Visitation Rights

by Mef D Falson

Copyright© 2015 by Mef D Falson

BDSM Sex Story: Sam is in town for the weekend. She needs a place to stay and "there's no fucking way you're making me sleep on the floor," she proclaims. **Warning:* Story contains (entirely consensual) violence.*

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Vignettes   MaleDom   Rough   .

Sam was back in town for the weekend.


"Could we do supper?" she asked via a facebook message.

Unless commanded to, it wasn't in her nature to apologize. This time around, I wasn't feeling so forgiving.

"Not interested, but do enjoy your weekend," I replied.

The four days that followed before friday night where busy enough that Sam wasn't even a gentle ember in my thoughts.

It was nearing midnight when I finished my walk home.

The front door was already unlocked. I paused. Reaching into the archives of my mind I rummaged about for the right memories. I thought I had locked the door on my way out, but was I sure?

My spare key on the kitchen table was the first clue that somebody had been in my apartment. With a will of their own, my eyes darted about the room, cataloguing my possessions. It seemed as though nothing had been stolen.

It took me a while to notice what was out of place. My hair was still wet from the shower; clothes in hand. I walked into my bedroom and just as I reached for the lightswitch I heard an appreciative whistle.

Click. Light flooded the room.

There was a girl in my bed. The brunette was not a regular fixture in my room. The bedside table that held her purse belonged there. She didn't.

"What the hell Sam," I said, "You can't just let yourself into my house!"

About 180cm tall, Shoulder length light brown hair she alway wore in a ponytail. Streamlined facial features granted by her Nordic heritage. Light blue eyes that sometimes bordered grey or flushed a devilish crimson red when way too tired or high. I met her on my first day of freshman year about 9 years ago.

There, tucked in my bed, lay a cornerstone of my personality. The nurturer of my confidence in bed and the obstacle I surmounted to find a true confidence in myself. I owed her everything and I owed her nothing.

"I used to," she said. She tried to pout, but failed and grinned instead, "Come on Mark, you gonna kick me out?"

I could already guess she wasn't wearing a shirt from the way her bare shoulders stuck out from under the blanket. Noting my internal debate about what to do, she took the opportunity to sway me to her favor.

Now I knew for sure that she wasn't wearing a shirt. No bra either. I could see the top of her abdominals. I had long ago stopped thinking about Sam's body as the place where she lived. Sam's body, by her own design, was a tool. She spent hours at the GYM sculpting herself so that no matter where you looked, it hinted at muscle underneath. She was a yoga instructor; Full time. The way her slight musculature stretched instead of bunched gave you the impression she was flexible even when she wasn't stretching.

Her body wasn't a home. It was a tool. A tool she used for work, sure, but it had always seemed to me that its most earnest application was pleasure. Mostly her own.

I'd long ago learnt to decouple sexual appeal from sexual attraction. It wasn't the easiest lesson, but it had always let me treat Sam like a person rather than aphrodite incarnate. Her flakiness and my resulting apathy formed the very cornerstone of our relationship.

"I'm way too tired for this right now, Sam," I said, trying to sound blase. I knew better than to hope my brief study of her body went without notice.

She stood up, my blanket settled at her feet. To my sensibilities, a girl looks best in a matching pair of bra and underwear. Somehow concealing a little bit of flesh makes the entire package all the more appealing. Perhaps the contrast in color helps too. Sam, however, is the one exception to that rule.

Sam makes a point of being the exception. A charm I'm not at all immune to.

She prowled toward me. Her eye contact so intent that it kept me frozen in place. The intensity of her stare was a technique she had learned from me. Just about everything I knew about sex came from years of patient, shameless instruction from her. This stare, that she used against me now, was the only gift I had been able to give in return. She claimed it worked on anybody, but I knew I was uniquely susceptible.

Flakiness and apathy may have been the cornerstone of our relationship, but what came next encompassed all the rest.

Some men are ass-men while others are boob-men, at least so I'm told. I never had a preference. I've always been about the eyes. Open up those windows to your soul and let me peer in. Let me see the lust that runs like rejected lightning over the surface of your desires.

Eyes form the marshes of desire and embody the sexiest way for somebody to say, "I need you. Take me."

Do that and you will have my undivided attention.

"I really don't have anywhere else to go for the night," she said softly, "All my eggs in one basket and there's no fucking way you're making me sleep on the floor." She wrapped her hand around my cock.

I wasn't fully hard yet (that sometimes take some work) but I was too far gone to turn her away anymore. For all her manipulations, her stare showed me the only thing that mattered at a time like this. She had a need. She needed me to do the very thing she'd so restlessly taught me to do so well.

I wrestled with my annoyance at being so casually dismissed and then, a year later, so effortlessly won back. I ground the self-doubt to a fine dust and used my annoyance to add fuel to the fire. It worked better than I expected.

The growl came from a place I didn't know existed within me. Her eyes widened. A thousand more years of yoga would not have granted her the reflexes to escape me now. The only way out was a word. She was far too invested to utter her safety just yet.

I wrapped my hand around her throat. Instinctively, her hands came up and grabbed my wrist as she tried to stop me. It lessened the pressure on her neck enough that, my other hand on her hip, I had the extra leverage to lift her off of the ground before I drove her body against the mattress.

We'd both been here a hundred times before. My monster, just under the surface but so well trained, growled its appreciation at the surprise evidenced by her delayed reaction.

"Struggle," it growled dangerously, "Is this all you've got?"

Regaining some of her senses, Sam redoubled her efforts. The real trick about choking isn't stopping the oxygen from getting to their lungs. The trachea is sensitive enough that best practises all agree you don't touch it at all if you can help it. Burning lungs might be part of the appeal for some people, but for Sam it was the high triggered by oxygen deprivation in the brain.

A hundred times and yet it never came completely naturally. I still analysed every move and evaluated every point of pressure. My need for perfection ruining Sam's need for the primal.

I adjusted my grip, letting her struggle for breath while still stunting the flow of oxygen to her brain. I let the monster surge forward again. It wanted a tighter grip, but I held the leash. Instead, it switched focus. My other hand, already at her hip from when I launched her onto the bed, violently penetrated her pussy with two fingers.

Sam's eyes bulged as she stilled to let the sensation flow through her. Fingers resting inside of her, I used my palm to force her pelvis firmly into the mattress. My fingers were an added flair; My palm was needed to stop her from bucking once her brain started to send out the panic signals.

As I started to reposition myself on top of her, she started pulling wildly on my arm. Her torso flexed. She kicked. She pushed a hand against my face. Her efforts to make me ease up were useless. Her body was screaming danger.

With silent, menacing eyes, I watched for her to tap out. Alert and ready to react.

The reticent part of me urged her to tap out. Wanted an end as though some small victory could be found therein. 'All this drama for a few seconds of action, was it worth it Sam?' I would ask.

The monster urged her to fight, it wasn't done playing. It wasn't ready to be caged. Tired of an autumn it was too colorblind to apreciate, it was ready for winter. Ready to pounce.

For a moment I thought she would do it. Her hand steadied and came up. I kept my vigilance. The lack of blood in her head finally took over. She suddenly went still. Pupils dilated.

An unusual moment of silence hung between us. She was on the cusp blacking out. I knew she wouldn't mind, but I couldn't let that happen. There had never been a plan, but that was not part of it.

I loosened my grip on her throat and just as the fresh blood surged into her skull, I lined myself up. My body and mind were gloriously synchronized; I was rock hard. Using my weight, I penetrated into her with one smooth uninterrupted motion. The fingers must have helped for though she could have been better prepared, there was relatively little resistance to my sudden intrusion.

I hoped the sting would shunt her back into reality. She was too busy gasping for air and feeding her brain the fresh oxygen. Her vision cleared and the spinning sensation faded as her body fought to prioritise her survival.

I bottomed out in one smooth stroke and stayed seated within her.

She grunted, her delirious brain interpreting the sensory overload. She lay still for half a moment before her entire body shook.

Now she was wet. My cock could literally feel her insides preparing for what they knew must come next. For what always came next.

Did she just...

Sam wrapped her arms around my neck, "Holy shit. Fuck fuck fuck. Oh god, I just came. Oh fuck."

My ego flushed with pride. If there were a world-record for getting somebody from zero to orgasm in the shortest span of time, I may have just set it. I was helped along slightly by the fact that Sam could just about orgasm at the drop of a hat.

"God, I can't believe it's been a year," Sam moaned, her lips right next to my ear.

I flexed my pelvic muscle and watched a shiver run up her body, "ready?" I asked.

"Ah, give me a second," she said, still steadying her breathing.

I massaged her neck with my lips while I waited. Never leaving my self-control out of sight, it was rare that our choking play would leave her with bruises. I had, however, been a bit rougher than usual. Giving her neck some gentle attention reduced the chances of any bruising. Not that Sam would mind, she wore bruises like trophies.

"Alright," she said and we were off to the races.

I was starting to flag a bit from being still, but I knew a uniquely Sam-only technique that never failed to replace my cock with a facsimile of an iron rod. Sam knew exactly what I was doing the moment I started.

I remained straddled over one leg, while lifting the other over my shoulder. It required some of Sam's flexibility for me to be able to stay fully seated inside of her. I watched Sam's abs flex and coil as she ground herself against me. It's hard to properly describe how erotic it is. Like a re-imagined belly dancer, her body formed a wave as she ground herself into me. The way her whole body moved and how every motion ended where my cock was impaled as deeply as it would go filled my attention. I groaned at the way she arched her back and then curled her shoulders forward so that the rest of her body followed.

Fuck. I'd forgotten how desperately hard that could make me.

I placed the pad of my thumb against her anal opening. She didn't like anything up there, but a little pressure on the outside drove her onward. The fact that she didn't tense up at all showed she still trusted me to know her boundaries. I chuckled inwardly at the thought, thinking of the trust required to let somebody choke you to the point of near unconsciousness. I placed my other thumb on her clit. She was stimulating herself even more with each successive wave her body made. Each time she waxed, she pushed the pad of my thumb against her ass. Each time she waned my other thumb stimulated her clit and nearly joined my cock inside of her.

Sam closed her eyes and moaned. It surprised me. This was far from her favorite position. By her nature, she could get off on it, of course, but Sam liked being dominated and there was no element of that here.

This was just foreplay.

Sam isn't submissive. To my knowledge, she doesn't have a single submissive bone in her body. She doesn't want to submit. She wants you to chase her down, club her over the head, and drag her back to your cave. She wants to feel like she has turned you on so damn much that not having her isn't an option. You can't just go through the motions.

Spank her and she'll look annoyed, Grab her wrists and squeeze until you feel her bones start to bend, then fuck her like an animal that's lost all control of its senses. Well, then she'll melt into a puddle of pussyjuices and orgasms.

That's why she puts up with the foreplay. She doesn't want to fuck me, she wants to meet the animal I keep locked up inside. The animal she's helped me raise into an obedient, terrifying monster.

She'd been grinding against me, bringing herself closer the edge for a minute or two. I could watch this for an hour. I wanted to watch for longer, but she was already starting to overload my senses. It was hot as fuck, but I knew I could never cum from this position alone. We both knew this would have to move forward.

Sam always hoped sooner than later. I hoped the opposite. She tended to win, but that day she left me in her dust trail. Perhaps choking her hadn't drained all the annoyance out of me. I needed to fuck her. I let the need flood its way past all my internal filters.

I slapped her ass a bit harder than intended. Her moan tilted suddenly into a yelp of surprise. It gave me the distraction I needed to grab her wrists before she could put up a fight.

Game on.

"Fuck yes!" she yelled, I dropped her leg and started to pick up the pace while she struggled to get out from under me. Her bucking only served to drive me into her that much harder.

"Fuck me!" she screamed, shaking her head from side to side, trying to dislodge her arms. I tightened my grip, knowing it might leave some bruising but no longer caring.

Short of her safe word, nothing was going to stop me from getting my orgasm. Nothing was going to stop me from using her body to do it. I let go of her wrist, grabbed her face, twisted it to the right and shoved it into the mattress. Sam used her free hand to try to punch me, but lacked the leverage to have any real effect.

I shoved my hand, all four fingers, into her mouth and braced myself for the pain. She bit down, hard. She'd never bitten me so hard. I pulled my hand free, wondering if she'd broken the skin.

Fuck, it hurt.

My sense of control receded from the pain, hoping to cower. My monster roared its appreciation. To it, the fight was on. The pain was good; it was fuel. Food to let the monster grow and dawn its claws.

Biting my hand was permission to slap her in the face. An inside joke that turned into a kinky nonverbal. I didn't have time to inspect my hand. The diminished control and surprising arousal let the aggression I'd loosed push me onward. I ignored the throbbing as I threw a portion of my weight into the resulting slap.

Sam's smirk of satisfaction as I raised my hand in retaliation dug its way into my psyche to reveal a truth I wouldn't fully understand until much later. She'd done it on purpose!

I tried to cushion the force, the point of slapping was to sting and irritate the skin without damaging any tissue underneath. Her head snapped to the side with the blow, absorbing some of the force.

I still hadn't stopped fucking her.

She was dazed. I grabbed her wrists again, but didn't need any force. Sam was still regaining her senses. Her eyes came back into focus and she looked ready to say something. Instead, she gurgled out a moan as she hit her second orgasm of the night. Faster than usual, I think it surprised us both. Normally I give her a few seconds to recover from an argasm before building her toward the next. The first few seconds after an orgasm, her hypersensitivity distracted more than it added to the sex.

She'd cum too soon. My hand was still throbbing and I wasn't in a place to care about her discomfort just yet. I continued onward. She wasn't in any state to be able to struggle, so I let go of her wrists, and placed one hand on each shoulder. I used the grip to pull myself forward and started fucking her even harder.

"Holy shit!," she grunted, "Fuck Fuck Fuck," her chanting grew in volume, "Fuck fuck me harder."

My hands on her shoulders flexed as I sought the leverage to drive that final bit of weight into her. For all my effort though, I was getting winded, which brought some of my senses back to me.

Discerning that I was slowing down, Sam re-upped the ante. She slapped me. That was a first. It was relatively gentle, but she'd never done that before. Thinking she'd caught me off guard, she fought to gain her freedom by crawling backward.

I let her go.

She grinned, thinking maybe she'd actually get away, then she hesitated. Perhaps wondering if she actually wanted to get away. Getting away had never been a realistic option before.

It still wasn't an option.

She was strong, but lacked the weight; She never stood a chance. I grabbed both her thighs and spun her with ease onto her stomach. I leaned forward and pressed my elbow into her back. There was no real conviction, just the empty threat of pain. We let our imaginations make the threat real.

Her arms flailed at her sides and harmlessly bounced off of my arm. I gave us both a quick moment as I mastered myself.

I let her go again.

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