The King of Hollywood

by Saxon Hart

Copyright© 2016 by Saxon Hart

Sex Story: Small town housewife goes after her dreams.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Enema   Double Penetration   .

First let me say that this wasn't written as a tribute to Glen Frey. It was actually written three years ago and has been collecting virtual dust on a thumb drive until I showed it to a couple of dear friends. I want to thank Cute3Kitty for encouraging me to post this, and a huge thanks to blackrandl1958 for not only encouraging me, but her effort to fix my errors, educate me, and make this more readable for all of you.


The King of Hollywood

"Well he sits up there on his leatherette. Looks at pictures of the ones that he hasn't had yet. When he thinks he wants a closer look. He gets out his little black telephone book. He's calling calling calling..."

The Eagles seemed to know my situation even if I didn't. "The King of Hollywood," a song about a guy who lures girls into sex on the premise of Hollywood stardom. Eight years ago I left my family behind to make it big. It doesn't seem like eight years.

I am going home. Well not exactly home. My husband Guy and our daughters Simone and Chelsea don't live in the same house as they did when I last saw them. As far as that goes they don't even live in the same state, but where ever they are is home to me.

I just can't figure out why they moved and never told me. By now, you are probably wondering about me. My name is Janice Doucette. I am a 43-year-old mother of two.

I lived in a small Louisiana town called Bordeaux. My husband Guy and I grew up together and were sweethearts all through high school. He was the quarterback on the football team, and I was the head cheerleader.

We were the prom king and queen and everyone knew that we'd be together forever. When we graduated, Guy went off to LSU for four years. I spent two years at a junior college in New Orleans. I spent the next two years as a secretary while Guy finished his degree.

When he graduated with his degree in Education, we settled in Baton Rouge for a while. Guy was a student teacher by day and he cooked in a diner by night to build money up for us to eventually get married. I worked odd secretary jobs and between our frugal living and both of us working, we soon had a decent nest egg built up.

Two years after he graduated, Guy proposed to me. Of course, I said yes, and then I set about with our mothers planning our wedding.

Shortly before our wedding, Guy was offered a teaching position by our hometown school. I had hoped that he would have gotten a job in Los Angeles or New York. I'd had enough of small town Louisiana life and Baton Rouge had only whetted my city appetite.

Guy was elated. He felt it was great to have an opportunity to give something back to our community. Our parents were overjoyed as well. Everybody was getting what they wanted. Well, everyone but me.

I almost called our wedding off. I wanted to try to live out my dream of being a Broadway star before I had kids and got fat. Two weeks before the wedding, I walked into the den to break my news to Guy. He was perusing a magazine. I could see a woman's face and figured that I had caught him looking at pornography.

That was my ticket out. I completely detest pornography. I would leave Guy for having the gall to look at it in our house. As I got closer, rehearsing my lines of devastation, I saw he was reading a less than pornographic men's magazine. I still wasn't happy, but when I saw he was reading an article titled "Making Her Wedding Day One She'll Remember" I stopped.

He looked up and smiled at me and my heart melted. I decided that after we got married I would push him to try to get us to New York. Plenty of Broadway actresses are married. Guy would understand.

Three months later, we were married. Guy surprised me when he gave me our honeymoon itinerary at our wedding reception. We were going to spend two full weeks in New York. He had gotten tickets to Cats, and Miss Saigon.

I had a wonderful time and realized more than ever that I wanted to be on that stage. When we got home, I practiced my singing and dancing whenever I could. I bought Broadway soundtracks and learned them all. I just knew I was going to be the next Elaine Paige.

One morning when I woke up I wasn't feeling well. I spent two hours throwing up and then I felt well enough to go to work. This same pattern repeated itself for three days before I decided to call the doctor.

I didn't tell Guy right away because I didn't want to worry him. The doctor gave me an examination and took urine and blood samples. I sat alone in the room for what seemed an eternity with various scenarios playing in my head.

I imagined the doctor coming in and telling me I had some variety of cancer. I didn't imagine it was cancer because God doesn't do that to Broadway stars. My grandmother had died of liver cancer, though. And her last years had been hell. She couldn't eat and she couldn't sleep without the aid of drugs. I remember watching her fade in her last months until one day she was happy and chipper.

We were always prepared for days like. We took a picnic lunch to the state park and enjoyed a day in the sun. Everyone enjoyed the day and when we left her house I thought that she was going to be better.

The next day, my Uncle John called and told us that Grandma had passed. I thought it was cruel to raise our hopes and then take her, but my daddy said that God had given her one last really nice day on earth before calling her home. I didn't fully understand but if daddy said it, it had to be true.

I also imagined my doctor coming in and telling me that it was something I had eaten. That made more sense than cancer because Guy had cooked us shrimp etouffee and jambalaya. He had been in a snit because it was the third night in a row he'd had to cook.

We usually split the chores down the middle, but sometimes if I'd had to work more than five hours for Mr. Duchene, I'd skip chores to practice my singing and dancing. That day, Guy had come home to find I hadn't done anything. I told him that I'd worked from nine to two for Mr. Duchene.

"What did you do from two 'til now?"

"I was practicing."

"Sacrebleu! Practicing? Damn it, Jan, it's one thing to fuck around and make like a star when all of the shit's done that needs done, but it pisses me right the fuck off when your stupid fucking fantasy takes precedence over everything else and I have to pick up the slack. Now I have to cook and clean and grade fucking tests. Thanks a fucking lot!"

I stormed out of the room and locked myself in our bedroom. How dare he call my life's dream a "stupid fucking fantasy?" To show my displeasure in his actions I didn't come out of the bedroom at all until I heard the ten o' clock news on the TV.

I walked down the hall and stopped short of the den. He was sitting at his desk with his back to the TV grading a massive stack of papers. I knew that he'd be there until one in the morning if he had to in order to finish his task.

I went into the kitchen and, it was clean, and immaculate. I opened the refrigerator and found the etouffee and jambalaya in two Tupperware containers. I heated them in the microwave, sat at the table and ate.

When I was done I left the dishes there and went to bed. I figured he could clean up again since he didn't appreciate my talents enough to take on an extra chore now and then. He was still grading papers when I walked back to the bedroom.

The next morning when I was sick, I noticed that Guy had cleaned up the kitchen before he had come to bed. I was nice and didn't make a mess for him, more because I wasn't feeling well than for him.

The only other thing I thought was I might have contracted a virus. Then I thought of an STD. That fucking Guy couldn't keep his pecker in his pants! I bet the son of a bitch was fucking his students. I made him wear condoms to keep from getting pregnant.

He had wanted me to take the pill because the latex sometimes gave him a rash. I vetoed that idea when I heard that some women put on extra weight while on the pill. I knew a fat sow would never make it on Broadway, so I told him that if he wanted sex he'd have to endure a little discomfort.

I figured he had to have given it to me several weeks before. I had been in a really randy mood for three days and we were getting it on at least twice a day. I felt bad for Guy because the condoms were really making him suffer so I allowed him to forego the condom. I quickly did the math in my head and figured I was clear. Little did I know the bastard was going to give me the clap.

"That son of a bitch did this to me,"

I thought as the doctor entered holding my file.

"We ran the tests and we have ruled out cancer," he said. I breathed a sigh of relief. OK, God was off the hook, but Guy was now public enemy number one. "So what do I have, Dr. Brentwood?"

"Well Janice you have a classic case of morning sickness." He paused to let that sink in. "Congratulations, you and Guy are going to be parents."

"The bastard knocked me up!"

my mind screamed. I couldn't believe it. Guy had just shit all over my dreams. Broadway was no place for a pregnant woman. Dr. Brentwood mistook my tears for tears of joy.

Before I left the office he gave me the name and number of a top rate Ob/Gyn. His nurse called and set up my initial appointment. She congratulated me as she handed me a card with all of the appointment information on it.

I sat in my car and cried for at least half an hour. I knew that Guy would be more than happy to start a family; even if it wasn't planned. I was torn. I could drive to Mississippi and get an abortion. Guy would never know and I could keep Broadway firmly in my sight.

I could also use the child as leverage to make Guy move us to New York. He could stay home and raise the kid while I did my shows. In the end, I decided to have it aborted and never tell Guy. The only problem was getting money for the procedure. Guy would never in a million years pay for it and I knew I couldn't sneak out that much money without him knowing.

I knew my momma and daddy loved me enough to help so I went to their house to talk to them.

"Janice Isabelle Roulon, have you lost your blessed mind?"

My mother was looking at me like I had crawfish crawling out of my ears. I knew she was upset, because she used my maiden name rather than my married name.

"It's Doucette, Momma."

"Not if you continue this idiotic quest of yours it won't be. I can just imagine what your father is going to say."

"You aren't going to tell daddy are you?"

"No," she said looking over her glasses in a disapproving manner. "You are. You're going to stay here until he gets home. Then we'll decide what Guy gets to know."

"Guy doesn't need to know anything," I said in a panic.

"Do you want to end up divorced?" I shook my head. "You will end up that way if you continue to be deceitful, child. If you are intent on murdering Guy's child he has a right to know."

I couldn't believe my own mother would talk to me that way. It wasn't like I wanted to go kill the president. I just wanted my shot at a career before I ruined my body by bearing children.

I sat on the couch and brooded until my father came home. I was sure he'd disown me. He was quite fond of Guy. At times, they were more like buddies than in laws.

My father arrived home and saw me sitting there. "Hi sweet pea. What brings you around today?"

"Tell him," my mother said from the kitchen.

I went on to explain why I had come to see mother. He didn't say a word and took his lunch pail into the kitchen. After several minutes he went out the back door. I knew better than to leave. When daddy is silent the only course of action is to let him get his mind around whatever issue is on his mind; then he'll let you in on his thoughts.

After he did whatever it was that he did outside he came in and got himself a beer. He sat down and looked at a blank spot on the wall. He had a troubled look on his face. Finally after what seemed an eternity he spoke. "Janice. You are my daughter and I love you. I can honestly say that I have never been more disappointed in you than I am right now. Did I really raise such a selfish, deceitful, soul?"

"You don't understand daddy. I need to be a star. I need to be out there on the stage and I can't do that with a kid in tow."

"Ma chère fille, I love you, but truly you have some warped ideas. You have a wonderful life. You have a man who loves you and will do anything for you. I guess he's not enough. You have a family who adore you. You have all of the blessings God can give a girl, but you choose not to see them. You choose to wish your life away, dreaming of something that happens to so few people."

"Have you ever heard the quip; 'How do you summon an actor in Hollyweird or New Yuck'?" I shook my head. "Ya say 'Check please.' There are more actors waiting tables than there are with swimming pools and limousines. Most of them have been practicing their craft since they were kids. What chance does an untrained housewife from small town Louisiana have? Slim and none."

I just sat there as I realized that my daddy was right. As bad as it hurt to realize I would never be on Broadway, it hurt me more to think that my daddy thought less of me. I also knew that Guy would be a wonderful daddy himself and I couldn't deny him his baby.

Momma and Daddy agreed they wouldn't say anything to Guy about what I had planned, as long as I stopped my foolishness and was a model wife. They both hugged me and told me they loved me as I left, and I knew everything was going to be alright.

I went home that evening and made Guy's day. We made love like we were on our honeymoon again; after I assured him that it was okay, and wouldn't hurt the baby. I threw myself into the role of a doting wife and expecting mother.

I kept all of my early appointments with Dr. Herbert and got a clean bill of health. He wanted to see me once a month for the first three months and then he'd decide if more frequent visits would be in order.

Guy pampered me every chance he got. He was every bit the proud, expecting, papa. He started making plans for changing our spare bedroom into a nursery. We were both picking names. It was nothing to be sitting in total silence and one to pipe up with "Christine Michele?" or "David Alan?" Sometimes at the height of our glory, fate has a way of rearing its ugly head.

It was just after the Fourth of July. Guy had taken a position teaching summer classes at the junior college just up the road. He had been astonished to have been asked to teach college level courses when he'd only been teaching a couple of years. It turned out that many of the regular professors had chosen to have their summer off. It was only three days a week so Guy didn't mind at all.

I was about four months along at the time. I woke up feeling queasy. I had grown used to not feeling well on some days. I was lightly cleaning the house before I went to work.

Suddenly the cramps struck me. The first few were annoying but tolerable. Then they were so bad they doubled me over. I made it to the bathroom and sat on the commode before another series of cramps hit. I had the incredible urge to pee.

I tried to pee as another set of vicious cramps struck me. I almost passed out. I peed and stood up on shaky legs. I was horrified to see that the commode was full of blood. I got to my phone and called my mom before I passed out.

I woke up in a hospital bed. Dr. Hebert was running an ultra sound machine and looking concerned. I could hear my mother off in the distance talking to someone. "Just relax," Dr. Herbert told me. He said something to the nurse and she scurried out of the room. I closed my eyes and another set of cramps hit me.

When I opened my eyes, Guy was standing by my bed. He had tears running down his face. I could hear my mom talking in hushed tones but I couldn't see her.

"Momma, she's awake," Guy said. I heard the room door open and I looked at Guy. "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me, baby."

"Hey. Shh. You had to work. I feel much better now. How is the baby?"

Guy got a stricken look, but as he was about to say something mom and Dr. Herbert came into the room. Dr. Herbert asked how if I was in any pain, I told him I wasn't.

Then he explained the situation and I was devastated. He told me that the cramping had caused a miscarriage. They didn't know why it happened. He had me scheduled for a DNC in the morning. I started crying and Guy held me. The doctor said he'd be back to check on me and left the room.

Guy held me until the nurses told him it was time to leave. Dr. Herbert did the procedure early the next morning. Guy was by my side as long as he could be and was waiting when I got out. They kept me in the hospital for another day before sending me home.

When I got home Guy made me as comfortable as possible. Before long I noticed that the house was immaculate. I knew that as bloody as I had been when they bathed me at the hospital there had to be a mess in the house.

I later found out that my mom had helped Guy clean up the mess when the nurses sent him home. I knew then that the man I had married was a godsend. He had taken the week off to spend with me.

Over the next few weeks, I saw Dr. Herbert twice. I was also seeing a therapist. She really helped me cope with the grief. No one helped Guy to cope. He tried to keep it hidden from me but when he thought I was asleep, I could hear him cry.

Finally, I talked to my counselor and she said she'd speak to Guy and maybe help him a little, and she told me how I could help him. I tricked Guy into coming to my next appointment with her and she asked him to come into the session.

She spent that entire session convincing Guy that he wasn't alone and that he could express his feelings to me. "She's not fragile, Guy," she told him. "She is dealing with her grief admirably, and the only way you'll heal as a couple is to share your feelings."

After that day, Guy and I improved in every way. I even found the courage to tell him about my abortion plan when I found out I was pregnant. He was a little stung but he forgave me and we moved on.

Two weeks later, I had a clean bill of health from Dr. Herbert. "Am I going to be able to have children?" I asked him.

"Janice, what happened to you was a freak occurrence. Many women go on to have healthy children after a miscarriage."

"How long should Guy and I wait to start trying again?"

"Wait at least until you are out of my office," he said with a grin. "There's no need to wait. I will caution you to get back to me as soon as you know you're pregnant. I will want to monitor things a little closer. Also, some of the scarring from the DNC might make it a little difficult to get pregnant. Not impossible, I just don't want you to get discouraged if it doesn't happen right away."

I went home, cooked Guy's favorite meal and made him his favorite cherry cheesecake. I changed the sheets on the bed and threw the condoms away. After several weeks without Guy inside me, I was dying to feel him. I hoped that he made me pregnant that very night.

I took a long steamy bath and made sure I got everything clean. I spent an hour doing my make-up and hair. I picked out the negligee I had worn on our wedding night along with some stockings and a pair of four-inch heels.

I was in the kitchen when he came home. I yelled for him to go upstairs and take a shower because I almost had dinner ready. When I heard the shower start, I set the table. Twenty minutes later he came down and sat at the table. I took the roast out to the table on a platter wearing only my negligee, stockings and heels."

"Someone got a clean bill of health from her doctor today," he said with a smile.

I nodded. "And she has missed you. After dinner I'll show you how much."

His eyes never left me as we ate. I made sure to put on a show. I knew it had to be torture for Guy. After dessert he told me to leave the dishes and he'd get them later.

I wanted to tease him a little longer so I started clearing off the table. Between the two of us, his groping me or biting my neck notwithstanding, we had the dishes done and leftovers put away in less than twenty minutes.

I walked up the stairs ahead of him, seductively swooshing my ass. I'm sure he could see the big wet spot on the gusset of the sheer panties I was wearing. As soon as I reached the top, Guy bounded up the stairs two at a time.

When we got into the bedroom, He grabbed me and pulled me in tight. I could swear I heard a sizzle when our lips connected. His tongue invading my mouth seemed to be the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. I had to break the kiss to keep from ravaging him right there and then.

"Slow d-down mister," I said. "We have all night." I saw the tent in the front of his pants and I moistened further. "Now, where do we begin?"

I moved him backward toward the bed. When his legs made contact with it he stopped. I reached up and lifted his shirt up and over his head. He reached for the straps on my negligee and I swatted his hand away. "No, no, no, mister. You just enjoy yourself and let me drive."

I reached down and undid the clasp on his Dockers. They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. I lightly raked my fingernails up his legs past his groin and up his abs and chest. I hooked my finger under his chin and pulled him in for a kiss. When he reached for me, I pushed his head back and began raking my nails down his stomach to his underwear. I hooked a finger into his waist band on either side of his hips.

"And what pray tell is in here?" I started dragging his boxers down until they hit the floor. His erect cock stood out proudly. I grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. I knew from his sharp intake of breath that he was enjoying himself.

I pushed him back onto the bed. He slid back until his ass was in the middle. I climbed up and straddled his ankles. My next move surprised him. In our entire time together as lovers, I had only taken his cock into my mouth twice, and both times for only a few minutes.

I knew I wasn't going to suck him to completion, but I planned on getting him as close as I could a few times. He gasped as I took his cock into my mouth. I was even able to take it all into my mouth.

Every time I would bury my nose into his pubic bone he'd let out a long groan. I soon had a good rhythm going. Sometimes when I was at the top of his cock I'd pause and swirl my tongue around his head. He'd shudder and moan and then I'd go down again.

As I was sucking him, I kept wondering why I hadn't really given him a blow job before. What kind of lover had I been? I vowed to myself that Guy would know a true lover from now on. I also knew at that point I wasn't going to stop Guy from cumming. I kept pumping him with my mouth and he kept moaning and shaking.

I managed to keep going for twenty minutes or so before he shot his hot cum into my mouth. I choked a little because I wasn't prepared for the velocity of his cum. The first couple of spurts went straight down my throat, but the last few I was able to hold in my mouth and savor.

I mentally kicked myself for refusing to suck his dick for those years. I loved the taste of Guy's cum. I had always imagined that it tasted like piss, but it had a savory flavor to it.

Guy shuddered again as I used my tongue to clean up a little that had escaped. I looked over his cock to see his smiling face. "Now you," he told me. I shook my head.

"Tonight is all about you my love. I want, no; I need you inside me now."

I climbed up onto the bed and moved my sopping wet pussy over the head of his iron shaft. I started rubbing the head through my slit. I groaned as I brushed my clit with it. I held it in place and lowered myself onto it.

"Oh fuck," I groaned. "It seems like forever since I have felt this. Oh baby it feels good."

I started pumping him in and out of me. I wanted to make this last a while. I figured that since I had made him cum already he could go for a long while. I leaned backward a bit. I loved this position. Guy's cock had a little curve in it and when I'd lean back it would rub my g-spot occasionally.

When I had all I could take I leaned forward. I looked deeply into Guy's eyes. His look sent me over the top. I was powerless to stop the waves of emotion that spread all over my body.

I bit my lower lip and squealed as the orgasm swept me away. I slowed my stroke until the waves subsided. "Damn! That was a good one," said Guy as he rubbed my ass.

"Oh yes it was. I have missed this."

"I've missed you too baby. Are you ready for me to put on some protection?"

"No. I threw them away. We won't be using them."

He smiled when he fully comprehended what I was telling him. I would fill him in on all of the details later. At that moment I was focused on what we were doing. I rode him to another two orgasms, and then I asked him to be on top.

Guy slowly slid into me and thrust with long and easy strokes. After several minutes I felt another orgasm coming on. "Oh God! Oh fuck me Guy! Fuck me hard now lover!"

Guy started pounding into me as if he wanted to drive me through the bed. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass as he fucked me. I had two more screeching orgasms and then I felt Guy get up on his toes as he always did when he was getting ready to cum.

"Oh fuck baby. Cum in me baby. Oh Guy make me pregnant!"

It wasn't long before I felt his hot seed filling my insides, but it would be longer before he'd impregnate me.

Four months later my period was late. I was so hopeful, but a week later when I discovered that I had started I sat on the toilet and cried. Ten minutes later Guy came in to see if I was okay.

When he asked why I was crying I told him. I told him that he might want to divorce me and go find a wife who could give him children.

As awkward as it was, he got down on his knees and held me as I sat on the commode weeping. "Janice, this might come as a shock to you, but I love you. Even if you never give me a child I will love you." He reached up and wiped some tears away. "All we can do is try. Even if we adopt children, I don't care. I would never leave you because of this. You're stuck with me, like it or not baby."

My heart overflowed with love for him at that moment. I had been so sure that he would be disappointed in me for not being pregnant, but true to Guy's style he was steadfast in his love for me. "What did I ever do to deserve a man like you?"

"You pissed someone off that's for sure. But I am damn glad you did."

"You are a prize Guy Ducette, you deserve children to carry your bloodline further."

"If God wills it, it will be baby. Besides, we are having a shit load of fun trying."

I had to admit that our sex life had never been better. In fact, we began to experiment with different things to see what else we liked.

We had bought a personal computer and hooked it up to the internet. During some research, I had stumbled upon a site that featured pornography.

When Guy got home that evening, I showed him. We then discovered that there was more pornography than that site. We spent hours looking at it and found things we wanted to try. We also saw things that we knew we'd never try.

We cringed at some of the pictures of people being "tortured." Neither one of us thought that would be fun. We came across another site that featured a woman who was having sex with four guys at one time while her husband looked on.

"I don't think I could do that darlin'," I said. "You are more than enough for me."

"That's good, 'cause I am sure I couldn't watch another guy touch you let alone fuck you."

We tried peeing on each other and both decided that wasn't our thing. We both gagged the day I stumbled onto a scatology site. "Sacrebleu! What the fuck is wrong with people?" Guy asked as I showed him.

"I don't know but don't you ever get the idea you can crap on me and keep your balls."

We tried anal and I enjoyed that and a bit of light spanking. Guy blindfolded me on Valentine's Day and spent the evening teasing me in various ways. Little did we know that night that he had given me another Valentine's gift. Nine months, and many visits to Dr. Herbert later I gave birth to six pound five ounce Simone Elizabeth.

Guy was the consummate father. He doted on his little girl and spent every spare minute he had tending to her. When I needed rest, Guy made sure I got it. Most of the time it was him getting up with her in the night.

Guy spoiled me as well. He was doing most of the cleaning chores around the house. Even when I was back to full strength, he was doing everything that he could. I couldn't get him to relax even for a minute.

One night I made him lay on the bed as I stroked and sucked him to three orgasms. He finally slept through the night. By the time I had the Dr.'s blessing to resume sexual activity, Simone was sleeping through the night most of the time.

Before our reunion, Guy asked me if I wanted him to pick up some condoms. "No way, baby. I enjoy feeling you cum in me way too much to allow a piece of irritating plastic to catch it all. Besides if I get pregnant again I can give you a son."

His face glowed. I knew he loved Simone with every ounce of his being, but what man doesn't want a son to pass all of his wisdom on to? I really did enjoy the feeling of Guy shooting his cum into me. Nothing pleased me more.

Seven months later I discovered I was pregnant again. Guy and I were elated. I just knew it was going to be a boy. I knew it until three days after St. Patrick's day when six pound three ounce Chelsea Rochelle graced us with her presence.

Although I had wanted a boy, I was more than happy to give Guy another daughter. If Guy was disappointed at all, it never showed. He doted on Chelsea just as much as he had on Simone.

Two months later, I got the all clear from Dr. Herbert. I went home and found Guy tending to his daughters. I walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his ear. He shivered and I whispered, "Dr. Herbert said we can start working on a brother for these two any time we want now."

He turned around and kissed me. There was no disguising the bulge in his pants. "I take it then that you didn't buy any condoms."

I shook my head and gave him a lustful smile. As soon as we had the girls down for their naps we were naked and Guy was eating my pussy. He was taking his sweet time about it and I cautioned him to hurry before the girls woke up.

He grinned and crawled up between my thighs and speared me with his rock hard cock. He fucked me hard for a solid five minutes before we both erupted in orgasmic bliss. Not ten seconds after I came out of the bliss I heard Simone stirring through the baby monitor. Guy and I looked at each other and chuckled.

Around Christmas that year, I missed a period and had morning sickness. I knew Guy would be more than pleased and I hoped we'd have our boy this time. I had hoped to have it confirmed before Christmas so that I could surprise Guy but a nasty flu had hit the area and the Dr. was busy until after Christmas unless you were a flu patient.

Three days after Christmas, I went to Dr. Brentwood. He once again confirmed I was pregnant and set up appointments with Dr. Herbert for after the holidays. I decided that I was going to wait until just after Guy and I had out New Year's kiss to tell him of our impending child.

I woke up New Year's Eve feeling under the weather. I kind of wondered if I had contracted the flu. I didn't feel as bad as the day went on: I just had a nagging pain in my belly. A few times I felt crampy and worried about the baby. By time we got to the party, I felt somewhat better. When Guy and I left the house my momma asked if I was feeling okay.

Since I was pregnant, I only drank soda water all night long. As we rang in the New Year I kissed Guy. "Happy New Year, baby."

"Happy New Year, daddy to be."

He stopped suddenly and gave me a quizzical look. "Are you telling me that we..."

"Yes I am. We are just over seven months away from welcoming Raymond Michael into the world."

"Don't you mean Gerald David?"

We kissed and danced until the party was over.

I woke up late the next morning. I was alone in bed and feeling really bad. I managed to make it to the bathroom in time to vomit. I was a little freaked out when I saw it was blood tinged.

Guy was down stairs watching the New Year's Day bowl games and keeping our daughters entertained. I went down and smiled as I watched him play with Simone. They were playing their version of "Patty Cake" which consisted of Simone high fiving her daddy over and over saying "Patty, patty" over and over again, followed by "meeee." Chelsea lay on a blanket nearby laughing at them.

Guy noticed me standing there and got a concerned look on his face. "You okay, Mon Chéri,?"

"Yeah I just feel a bit under the weather. I think I'll lie on the couch so I can be out here with you guys."

By evening time, I was cramping badly. Guy decided, without my okay, to call Dr. Herbert's answering service to seek advice. When Dr. Herbert called him back he told Guy to get me to the ER and he'd be there as soon as possible. Guy called his mom and she was at the house in ten minutes and we were on our way to the hospital.

By time Dr. Herbert got there I felt bad enough that I wasn't going to say that Guy was over reacting. Dr. Herbert came in and ran an ultra-sound machine over my belly. He got a sudden concerned look on his face and excused himself from the room.

He returned a few minutes later with a guy in blue scrubs and a pony tail. He kind of reminded me of Tommy Chong, but without the beard. "Janice, Guy this is Dr. Boucher. He is in the radiology department. I asked him to look at your sonogram."

The Dr. Herbert showed him the pictures he had made earlier. Dr. Boucher got a concerned look on his face and left the room. Five minutes later two orderlies came in and moved me to radiology.

Dr. Boucher used another ultra sound machine and then looked closely at the pictures. Dr. Herbert told the orderlies to take me back to my room. Ten minutes later Dr. Herbert came in and asked Guy to sit.

"Janice, you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. That means that the egg was fertilized outside of the womb. In this case it is attached to your fallopian tube just below your ovary." He paused while I digested what he was saying. I knew this was not good.

Dr. Herbert continued, "We need to do surgery first thing in the morning. If we let this go any longer it could possibly kill you. In the process, we will have to remove one fallopian tube. I'd like you to consider a full tubal ligation. I fear that if you get pregnant again this could happen again."

I felt like my life was over. I could offer Guy children. If they took that from me I'd have nothing to offer him. I began bawling and Guy held me. He seemed to know the right things to say.

"Baby, you made us two beautiful daughters. I'll never be able to tell you how much they mean to me. I don't think we need to risk your life to try for a boy. If I don't have you, if they don't have you, our lives will be empty. Our baby days might be over, but our lives are just starting."

I felt loved. I was saddened that we would have no more children, but Guy was right. We had two wonderful daughters. His mom brought them to the hospital bright and early so they could kiss me before they rolled me off to surgery.

In the days and weeks following my surgery, I saw my therapist once a week. She helped convince me that Guy was right. My life wasn't over. Guy was his usual knight in shining armor self. While I was limited in what I could do he took care of everything.

When Guy was at work either his mother or mine would assist at the house. Eight weeks later I got a clean bill of health from Dr. Herbert and Guy and I were able to resume marital activates.

Years rolled by and our daughters grew. Simone started school and she picked up on everything. Her teachers raved about her. Two years later, Chelsea started school and it was the same. I heard about how smart the girls were, and Guy and I beamed with pride.

When Chelsea started first grade, I was able to go back to work for Mr. Duchene. It took me a while to get back into the swing of things, but it wasn't long before I had it down pat.

During my time away Mr. Duchene's business had grown to the point that he needed three more assistants in the office. I quickly became friends with them; especially Tammy Guthrie. Tammy had gone to LSU with Guy, and we were friends. One day we were discussing television shows.

"Did you see "Nobody Superstar" last night?" Tammy asked Jenny.

"No I didn't. I don't watch them reality shows."

Tammy went on to say how the woman who won the show had been just a housewife. "Some gal from Kentucky," as she'd put it. I went home that night and looked her up on the internet.

I found information on several TV shows that sought talented people. "Everyone's Got Talent," and "Are you Talented?" had online applications. I also found several talent scouts on line. I filled out all of the applications. Maybe Broadway or Hollywood was in reach after all.

I told Guy I was applying to the shows and he seemed enthusiastic, but warned me not to get my hopes up. He watched a few of the shows with me and we laughed at the ones who were obviously not going to win the show.

I heard back from four of the people I had applied to. The TV talent shows and one of the scouts wanted an audition tape. The fourth wanted more personal information, like my body measurements, and some full body pictures, non-nude, were fine.

I had done some boudoir photos a year before to give to Guy for his birthday. I scanned them and sent them to the scout. Guy helped me make a video for the other sources. I sang and danced using a hairbrush for a microphone, yeah it was silly, but it was what I wanted.

I got thank you notes from "Everyone's Got Talent" and from the scout. I never heard from "Are You Talented?" Two weeks after Simone's eighth birthday, I heard from the fourth talent scout.

He told me that he liked the pictures I had sent and asked if I could call him for an interview. Guy seemed to be skeptical. "Why did he need a boudoir pic of you?" he asked. "No one else asked for that sort of thing."

Guy just doesn't understand the ways of show business. At least the guy didn't ask for nude pictures. Then I might have been worried.

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