Lois Myra and Me

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2015 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: I find out the truth.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

I sat there in shock at what I was seeing. The camera angle was a little weird. It had obviously been put on a flat surface which had line of sight to the bed and was tilted a little to the right, but the content way over shadowed the position and angles of the recording device.

The question is how did it end up with my other tapes? The unlabelled tape was supposed to have been a program I had recorded last week for later viewing. I'd sat down expecting to be entertained and what I got instead was the biggest surprise of my life.

It was a Monday evening and at six-fifteen the door bell rang and I answered the ring and found my cousin Ralph standing there. I thought that was a bit odd because I'm normally I'm not home until after midnight, but then I thought that Ralph had probably forgotten my schedule.

I invited him in, got him a beer, and then we sat and talked while watching Monday Night Football. He seemed disappointed that my wife Lois wasn't home, but she had called me about five and said she was going to stop after work for a drink or two with some of her co-workers. She also told me that she would be "Ready for some" when she got home.

I was more than ready.

It had been a little over three weeks since Lois and I had last made love. Lois had seemed to be going through a moody period of some sort. It had been nothing but "I'm too tired" or "I've got a headache" or "I've had a bad day at work and my feet and back are killing me."

After a bit Ralph said that he needed to be going and I walked him to the door and said goodbye. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only eight so I got another beer and settled back down in front of the TV.

Later that evening I woke up in the recliner. The beers I'd had had relaxed me enough that I'd nodded off to sleep which is something I don't normally do. I got up and noticed that the Yukon was parked in the drive so Lois must have come home and I wondered why she hadn't got me up so we could go to bed and 'get it on' as they say,

I smiled and headed on up to the bedroom anticipating the sex that Lois had told me to look forward to. She was in bed and I undressed and snuggled up behind her and put my hard cock against her ass and then I reached around and cupped a tit and she gave a little snort and started lightly snoring.

"Fuck" I thought, "She's sleeping."

I thought maybe I could get her excited enough to wake up so I started playing with her tit. I tweaked and pulled on the nipple as I rubbed my hard cock against her ass. After a bit I felt her pushing her ass back at me and I started a slow humping against it.

At forty-four Lois was in much better shape than girls half her age. Her ass was round and firm and her tummy was tight. Her breasts were 34C and only had a slight sag to them.

I had noticed that when we were out in public together Lois attracted plenty of male attention and at times I was still surprised that Lois hadn't left me for someone richer, better looking, had a bigger cock or all of the above.

My cock size has been the only real insecurity I've had in our marriage and it went all the way back to when Lois and I had first made love. It was on our tenth date. We had been making out hot and heavy since our third date and it had been getting heavier and heavier with each date. At the end of the tenth date she invited me in when I took her home and she left me on the couch while she left the room to "put the coffee on."

She came back a couple of minutes later and she was stark naked. She smiled and said:

"Coffee, tea or me?"

I stood up and stripped and when I was naked she looked at my cock and said:

"I guess it will do."

She turned and headed for the bedroom and as I watched her walk away I thought to myself, "I guess it will do?" That and the tone of her voice led me to think that she wasn't overly impressed not that I expected her to say something like "Oh my god; I don't know if I can take that." I figured that I was average; average in my mind being between six and seven inches and I had six and a half so I thought I fell within the range.

Neither Lois or I were virgins by a long shot. We had both "been there and done that" and I knew several of her ex-boyfriends and I'd seen a couple of them in the locker room showers and they were roughly the same size as me so I was wondering what brought on her comment.

When we got to her bedroom she pushed me down on the bed and then bent and took me in her mouth. After a minute or two she took her mouth off me and said:

"It is the perfect size for sucking."

The way she said it and the tone made it sound like, "Its okay; it'll do."

She laid down on the bed and I returned the favor and did it well enough that I got her off and then I moved up and pushed me cock into her. She felt loose and I never 'bottomed' out in her like I had on past lovers. I was wise enough not to question the looseness and just made love to her. I did get her off a second time before I got mine and then we cuddled for a bit before she started fondling me and I got it up again. We made it two more times before calling it a night.

As I drove home I was thinking about her looseness and her "I guess it will do comment and it bothered me. Face it; no man wants to think he isn't enough for his lady, but that is what I was thinking.

After we had started 'making it' and had been at it for a couple of weeks Lois asked me if I thought she was too loose. I had no idea of what prompted the question (and I did think it weird that she asked it), but I wasn't stupid and so I lied and said:

"Of course not. I guess I'm just a little small for you."

"You aren't small at all baby; you are just perfect for me."

She was lying and I knew it. From a guy's perspective that was not the right thing to say. Be honest and admit it is a little small for you or work around it and say it is bigger than any other of the lovers you might have had, but don't be obvious about trying to spare his feelings. I was in love with Lois and when I finally proposed my cock size was apparently not a problem for her and she said yes. Even though she married me the "I guess it will do" never left my mind. Anyway; back to my trying to wake a sleeping Lois to try and get some loving.

As I was getting my hopes up with her starting to push back at my slowly humping cock she must have woken up or was starting to and she moaned and then reached back and took hold of my cock and then let loose of it as if it were a hot rock as she said:

"Oh. Its you."

My disappointment at her being in bed asleep after promising me sex instantly turned to red hot anger. I'd had enough of her shit.

"Just who the fuck did you think it was you miserable fucking bitch?! What the fuck is with this "Oh, it is only you" shit." Who the fuck have you been fucking behind my back?"

I got off the bed, grabbed my shorts off the floor and went downstairs. I got a beer and then went outside onto the deck and then sat down to cool off a little as I thought about what just happened. She was rubbing her ass against my cock and she reached back as though she wanted it and then let go of it as if it was red hot. The tone of her voice when she said what she said came across as "Shit! Its little dinky dick."

As I sat there and looked up at the moon and stars I wondered for the first time in our married life if her evenings out with the girls were really spent with girls. I now seriously doubted it. Shit! Were any of the things she did when she was away from me really what she said they were. My next thought was "Where in the hell can I scrape up enough money to hire a detective to find out just what the bitch did do with her time.

Another thing occurred to me. The bitch knew just what I was thinking from what I yelled at her and she didn't care enough about what I thought to drag herself downstairs and give me her usual excuses and try to mend fences. It was almost like "Oh well; now he knows. So the fuck what!"

I didn't want to go back upstairs and I was now wide awake so I decided to go back into the house and watch some TV. I had taped last weeks "NCIS" so I dug through the tapes until I found it (it was the only blank tape in the pile) and then I pushed it into the VCR.

The video explained it all.

I paused it and went quietly back upstairs to see if Lois was still in bed and when I looked in on her she was snoring softly. I went back downstairs and resumed playing the tape. I watched as my wife and my cousin Ralph came into the bedroom, embraced and kissed passionately. From the angle of the camera I guessed that it had been placed on the top shelf in the clothes closet. I could see most of the room and it was obvious to me that the two of them had done this before.

Ralph moved Lois to the bed and then they undressed each other. When Lois pulled down his boxers my jaw almost hit the floor. Ralph had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been ten or twelve inches and almost as big around as my wrist.

He practically ripped the panties off of Lois exposing her shaved cunt and then he pushed her back onto the bed and dove face first into her box. He slurped and sucked and she came almost immediately and was running her hands through his hair while grinding her pussy into his face. Ralph stood up and said:

"How bad do you want to be fucked bitch?"

"I need it baby; hurry up and fuck me."

"Come on you cheating slut; tell me how bad you want it."

"Oh God please. Please hurry up and fuck me. Don't tease me baby; give me your cock."

He looked toward the camera winked and then wiggled his eyebrows like it was meant to be funny.

"How could she do this to me" I thought "And how many times and with how many men?"

I was hurt and angry, but I couldn't stop myself from watching. Ralph told Lois to get ready and she scooted her ass toward the edge of the bed, pulled her knees back and offered herself to him. He moved his cock toward her cheating cunt and I thought "This is going to hurt you bitch! That thing will split you in half and make you bleed and when that happens I'll stand up and cheer."

Ralph took his cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy and then he pushed. I have no idea of how long it had been since Lois had taken a cock bigger than mine, but as that huge thing slid into her I realized that it couldn't have been too long ago. Not as easy as that thing went in.

I at last realized what I probably should have known all along. The reason that Lois always felt loose was because she was used to having that cock in her.

"Oh God yes!" she yelled as Ralph began pounding her pussy. She reached around and grabbed his ass as it pumped up and down She tried to grip him with her legs, but his body was moving up and down as he furiously fucked her and she couldn't get a grip. Her legs started flailing around and I could hear his balls slapping her ass. Suddenly she cried:

"I'm coming, I'm coming; don't stop, please don't stop" and then she screamed in a way I'd never heard her as she orgasmed. Ralph kept at it through her orgasm and then he slowed down. After catching her breath I heard Lois say:

"I want to get on top."

Ralph pulled out of her and she moved over him. His cock was standing straight up and she lowered herself down on it. I still couldn't get over how big he was and how easily she was able to take him. As she settled down she moaned:

"Oh sweet Jesus; you are so much bigger than Dave."

She moved up and down on his rod and Ralph said, "You really like my dick don't you."

It was a statement more than a question and Lois answered "Oh fuck yes" and then she started riding his pole for all she was worth. As she worked herself on his cock he said:

"I'll bet Dave doesn't fuck you this good does he."

Again more of a statement than a question and Lois answered, "Fuck no. He sticks his little excuse for a dick in me and comes in the first ten seconds."

That hurt!! Size had always been an issue for me ever since I'd been with Lois, but the bitch had always assured me that it wasn't a problem, but I guess the truth has a way of eventually revealing itself. I was looking at a person that I guess I really didn't know. I do know that she never fucked me the way she was fucking him

I had two thoughts almost simultaneously. "What did I ever do to deserve this" and "All these years I've worried about size for no good reason." There was no way I could even begin to compare with what Lois seemed to be used to. I wasn't too small for her! Her cunt was too fucking big for a normal average sized man.

"Oh my God!" I heard from behind me and I turned and saw Lois standing there. "Oh God, oh God, oh God" she moaned as she hurried over to the telephone and quickly dialed a number as she chanted, "Answer damn it, answer! Answer the fucking phone." Then:

"Damn it Ralph; Dave knows. He got hold of that stupid tape you just had to make."

"I don't know how. You were supposed to take the damned thing with you when you left."

"You couldn't have it. Dave is sitting here watching it right now."

I guess I knew where my "NCIS" tape was. I got up and walked toward Lois and she flinched and shrank back from me. I guess she thought I was going to hit her, but what I did was snatch the phone out of her hand.

"Why don't you come on over and pick the tape up Ralph? Just make sure to wear a bullet proof vest when you come. It would be extremely wise of you to never let yourself be anywhere near where I might be from now on. Be advised that I intend to attend every family function from now on just hoping and praying that you will be there too. I won't waste my time looking for you, but rest assured that I will run across you some day and when that day comes it will be the worst day of your worthless life."

I slammed the phone down, looked at Lois and said, "Thanks to you and my asshole cousin I don't have to waste money on a private detective. The two of you have handed me all the evidence I need."

I went back to the VCR, ejected the tape and kissed it and then in I set it on top of the TV. In a shaky voice Lois asked:

"What are you going to do?"

"What the fuck do you think I'm going to do? I'm going to divorce your skanky ass."

"But I don't want a divorce."

"Why the fuck not? It is obvious from what I just watched that you don't give a shit about me. You should be tickled to death that you are getting rid of someone who cums in just ten seconds after sticking his little excuse for a dick into your worthless cunt. Go pack a bag and get the fuck out of here before I really lose it and do to you what I'm rapidly beginning to believe you so richly deserve."

She almost ran from the room and as soon as she was gone I grabbed a blank tape and set it on top of the TV and then took the damaging tape out into the kitchen and hid it.

I made a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table and started making a list of what I was going to have to do in the morning. We didn't live in a state that had no fault rules, but what I did know is that the courts generally went fifty/fifty on an asset split unless the reason was infidelity or criminal in nature. Adultery was a slam dunk for me since I had the tape.

The house had been left to me by my parents and I had been meaning to add Lois to the title, but thank God I'd never gotten around to doing it. As I worked on the list I heard Lois come down the stairs and a couple of minutes later I heard the front door open and close. I wondered where she would go at two in the morning, but then I didn't really give a rat's ass.

I did wonder how you could go from love to hate in a matter of seconds or minutes. Yesterday I would have been willing to die for the woman and now I wouldn't piss on her to try and put it out if she was on fire.

I reviewed the list and there were some things I could do right away thanks to the Internet. I got up and headed for the den and as I went through the living room I noticed that the blank tape I'd set on the TV was gone and I smiled. I just hoped that she assumed she had the damning tape and didn't watch it to be sure. If things played out the way I expected (and hoped) they would I might be able to break things off in her ass.

Once in the den I got on the computer and did some Internet banking. I transferred everything except ten dollars out of our joint account and into a savings account that was in my name only. I'd had the account when I married Lois and she had her own when we married and we never got around to joining the two. Next I handled the credit cards. I paid the bills on line so I logged into them and cancelled the joint accounts. I had an American Express and a Visa in my name only and I left those two alone. I'd call in the morning and verify that the accounts were closed. Satisfied that I'd done what I could do to protect myself I went to bed and surprisingly enough I slept soundly.

The alarm woke me at seven and I was dressed and out of the house by seven forty-five. After a breakfast at Tricocci's I headed for the bank so I could be there at nine when the doors opened. I called work from the restaurant and told my secretary I was going to be late and she told me that my wife had called for me and wanted me to call her. "Fat chance of that" I thought as I hung up.

When the bank opened I rented a safe deposit box in my name only and then transferred everything out of the box that Lois had access to into my new box. That done I headed for the office where Myra, my secretary, handed me a handful of message slips and told me that Lois was still trying to get in touch with me. I told Myra that Lois and I would be divorcing and not to bother taking any messages from her. Then Myra told me that Alan wanted to see me as soon as I got to work.

I went to the bosses office and Shirley, his personal assistant told me to go right in.

"You picked a bad time to be late" he told me as I walked in the door. "I need you on the next flight to Atlanta. Morgan's is balking at signing the new contract and I need you to get down there and nail them down."

I told him that it was a bad time for me to be leaving and I told him why.

"One of the things I need to do is get a restraining order to keep Lois away from me and the house and I need to get the locks changed. If I don't get those done she could strip the place while I'm gone."

"Give me your keys and I'll get it done. You can use Bert Ellsworth. He was my attorney when I went through my divorce and he did one hell of a job for me. I'll call him and tell him to expect your call. Call him on your way to the airport. Shirley has made your reservations and you can pick up your ticket at the Delta counter."

I couldn't say no. It was a great job and paid extremely well so I had to go to Atlanta whether I wanted to or not.

I hurried home, packed a bag and made sure that the telephone answering machine was on and then I headed for the airport. On the way I called the number for the attorney that Alan had given me and asked for Ellsworth. When I told the receptionist my name she put me right through. I explained the situation and told him what I wanted to do. He gave me some advice and I gave him my Visa number to retain him.

At the airport I suffered through the usual TSA bullshit, got to the Delta counter, checked in and then sat down in the boarding area to wait for my flight to be called. As I sat there I thought over what the attorney had told me. I lied and told Ellsworth that the reason I needed the order was that I'd overheard Ralph tell Lois that if I gave her any grief over finding out they were fucking that "He would make me see reason."

"I'll beat the little wimp until he sees reason" is what I told Ellsworth. And then I said I'd heard Lois say:

"Oh goodie. Can I watch and maybe kick him in the nuts once or twice?"

It was all lies of course and wouldn't stand up in a show cause hearing, but if it would keep Lois away from the house until I got back I'd lie my ass off. I'd earned the right by listening to all the lies she'd told me while fucking Ralph and only God and Lois knew how many others. Ellsworth said there would be no problem in getting the restraining order, but there would be a hearing in ten days where I would have to convince a judge to make the order permanent.

The trip to Atlanta was rewarding in that I solved the problem within an hour of meeting the people from Morgan's and I called Alan and told him we had a signed contract.

He told me that he had called a locksmith and that the locks on the house had been change.

"In addition to that my brother in law is a deputy sheriff and he is keeping an eye on the place until you get back."

As long as I was in Atlanta I paid a courtesy call on two other customers before catching the seven-twenty flight back home. As I was waiting for my flight to be called I remembered that I'd turned my cell phone off during my courtesy calls and hadn't turned it back on. When I did I found that I had six missed messages and three voice mails. One message and one voice mail were from Ellsworth and all the rest were from Lois. I deleted her messages and listened to her voice mails. They were both the same:

"Call me. We need to talk before things get out of hand."

The voice mail from Ellsworth told me that he had been able to get to court that afternoon and had gotten the order of protection. He would have it served on Lois at her place of employment the next morning. I'd have to thank Alan for recommending Ellsworth.

I got home at midnight and when I got out of the car a man got out of a car parked at the curb and came up to me. He identified himself as a deputy sheriff and asked me for some ID.

"You must be Alan's brother in law" I said as I took out my wallet and showed him my driver's license and then I thanked him for keeping an eye on the house."

He handed me a key ring with a couple of keys on it and said, "Brian told me to tell you that every lock in the house is keyed alike so you only need one key to get in all the locked doors. Your wife showed up here at four-thirty and again at nine. She was really pissed when I wouldn't let her in. She threatened to call the cops on me if I didn't let her into her house. She was a tad surprised when I showed her my badge and told her that the cops were already here."

Once in the house I noticed the answering machine light was blinking, but I was beat so I unplugged the phone and went to bed.

In the morning after I showered, shaved and dressed I listened to the messages on the answering machine and surprise, surprise they were all from Lois and their content was all basically the same.

"Call me before you do anything rash."

Too late sweetie" I thought. "Way, way too late."

When I got to work Myra told me that Lois had called again and Myra had told her that she had been told not to put Lois through and that she wasn't even supposed to take messages from Lois.

"She hasn't called since."

I bent and kissed Myra on her forehead and said, "Don't know what I'd do without you."

She laughed and said, "I'll bet that you say that to all the girls."

I went into Alan's office and brought him up to date on the Morgan's situation and then thanked him for taking care of the lock problem at my house and sending me to Ellsworth.

"What's next for you" he asked.

"Get on with life. Try to find a good woman who will put up with me."

"You'll manage. The first couple of months are hard, but things will get better."

I went to my office and got busy. At nine I called Ellsworth and he told me the papers would be filed by ten and he could have Lois served before lunch time if I wished. I told him to go ahead and do it.

At ten to noon Lois stuck her head in my office and invited me to go to lunch with her. I needed a break so I said okay. We went to Tricocci's and grabbed a booth and after Mandy took our order Myra asked:

"How are you doing?"

"I'm okay. Why?"

"Both my oldest brother and sister are divorced and I know how rough it can be when you first starting going through the process and I know that having someone who isn't involved that you can talk with can help ease things for you."

"You putting in for the job?"

"Somebody needs to cheer you up so who better than me?"

"Cheering up? Yeah; I guess that is something I could really use right now."

Myra reached into her purse, took out a piece of paper and handed it to me as she said:

"Today's attempt at cheering you up."

I looked at the paper and saw that it was a list of names.

"What is it?"

"A list of the girls interested in you now that you are coming back on the market."

I scanned the list and saw a surprise or two.

"Liz Fisher? The drop dead gorgeous red-head in Accounting? I thought she was engaged. Last I heard was that the wedding was next month."

"She caught him cheating on her and gave him the boot."

"And you think she is interested in me?"

"I know she is. She once said that she would snatch you up in a heartbeat if you were single."

I looked at the list again. There were seven names on the list and besides Mary there were two that would interest me.

"You say that you know all of these are interested?"

"I've heard everyone of them express an interest in you a time or two."

I smiled and said, "I notice that your name isn't on the list."

"I considered putting it there, but decided under the circumstances I'd better not."

"Why didn't you?"

"Outside of the obvious fact that I'm married and you know it?

"Of course. You just admitted that you considered it."

"The answer is that you are just beginning to go through a divorce caused by a cheating wife. My thinking was that under the circumstances taking up with a married woman who plays would be the last thing on your mind."

"You play? I thought you and Harold were solid."

"We were until I found out that he was playing with the receptionist at his office. Rather than get a divorce I decided to keep my comfortable life style and pay him back in kind."

"Well you are wrong about one thing. Knowing that you are married and play wouldn't stop me. You should have put your name on the list. You would be the perfect woman for me right now."

"Now I know you are kidding. I'm far from being a perfect woman."

"That's were you are wrong. There are three names on your list that interest me, but you have one thing going for you that they don't have."

"And what pray tell would that be?"

"You are married and they aren't."

"Now that is something that you just have to explain."

"Right now an emotional entanglement is the last thing I need. It would be too easy to become emotionally involved with the three on your list that I would be interested in. You, on the other hand, are already spoken for and by your own admission you are happy playing tit for tat with your hubby. There wouldn't be any emotional component if I took up with you. What we would be is fuck buddies."

"You mean that? Really mean that?"

"Sure I do. Understand me here sweetie; I'm not the kind of man who would ever go after a married woman and try to seduce her. But one who let me know she was available? In a heartbeat sweetie; in a flat assed heartbeat."

"What would you say to a long lunch then?"

"I'd be all for it."

"Do we have time today?"

"Not today. I have a meeting with the people from Hayes at two, but I have a clear schedule for tomorrow."

"It's a date."

Was I being a hypocrite in fucking another woman while still being married to Lois and given that I was kicking her out for cheating on me? Not in my mind! According to Ellsworth Lois would have been served by the time I had my long lunch with Myra and once Lois had the divorce papers in hand as far as I was concerned we were legally separated and I would be free to do what I wanted.

At two forty-five my cell phone chirped and I looked at the screen and saw that it was Lois and knowing that it was probably because she had been served I decided to take the call.

"What do you want?"

No hello, just "What do you want?" I was tempted to say "What the fuck do you want bitch?!" but I decided that she already knew how I felt about her.

"Why can't I get in the house and what the hell is with this divorce garbage and why won't my credit cards work? And an order of protection? Are you out of your mind?"

"No; just out of a marriage. Your cards don't work because one of the things you do when you get rid of a cheating whore of a wife is cancel her credit cards. And the reason you can't get in the house is that you don't live there any more and I don't want you in it."

"You need to stop this nonsense Dave. You can't seriously want to lose half of everything you have over me having a little sex on the side. That's all it was Dave; just some recreational sex. There wasn't any love involved. You are the only one that I love."

"I don't see it that way Lois. As far as I am concerned you are a cheating whore and that is why I filed using adultery as cause."

"We need to talk. We need to sit down face to face and talk about this Dave."

I think I surprised her when I said, "Okay. Where and when?"

"The house tonight at ten?"

"I don't think so. I've got you out of the house and I'm not letting you back in."

"You can't keep me out of the house Dave."

"Of course I can. I own the house Lois. You aren't on the title. My parents left the house to me, not me and you. I will let you in to get the rest of your things, but only after my attorney sets it up so that there will be some one from the court there to make sure that you don't take anything you are not entitled to."

"Why don't we forget about all this legal stuff and just sit down and work it out?"

"I said I was willing to talk Lois, just not at the house."

"You are being totally unreasonable Dave. If not the house then where?"

"Tomorrow night at Angellina's at six. We can take the booth in back and that should give us enough privacy."

I closed the phone to end the call wondering if Lois really thought I was stupid enough to buy the "It was only sex with him; it's you I love" bullshit. Even as I had the thought I knew that the answer was yes. And why wouldn't she think I was stupid. I'd been dumb enough to let her get away with what she had been doing for years and years.

That night when I got off work I stopped at The Landing Strip Lounge to have a drink or two to drown my sorrows. Also, since it was Wednesday it was open mike night and I thought that maybe one or two of the comics might be able to make me laugh and cheer me up.

I took a seat at the bar and Karen saw me, came over and asked:

"The usual Dave?"

"I don't know sweetie. My usual order is for a PBR and a date with you and so far all I've gotten is the beer."

"I keep telling you Dave; I've got a keeper and I'm going to stick with him."

"I guess just the PBR then."

As she walked to get the beer I watched the sway of her ass and wondered if her keeper appreciated what he had. A five foot five fiery redhead with tits to die for if her low cut blouses weren't lying. I'd been flirting with her for years knowing that harmless flirting is all that it was, but with Lois out of the picture I really wouldn't mind taking a serious run at Karen. But then there was that "Keeper" thing. Oh well.

Up on the raised bandstand a woman was taking her shot at being a standup comic.

"A surveyor drops by Will's farm in eastern Minnesota and announced he had some bad news.

"I discovered that your farm isn't in Minnesota. It's actually in Wisconsin."

Will let out a huge sigh of relief and said, "That's the best news I've had in a long time. I was just telling my wife this morning that I don't think I can take another winter in Minnesota."

She got a good laugh from the crowd and went on with:

"The New York City Department of Education says that only 26 percent of the city's students in grades three through eight passed the English portion on a recent standardized test. But on the bright side they're too bad at math to realize how bad that is."

She got a polite laugh on that one, but hit the next one out of the park.

"A new pastor was visiting the homes of his parishioners. At one house it seemed obvious that someone was home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks. He took out a card and wrote "Revelation 3:20" on the back of it and stuck it to the door.

"When the offering was processed the following Sunday he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was "Genesis 3:10." Reaching for his Bible he checked out the citation and broke up in gales of laughter.

"Revelation 3:20 begins, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock." Genesis 3:10 reads, "I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked."

There were two more good comics after her and I left the place feeling a lot better than I'd felt going in. Maybe there was some truth to the old saying that "Laughter was the best medicine."

The next day at work and before I even had a chance to sit down at my desk Myra reminded me that we had a lunch date. The morning was fairly busy and at eleven-thirty Myra and I went to lunch. As we drove to the Marriott I asked her if she really wanted to have lunch first and she laughed and said:

"Sex on a full stomach slows me down some and I don't want slow for my first time with you."

I checked us in as Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tomlinson. I thought it was fitting that I was using the name of Lois's asshole lover to get my first piece of ass from another woman.

Once in the room Myra immediately started to undress and she managed to get naked a lot quicker than I did, but then she'd had a head start. She had come into the room not wearing panties or a bra and she didn't take off her high heels or thigh high nylons. The sight of hr standing there would have given a stone statue a hard on, but the sight didn't give me one, but only because I'd gotten mine in the elevator on the way up to the floor our room was on.

"Ooooh, that's a nice one" Myra said as she looked at my erection. Imagine what that did for me after hearing what Lois had said that caused me to carry around that insecurity for years. Myra laid back on the bed, spread her legs and said:

"Come and get it lover."

I joined her on the bed and moved to go down on her, but she said, "None of that lover. Maybe later, but I've been hot and wet since we made this date yesterday. Fuck me first and we can do other stuff later."

I wasn't going to argue and I moved up and put the head of my cock against her slit and pushed. She was indeed wet, but even so I had to work my way in which was something I'd never had to do with Lois. Myra moaned, her legs came up to clamp me and her hands went to my butt and she tried to pull me in deeper. I started the in and back motion and Myra moaned:

"That's it baby; do me. Do me hard baby; do me hard."

I did my best and was rewarded when she had a screaming orgasm following which I had mine. It was a first for me. I'd never witnessed a screaming orgasm produced by me. Lois had cum, but it was never a loud event, at least not with me. I did see her do a loud one, but it was on the tape I had of her with my asshole cousin.

I held myself in Myra until I went soft and when I pulled out she turned and said, "Now we can do some of that other stuff" and she went for my cock with her mouth. I pulled and tugged until I had her in position for a sixty-nine. She fought me saying:

"Don't do that; it's nasty down there"

"Don't care" I said, "It's mine" and I pulled her down and went to work on her. As I worked on Myra's cum muffin I thought of how many times I done it with Lois not knowing that she was cheating on me. The thought almost caused me to lose the erection that Myra's mouth was building.

Almost, but only almost.

As soon as Myra had me up she swung over me and mounted me cowgirl and I laid there and let her do all the work. I looked up at her and saw her smiling down at me.

"Like this lover? Like looking up at my bouncing, swaying tits?"

"No" I moaned. "I hate it; I absolutely hate it."

She laughed and said, "Yeah! Right!"

When she had me close I had to roll her onto her back and drive hard to get my nut and when I did I had another first. Myra came just as I did and that was something that had never happened for me before.

We separated and as much as I would have loved to lie down next to her and cuddle for a bit I couldn't. A long lunch was something we could get away with, but not an afternoon. I got up, made quick use of the bathroom and started to dress.

"You can stay a bit and shower or clean up" I said, "But I have to get back to work."

"Don't be silly" Myra said. "Why should I wash you off of me? Going to hubby with the smell of my lover still on me is one of the parts of my getting even with him. I'll douche at work just before I go home because he might get suspicious if I'm too wet down there and I don't want to give him any ideas. I'd love to have him go down on me with you still in me, but I don't dare take the chance."

When she said that I thought of all the times I thought of all the times I'd gone down on Lois or slid into her loose cunt and commented on how wet she was. She always said that it was because she got all hot and bothered thinking about what we would do when we went to bed. The stupid thing is that I believed it until I saw the tape of her and Ralph.

That of course put another thought in my mind. Lois never really cared about me to care to care about whether I figured it out or not.

The rest of the day went by quickly and then it was time for me to head for Angelina's to meet with Lois. I got there first and took the booth in the back. I wanted that one because it was the farthest from the dance floor and consequently was the quietest. I ordered my usual and settled in to wait for Lois.

Lois came in five minutes later and as usual she looked sexy as all get out. She had obviously dressed to give me a hard on in the hope that it would make me more pliable. Usually seeing her like that would give me instant wood, but knowing what she'd done to me and my marriage killed that urge.

She sat down and when the waitress came and asked Lois what she wanted to drink Lois ordered her usual Cosmo and got a severely pissed look on her face when I told the waitress:

"Separate checks please."

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