A Ride in the Bush

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Interracial Sex Story: A cyclists meets a woman on a bush track. She shows she is available, they fuck only she has one requirement, only her bum,she doesn't want a kid. He stays the night and they satisfy each other. His wife away with a friend is seduced and her sexual life is awaken and she loves it.

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Size   .

It was a good day for hitting the pedals of the bike, there was a light breeze but no wind, it was warm but not hot, a perfect day. Barry manoeuvred his machine from where it was kept in his workroom. It kept the other machines company, it was a bit crowded but the bike was a little more up to date than his old one, which was housed under a tarp, up against the side fence.

The idea for this days ride was to try and ride around one of the outer suburbs and hopefully remember the track. He had done it with a group of riders before, but this was the first time he had tackled it by himself. 'Here goes' he muttered as he cruised down the suburban road to meet the beginning of the bike track just a short distance from where he lived.

The kilometres slipped away as his speed gauge hit at some time just under forty kilometres an hour. 'At this rate I'm be back within a couple of hours', he muttered to himself as he stopped for a drink after a slight climb. Before him was the branch in the track that took him through a section of bush, it was the only part of the track that wasn't sealed, it went for about two kilometres, however, it was a pleasant ride and he liked riding through the bush that was if the track was in reasonable condition for one had to watch out for the possibility of getting a puncture, something that did annoy him for this bike with its array of gears wasn't the easy tube change as was the old bike.

He noticed the woman; she was walking alone about half way along the track. The closer he came he observed her attire. She was wearing a pair of those shorts that should be in the rubbish bin but were all the rage and cost nearly one hundred dollars, the sort of clothing that the manufacturer must be licking their lips over for the actual cost, especially as they were made in China would have cost very little, but they had fashion on their side and women were so fashion conscious that anything that said fashion they would buy, no matter what the cost.

Her blouse was tied in a knot which meant she showed a lot of skin around her middle, however, as the distanced closed it was obvious that she wasn't a teenager but in her thirties, she had long hair that fell over her shoulder, she was carrying a water bottle. He eased up as he came level with her. "Good morning", he said. "Nice day for a stroll". The woman stopped, she paused before replying and then smiled. "Yes it is a nice day, have you be riding far?" she asked.

"Just a bit over an hour", he said as he reached for his drink bottle that was attached to his bike. "I haven't done this track by myself before, so I was hoping I could remember it, however, if I don't I can always back pedal".

"That would be a fucking nuisance", she replied with a grin. Maybe it was the way that she said it and the grin that went with it encouraged him to move the conversation up a notch. "Yes I agree it would be a nuisance, however, if there was a fuck associated with it, it would be a nuisance that one could tolerate". She laughed. "Fancy a fuck do you?" she asked. There was only one answer to such a proposal, he nodded. Without any hesitation she undid her blouse and he gave a gasp for they were his type of tits, large and sagging with enlarged and very erect nipples. She then unzipped her shorts and removed them, to stand totally naked. "Fuck you are one attractive woman", he said as he lent his bike against a tree and started to remove his clothes. "I have one thing to ask", she said as she knelt down so that she was level with his rising cock. "I don't want a kid, so you fuck my bum, not my cunt". All he did was nod as her mouth closed over his cock and she worked her mouth as so many women had done before for in reality he preferred a 'suck job' instead of a fuck.

"That will do", she said as she pulled her mouth away. "It is nicely lubricated". She turned and went down on all fours, pushing her backside into the air. It wouldn't be the first time he had bummed a woman and to be frank this woman had a very attractive bum. He positioned himself, pushed his cock head between the cheeks, gripped her tits and shoved, her bum opened on the first thrust, meaning that it was accustomed to the cocks of men. The pleasure that radiated up his cock had him almost biting his lips, her backside was superb. He thrust; burying his cock up to his balls and with each thrust he gave a grunt of appreciation as she worked in rhyme and gave her vocal responses of pleasure as well. He held off as long as he could, burying his cock and then slowly withdrawing before ramming it home again, but eventually his balls called for release. The thrust that flooded into her was met with a vocal gasp and a shudder that made her tits wobble and bounce. He pulled out, wiping his cock over her bum. She got up, rubbing the dirt off her knees. "That was what I call a fuck", she said as she began to dress. As she tied the knot that held her blouse into position asked. "After you finish your ride what will you be doing?"

"Nothing much, I'm alone at the minute, the wife is visiting a friend for a few days", he replied.

"I don't live far away. I do this walk each day, naturally weather permitting. It is getting on so would you like to come back and have a light lunch. Oh! My name is Pam and to be frank I would love another fuck and I would love a mouthful as well. I like men to shoot their load into my mouth for I then just let it dribble out and was told that some men find that a real turn-on".

"I agree Pam", he replied. "I'm Barry and I loved to be totally sucked off". She laughed and as they walked to where she lived it was just general chit-chat, but what it did like was that the four letters word were often used. It was only a light lunch, something to what he would make himself. They were sitting on her back patio, there were no neighbours for her back faced a 'green wedge' and it was covered in trees. "You have nice surrounding", he said as he accepted a drink. There were seconds of silence till he asked. "Are you married, have a partner or suck like?"

"Fuck no", she gasped. "I don't have to have a permanent bloke to satisfy my needs, I know I will be accommodated if I show the way, like with you. Going by past experience if I give a hint that I'm available, most men will accommodate me. To be frank Barry I like to fuck and now talking about that, fancy another round, but this time I think we can be more comfortable, my mattress is softer than mother earth". With that she led him into her bedroom, shedding garments as she went so by the time they reached her bedroom she was naked. "Firstly let me suck you dry and when you refill your balls, well then service my bum again and if it is as good as the first time, well stay the night. You said you were alone and I certainly would love the company if most of that time you had your cock either in my mouth or between the cheeks of my bottom".

He held her hard against his groin, the muscles of her mouth putting him into a sweat, fuck she was good. 'My Balls, stretch 'em while you suck', he gasped as he pushed his groin further into her face. She broke loose, his cock bounced and dripped saliva; she wiped her mouth and then gasped. "You serious, you want me to yank your balls while I suck?"

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