Cheating and Recover 06

by Commentstory

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Drama Story: The comment part of other story collection contains small stories from Anonymous. When I met cheater wife recovering husband with newer wife or woman story I publish it. These stories are as the folklore for everyone.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Violent   .

My Pen Name is Duna here. I am a fan and author of Cheating wife- Consequence-Recover with other woman stories. But I publish these stories on other Pen Name, because one or more Anonymous posters wrote in the comment section of another story collection. When I find a Cheating wife-Consequence/BTB(Burn The Bitch)-The husband Recover after divorce story I save then I publish. Such stories as this is similar to the folklore they belong to everyone.

But it was nothing like this story. In real life, it is a gut wrenching blow to the stomach, and as I read, I thought I might throw up. I barely made it to the toilet. Lilly had left only hours before, on her way to her mothers house, or so she said. Unfortunately, she had left her diary out on her side of bed where I could barely see it under the bed. Thinking it was something she might need, I checked to see what to do.

You see, my wife had started seeing her old boyfriend, the one she purported to love before we were married. But he cheated on her and moved on, and I had no idea he'd moved back. So the guy who took her cherry was back in the crotch of her tree, riding like a madman, according to her own words. One thing I did learn, while I wasn't slighted in cock size, after reading it, I realized why she never felt all that tight. there is big, me, and there is OH MY GOD. That was Tom.

It seemed when I left for work, Tom pulled into my house not long after. He had been banging my wife for six weeks and I had seen nothing. Nothing out of place at home, not any less from my wife nor any less love. To see her love of Tom written out in her own hand was awful and I knew my marriage was over. Who wants to live with a woman, any spouse, that doesn't love you as much as someone else? No one in their right mind.

I packed my stuff and left. We didn't have much after being married only 18 months. I saw in her diary where she had quit taking the pill and by who she got pregnant by was going to be a crapshoot. Well, it might not be Tom, but it sure as hell wasn't going to be me. Stopping by my employers house, I picked up my final check, a little added for severance pay and I left town. She could do whatever the hell she wanted, she would simply do it without me being anywhere around. I left her diary wide open on the middle of the bed with my wedding ring holding it open to the page where she talked about how much she loved Tom.

After I was settled about 400 miles away, I found a job doing the same thing I had been, driving dump truck, except I made not only a little more but longer hours and all the overtime I wanted. I went hog wild for a few months, driving up to 80 hours per week. I was so dog tired my boss call me in and read me the riot act. After that, I kept it down between 50 and 60 hours per week. But man did I make a lot of money.

I made a call to a buddy who my wife and I used to hang out with both he and his wife. Bill told me my wife was distraught over my leaving and had moved back home with her own folks. She admitted to his wife she had been cheating on me and she had reached the point she couldn't understand why. But he said, his wife let him know Lilly was still seeing Tom whenever she could. She just couldn't say no to his cock and the things he made her do.

I sent money to my buddy. It was I know a guy that knows a guy type deal and Bill was willing to go the extra mile for me. He didn't say anything to his wife and he had also warned her he didn't want the cheating cunt in his house, but he made contact and spent my money wisely. I read in the paper where Tom had been hit by a car that then backed up over him a second time and pulled forward for a third time. He was badly injured with broken bones everywhere. He went on to live, but was never the same. Apparently, that broke the spell he had over Lilly who never bothered to even go see him.

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