Hortense Triumphs

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2015 by Midsummerman

Sex Story: The absolute dominance of Mistress Hortense Brigham is expressed in her sadism toward all males. Ever present at the dark events practised at the house of Agnes Fairchild, her latest pet is made to know the humiliation which faces each male chosen by her when the whim to have yet another male pleases her. The male on this occasion is treated to a delightful twist as he is prepared for the end of his use as her favoured pet. He is treated to the ritual and base humiliation which faces them all

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   BDSM   FemaleDom   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   BBW   .

The male sensed that today was different as he was led to the room by his Mistress, naked leashed and on all fours. He had surrendered everything to Madam Hortense Brigham, the plump 60 year old woman who had drawn him into her web, teasing him into her world of domination and beyond, breaking his spirit completely through cruel and rigorous punishments and humiliations, reducing him to the controlled and obedient slave he now was.

She had promised him he would be disposed of when the whim suited her, and being officially dead through supposedly being one of a number of unfound bodies from a shipping disaster two years past, he had lived in total awe of her cruel dominance, knowing he would disappear without being missed when her cruelty toward him peaked in a lushly sadistic ecstasy. Dressed in nothing but a black silk body stocking, high boots and carrying a whip, she walked him to the room with studied deliberation; he could see that each step increased some hidden pleasure within her, his cock stiff with a submissive lust of his own as he watched her large and slightly saggy arse cheeks move in the black silk, the huge and wondrous thighs his head had been between so often, shining deliciously in the chiffon thin material.

She turned at the door with a cruel sneer, allowing him a view of her large globular breasts expressing excited nipples through the see-through black shroud of the body stocking, her cunt shining wet with arousal through the silk, the cunt which he had worshipped and which represented the absolute power of femininity. His cock boned hard in utter submission and his anus tingled as she gave him a look which he knew meant his time had come.

'Yes my pet. You know that all males are here for my pleasure only, and that all must know my ultimate pleasure in their disposal at my whim. Sniff my cunt and know that I am close to that pleasure.' He moved forward immediately and pressed his nose to the moist slit, his cock dribbling pre-cum as he took in the spicy scent of her deliciously mature cunt; the scent stronger than even those occasions after he had been thrashed to near unconsciousness, or humiliated by her before new associates. He knew now her excitement was due to his disposal and that this was not simply a cruel torture. She laughed cruelly as he trembled in realisation. The leash was tugged hard, and the door opened.

The male knew immediately what was to follow; he now remembered that he had seen this room just once before, when he had first become enslaved by her. A snivelling male had been brought in by her in dominant triumph, the male broken and utterly subservient; he was now that male. The male had been brought to him and was made to suck his cock; he would now suck cock. The male had performed the task readily, swallowing every drop of seed eagerly as he had his fate confirmed whilst Mistress Hortense Brigham enjoyed the intense humiliation and crushing defeat of the male; his cock boned as he too now relished the act, to honour the absolute dominance of the woman who owned him. The male had then been allowed to masturbate at the feet of his Mistress, the new pet's come dribbling from his mouth, and was then made to lick the mess up; the male was now yearning to know utter defeat and spend for his Mistress.

Hortense's cunt tingled with pleasure as the male showed little resistance on being led by leash on all fours into the room, he gasped and his heart raced as he saw another male standing naked in a corner, his hands bound behind his back to prevent him masturbating; the new male having began the process of being broken by Hortense and kept in denial during his preparation. His startled eyes pierced through the eyeholes in the hood as his cock rose to a full erection on seeing the woman who was to dominate and reduce him completely. Hortense would now enjoy the full realisation of the leashed male, and his total crushing defeat as he was humiliated and was told of the fate he now knew he faced. With her cunt oozing, she tugged him up and back on to his knees.

'You have served your penultimate purpose and are now of no use to me as a pet, you will now suck the cock that will take your place, you are worthless now.' She clicked her fingers and gestured to the new male, who meekly obeyed and came and stood before the kneeling and crestfallen male whose time in favour was at an end. Hortense grinned with cruel satisfaction as she studied the two erect cocks, both males faced with an act which was totally alien to both, but both under the complete control of the dominant woman; the new male eager to please, the old male broken, and in absolute submission. He had been enticed into her clutches by his lust for her dominance, his spirit gradually broken under her whips and canes, stripped of his assets and identity, and reduced to a mere plaything by means of torture and humiliation. His perverse lust had led him to the final goal that his sadistic Mistress desired, and now he would face a humiliation that the former proud and arrogant Victorian gentleman that he had once been could never have envisaged before being controlled by the superior woman. He was now a defeated nameless cur, and his own cock pulsed with submissive pleasure as he faced another cock and lusted to hear her command.

'You'll suck that cock now; you know what it confirms, I want you to know that you are finished as you suck, the seed that you taste will bring your fate home to you, you knew this day would come.' Her satisfaction grew as the new male nervously edged his rigid cock up to the mouth of the kneeling cur, her cunt tingling with dominant pleasure as she pulled the leash tight to show her control while she watched the lips of the crushed male slip over the poking bell-end of his usurper. His balls and anus tingled as his eyes tried to concentrate on the generous belly and cunt of his Mistress as he took the cock deep into his mouth and sucked at its rude contours. The usurper gasped through the hood as he too tried to think hard of his Mistress, though the pleasure of the hot mouth about his cock was undeniable, and his balls tingled with a perverse pleasure at being key to the other male's humiliation; a humiliation which he guessed he would one day endure, and the power of the woman he worshipped had him envious of the kneeling male as his carnal pleasure increased with the sucking.

Hortense looked down at the union of the two males who were under her control, and rubbed her cunt through the sheer silk as the usurper's legs trembled and his gasps and feeble groans increased, while the cur sucked obediently and urgently on his cock.

'He's going to come, and you'll know the seed that will be spent at my pleasure the way yours once was. You'll come perhaps three times more during your lifetime, the last will be tomorrow when you indulge my ultimate pleasure and spend on the rope; tomorrow you hang for me!'

The defeated cur's anus tingled in the submissive pleasure of utter defeat as her words tortured his mind, making him suck hard on the bulbous and pulsing cock while his memory took him back to how things were, how he had surrendered to the supreme Hortense, and the many occasions on which she had told him he would be disposed of.

He now knew when he would hang, and wanted to taste the seed that would confirm it. His tongue curved about the usurper's probing bell-end, teasing the flange of his glans as he thrust urgently and moaned, teasing the torrent of hot seed from him that the cur's throat now so desired. The usurper's mind was now filled with a strangely submissive jealousy at the words of his new Mistress, knowing the humiliated cur would dance on the gallows for her tomorrow, making his pleasure uncontrollable as he envied the cur; oh how he wanted to hang for her as the lush orgasm surged up from his balls.

The cur closed his eyes and thought of nothing but being noosed as the usurper's cock pulsed hard while he sucked, and his own cock stood hard and dribbled pre-cum as the usurper moaned in ecstasy and jetted a torrent of hot seed.

The cur knew submissive ecstasy as never before, his humiliation at an apex on hearing his Mistress's cruel sneering as the bland taste of hot cum hit his throat, the generous load making him swallow immediately and suck harder for more, the usurper obliging while he now stared hard at the doomed cur's mouth about his cock, spurting freely as his cock was caressed by the luxuriant warmth. Hortense slipped a finger hard over her bulging clitoris as she witnessed the humiliation in total enjoyment, and was determined that her new pet would empty his balls completely.

'Good boy, show him that he's only good for the gallows now, his use to me is over.' The usurper moaned deliriously now, his cock boning and pulsing awkwardly in the cur's mouth as the hot semen flowed, the cur dribbling creamy cum as he fought to swallow the spurts which seemed endless, and which he now welcomed in utter submission. Hortense sighed as she indulged in a minor orgasm herself, the pleasure she got from this final humiliation was secondary only to seeing the used male hang, and she now had that pleasure to come; she had broken and hanged many males, and the pleasure increased each time, her sadistic lust for it insatiable. She looked at the usurper as he gasped at the end of his orgasm, his balls drained; he would know the noose too, but within six months. She would have him suck cock and torment more males with greater frequency; they were so easily broken and so weak under her.

She watched the two submissive males for a few moments after the usurper had moaned his last; he stood panting in the hood, his tied hands fumbling behind him, and jerking spasmodically as the cur continued to suck at his sensitised bell-end, in a submissive trance, teasing the last drops of semen from the spent cock, the remnants of it's generous contribution dribbling from his chin. Hortense sneered with triumph.

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