Frank and Ruth

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2015 by Just Plain Bob

: Just another cheating wife story.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

I was on my back, totally fucked out, and she stood next to the bed looking down at me and looking for all the world like she had just awakened and was as fresh as a daisy. No one seeing her at that moment would have believed that she had been sucking and fucking me for five hours. No one would have imagined that those lips had been wrapped around my cock and that mouth had swallowed my cum. She looked so fresh that no one would have believed that her pussy had taken two of my loads and that her ass – her beautiful heart shaped ass – had taken a third and a fourth. She looked exactly like what she wasn't – a sweet looking faithful wife.

She smiled and said, "Take plenty of vitamins baby; I need you to last longer next time" and then she left me to go home to her husband and kids.

As I had watched her dress I'd thought back on the circumstances that had brought us together. I was your typical dyed in the wool every day clueless husband. I'd been married to Ruth for a little over six years and I was happy in my marriage. I could barely stand to be away from my wife, but we both had to work if we were ever going to have the house and family that we wanted.

All that the end of the work day meant to me was that it was time to hurry home to my lovely and loving wife. Make no mistake about it – Ruth was my reason for being and she had been from the moment she called me a clumsy asshole.

It had happened at Clancy's; a night spot in lower downtown. I was in the habit of stopping there after work with some of the guys I worked with to hoist a few and let off some steam by bad mouthing management. Clancy's had a band Thursday through Saturday and it was a Thursday night and the place was crowded.

Service tended to be a bit slow on live music nights because the place was so packed that the waitresses had to slowly and carefully work their way through the teaming throng. Sometimes it was quicker for you to just go up to the bar and get it yourself. I was sharing a table with seven of my co-workers (actually two tables pushed together) and four of us were dry. I volunteered to make the bar run and I'd just turned away from the bar with drinks in hand when someone ran into me and caused me to spill the drinks. I heard:

"You clumsy asshole! Look at what you've done to my dress!"

I turned and looked into the most startling blue eyes I'd ever seen. My eyes dropped to her dress and I saw the wet stain on the fabric covering her very impressive breasts. The lecher in me wanted to grab a towel or something and go to work on rubbing the area dry, but her tone of voice and the word "asshole" pissed me off so I fired back:

"I was standing here lady and you ran into me; I didn't run into you so if you want to blame someone blame yourself."

I turned back to the bar and got the bartender to top off the drinks and then went back to my table. About ten minutes later I was looking across the table at Olivia trying to talk myself into asking her if she would like to dance. Her fingers were tapping the table in time to the music and I got the feeling that she would like to take a couple of turns around the floor, but she was married and I was afraid that she might think I was trying to make a move on her. Pam, who had been sitting beside me was out on the floor with Gary and just as I thought to myself "To hell with it; I don't care if Olivia does think I want in her panties I want to dance." As I opened my mouth to utter my first word someone sat down on Pam's chair. I could see Pam out on the dance floor so I looked to my left and saw the woman with the starling blue eyes and impressive breasts. She looked at me sheepishly and said:

"I'm here to apologize for being nasty to you. You were right; it was my fault."

I took a long look into those eyes and I was lost. I said, "I'll accept your apology on one condition."

"And that is?"

"That you dance with me."

Her face lit up in a smile and she said, "Done!" She stood up and said, "Let's do it."

From that moment on Ruth and I were joined at the hip. Six months later in front of family and friends we took our vows and for the next six years I considered my life perfect.


It was a cliché. We both were at a place where we had never been before. At least I never had, but her? Who knows? I was in Lone Tree, not all that far from Castle Rock, but still a place I never seldom went to. I was meeting a client for lunch and halfway into it I saw a shocked look come over his face and he mumbled to himself:

"I wonder if Larry knows."

"What?" I asked.

He looked at me like he didn't understand so I said, "You just got a weird expression on your face and mumbled "I wonder if Larry knows." Since it happened in our discussion of clause five in the contract it made me wonder."

"Oh? I wasn't aware that I said it out loud."

He saw that I wasn't going to ask – take it and farther – and he must have thought that he needed to explain so he said, "Larry's girlfriend just walked in and she is holding hands with a guy who is most definitely not Larry."

Being the curious guy that I am I turned to look. I saw a woman and a man standing at the entrance waiting to be seated by the hostess and I saw that indeed they were holding hands. The man was not someone I had ever seen before, but the woman was my wife.

If you have ever been in a like situation you know the emotional war the instantly takes place. You wanted to get up, run to them, pull the apart and kick the shit out of the guy. There was denial. It couldn't be Ruth! It has been said that somewhere on this planet everyone has someone who looks like them. A doppelganger I believe is the term. Surely that must be what is happening here. It couldn't be my Ruth. It just couldn't. There was recognition. I recognized the dress she was wearing. I was with her when she bought it. There was curiosity. If she is Larry's girlfriend and the guy she is holding hands with is not Larry that means she is getting together with at least two guys behind your back. Are there others? How many? For how long? Then of course came acceptance. How could you not accept what was right before your eyes.

All of the above took place in an instant – maybe a second or so – and then I turned to face Chad. He took one look at my face and asked:

"What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

My hand was shaking when I picked up the water glass and took a drink. As I set the glass down I said, "Not a ghost, but something just as upsetting. I know her. She is married to someone I know and that someone isn't named Larry. Who is Larry?"

"A guy I work with. I doubt that Larry knows she is married."

"I would appreciate your not telling him until I've had time to prepare my friend for the bad news. He worships the ground she walks on and this is going to devastate him. If Larry doesn't know maybe he will take her in when she gets kicked out of the house."

"Not likely. Larry is married, but that brings up a question. Hubby worships the ground she walks on, but he will kick her out?"

"No doubt in my mind. No doubt at all."

Fortunately they were seated on the other side of the room from us and Chad told me that she was seated with her back to us and since my back was to her she did not know that I was there. I didn't finish my meal – for some reason I had lost my appetite – but I did finish my business with Chad and then I got up and left the restaurant. I went out through the kitchen and back door to make sure that Ruth had no idea that I'd been there and seen her.

I stopped at the office and told my boss that Chad was on board with what we wanted to do and then I took the rest of the afternoon off. I stopped at the bank and moved some money round. Nothing that should grab Ruth's immediate attention, but I guessed that private detectives didn't come cheap. We had three accounts; a checking, a savings and the new house account. Ten percent of the net from each of our paychecks went into the new house account and the goal was twenty-five thousand for a down payment. We were still a year or so away from reaching that goal so I didn't expect that Ruth would be paying much, if any, any attention to the house fund just yet.

I briefly flirted with the idea of just following her around myself, but quickly realized that there wasn't any way I could do it. For one thing I couldn't take that much time away from my job and for another my inexperience at doing something like that almost guaranteed I'd somehow fuck it up and the last thing I wanted right then was for Ruth to find out I was onto her and besides, it didn't appear that we were going to need a house fund anymore anyway.

After leaving the bank I called Jack Webster. Jack and I had been close friends since the seventh grade and Jack was an attorney. He specialized in business law, but I was hoping that he could steer me to a good divorce attorney. He told me to come into his office and he would have a list ready for me. When we met he handed me a list with thirty-one names on it. I was a touch confused and asked him which one I should see. His answer surprised me.

"All of them."

"All of them? All thirty-one? No way on God's green earth could I afford to do that."

"Sure you can. You will notice that twenty-seven of them are underlined. They are the ones who give a free first consultation. The other four have a flat first consultation fee, but even then it isn't more than a hundred bucks."

"I still don't understand why I need to see that many."

"Because once you have talked with them ethically they won't be able to take Ruth on as a client. That is a list of every divorce and family law attorney within fifty miles. If your problem goes the divorce route and Ruth decides to fight it she will have to go way out of the area to find an attorney who will be able to take her case. Donald Ashcroft, the one with the star next to his name is the one you will want to use. He is the 'killer whale' of divorce attorneys. Both his first and second wives cheated on him and he hates cheaters. Want me to call him?"

I said yes, he made the call and I had an appointment to see Ashcroft at eleven o'clock the next morning.

Ruth was home when I got there. She usually got off work an hour before I did so she almost always beat me home and had dinner on the stove when I got there. I had decided that I was not going to give Ruth any indication that something was wrong between us. I could pretend to be a loving husband just as she had pretended to be a loving wife. I had no idea how long it was going to be before I split from her, but I decided that I wasn't going to go without sex until I had to. Some nights I might be getting seconds, sloppy or otherwise, but I'd had sloppy seconds before both in high school and college and they hadn't hurt me.

Talk over dinner was the same as always and I marveled at the way my so-called loving wife could behave after sticking her knife in my back. And I also wondered about how long she had been doing it. She felt no different now than she had when I married her and I couldn't help but wonder if it had been going on all along and that's why I hadn't noticed a change. During dinner Ruth was sending me all of the usual signals that let me know she intended to fuck my socks off when we went to bed and this of course made me wonder why. Did she not get laid after her lunch date and had come home horny? Or did she get laid and she wanted to fuck me because she got a charge out of giving me her lover's leftovers? Maybe it was a guilt fuck. She felt guilty over stabbing me in the back and giving me some made her feel better. Quite often Ruth was the initiator when it came to our making love. Did the fact that we made love a lot mean that every time she made the first move it was after getting laid by some other guy? I'd damned sure be asking those questions when the confrontation came.

One thing I was pretty sure of is that Ruth always came to our bed clean. We always started our love making with oral and I would have known what she was doing if she came to me fresh and wet from some other guy. I won't go into that other than to say it was more of that college stuff. When we went to bed that night I was as willing as I've always been and I gave a good account of myself (or at least I think I did) and made sure that Ruth had no reason to suspect that I knew that something wasn't right with our marriage.

My meeting with Donald Ashcroft gave me a little hope. Even though we lived in a state that had no fault divorce laws and things were normally split fifty/fifty there were some things that could go in my favor if we drew the right judge. Five of the seven judges sitting in our district had been known to cut the aggrieved party some slack in cases that involved infidelity. If I had solid proof of Ruth's adultery I could very well get out of paying alimony even though I made almost twice what Ruth made. Four of the seven had been known to make the offending party pay all attorney's fees and court costs.

That prompted me to ask Ashcroft for a recommendation on private investigators and he gave me the name of the one he preferred to use and when I left his office I called and made an appointment. I walked into Spenser Investigations with all of the information I was asked to bring with me and after half an hour of filling in Mr. Spenser on what I knew and wanted to know I gave him a retainer and left his office.

I would like to be able to say that things moved swiftly after that, but I can't because they didn't. It wasn't because the PI couldn't find out anything. He found out a lot, but he couldn't get me the 'slam dunk' proof I needed to put in front of a judge to prove infidelity. He had pictures and video of Ruth going into hotel rooms with two different men for long lunch hours, but that is all he had. He had some of Ruth holding hands with the two men, but no kisses caught in public. He was able to find out the men were Larry Maxon and Alex Compton and that they both worked with Ruth.

The hotel was always the downtown Hilton and its employees must have been the most upright and ethical people in town. They could not be bribed and even though the PI tried to get four different desk clerks to work with him he could never make it happen. "We strive to protect the privacy of our guests" is what he got from whomever he approached. Even the offer of one thousand dollars was turned down. The PI just could not gain access to a room in order to obtain audio and visual proof. He couldn't even get the names or check in information of those who went into the rooms. "I cannot divulge that information without a court order" is what he got.

We knew what was going on in the rooms, but us knowing and not being able to put beyond a shadow of a doubt proof in front of a judge just wouldn't cut it. As Ashcroft explained to me "No sitting judge was going to make a decision based on supposition. Reasonable doubt is what any attorney hired by Ruth would point out. Both of the men she was seen going into the rooms with were fellow employees and they could say they went into that room to meet with a client and we could not prove otherwise."

I did find out that Larry was married and had two kids and that Alex was single, but that told me nothing. I decided to just confront Ruth and let the chips fall where they may. I told Ashcroft to prepare the papers and let me know when they were ready to be served. I was going to be mean enough to have her served at work in front of all of her coworkers. I'd take the day of service off from work and have all my things moved out of the apartment and be gone before she got home.

It was a Wednesday and I'd just left the office after working late on a proposal and had stopped for a beer at The Landing Strip Lounge before going home. I'd called Ruth and told her I would be late and not to hold dinner for me. It was open mike night and maybe one of the want to be standup comics could brighten my mood. I was sitting in a booth staring down at the glass in front of me deep in thought when someone slid onto the seat across from me. I looked up and saw a lovely woman.

"Mind if I join you Frank?"

"Do I know you?"

"No, but I know who you are and hopefully you will know me before the night is over and I do mean that in the biblical sense."

I sat there looking at her as my mind worked on what she'd just said.

"My name is Brenda Maxom" she said and she saw recognition register on my face and went on. "Yes, I'm Larry's wife. I have been following you for several days now looking for an opportunity to get together with you."

"Why on Earth would you do that?"

"Simple really. I want to find out what you plan on doing and if it is what I think it is I want to try and talk you out of it."

I must have looked confused so she said, "I know that you know about my husband and your wife and the reason I know is that the PI I had following Larry recognized the PI you had following your wife. Knowing that you know I have to find out what you are going to do about it and if it is what I think it is I want to try and talk you out of it."

"If you are thinking that I plan on divorcing her you are absolutely right. Why would you want to talk me out of it?"

"Because if you divorce her the why would come out and when that happens I would have to divorce Larry."

"If my attorney is right in what he told me you will come out of a divorce okay."

"No I wouldn't. It is true that I would get child support and alimony and I would most likely get the house until the children are grow up, but my standard of living would take a nose dive. I have friends who have gone through divorces and without exception they will all tell you that life as a single mom sucks. I would be much better off staying married and pretending that I don't know about his affairs."


"Yes. Your wife is only one of many. She is the only one I have proof of, but I know there have been others. That said let me get to it. I want to stay married so I can continue to enjoy the life style I'm used to. Plus staying married will allow me to take revenge on Larry."

"You've lost me there."

"Larry is quite possessive and he is also insanely jealous. I'm not a bad looking broad and at parties and other social gatherings if Larry sees me talking to some guy he hurries over to separate us. My revenge is going to be doing to him what he is doing to me. I want him to continue to support me in the style to which I've become accustomed while I take on a lover and give away that which Larry considers only his. With me so far?"

"I can see your point, but I don't see why I should forget about divorcing Ruth because it would cause problems for someone I don't even know."

"Because it would be to your benefit."

"Explain that please."

"First off you don't divorce you don't have to split things fifty/fifty. Secondly there is the revenge factor. You can take a lover and then go home and go to bed with your wife knowing that you are doing to her what she is doing to you."

"I wouldn't even know how to take on a lover."

"You don't need to know how. All you have to be is open to the idea."

"I don't understand what you're trying to tell me here. How is being open to the idea, as you put it, going to help me?"

"It is simple Frank. If you are open to the idea and willing to do it the lover will come to you."

"You aren't making any sense here."

"Of course I am Frank. If you are willing to go the revenge route instead of going for a divorce your partner in revenge is sitting across the table from you."


"Can you think of a more fitting revenge than getting together with the wife of the man your wife is cheating with? Think about it Frank. No arguments over who gets what in the fifty/fifty split. No alimony being taken out of your paycheck to support her cheating ass. No paying for her attorney if she wants to fight the divorce. No court costs if you don't file and go to court. No ten weeks of visiting a marriage counselor which is something a judge almost always orders in cases where the spouse fights back and says they don't want a divorce. And there could be other benefits in it for you. Is there something sexual you would like to do that your wife won't do? I'll do them Frank."

She must have seen a change in my facial expression when she said that because she got a big smile on her face. I thought about it for a few seconds and then I said:

"She won't try anal. I don't even know if I would like it, but I've wanted to try it and find out what it is like."

"Anything else?"

"I'd like a complete blow job, but she won't do that. She will mouth me until I'm nice and hard, but then she quits and spreads her legs."

"I do both Frank and I swallow. Anything else?"

"Well, it really isn't sexual, but it takes sex to make it happen."

"Oh? What is it?"

"I want kids and she doesn't."

"I love kids and I wouldn't mind having another one. In fact I would like two more and so would Larry, but because he wants them I've put myself on birth control just to deny him what he wants. I haven't told him that and as far as he knows we are trying to have another child. How would that be for revenge Frank? You giving me a child for Larry to raise? Hopefully it would be a boy since what Larry wants is a son to carry on the family name. Oh sweet fucking Jesus; I'm getting hot at just the thought!"

"I don't know that I could do something like that. I'd want to a part of my child's life and I can't see anyway that could happen if I were to get you pregnant."

"I guess you are right on that, but I can't think of a greater revenge on Larry. I can address that later after you get tired of me. I'll let my next lover get me pregnant and I just won't let him know that the child is his. So how about it Frank? Are you in?"

"It is tempting. It is very tempting and I do have to admit that if I was going to cheat I would hope to find a woman as sexy as you to do it with, but I have to say no. Some of us take our vows seriously. I realize that it can be said that by Ruth breaking her vows she has released me from mine, but I can't do it. As soon as the divorce is final I'll look for another lady to share my life with, but not until then."

"So how do you rationalize them?"


"Your vows. How do you rationalize being selective in which vows you will honor and which ones you won't?"

"I don't understand what you are getting at."

"Your vows Frank. You are going to honor forsaking all others, but what about for better or worse? What about until death do us part? I'd say cheating on you definitely goes into the worse column, but you are going to divorce her for that."

I laughed and said, "You've got me on that one, but it isn't going to make me change my mind."

"Can you at least dump her using irreconcilable differences? Unless your PI was a whole lot better than mine you don't have anything you can use to show infidelity. Irreconcilable differences would leave Larry out of it and I can keep on with my life the way I want."

"I'll see. I can't promise, but I'll see."

She slid a piece of paper across the table to me. "That's my number Frank. If you change your mind about my offer give me a call."

As she walked away I admired the swing of her ass and wished I wasn't so uptight. Just as she went out the door Joe Lambert, the owner of the strip got up on the raised bandstand and said:

"Good evening folks and welcome to our weekly open mike night. Tonight I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that Bobby is on vacation so you won't be subjected to his blond jokes tonight."

That brought a loud cheer for several of the blonds in the audience.

"The bad news is that until he comes back you are stuck with me."

That got a loud boo from the crowd and he sarcastically said, "Thank you for your support. Our first hopeful tonight is Bill Miglio. Bill works down the street at DST Industries when he isn't trying to make people laugh." He handed the mike to a guy I recognized as someone who was usually in the Strip having drinks with his buddies whenever I came in. He looked a little nervous as he started:

"I always wondered what the job application is like at Hooters. Do they hand you a bra and say "Here. Fill this out?"

He got a good laugh out of that and you could see the nervousness leave him.

"On average an American man's wife will let him make love to her two or three times a week whereas a Japanese wife will only let her husband make love to her one or two times a year. This was upsetting news to me. I had no idea I was Japanese."

"I don't understand why women are okay that JC Penny has an older women's line named Sag Harbor."

"I think it is pretty cool how Chinese people made a language entirely out of tattoos."

"My therapist says that my narcissism causes me to misread social situations. I'm pretty sure she is trying to hit on me."

"I'm getting tired of always raising my hand when somebody asks, "Who does something like that?"

"Four time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon announced that this will be his final season of racing. You could tell it was time for him to retire. During his last race he had his left turn signal on the whole time."

"Denny's has a slogan: "If it's your birthday the meal is on us. If you are in Denny's and it is your birthday ... Your life REALLY sucks."

"When I die I want to be reincarnated as a spider. Just so I can finally hear a woman say, "Oh My God! It is huge!"

He got a big laugh on that one, thanked the crowd for their support and handed the mike back to Joe

And on that I decided it was time to head for home.

When I got there Ruth was sitting in front of the TV watching one of those stupid so-call reality shows.

"Good; your home" she said. "I was afraid I was going to have to go to bed without you."

"That day is coming girl" I thought to myself, but I said, "No way we can let that happen sweetie."

I followed her to the bedroom and we had a hot, passionate session that had me wondering why what we had wasn't enough for her. When we finished she cuddled up next to me and we snuggled. And I almost fucked up. In my contented state I thought "I am going to miss this' and Ruth asked "Miss what?" I must have spoken aloud without realizing it and I hastily tried to cover.

"What we just did. I'm going to miss it when I have to go to Baltimore next week for a training course."

"What training course?"

"I just found out about it today. I'll be leaving Monday morning and won't be back until Thursday late."

"Don't sweat it sweetie. I'll give you enough before you go to hold you until you come back."

She didn't know it, but I wouldn't be coming back. There wasn't any training course. I'd made up my mind driving home from the Landing Strip to give Brenda Maxon what she wanted. I'd file and use irreconcilable differences as a reason. Monday I would drive around the block, park and wait for Ruth to leave for work and then go back to the apartment and move out. I'd have Ruth served at work and then avoid all contact with her.

Once I got to my office on Thursday I called the number Brenda Maxon had given me and gave her the news. She thanked me and told me not to lose the number and I told her that I wouldn't. I then called Ashcroft, told him to make it irreconcilable differences and have Ruth served at work on Monday.

Ruth hadn't ben fibbing when she said she would give me enough to hold me. We made love in the morning and evening on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and one last time on Monday morning. And yes, I do mean that we made love. It did seem like she loved me or at least liked me a lot, but unfortunately for me I did love the unfaithful bitch, but love alone wasn't enough for me to stay with her after finding out what she had been doing.

Monday morning Ruth damned near destroyed me.

"Think that will hold you until you get back?" she laughingly asked.

Knowing that once she walked out the door it would never happen again I said, "Probably not, but I'm sure that I will think about it a lot."

"Then you had better plan on doing a lot of catch up when you get home."

I received a passionate goodbye kiss when I left the apartment. I had arranged for the rest of the week and the next to be vacation time and my plan was to be moved out and gone by the time Ruth got home that evening. I drove to a place where I could see Ruth's car and then waited until I saw her leave for work. I drove back and started packing my stuff and moving it out to my car. I was done except for one last suitcase and I was looking around to see if I missed anything. There is a saying that goes "Man plans and the Gods laugh." The plan was for me to move out and avoid Ruth, but the Gods chuckled and said" Oh no Frank." I was picking up the last suitcase and getting ready to leave when I heard:

"What are you doing Frank?"

I turned to see Ruth standing there.

"The question is what are you doing here? You are supposed to be on your way to work."

"I forgot my cell phone. I put it on the charger last night and forgot it when I left for work. So back to you Frank. You are also supposed to be on your way to work so why are you here and what are you doing?"

"I'm moving out Ruth. I don't want to live here with you anymore."

I picked up the suitcase and headed for the door. She moved quickly to block the door and said, "Oh no you don't Frank. You're not going anywhere. I want to know what this is about."

I really had wanted to just walk away and not say anything, but it looked like that wasn't going to be possible so I just hit her with it.

"I know all about your long lunches spent at the Hilton. Why they are called long lunches I don't know since you never once went into the restaurant to eat although I suppose that you and your male friends might have called for room service, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I will not live with a woman who cheats on me."

She had a look of absolute horror on her face and I didn't know if it was caused by my leaving her or the fact that I had found out what she had been doing. I suspect that it was more of the latter than the former. She stood there looking at me with that look and didn't move so I pushed her out of the way. I was out the door and on my way to the car before she recovered and chased after me, but you can't run all that fast in four inch heels and I was in the car and had it started before she reached me. She was reaching for the door handle when I stepped on the gas and pulled away. I didn't even look in the rear view mirror.

There were plenty of motels close to where I work and I figured that was where Ruth would go looking for me so I checked in at the one place I was sure that she wouldn't even think of. I checked into the Hilton. Once settled in I got busy doing all of the things that I decided had to be done. I hit the bank, took half of the checking and savings and all of the new house account and then went down the street to a different bank and opened new accounts in my name only. I might catch some shit over taking all of the new house account, but my argument for doing it was going to be that since Ruth was the one to destroy the marriage and made it necessary for me to move she should be the one to finance the move. Her share of the house account could pay the first and last month's rent and security deposit on wherever I ended up. Probably wouldn't fly, but until the courts got involved it was money that Ruth wouldn't have.

Next on my list was to find a place to live. The Hilton would do for a couple of days, but there wasn't any way I could live there at the rates they charged. I got the daily paper and an apartment guide, found several prospects and spent the rest of the day looking at them. I found one that I liked and put a deposit on it. I wouldn't be able to move in until they did a credit check on me. The girl in the office told me that I could probably move in on Wednesday.

I hit the Village Inn for a bite to eat and then went back to my room at the Hilton. My cell had been going off almost every fifteen minutes and the calls were all rom Ruth so I never took any of them. She left a bunch of voice mails and I deleted them without listening to them. I would have just turned it off except for the fact I needed it on in case my credit check went through quickly and they called me to tell me I could move in.

I watched TV for a while and then sacked out.

I was up bright and early on Tuesday and had breakfast at the Hilton and then I went to Target and Wally World to get the things I would need for my new apartment. After a full morning of shopping I stopped at a Waffle House for lunch. While I was eating I remembered that I had turned my cell off when I went to bed and had forgotten to turn it back on. There were a dozen or so missed messages and five voicemails from Ruth. Knowing that she had already been served at work I was curious to hear what she might have to say.

The first three voicemails were pretty much the same. "Call me Frank. We have to talk. I don't want a divorce." The fourth one showed me that Ruth was losing her cool. "Damn it Frank; this isn't funny. Call me. We need to talk and forget about this divorce nonsense. I will not give you a divorce!" I smiled at that. Apparently she hadn't talked to an attorney yet. She could fight it, she could stall it, but she couldn't stop it. She could make it expensive, but if I stayed the course the divorce would happen.

I knew that her employer frowned on personal calls at work during business hours so I called Ruth at work knowing that as eager as she was to talk to me she would take the call. Then I'd try to make the call last long enough to get her in dutch with her supervisor. I called her cell and she answered on the second ring.

"Frank? Where are you? You need to come home so we can sit down and talk this out."

"I don't want to come home Ruth and I don't see any need for us to talk."

"I don't want a divorce Frank. I love you and you know I do."

"Oh? You sure have a funny way of expressing your love for me. Let's see now. On the ninth you expressed your love for me at the Hilton with Larry Maxon. On the eleventh you and Alex Cashion spent from eleven forty-five until one-fifteen expressing your love for me. On the twelfth you expressed your love for me, again at the Hilton and again with Maxon. I could go on, but I sure you get the picture. Bottom line is that your expressions of love for me are not those I would have expected from a loving wife. As for your not wanting a divorce? Tough shit Ruth! If you didn't want a divorce you should not have started having long lunches with men in hotel rooms. I will not live with a wife who cheats on me and the only way to get rid of a cheating wife without going to prison is to divorce her."

There was a touch of steel in her voice when she said, "I'm not giving you a divorce Frank!"

I looked at my watch and wondered if Ruth was getting nasty looks from her boss yet, but just in case she wasn't I drug the call out a little longer.

"You can't stop it Ruth. All you can do is delay it and to delay it you will have to hire an attorney and attorneys charge by the hour Ruth and if you want to pay an attorney a couple of hundred bucks an hour for a year or so to throw up roadblocks and stall things go right ahead. Waste your money. You can slow it down, you can make it expensive and you could possibly delay it for a year or so, but you cannot stop it."

"I don't want a divorce Frank. I'm sure that if you will sit down and talk with me we can iron things out. It isn't what you think Frank. I love you. I love you and you know it."

"Maybe you do Ruth, but it isn't the kind of love that I want and talking with you will only make things worse for me. There have to be reasons for your cheating on me and having you spell out those reasons would only make me feel worse than I do right now. Don't fight it Ruth. Sign the papers and send them back to my attorney. Let it happen so we can both move on with our lives."

"Never Frank. You belong to me and I'm not letting you go. I have to go now, but I'm going to keep trying to get you to sit down and talk with me."

"It won't do you any good Ruth. I don't want you okay? As far as I'm concerned you spit on our marriage and I'm done with you."

"I have to go Frank. I'm getting nasty looks and I have to get off the phone. Please call me at the house this evening."

"No! This is my last conversation with you. From this point on all communication between us will have to go through my attorney. Goodbye Ruth."

While I still had my phone in my hand I decided to call Brenda Maxon and see how things were going with her. She answered and after identifying myself I said:

"Ruth was served yesterday at work. I stated irreconcilable differences so there was no mention of Larry, but did he seem normal when he got home from work?"

"No; as a matter of fact he didn't. He is acting kind of skittish right now. Almost like he is expecting something bad to happen."

"Guilty conscious I'm guessing."

"You are probably right. Have you given my proposal any thought?"

"Of course I have. It isn't every day that a sexy woman offers herself to me. I'm most likely stupid not to accept your offer, but I just can't bring myself to do it."

"Just don't lose the number Frank. Maybe after going without for a while you will change your mind."

At three I got a call from the apartment manager telling me I was cleared to move in. I had to get a bed and some other furniture so that and moving in took up the rest of the day and most of Wednesday. I decided that I didn't want to cook my first night in the place so I left the apartment and headed for El Meson for Mexican. After eating I decided to stop by the Landing Strip. It was open mike night and felt that I could use some cheering up.

Bobby Denton was back from vacation and I walked in just I time to catch one of his trademark blond jokes.

"A blond walked into the police station looking or a job. The on duty officer told her that she needed to answer a few questions before he could even give her an application to fill out.

Officer – "What is two and two?"

Blond – "Ummmm... 4!'

Officer – "What is the square root of one hundred?"

Blond – "Ummmm ... ten!"

Officer – "Good. Now tell me who killed Abraham Lincoln?"

Blond – "Ummmm ... I don't know."

Officer – "Well go on home and think about it and come back tomorrow."

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