Treating Sarah

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2015 by TheWatcher58

Erotic Sex Story: Sarah rolled her ankle playing netball. He volunteered to drive her home, make her comfortable before walking home to his place. She attempted to have a shower, but collapsed under the streaming water. He helps her from the shower to her bed.... and things get very steamy from there when he (a 60 year guy) shows 20 year old Sarah what she has been missing out on from her boyfriends.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Size   .

I was being the ever helpful person when I volunteered to see that Sarah got home safely after she had injured herself at the netball game. She had rolled her ankle, and was having problems standing (let alone trying to walk).

Sarah was 20 years old, and no one suspected that a 60 year old guy would be any threat to her well-being. My wife staying on to watch some more games, whilst I would drive Sarah's car to take her home. With our home within walking distance, I said that I would walk home after I had delivered Sarah safely to her home.

I carried her from the car to inside her home, carefully depositing her on the lounge chair. Sitting on the ottoman, I carefully removed her shoes and socks, noticing that a slight bruise was already forming on her affected ankle.

"Have you some ice in the freezer?" I asked her.

She started to say that she could manage, but I cut her off and told her that I would make sure she was OK before I left, and that included getting some treatment for her ankle.

I left her to retrieve the ice from the freezer, placing it into a freezer bag that I found in a kitchen drawer. Wrapping it in a tea towel I returned to the lounge room. Sitting again, I lifted her leg until her foot rested in my lap.

"Oh shit" I thought "I'm sitting too close". Her foot was resting right on top of my dormant cock. Not wanting to draw attention to this, I didn't move as I applied the ice compress to her ankle. Keeping it on her ankle I talked to her about the game, and the incident that had resulted in her ankle injury.

After about 10 minutes she suggested that she would like to take a shower. Her ankle was feeling a little better, and she hoped that she could stand on it.

"I'll help you into the bathroom, and leave you there while I wait here" I suggested.

"Thank you ... thank you so much" she responded as I helped her to her feet and almost carried her to the bathroom.

"Call me if you need help" I told her as I left the room closing the door behind me. I had noted that the shower recess was huge and that she could easily walk / hobble into it.

After a few minutes I heard her scream out in what sounded like pain. I sprinted back to the bathroom and burst through the door without thinking, to find her crumpled over and naked on the floor of the running shower.

"Oh god ... sorry" I gasped "I forgot myself" as I started to backtrack out of the room.

"No ... don't go ... I need your help" she whimpered. "Help me up please".

I noticed that the taps were on the back wall of the shower recess. I would not be able to step into the shower without getting very wet (she had the double shower heads running at full force).

I made a decision ... and that was to strip off my clothes before rescuing her.

"I can't get wet ... I'll have to undress" I explained as I removed my clothes.

"It's OK" she replied as she watched me intently.

For a 60 year old I have a trim body that I have kept that way through good diet and exercise. I also have a quite substantial cock still at that age, and it was half-hard at the moment.

I stepped into the shower and helped her to her feet, She leaned into me pressing her large tits into my chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck to steady herself. That act stirred my cock into action - it expanded in length and girth and was soon pressing against her tummy.

"Oh god ... I'm so sorry" I explained.

"Don't be ... I've never had such a dramatic effect on a guy before" she responded with her face close to mine and her body pressing closer against mine.

"You're beautiful" I blurted out without thinking.

"You think so?" she asked.

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