A Peeping Daughter

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2015 by Linda Jean

Gang Bang Sex Story: Young girl discovers that she likes to peek into her parents' bedroom and watch. She discovers something one day when she went home for lunch, she saw her mother do things in the privacy of her bedroom that really shocked her daughter.

Caution: This Gang Bang Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Voyeurism   .

Parts of this are 100% true, and I added a little for spice (Linda).

I was younger then and I enjoyed my life living on the outskirts of Detroit. My Mother was the Principle at St. Peter Divine Catholic School and my dad was a designer for Ford. All the Sisters at my school loved me and I could do no wrong. One Friday night I woke up hearing a noise, looking at my alarm clock it said 10:42 PM.

I always went to bed at 8 PM. Since my parent's room was right next to mine, I was used to hearing strange noises and voices from there. But this time it was different. Getting out of bed I went out into the hallway to my parents door. I could see light coming from under the door. "Lick it." I heard mom say, "Lick it there. That's it, now up some more." I was really curious because mother never sounded like this in the past. I could tell by the way that she said it, that she liked it; and liked it a lot. I knelt down and peeked through their keyhole in the door.

Mother was on her knees and dad was behind her. He had his hands pulling the cheeks of her ass apart and he was licking between her legs. Mother, almost yelling, said, "That's it, down, down, that's it, now box my clit." "What's a Clit?" I thought. "Now come up..." mom said, "higher, more, that's it, in the hole, now tongue me, stick it deep, deeper, up, up, more, now move to my asshole. That's it, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, stick some fingers in me. That's it, that's it, tongue fuck that asshole, faster, faster. I'm so close, so fucking close, more fingers, more fingers. SHIT, I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG!"

I didn't know what was going on. But I did know that, whatever it was, it made my mother feel good; unlike anything I had ever felt or knew of. I could see my dad bending over and every now and then he would reach down between his legs and pull on the big looking thing hanging down. It was long and pretty fat. Watching my parents like this was very exciting. I knew I should not be watching, but it was much too interesting to stop.

Mom said loudly, "I'm ready for that cock of yours, I want it in my cunt, give it to me, come on you bastard, hurry up put it in, put the fucking thing in me." I watched as my Father aimed what that was between his legs that mom called a cock. I watched as it slowly went into mom. Once inside, dad started sliding it in and out; going faster and faster. Mom was moaning and every once in awhile would say, "That's it, that's it! Oh Jesus, Oh fuck, Oh God, Shit, OHHHHHHH!"

I could also see mom reach under herself and rub her pussy while dad was pumping in and out. Again mom cried out, "OH JESUS, OHHHH JESUS, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMINGGGGGGGGGGG!" Dad was going a lot faster and all of a sudden he stopped. He gripped mom's ass cheeks, then said, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Something inside me, told me it was all over and I returned to my own bedroom. Laying down, I slid a hand down my belly and did something between my legs that I'd never done before. Opening my legs, I slid a finger up and down the opening of my slit.

It didn't take long for me to understand why my mother liked it, being touched down there; it felt good, real good. No, better than just good, it felt like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was very exciting. Something inside of me, told me I should not do this; but I wanted to see what it was that felt as mom had been. Because of what I'd seen, I knew it was going to be great. It wasn't long before my legs went stiff and my body shook. My pussy felt like it was throbbing, pulsing, and quivering, all at the same time. A wave of pleasure came over me; it was warm, soft, and hard. It was just magnificent.

The next night was Saturday, I was allowed up till 8:45 PM. But for once, I could not wait for it to get late. I wanted to stay awake and see if my parents would do the same thing tonight. It was about 10:00 when they went into their bedroom. I went to the wall with a glass and listened; sure enough, they were going to do it again. I quickly went out into the hall, got down on my knees, and peeped through the keyhole. This time I wasn't going to wait until they finished, I wanted to rub myself at the same time that I watched them. It was such an experience, the more excited mom got, the more it affected me. When they finished, I crept back to my room. As I got in bed, I realized I was sore; very sore between my legs.

From that night on, I made it a point to watch them every night; and every night I was never disappointed. About two weeks later, on a Friday night, I almost got caught. I had just finished my third climax and all of a sudden my father jumped out of bed and said, "I got to go to the John, be right back." I knew I couldn't make it to my own room so I stood up and knocked on the door. As I knocked I said, "Mom, Mom?" Wearing a bathrobe, dad opened the door almost immediately. "What's wrong honey, are you OK?" dad asked. I said, "I had a bad dream, I was being chased by wolves. I got scared, I'm sorry I bothered you. I'll go back to bed, goodnight." Dad hugged me, and I went back to my room. "Boy, that was close, I've got to be more careful," I thought as I pulled the blankets up.

When I got home from school I always had the house to myself from 2:30 until 5 PM. All day during school I was thinking of finding a way to watch my folks without getting caught. I remembered hearing about a movie where a guy put a hole in the wall and watched a girl undress. It was a movie called "Psycho" that was just out a couple years earlier. Going upstairs to the bedroom, I went into my parent's bedroom looking at the wall between my bedroom and my parents. Nothing looked like it would hide a hole. Then I realized that if I put a hole under mom's vanity, I could look right across to their bed; and I would get a closer look at what they did. Going to my bedroom I looked around the room for something to hide the hole on my side. I had a nightstand with a radio on it and I decided it would work best.

Going to dad's tools I took a screwdriver. Kneeling down under mom's vanity, I turned the handle while I worked the tip in, and it pushed through. Pulling out the screwdriver I quickly ran to my room, but there was no hole. Going back to my parent's room I looked through the hole I'd made, but I saw nothing. Putting the screwdriver in again I pushed it in until I hit something. Figuring whatever I'd hit was causing me not to see, I again turned the handle and pushed very hard. Finally the screwdriver went through. This time I left the screwdriver in the wall when I went to my bedroom and, sure enough, it was right where I expected it.

Going back to my parents' room, I pulled the screwdriver out and very carefully I cleaned up the mess that I had made. I sat on their bed looking real hard, I tried to see the hole, but I couldn't. I was very pleased and went to my room to look through the hole to see if I could see the whole bed. Just like I'd figured, I could. Looking through my side I could see the whole bed, but not clearly. I also found that there were two walls, not one; as I first had thought. I could see the light. I realized that in order to get a clear view, I would have to make the hole much larger on my side. Getting dad's long nosed pliers, I worked at it until I had a very big hole on my side. Now when I looked through, I had a very good view of their bed. I moved my nightstand in front of the huge hole on my side; that hid it very well.

That night at supper I told mom I'd rearranged my room, and mom said, 'It's your room honey, you arrange it any way you want, just keep it clean." I said I would and again could not wait to see what things she and dad would do tonight. That night I found that my hole was perfect. With their light on next to the bed it lit up the bedroom and the bed in such a way that, with my clear view of everything, I did not miss anything whatsoever.

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