Gary & Becky Sheep for the Shearing

by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Copyright© 2014 by Millie 90 lbs of Dynamite

Sex Story: A story written from a request by a reader who responded to a blog entry of mine asking for help with story ideas. I have received three request so far for customized stories. This is first story I have completed. This story is about Gary and Becky and Gary's Boss Paul. There may be another installment to this story if the who requested wants one. I created a series for any stories I write by request it is called Millie's Vast Expanse.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   MaleDom   Oral Sex   .

Welcome to my dark corner of the internet. Come in and make yourself comfortable in my domain of dirty desires. This is where the darkest yearnings meet the deepest emotions. Let your lust be set free and read a tale written by request. The story of Gary, Becky, their son Billy and Gary's employer Paul. There is a particular hell prepared for Gary where a fear lurks waiting to claim him. A fear of his lover's infidelity fed by his own dark desire to see her used by another. A craving he won't even admit to himself. There is one who will unleash an unbridled lust in Becky which only he can satisfy and poor timid Gary can do nothing but hang on for the ride.

"If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep."

Calvera – The Magnificent Seven

Paul Simmons is brilliant, generous, a kind and loving man. Yet he is the antithesis of all that. A passionate man who possesses all he can, holding on to what he covets with a tightly clasped fist until he no longer wants it. Including people – his secret side isn't really a dark side, still, he is a controlling man who has taken what belongs to others. Fulfilling needs locked up deep inside of him. Satisfying pent up desires which burn inside the women he takes possession of, even the men who have claims on those women, in the end, belong to him. He had abstained for some time, but he set his mind on a new conquest.

Fifteen years before Gary came to work for him and quickly Simmons developed an interest in the boy. Soon after Gary came to work for Paul, he was married to his high school sweetheart, Becky. Less than nine months went buy and Gary and Becky had a son. They named him William but called him Billy.

Paul watched all this as a kind employer interested in them in much the same way as he was interested in all of his employees. The years passed and his affection for this particular family grew. He held a substantially greater concern for this family than any other of the employees in his company.

Paul's wife loved the young couple, she knew as soon as she saw Becky that sooner or later her husband would have to have the girl. It didn't bother her. Susan loved his concern that he held for his 'pets', she knew he would protect the whole family. The couples grew closer together over the years. Sadness set in at the sudden deaths of the younger couple's parents. In a rapid succession Becky's mother died of cancer, her father passed within a year of a heart attack. While in between these tragic deaths Gary's mother and father died in an accident on the freeway. A massive 20 car pile up but only Gary's parents were injured severely enough that they died.

Paul had no guilty feelings about what he was going to do. After all, it was obvious the two of them were submissive. A drunken confession by Gary at a convention two years before had actually started the ball rolling. Sitting on a bar stool in Dallas one night at 2:00 pm Gary looked at his boss and asked Paul a question.

"Can you keep a secret?" Simple question and Paul merely nodded. Gary leaned into him and put his arm around his benevolent benefactor. "I have a fantasy about my wife. I mean it is a lulu to, would you like to hear it boss?" Again Paul nodded, "A little background is in order. When we was kids and fucking in the back seat of my old Toyota crown Becky would moan and groan some, kind of loud you know. She spread her legs easy then. Still I could tell she never liked it much – I don't know how I knew, but I knew.

"So one night I was a little buzzed, not like this evening – I'm as the English says – pissed tonight. I mean just a small buzz." Holding his fingers up barely apart, Gary continued with the story. "I got carried away and was rough with her when we," pausing he chose his next word carefully, "FUCKED! – You know what I mean – FUCKED – because that was what it was. Honest to God Fucking, not our usual lovemaking all slow, touchy-feely, sweet and loving. But the night we made Billy I fucked her like a man. She liked it too, you know she actually bucked her hips a couple of times ... once or twice.

"Next time I started to do it that way again and she shot me down. Told me she didn't like animals and needed me to be respectful, kind and tender. So I have always made love to her that way. She don't even fake it anymore. Lays there like a dead fish and I can't get some much as a gasp out of her.

"My fantasy is that someone just makes her do things. Makes her suck him then fucks her like a wild animal. I want someone to melt that ice between her legs. I want them to use her – make her feel it when he does it to her." He pumped his fist hard like a cock striking deep in a cunt, "I work like shit just to get her to let me. First thing she does after I bust my nut is run and wash all of me away – like I'm disgusting to her. I wish someone would make her into a fucking woman," his bright blue eyes were sad and distant. Gary moved away rubbed his blonde hair with his hand. "Well, that's my fantasy."

"Well, Gary maybe I will just do that for you. Make her a young alive woman and not some frightened little girl."

"Could you, would you do that for me?" Lifting another round to his lips, he drank it down. "If you did – well – I would be the best employee you ever had if you did that for me. While you're at it knock her up too. I sure as shit can't." Paul took that as permission and hatched his plan ... he would have already sprung it but a month later his wife died. Paul couldn't think straight for the next year. As soon as he began to return to normal Paul set his scheme in motion.

Last year Paul's wife Susan passed – also of cancer which caused the mutual bond between Becky and him to be strengthened. Then his relationship with Becky changed and his feelings of fatherly love turned to possessive desire. He had a grave concern for her future. Anything which belonged to him had to flourish. The realization dawned on him that without his help Gary would never have been successful in life. He and Becky were passive passengers in the journey of life. Like the renowned feather in the wind, they fluttered from disaster to triumph by whatever breeze moved their way.

Paul began to carefully craft a meteoric rise for Gary. He catapulted him from a drab unimportant position of data entry clerk to phone sales. Then to a city salesman and now was considering a promotion to district sales manager. A job that Gary was holy and utterly unqualified to fill. Gifts given often require a reciprocation as precious as the gift. Paul knew he could take from Gary what he wanted and Gary would gladly be a part of it – eventually.

Gary was pliable and Paul managed to tweak the 32 year-olds skills with each move to make him competent, no more than that. Now Gary wasn't incompetent he was merely timid and more of a natural born follower. He had one outstanding quality in spite of his subservient personality. He could sell – there was a way in which is meekness pulled people in and he could sell them on anything. He could sell customers anything. Paul once commented that Gary could sell feathers to birds.

Gary's new position would ensure the family would not suffer. It would give Paul the time he wanted with Becky. In fact with the district sales job, Gary could easily afford anything that Becky desired. Well, almost anything – in fact, Becky's desires were few, her greatest was for another child. Which was one thing Gary couldn't possibly give her. Three years after Billy's birth Gary contracted mumps and this simple relatively harmless child's illness made him sterile. Well, harmless to an adolescent male and the occasional sterility it causes to an adult, generally passes in a year. Gary drifting on that wind of bad luck was the exception to the rule. Paul planned to give her that child.

Try as they might Becky never conceived again. The doctor was completely stumped and began to wonder if Gary was even the father of Billy. Still with the wallflower that Becky was he couldn't imagine her being, brave enough to even cheat on Gary.

Paul's interest in the family changed after his wife's death. He developed not only a concern with Becky but a deep fascination. A fascination which quickly grew into a fiery lust and an obsession to own her.

Paul was an aggressive businessman and ran his firm with an iron hand covered with a velvet glove. His natural dominance had always served him well. He could be quite forceful, if necessary, but the controlling power he exhibited only caused his workers, colleagues, and friends to fall in line with his desires. There were dark rumors in the company. Rumors which were never spoken aloud only hinted at between confidants. Stories told in a hushed voice in the bar, or to their spouses that one or another female employee who was willing had affairs with him. Or that the wife of an employee would become his mistress as her husband's career would blossom. Tales that when he was done with them – they would return to their normal life, with no regrets. All the men noticed the way the women looked at Paul. They could plainly see the women looked at him with desire. They fell over themselves to please him hoping to attract the wolf.

Some had even noticed how their own wives looked at him. How sometimes they talked about him. Some of the men held deep-seated fears he would develop an interest in their wives. Promotions were received but the man would then become paranoid. For the most part, fears were warrantless. The rumors were not false – far from it. But Paul Simmons was highly selective. Most women couldn't live up to his standards – his requirements of how they looked – how they view themselves. Plus both the woman and man had to be submissive, with an eagerness to please. Many a man who rose in the company owed his success to his wife and her willingness – or eagerness, to advance her husbands career. The spouses were picked as carefully as the women. Upon learning of how their advancements were bought and paid for they were, at first, shocked, disheartened. But as surely as water runs down hill they would come around and appreciate that he was able to make their wives happier than they could. In fact, most had deeply held fantasies about their wives and other men. After all he hand picked every employee, every female employee was potentially a partner for him. Every male employee's wife was poised to advance her husband's career.

At fifty-five, Paul Simmons was appealing to women twenty or even thirty years younger than he. A particular 23-year-old woman wished, hoped and longed for attention from him. She wanted him far more than her desires for her own husband. He thought perhaps someday but for now he was sure he had his next partner. He had loved his wife, she knew of his dalliances, she knew the juice was sweeter if you stole the fruit. Her luxurious lifestyle was more important than his undying attention. In truth, she would have preferred a tenderer lover. To her his aggressive, forceful manner was better in small doses. So early on she had given her permission, knowing he wouldn't have taken no for an answer.

Since the death of his wife Paul had abstained from any contact. A year had passed the period of his mourning was now over. Paul had a new interest and it consumed him; therefore, he devised a plan, or rather revived his plan he used with all those former possessions. Extremely submissive individual's needed guidance they were like sheep and they needed a shepherd. It wasn't his fault that God had made them sheep and they certainly would be better off with his guidance than without it.

The party started off slowly the rain had spoiled the plans for all the outside activities. Still all the middle school kids tried to make the best of it. Billy was turning 14 – you only turn 14 once in your life. Eventually, things became more festive and after hours of dancing, playing games, and postponing the opening of presents Billy was allowed to do so.

He was told he would need to wait and open Mr. Simmons gift's last. Mr. Simmons owned the company that Billy's father worked for and the boy was like the grandson he didn't have. Gary had worked for him for almost 15 years. Simmons' lust for Gary's wife was well concealed, but today everything begins. When Billy came along it only made him feel closer to the family. With the death of his wife, Simmons inserted himself into their lives. He was now poised to take possession of the family.

At last Billy got to his last gift a small box and a big box all wrapped up with festive paper and big bright blue bows. He tore the wrappers off quickly to reveal a new computer and digital camera. The computer box touted that it was equipped with several photographic software packages. Bill ran to Mr. Simmons and hugged him, thanking him repeatedly. The boy was small for his age, blonde hair and blue eyes like his parents the 5' 3 or 4" child bubbled over with enthusiasm for his gift. There was also an additional present. He was going to a week of camp, a camp on photography. Gary told Paul it was too much he shouldn't have done it. Paul responded he had wanted to and for Gary not to spoil it for the boy.

Later in the kitchen while Becky busied herself with doing the dishes Paul sat at the table drinking her coffee. Paul watched the curvy female admiring her pleasant form. Her sweet ass moved in an unintentionally sexually arousing manner as she scrubbed a filthy plate. He sipped the coffee and realized it was cooling and gulped down several large mouthfuls of the dark fluid.

She had large breast under her loose-fitting dress, a thin waist and nice ample (but not fat) ass. Her long shoulder length hair tumbled down around her face. She barely wore makeup at all ... He liked that, along with her total lack of ego. She had shapely attractive legs which she did her best to hide. It was time for him to strip her cocoon away and pin this lovely butterfly into his collection.

"You make coffee better than anyone I know. Almost as good as my wife's, God rests her soul."

"Thank you, Mr. Simmons," she washed a dish and glanced over her shoulder to smile at him. Her ass gyrated around as she scrubbed a coffee-stained cup Paul had used earlier that day. Standing he walked up behind her and held the coffee cup out next to her. Purely from instinct she reached over picked up the pot and topped off his coffee, like the good submissive housewife she was. He pressed into her as she poured him the coffee. Her body tensed up, he could see it and feel it when it happened. Paul pushed into her unyieldingly he leaned into her. He raised the cup and took a tentative sip. Then sat the cup next to her on the counter.

"Still a bit hot," the offhand remark was spoken in a soft, quiet voice. His body still wedged into Beth, Paul laid his hands on her shoulders. Lightly he kneaded the muscles in her neck and shoulders. "You're very tense." He felt her freeze to his touch, but he continued as he watched her face reflected in the window above the sink. The knot she carried deep in her neck from all the work preparing for this party eventually eased up as she relaxed to Paul's touch. He felt it when she calmed down the tension slipping away, watching he saw her eyes roll up in her head for a moment and her mouth dropped open for just a second as the tension slipped away.

Her small stature was appealing to Paul. He knew she held constrained carnal longings that needed to be gratified. Once the tension passed from her, he eased up on the rubbing and moved back. "Feel better Becky?"

"Yes, Mr. Simmons I do. That really hit the spot." She returned to her dishes he picked up the coffee and pulled a chair over next to her. Sitting he reached over and touched her barely exposed knee. He rubbed her knee gently and she pushed her legs together. Sliding his hand inside her knees, he pushed her legs apart and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. She attempted to move away, but he grabbed her leg firmly and pulled her closer. He squeezed the muscle of her leg tightly with the hand that held her and then setting the coffee on the counter, Paul spoke to her with a harsh voice.

"Don't do that it is offensive if you act as if my touch is repulsive to you. My touch isn't disgusting to you, now is it Becky?" She barely moved, but she responded with an ever so slight nod. The answered the question so there was no misunderstand.

"No, Paul it isn't," she was still all tensed up and frozen in place unsure what to do. The cloth hovered in mid-air above the next dish.

"Don't stop your chore," speaking as he slid his hand upward teasingly rubbing her slightly parted legs as she stood there frozen. "Do not stop your work Becky." He spoke in a firm voice like a father chastising his daughter. She returned to her dishwashing still her body was quite stiff. She tried to hide how electrifying she found his touch. After all, she was married she should be – offended – or at least act offended.

His other hand moved to the back of her leg and moved up where both hands clutched her leg on opposite sides. He massaged her leg firmly ... Sensuously working up and down the thigh. Paul stopped after a long time and moved the chair to the other side and repeated the procedure. He rubbed and squeezed until he was right up near her sweet ass and crotch. He stopped only inches short of touching her. She thought she felt the knuckle of his thumb bump her clit, but she wasn't sure. Squeezing he watched her carefully her breast heaved as she breathed a little harder than usual. She continually bit on her lower lip or ran her tongue around her heart shaped lips. Her eyelids fluttered as he stimulated her leg. Standing he turned her toward him so they faced each other. Paul handed her a towel to dry her hands.

"It appears you're done," She absently wiped her hands while she eyed him. Placing his hands on her shoulder, he pulled her to him. "A man with your husbands – particularly, meek and mild skills sets always needs a certain amount of help to succeed. Highly submissive men need firm hands guiding them, disciplining them, they need a person willing to make allowances for their timidity, and you know what I mean – Someone there opening doors for them. Do you know what else Gary needs?"

"No, I guess I don't," as she spoke he bent down to her and kissed her. She froze in place unsure of what to do or even what was happening. He held the kiss pulling her to him. She resisted for a moment then her body gave in as her hands wrapped around him. She knew it was wrong but at that moment she really didn't care. His touch was demanding and stirred a need in her to serve. She began to return the kiss and found herself hoping it wouldn't end. At last he broke the kiss and pushed her back away from him. She held on to him not wishing to let go. What does all this mean she wondered?

"He needs a supportive woman who is willing to help him in his career. Are you that woman," he bent down toward her she pushed up on her toes to meet him. They kissed but shorter this time he broke away. Turning, he pushed the chair back to the table then picked up his coffee and drank it down. She quivered while she nervously bit and licked her lips. The wetness formed in her crotch, she felt dirty but she wanted – more!

"Yes, I'm that woman," she spoke with a heated excitement in her voice. He pulled a card from his pocket.

"I'm going to take you at your word; even so, I'm going to test your commitment to his future, your future. I want only the best for the two of you. But you, my sweet darling, are the price for his success. You're going to dress the way I tell you, act the way I want you to and do the things I want." He extended the credit card sized object to her, the name of the most exclusive woman's clothing store in the city emblazoned on it. "Go to this woman's clothing store and buy garters and stockings. And get shorter skirts and dresses. I think plunging necklines on the dresses would be best. Make sure the new clothes are at least 4 inches above your knees. You need to show off your sexy legs to me." He spoke as if he owned her. "Buy some lovely silk blouses and matching sets of undergarments. Don't wear that frumpy shit around me anymore. You can wear those commonplace dismal outfits around him but not me." She looked at him and nodded. He then pulled her to him she automatically moved turning her face upward to him. Being wanted by someone so – hungrily – that he took control touched something inside of her.

Lips met quickly, passionately his tongue darted into her mouth, playing with her tongue and exploring her teeth. Oh, so this is a French kiss – she thought entering a strange new land as hot desires welled up inside her. Strange new feelings for a man she previously viewed as a father figure. His hands roamed her body slowly, deliberately, firmly his touch boarded on rough. All too soon for her he broke the embrace and filled his coffee. Gary walked in smiling thanking Paul for his generosity.

"I hope you too have been good out here all alone," he joked unaware of the goings on.

"We have been discussing your bright future and your new position," Paul told him. "Starting Monday you are the district sale's representative. Of course, you are going to be on the road a lot. I know how it is going to worry you that Becky and Billy are here alone while you travel. To ease your mind let me assure you, I personally will keep an eye on them. Check on them and be very protective of them every day the week when you are out of town."

Becky turned back to her dishes and began drying them and putting them away. Her face was flush with excitement and she tried to hide it from her husband.

"Sir are you sure about this," without waiting for an answer. "Becky, is it okay with you." Turning back to Paul, he rushed on, "I mean this is such an honor for me. What I am saying is sounding hokey. What I want to say is that if you give me a chance I'll sure make you proud of me." Becky turned and smiled jubilantly. It pleased her that Gray was excited about it yet she fearful of what was going to happen. She could smell herself, she was so wet she was sure her plain cotton panties and pantyhose were soaked through. She sniffed the air Becky just was not sure it that was her aroma or just her imagination.

"I'm okay with it but still, I will be quite sad. It will be lonely this week with you out of town and Billy away at photography camp." She again turned her attention to the dishes her stomach knotted up. How could Paul be so calm, cool and collected with what he was up to? She was afraid of giving this away, then she calmed herself – insisting in her mind this was for her husband and not her. It was a lie, but one that helped her.

"Oh, I forgot about that."

"Well, you have to start this week Gary. After all, Henderson only has this week to introduce you to the clients and then he his off to head up the new New Orleans office." Paul thought for a moment then added, "I can entertain your wife all week. I'll take her to dinner, see that she is safe here at home and even take her to a dinner play this week at Shannon's Dinner Theater."

"Great," he was less concerned with his wife's problem than with this good fortune that had fallen into his lap. "I have to go call Johnson about this – he will be so jealous," Gary left the room quickly and Becky moved up to Paul. He was so tall, over six feet and she felt small and insignificant next to him. He was at least four or five inches taller than Gary. Paul's arm wrapped around her as he leaned down and kissed her neck.

"Go shopping as soon as you get Billy on the bus in the morning. I'll be here around 4:30," He pulled a one hundred dollar bill from his pocket. "Get us some good wine, some steaks, and fixings and I will sit here watching you make me dinner in your new sexy clothes."

"I'm very nervous about this," she said her big blue eyes were misty. "I don't want to hurt Gary."

"You're not hurting him you're helping him. When I tell him about this," he smiled knowing a little more about her husband than he let on, "he will be just fine with it." He kissed her powerfully hugging her curvy 5' 2" body to him selfishly. The he touched her blonde hair, "The highlights are gone," not even trying to hide his disappointment. "Put them back," He ordered her.

Walking out he was gone and she ached wanting him. Her mind raced filled with a guilty anticipation which caused her to moisten even more. She could definitely smell herself now. She rushed off taking a quick shower and then she put highlights back in her hair. The rest of the day seemed a torture as the hours crept by but finally, she tucked Billy into bed.

"Mom don't you think at 14 I'm old enough not to be tucked into bed and forced to pray for my mommy and daddy anymore?"

"I guess you're all grown up now," big blue eyes threatened a torrent of tears. Her son didn't realize he had broken his mother's heart. Billy knew his mom was suddenly sad but didn't know why. Standing she walked to the door and the waterworks began. She took the doorknob in one hand and placed the other on the light switch. She didn't dare turn he would see her crying.

"Dear lord, bless mommy and daddy," he paused as she flipped the light off. "Oh and Mr. Simmons."

"Very good Billy," she said smiling wishing she could still give him a goodnight kiss. Becky wiped the tears away. She moved to the bedroom Gary was bragging about his new position to a friend on his cellphone. Becky moved to the master bathroom and started the water to fill the tub. Sprinkling in bath beads she watched the bubbles form and then removed her dress. She looked at herself in the mirror removing her bra. Her fat nipples stuck out hard and she still was slick between her legs. This would be her second time to bathe that day, so Becky poured a generous amount of oil into the water. Picking up the brush, she began to run it through her blonde hair.

Too damn big she hated the slight sag in her breast. Big full tits she had never wanted them, they were a pain in the back. "Too damn big," she said aloud.

"What baby?" Gary asked covering the phone with his hand.

"I'm too big on top," she immediately regretted telling him. He had heard it all his life, still she added the familiar refrain, "They sag."

"Just the right amount," her mouth moved in sync to his response and stuck her tongue out at his pat reply. She peeled off the nude colored pantyhose and the plain cotton panties. Standing up on the balls of her feet toes together, she bent her knees slightly, turned one way and then the other, admiring her shapely legs in the mirror. Fear boiled up in her what if he didn't like the way they looked. OH, she hated to be looked at she didn't like the judgmental way men looked at her. She thought they believed she was plain, dull or ugly.

She turned off the water and sank into the bath. Gary walked in and pulled the seat up on the toilet. Unzipping he worked out his cock. She had read that his size cock was average she couldn't help but wonder if Paul's were smaller or larger. Laying back, she listened to the tinkling then the flush at last the zipper.

"Seat," she snapped at him.

"Sorry," the familiar bang as he set it down. "I thought since I'm will be gone a whole week ... I mean maybe ... I just thought..." sex was never easy for them. They were both shy, both submissive and both afraid to admit they wanted it. They treated it as a duty, not a pleasure. He thought his wife hated sex, at least hated it with him. Perhaps, not a pleasure was very accurate it had become routine and infrequent, there were often months in between encounters.

"Sure, it sounds okay dear. I'll get my jammies on after we are done. But wish you had asked before my bath," she paused, "now I'll have to have a second one or a shower. You know how it dry's out my skin to bathe too often."

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