sophie's DD tits were still hanging out of her red dress like two huge watermelons.

"What the fuck Henry! You must have known what I was doing in here?"

"Er ... er ... no I'm sorry, I had no idea," I replied shakily.

"Don't lie to me, I know you. Now get out and stop staring at my tits!"

I did as she asked and went back to my room. I was half nervous that she would tell my parents, but also half excited and turned on that I got to see her beautiful breasts finally. A few minutes later she stormed downstairs to the living room. I sat there for a while, deciding what I should do next. I decided to go down and apologize.

"I'm sorry Sophie, I was just curious. Please don't tell mom and dad."

She looked at me for a few moments, deciding what to do. "Ugghh, fine. You are obviously just curious about my body, yes?"

"Erm ... yeah," I replied.

"Well did you get a good look?"

"Kind of, but I only saw part of your body," I said in a flirtatious manner.

She gave a cute little smile back and stood up. She walked on over to me and looked me in the eyes. "Ugghh, I really shouldn't be doing this," she said.

"Doing what?" I questioned.

But without an answer, she shoved me onto the sofa and climbed on top of me. Her thighs wrapped around my waist at the same time as her tongue parted my lips and we entered a passionate kiss. By now I'm pretty sure she could feel my bulge building in my pants as it pressed against her left thigh.

"I can't fuck you Henry, so don't get too excited," my heart sank a little, "but I will perform a little show for you so that you can see a pregnant female body."

My bulge grew a little more. She stood up and bent down so that her ass was right in my face. Then, using her index fingers, she seductively lifted the tight red dress, revealing the white granny pants underneath. I reached out and put my hands into the moist crevice between her legs. She slapped my hand.

"No touching!"

She then lifted the dress over her head, twisting her hips slowly as she did so. She turned to face me, showing off her matching white bra. Then her hands reached behind her back and the bra slowly slipped down her torso and eventually fell to her feet. Her breasts were now on full show, and they looked even better than before.

Next to come off were her panties, but she did it so slowly and seductively that I was not able to control myself. I pulled them down and squeezed her right buttock. She turned around and slapped my face.

"I warned you!" She said fiercely.

The woman I had had a crush on for years now stood in front of me fully naked and flaunting her swollen belly. She looked at me and tilted her head as she was thinking.

"Why don't you join me?" She asked.

Before I could even think about it, she had climbed back on top of me and was ripping of my shirt. In a matter of seconds we were both fully naked.

"That's better," she said, "now what is it you are most curious about the pregnant body?"

"Is it true that your tits swell up with milk?" I asked.

"Open your mouth and I'll show you," she demanded.

I did as I was told and the runny white liquid was soon gushing out of her nipples into my mouth at rapid speeds. But I wanted to taste her nipples too. So I lifted my face and sucked. She stopped squirting milk with her hands and was about to slap me again, but then this look of 'who cares?' came across her face and she pressed her bust further into my face.

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