The Eruption

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A husband and wife seek other company in an effort to escape from a loveless marriage

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

Trevor left the house in a foul mood, he slammed the door with such force that a vase fell off a stand just inside the door. He was so angry that if he hadn't left when he did he would have slapped his wife, maybe slap was a mild description with his army training he could have broken her neck. The row, one of many had started because he wouldn't go to one of her dinners. These dinners were conducted with individual from the local religious establishment that she was involved with, an establishment that he had finally refused to have any association with, naturally that led to words, words that erupted into a full scale blew where he had told her, for the first time ever, to fuck off.

He really had no destination planned, just got into his vehicle and drove, but because he needed petrol pulled into a service station that contained a shopping complex, not the one that he normally shopped at, but in the next suburb. 'I'm fucked if I know what I'm going to do', he muttered as he entered the first coffee lounge inside the complex. 'It will take her ages to cool off. I do have the advantage in knowing that she is being picked up by members of the group so I really don't have to go home tonight. That will give the bitch time to consider whether this rubbish of a marriage continues'. Although fuming on the inside he was very courteous to the waitress when he ordered and it was then that he noticed the woman, sitting by herself a table or two away and the interesting thing was that she smiled first.

She was slightly plump, large tits, which was always his first point of interest, she had short hair, but a very plain face; however, it was him whom she smiled at for there was no one behind him as he was against the wall. 'Why not', he muttered as he got up and approached her. "Would you like to join me Miss?" he asked. The beam on the woman's face was very encouraging, she accepted and after ordering a coffee for her they returned to his table, as other patrons were now arriving. Introductions followed. Her name was Sue and she lived locally. He told her his name was Trevor and that he was sort of travelling between towns.

Whatever it was about the woman that made him so attractive to her, he had no idea; she was so eager to please that he took her offer of accommodation, when he said that he was looking for a motel for the night. "That is very nice of you Sue, thank you very much". She seemed delighted that he accepted and squeezed and held his hand all the way to his vehicle as she told him she had come by bus.

She lived in a refurnished old housing commission house, they had been built back in the 60's to house the workers of the factories that were in the area, factories that no longer existed. Some of the houses, like the one she lived in had been updated, others were exactly the same as when they were erected and the employment that had accommodated all the residents was now so bad that almost one in three were out of work. She fussed around, continually smiling and he did wonder what her game was for this sort of behaviour from a woman in regards to himself was almost alien, but he was quite willing to go along with it for the more she fussed and kept making physical contact, the more his cock got interested. Finally he took the bull by the horns, coming up behind her while she prepared a light meal; he cupped those lovely tits, squeezed and massaged them. Her only response was an 'Ohhhh' and a stoppage in what she was preparing.

From her tits to her groin and this time there was more of a response not only vocally but also physical, she reached behind her, grabbing at his growing erection. He pulled her dress up, pushed her panties down and whispered. "How about a fuck', her response was a bout of giggles but when he pushed her over the table and drove his cock up her, doggie style, she erupted, shaking like an unset jelly. While he ravished her, he removed her blouse, undid her bra and took delight in handling those swinging and bouncing tits. It was quite some time since he had lasted fucked a woman, certainly not his wife, she hated sex and every time he had approached her over the years she had recoiled and ran to her religious book for under her understanding what he was proposing was forbidden. But not this woman she loved it.

After he had emptied his load and wiped his cock over her large backside he muttered. 'Randy little cunt aren't you'.

"You like me", she said after the meal was finished and they were sitting on the couch. She hadn't redressed, her only covering was her skirt for blouse, bra and panties were thrown over a chair. "Yes I do", he said. "However, let's get rid of your skirt, you are far more attractive naked. I love your tits and that forest between your legs is a real invite for my cock. Would you like to play with it, maybe even suck it". Years ago 'sucking' was almost unknown but now it was very common so as this woman was eager to fuck, sucking a cock would not be uncommon; it wasn't. She took it into her mouth and almost swallowed it for not a fraction was out of her mouth, where she put a seven inch cock he didn't know or care. His only concern was the working of the muscles of her mouth and that working was so fantastic that he had to bite his lips to stem the wave after wave of pleasure that radiated up his cock shaft.

He blew and as he always did held her head till she drained his balls. She fell back, her face crimson and like it was with other women from the corners of her mouth was a dribble of cum and saliva. "That was lovely Sue, a very nice suck job". She wiped her mouth and although more of a gargle said. "You ... you like me sucking your cock. I ... I will suck it again if you like". He informed her that such a desire would be willing received but if she didn't mind could he have a shower: a request that she was more than happy to accommodate, especially if the shower included her.

His wife was crying when the phone rang. It was one of her 'group' asking if she was coming and then informing her that she would be picked up. Although she may have not noticed it others of her religious body had, her husband was not interested in them so for a gathering, whether for devotions or a social he wouldn't be coming. She also didn't know that because of her 'single' status one of the group leaders had suggested that one of their new arrivals, a single man from Africa may find her interesting. It was a suggestion that this African took to mean that she was available.

She arrived at the venue and was introduced to the African. "Omo this is Alice", the group leader said. He didn't go any further with the invite for the African was immediately interested in this heavy breasted woman and was determined to seduce her, so using all his charm, relying on his black ivory skin and very good appearance, he buttered her up. Alice had never been so taken or shown such interest and as she had just come from a battle front, welcomed the attention. He attended to her at the meal, almost waiting on her like a devoted servant; she lapped it up. Such activity was noted by a couple of the men, they smiled and one, certainly out of the hearing of the women, whispered to his companion. "Omo is going to fuck her".

"Wouldn't mind fucking her myself", his companion said. "She has whoppers for tits. Maybe we could team up with Omo and 'gang bang' her". His companion nearly dropped his glass and did his best to control his laugh.

Sue was happy to be dried and then smiling asked. "How about a nice coffee I recently bought myself a coffee machine; it does make a nice drink".

"Love the idea Sue", he said as like her he remained naked for the swing of her tits and her nice round bottom was making him wonder if her bum could be on the menu. By the time the coffee was finished and the cups washed and put away it was after ten. "Bed?" she giggled. Bed was correct but sleeping well not just then. They kissed, they manually aroused each other and then with a hard erection she spread wide her thighs and the fucking began. In and out his cock went and with every thrust she rose to receive it. The bed seemed to rock in motion to the activity of the lovers, it was almost like a musical orchestra for every movement and gasp of appreciation was timed to perfection.

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