In the Sweet by and Bi

by Peter Duncan

Copyright© 2015 by Peter Duncan

Sex Story: Aggie Wilcox, wife of a preacher, finds out about Garven and Adrianna's sexual affair with Gloria Delgado, a petite, heavily pierced Mexicana, now a member of the choir. Though Aggie is completely naïve about bi-sex and group sex, Garven shows her Adrianna's toys and pictures of their frolics. Aggie begins to fear that she is becoming a sex addict. She is also becoming aware that her marriage to Reverend Phillip Wilcox might not be long for this world.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

It's funny, Aggie thought as she watched Garven Milroy walking out at the end of choir practice with Gloria Delgado, all this time and I've never felt jealous of him. She knew it wasn't really jealousy. It was more of a fascination she felt about the woman. Piercings had not yet become popular in the mainstream yet. When Adrianna Milroy (Garven's deceased wife) first introduced Gloria Delgado to the choir Aggie had been put off by Gloria's nose ring. At the same time she was fascinated by it but didn't know why. Because of the nose ring she thought woman might have been on drugs or something.

She had always liked Adrianna, a person who seemed to think well beyond the box. As the wife of a pastor, Aggie Wilcox had to be circumspect in the conduct her life. Within the congregation there were always wagging tongues, those members of the congregation who would talk trash about her. At the same time she thought perhaps that Adrianna might have gone too far in bringing a girl with a nose ring girl into the choir. "Girl, she thought Gloria's got to be ten years younger than Adrianna. That would make her about 47 now.

When Adrianna was singing in the choir Aggie sat next to her. Gloria sat just on the other side of Adrianna. As Aggie got to know the attractive young Mexican woman she found her to be quite nice, stable as well. But that ridiculous nose ring! Something else: It appeared to Aggie that there was a peculiar kind of bond between Adrianna and Gloria, almost like they were family.

When the Rev. Phillip Wilcox took over as Pastor, Garven Milroy was already organist and choir director. His day job though was teaching piano in his home. Garven, with a full schedule of promising students, was quite successful.

Adrianna was a successful music editor for a publishing house. After marrying Milroy she decided upon going into her own business, also working out of the Milroy home. Prior to leaving Sound Notes Publishing she asked a young editor, Gloria Delgado, if she would be interested in coming to work for her as soon as the business became successful enough to support another person. Gloria agreed.

At twenty-three Gloria graduated from Fairleigh-Dickenson University with a master's degree in music composition. Prior to joining Sound Notes she worked for another music publishing house in New York. During that time she had become serious with Rocco Novello, a saxophone player in a popular rock band. Into piercings himself he convinced Gloria to have rings put in her lower lip, nipples and navel.

When she discovered how these rings reacted to touching and licking—enhancing her sexual excitement—she soon added a ring through each of her labia minorum and one through her clitoris. The labial rings were strictly for decoration. But the clitoral ring, in a titillating way, worked in concert with the ones in her lip, nipples and navel.

Rocco Novello, Gloria's guy, had his navel pierced, as well as the head of his penis, just were the cleft started beyond his circumcision scar. Kinky and quite sexually active, he found that when fucking and being sucked—particularly when being sucked—the rings sent shocks through his penis that made his testicles vibrate and his anus spasm. Apparently the electrolytes in the saliva and vaginal lubrication reacted with the metal rings. It usually sent jolts to his toes which sometimes caused them to cramp.

Being a sound expert as well as saxophonist for the group Rocco experimented with low level electrical currents in auxiliary sound equipment. When he attached alligator clips to the rings the power caused such excitement in his sexual package that his testicles would produce greater loads of semen that would explode in powerful ejaculations.

When Rocco convinced Gloria to have her lower lip pierced she was surprised that, when they kissed, she began feeling stimulations she hadn't felt before. She agreed to have her nipples and navel pierced, finding that when they were touched or licked, pleasurable surges occurred in the nerve path that went to her vagina. The clit ring soon followed. The two opposing rings in her labia were mainly for Rocco's enjoyment. When his erect member rubbed against them in intercourse it caused a tickling enjoyment that enhanced his sexual pleasure.

At the age of sixteen Gloria was lured into a relationship by her aunt. They were soon joined by her uncle. Though she was well acquainted with sexual stimulation and satisfaction administered by experts, the excitement brought on by the rings made her feel as though she had achieved something parallel to sexual nirvana.

Being a tamperer Rocco rigged a device that used low level battery current that produced tiny shocks without causing damage to the body. Using a control that he devised he showed Gloria that, when the actuated clips were attached to his navel and penis rings, it drove him into fits of frenzied pleasure that, without even touching himself made him shoot as many as five bounteous loads of semen that went seven to nine feet. Astounded and curious, the wary Gloria allowed him try the device on her.

When he attached alligator clamps to the rings in each nipple, her navel and clitoris, Rocco "played" her from low levels of current to the highest level, literally causing as many as eighteen seizure-like orgasms.

The first time they did it she became exhausted. As they continued however, after Rocco had his testicles pierced, they finally perfected fucking with electrical currents that surged through sexual parts in both of their bodies. While he couldn't hook up the crown of his cock while he was inside her pussy, he could activate his testicular rings which caused sexual pleasures to soar to extremely high levels.

Gloria had just become Adrianna's assistant editor at Sound Notes when the group's small plane crashed, killing Rocco and his four other band members. For the grieving young woman Adrianna became her counselor. It was during this period of two years, a time when Gloria, the previously sexually active young woman, became celibate. One night during this period Adrianna confided to Gloria that, until she married Milroy, she was still a virgin.

"How did you manage that," Gloria asked.

Adrianna answered, "It's just something I vowed to be until I got married." When she saw that Gloria was looking at her askance she gave a naughty smile and said "I masturbated a lot ... sucked guys cocks to try and keep their minds off fucking me. Occasionally I would get my pussy eaten by guys who thought they could get into my pants." She laughed then added, "Anyway it worked until I married Garven."

It was the night of the music convention in Nashville, a year and a half after the plane crash when Adrianna and Gloria shared a room together. Under the influence of too much wine Gloria was getting maudlin about Rocco. She was wiping her eyes when a corner of her lace hankie got caught in her lip ring. Adrianna asked, "What do you get out of wearing that thing anyway?"

Taking the comment as an affront Gloria countered, "Having been a virgin until you got married Adrianna, you probably wouldn't understand."

Always willing to be set straight and learn new things Adrianna rejoined, "I'm willing to listen if you're willing to explain."

After a momentary pout Gloria began, "It was the first step in an unbelievable sexual adventure with Rocco."

She snorted at the questioning arch of her friend's eyebrows then went on, "Rocco had his navel and the underside of the head of his penis pierced. He told me how much it enhanced his sexual excitement. It interested me of course but I didn't really believe him. To humor him I had my lower lip pierced. After I had it done, when it was still tender, he kissed me and I couldn't believe how shocks went down my neck and centered in my nipples."

To Adrianna's surprise Gloria, sitting on her bed, began unbuttoning her blouse. When all the buttons were undone she pulled her blouse open, reached inside and around back, then undid the hooks. Pulling her black lace bra up she exposed her breasts. Each nipple was pierced with a gold ring. With a naughty smirk she said as she flipped each one with her pinky fingers, "It didn't take much convincing to have these put in."

Adrianna was sitting on her bed with her back against the pillow. Her long legs were drawn up underneath her bottom. Startled by Gloria's actions she sat up and stiffened. The sight of the gold loops going through her roommate's nipples caused her to wince. Leaning forward to get a better look she asked, "Didn't it hurt?"

"They numbed them with some kind of spray," Gloria answered. "It hurt a little. But (she winked) I can't even begin to explain how much pleasure I've got since Rocco..." Putting her hands in front of her face she sobbed and fell to her side on her mattress.

Accustomed to Gloria's bouts of grief Adriana didn't react at first; she thought that these moods should start passing. With her hand on the younger woman's head she felt her weeping movements. But she was captivated by Gloria's gorgeous breasts and couldn't keep her eyes from the full 34Cs, which jiggled with each sob.

With each catch of her breath the gold rings waggled, giving Adrianna the urge to touch the loops—to flip them. She was intrigued by Gloria's talk about the lip ring bringing sexual pleasure and wondered just how much pleasure the nipple rings could fetch. Coming to her senses though, she sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over and stroked the bereft woman's long black hair.

She had always been fascinated with other women, particularly younger, attractive women—especially if they were petite. Gloria was only about 5'1". Though her waist was short it showcased the young Mexican's girlish curves nicely. She had always been taken with perfectly shaped legs ... had always looked—just short of staring—at women who attracted her.

Though Adrianna had never seriously considered "being" with a woman she often wondered what it might be like. She always liked Gloria Delgado, even had "might be like thoughts" about her. Merely considering these thoughts as imaginary kinkiness that would never know reality, Adrianna wasn't considering anything like that seriously.

Hearing about the rings in Rocco's navel and penis excited her. Now, seeing Gloria bare her breasts ... seeing the piercings, she felt a surge of lubricating excitement and wanted to know more.

With tears in her eyes Gloria said, "I'm sorry Adrianna. It's just..." She sucked in and then expended air to get a grip on her emotions.

"I understand," Adrianna said, still stroking her head.

"You've been such a good friend to me Adrianna. I hope..."

"What darlin?"

"I hope I haven't embarrassed you. Am I making you uncomfortable by showing you my breasts this way?"

Adrianna thought you sure as hell have turned me on, and then said "I'm not embarrassed at all Gloria. But I am curious at what you're trying to make me understand." She thought for a second. "You have beautiful breasts, by the way."

Gloria's lips curled into a tiny smile. "I just wanted to show you the rings and tell you what they do to me. I thought if I could make you understand you might even be interested in getting piercings too. You wouldn't believe it, Adrianna, how much more exciting it makes sex!"

Cocking her head Adrianna asked, "In what way Gloria?"

The look on the petite Mexicana's face was one of a born again trying to share the rapture of salvation. "Tickle my lip ring," she urged. "Then look at my nipples."

Adrianna traced her finger along Gloria's lower lip until it hit the ring. She twiddled it. Gloria winced but nothing else happened.

The petite Mexican girl urged, "Do it again for a few seconds, then look again."

She twiddled it again a couple of times, then again. As her eyes moved to the young woman's nipples she grinned and murmured an astonished, "They're getting red and swollen." The sight and the circumstances brought about a swelling in Adrianna's own nipples. "I'll be damned."

"It took Rocco to convince me of it. Then he showed me how to enjoy sex with piercings." She smiled as she said, "You've been so kind to me Adrianna. I just wish you could enjoy these feelings like I do." With an aspect of hopefulness she stroked the back of Adrianna's hand, picked it up and placed it on her breast and asked, "Do you think I'm terrible?"

As she kept her hand on the cushion of Gloria's soft and deliciously formed breast Adrianna flashed on the many sexy women she had ogled ... The rims of her ears turned crimson.

The dark-complected Mexicana cooed, "It's been a long time, Adrianna, since anyone has touched me like this." She Placed her hand over Adrianna's and pressed it against her breast. "I need it so much."

Looking deeply into Gloria's almost black eyes Adrianna smiled as she remembered her time as an art student. She remembered the female model who posed for the students to practice painting a nude. She was older, perhaps in her forties. She wondered if the woman got sexual satisfaction exhibiting herself in such a way. She remembered how aroused she had become while painting ... and remembered how she wished that the woman would open her legs and spread her clam so she could paint its folds and contours. How moist I used to get while painting her.

In the moment with Gloria, as she caressed her friend's breast, she became aware of how wet she now was between her legs.

"Oh Adrianna," Gloria gasped, "I feel it all the way down to my toes."

"Have you ever been with a woman before Gloria?"

The girls face clouded. With a look of guilt she said, "Yes," then lowered her eyes. "Have you?" When she glanced up there was hope in her eyes. When Adrianna shook her head no Gloria went on, "Do you ... do you think I'm terrible?"

Adrianna's answer was silent but graphic. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and, like Gloria, pulled it open. Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra then let it fall to bare her own breasts. Standing, she clasped Gloria's hands in hers and pulled her to her feet. As she hugged the petite Mexicana to her body—their nipples touching—they caught fire. Releasing a long breath of trapped air Adrianna whispered, "No sweetie I don't think you're terrible. It's something I've been thinking about myself ... for long, long time.

Desperate to feel another human being's flesh against her Gloria's gasp was a mixture of a sob and orgasmic relief. With her eyes tightly shut she bent slightly and grabbed the hem of her friend's skirt. She parted Andrianna's legs enough to allow her to pull the moistened panel of her panties aside. Penetrating her sodden tunnel she began sawing her finger in and out.

"Ohmigod Adrianna," the ecstatic woman gasped, "I'm so glad you're not upset with me."

Being thrilled by Gloria's moving finger Adrianna thought, finally! I'll be finding out what it is like to make love to woman. But why would she think I would be upset with her? If she only knew how far out of the box I am accustomed to thinking. To Gloria she said, "Did you say that these rings work better when I lick them?


Flexing and straightening her knees to Gloria's fingered ministrations, Adrianna bent forward and touched the black-haired woman's nipple and areola with her tongue. Gloria winced and squeaked, "Jesus!" sawing her fingers in and out of Adrianna's clutching cunt as she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

Fondling Gloria's other breast with her free hand Adrianna pressed it against her chest and moved it around in a large circle. As much as the newness of what she was doing with another woman excited her, the other woman's fingers and thumb were effectively bringing about Adrianna's quick and explosive orgasm. As she shuddered in a series of releases she was overwhelmed that by merely playing with the younger woman's breasts and licking her nipple rings she could produce such a violent release.

Having experienced instant gratification both women settled into fervent French kiss. Adrianna had kissed many women's cheeks before ... had kissed female lips, true, but only in pecks. But she found the softness of Gloria's lips more titillating than she had imagined. Like soft, warm pillows their lips were alive, melting into each other, stimulating incredible sexual excitement. Gloria's younger, more pliable lips sent stabs of pleasure through Adrianna's breasts and tummy, on the way to her clitoris. Tongues in dark, moist cavities darted, finding switches that brought the two women to passionate disrobing.

Within moments they stood in the pile of discarded garments. Naked bodies became one with the other's flesh. Searching hands exploring below the waist were accompanied by a symphony of moans and gasps. Finding Gloria's oozing clam Adrianna slid two fingers to their knuckles, massaging the gripping muscles in her vagina.

Needing the visual of Gloria's more petite, naked body Adrianna broke the kiss. Taking the younger woman's hands she clasped them in hers and stepped back. She smiled at what she saw: ample, rounded breasts with petite, almost black nipples that were surrounded by half inch black areolas. The gold rings in dark flesh sparkled. As her gaze moved downward she spied the golden navel ring and asked, "And the navel ring? It also brings you pleasure?"

With a naughty smirk and ragged breathing Gloria responded, "Just lick it and find out."

Using Gloria's body for leverage Adrianna placed her hands around the girlish waist and lowered herself to her knees. She wanted to kiss and fondle Gloria's breasts but she already knew how the nipple rings reacted to twiddling and kissing. Placing her hands on Gloria's tight butt she clutched and dug in her fingers as she kissed the Mexicana's tummy.

Dragging her wet tongue she traced a line down to the girl's navel. Circling it she nipped the button between her teeth. As she lapped at the ring, coating it with her flowing saliva Gloria's response was immediate. Her body stiffened and shuddered—like she had been plugged in and had become her own vibrator.

"God, I love that," Gloria gushed. And in a kittenish voice pled, "Touch my clit ring Adrianna, please?"

Excited by what she was finding out Adrianna knifed her hand between Gloria's knees. She smoothed it up the inside of the excited woman's thighs and pressed to open her legs a bit more. Tracing her middle finger up the smooth inside of Gloria's legs she intentionally bypassed her pussy, touching her trimmed mons that felt like a tiny Sable pelt.

Eager to know what another woman's clitoris felt like Adrianna was curious about the clit ring as well. As she parted a furrow in the soft pubic hair, delayed gratification now became the rule. Opening the engorged labia she felt the moist slickness of Gloria's trench. Finding the hardened berry pierced by a piece of metal was strange. But that brief touch caused Gloria's knees to bang together as she sucked in air and hissed, "Yes Adrianna. Yes!"

Two things dawned on her: As their breasts touched, Gloria shimmied hers, apparently stimulating herself by the movement of the nipple rings. Not only was there just a ring in her clit, there were two more, one in each wafer-like labium.

Touching the clit ring was as much curiosity for Adrianna as it was pleasure. Judging from the sucking sounds coming from Gloria's mouth though, it was truly titillating. Each movement of her fingers brought forth another hiss. Trying to figure out this novel kind of jewelry she touched one labial ring then the other. Gloria exploded another thrilled outburst saying, "This is so fucking hot!"

Curious to find out more Adrianna slipped the tip of her finger past the ringed lips and slid again it into the warmly lubricated tightness of Gloria's unstretched pussy. Prior to now she had only played with the inside of her own vagina. But to have it inside another woman's and have that woman's muscles clamping on her finger was so incredibly different, and so erotic.

"Yes," Gloria emphasized with drawn-out sibilance ... and "Yes" each time her finger slithered all the way in. For Adrianna there were two thrills: being in another woman's pussy and feeling the foreign touch of gold rings on either side of her finger. She had to see what she was feeling. Knowing what the answer would be she asked, "Would you like for me to eat your pussy?" It was a question she had thought about through the years, when she had looked at other beautiful woman, a question she had never been bold enough, or in the right place, to ask.

Gloria's answer was an emphatic, "Yes!" She needed no coaching to sit on the bed and lie back on her shoulders. Drawing up her legs she dug her heels into the edge of the mattress.

Adrianna scanned the darkly complected Mexicana's body: her darkly nippled breasts that were enhanced by the shiny gold rings, her tautly muscled abs centered by an outie (pierced) navel, her soft abdomen that lead to a mons that was covered by soft, black feathery pubes. Kneeling she placed her hands on Gloria's knees and gently coaxed them open.

When she spread her legs wide Adrianna's stomach fluttered with excitement. Her eyes caught traces of the three golden objects peeking through closed but glistening labia. Placing her thumbs on Gloria's outer lips she pressed and opened the juicy clam with a sodden "click". She expelled trapped air through slightly opened lips and said, "Un-fucking- believable!" Focusing on the exposed clitoris she tried to imagine the pain the piercing must have cause on such a tender spot. The labial rings that pierced the two wafer-thin lips didn't seem as barbaric. But she wondered how Garven's cock would feel as it dragged against them if he fucked her.

"Aren't they great?" Gloria cooed.

"They are Sweetie. They are ... strange but beautiful."

Flipping the clit ring with the tip of her finger brought another hissed exclamation. She toyed with the two labial rings, fascinated at the way they looked and felt. During sexual play with her husband, Garven often blew a tiny stream of air on her clit which chilled it and gave her shivering thrills. Wondering how different it might be with the rings, she puckered her lips, leaned closer and blew a tiny stream of air on Gloria's clit and ring.

Like a spring loaded vise Gloria clamped her thighs over Adrianna's head and yelped, "Shit!" She gasped and panted before opening her legs. "That's so intense Adrianna ... so fucking intense!" She hesitated for a bit then enticed, "If I did the same thing to you, you wouldn't feel it as intensely ... not without the rings."

Adrianna loved the warm slickness of her own pussy ... loved how her fingers moved so smoothly in and out. As she licked Gloria's delicious quim she savored the incredibly smooth sheen of the woman's sexual custard. Lapping and sniffing the glistening vulval folds she smelled the increased aroma and said, "I want to know so much more about the piercings Gloria." She looked up, grinned and murmured, "In the meantime, since were being so intimate—naked and all—why don't we just go sixty-nine?"

Gloria grinned, stood up and asked, "Do you want to be on the top or bottom? Or should we just do it side by side?"

With Adrianna it had been more of an unrealized lust. She had often fantasized about women but knew that it would take someone else, someone more experienced to make it happen. With Gloria, who Rocco had involved with other women in threesomes before, it didn't take long to enjoy the fact that a woman simply knew what it took to turn another woman on. From the time she first met Adrianna she had considered her as the kind of dream woman she had been looking for, someone like her aunt who got her started.

"You're taller Adrianna. So it might be better if you were on the bottom. But..." She smiled and gave a knowing wink, "we're going to be rolling around before you know it."

Standing up, Adrianna reached for Gloria's hand and helped her to her feet. "I'm right there with you sweetie," she said as she took the smaller woman's place on the bed.

When she and husband went sixty-nine and he was on the bottom he always needed the extra lift of a pillow to get his mouth comfortably on her pussy. So, scooting away from the headboard enough to allow Gloria room for her legs, Adrianna put a pillow under her own head. Sliding the bottoms of her feet back on the smooth sheet she bent her knees and spread her legs.

Once on the mattress Gloria knee-walked to Adrianna's head, turned toward the foot of the bed and threw her left leg over Adrianna's body. Leaning forward she positioned her saddle just over her friend's face. Throwing her arms forward she caught herself with outstretched hands, bent her neck and lowered her head. After drooling saliva in Adrianna's navel Gloria began lapping the pool with the tip of her tongue, painting her slippery spit in and around her taller friend's quivering bellybutton.

As she felt the warmth of Gloria's tongue touching her silky groove Adrianna said, "Lower your hips a little more baby." When she did she pushed on Gloria's left ass cheek to allow her fingers access to the tender, nearly black anus. As she tickled the supple ring with a feathery caress, she press her other hand against Gloria's closed but moistened clam.

When Adrianna pressed on the cleft of the younger girl's pussy it was like Ali Baba saying, "Open sesame." The darkly complected pussy lips, bedecked by the golden rings, opened to a flaming pink gash. Gently kissing the crease between Gloria's thigh and pussy, Adrianna's tongue darted inside the folds of her labia. As Gloria waggled her hips she noticed that the pinkness of the petite pussy was beginning to darken with the pulsing blood of her excitement.

It was the first pussy Adrianna's lips had ever touched. The silkiness of Gloria's felt heavenly. At the same time she was bedeviled as her tongue bumped over the metal rings. At first a distraction, becoming a thrilling distraction as each time her tongue touched the clit ring, Gloria's passion rose to an aching kind of scream that belied the satisfaction it was bringing.

With Gloria's head between her legs Adrianna settled her pussy on her face. It was as if she were tentatively wading into the ocean but with no cold shock. The sensation of a woman's warm mouth and the rough smoothness of its tongue-buds delighted the packet of nerves in the channel of Adrianna's sex. She had felt it so many times when Garven or one of her previous gentlemen friends ate her pussy. But with Gloria's there seemed to be a level of natural understanding that knew where the most excitable nerves were buried.

She savored the sensation of another female's body meshing with hers: breasts on tender, naked skin ... nipples touching bare flesh and mouths on pussies. Yes, she thought as she released her pent up breath, releasing a long whispered, "Ooooooh."

With her expertise in giving head to males who were intent upon fucking her Adrianna had preserved her virginity for years before she got married. She knew how to bob on a cock, and how to weave such a fabric of excitement that took a man to the Promised Land. She was able to get him hard enough and turn his orgasms into spurts and volume that were spermatic works of art. He was usually too wiped out to dig for her mother lode. In cunnilingus though (this being the first time) her skill in eating a woman's pudding to the satisfaction of the cook, was natural. Her practice on the crowns of men's cocks worked just as well in suckling a clitoris. And the way she was galvanizing Gloria's various rings had the ecstatic girl screeching and writhing all over the bed.

No longer on the bottom she was laying side by side with Gloria. The way they were tangled up and shuddering, it was hard to who was most exhilarated. Both women had their lover's head clamped between there thighs, their cries of pleasure echoing off the walls and their bodies were coated in the glowing sheen of perspiration. The bottom sheet was so wet that they would either have to sleep in the adjoining bed, or call housekeeping to change the one they were so fervently defiling. And, of course, the room reeked with the smell of unbridled sex.

When Adrianna came home from that event-filled business trip she was eager to show Garven her nipple rings, her bellybutton ring, the rings in each of her wafer-thin, ginger colored labia—and the Piece de resistance—her clit ring.

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