Curse of the Bitch

by Saxon Hart

Copyright© 2015 by Saxon Hart

Sex Story: This is a story I wrote a couple of years ago. It is the tale of a writer f erotic stories who believes he is cursed when his stories start coming true.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   .

Author's note. The circumstances surround the main character's entry into the erotic writing world are autobiographical.

I am scrunching my body as far back into the crevice as humanly possible. The cold concrete helps me to feel every bump and bruise on my aching body. I know if I can survive until first light I should be able to make it out of town alive. I also know if they manage to catch me under this bridge, I'm fucked. My shoulder stings from a near miss earlier this evening. I say near miss, because I am sure the asshole was aiming for my head.

I haven't really slept in the past 48 hours, and I don't plan on closing my eyes until my ass is firmly planted on a Greyhound bus bound for anywhere but here. I can relax for a few minutes now because I think I have given my pursuit the slip. It's amazing what you can put your body through when you have a group of armed angry men seeking to make you a statistic.

The near pitch black darkness makes it impossible to read my watch, but when I last looked it was three thirty in the morning, so I think it's closer to five now. The first bus leaves town at six thirty, which should be about twenty minutes after first light.

My plan is to hole up under this bridge until first light and then make my way to the bus station. There will be enough people around there that I can get on the bus and disappear forever. I'll miss this town but I'll be alive. I guess while I have a minute I can explain how I came to be in this predicament. My name is Chris Frost. I am a 25 year old factory worker / musician who just happens to write erotic stories on the side. I also have been cursed by a gypsy.

I drive a '67 Cadillac Eldorado that has been dubbed by my friends as the turquoise pimp mobile. One of them even bought me a pimp hat and cane shortly after I bought it. They said I had to buy my own fur coat.

I got into the whole writing thing quite by chance. One day as I tried to stave off boredom at my day job, I discovered I could surf the internet on my phone. This discovery of course led to me surfing porn sites. On one of the sites I found a list of links to other porn sites. I was going link by link checking out each site's offerings.

Some sites had links that only seemed to lead you to other sites. Some sites would let you see a few pictures and then ask for a credit card. None were truly free and they all offered pretty much the same faire.

I clicked one link and was led not to a true porn site, but to a site full of erotic stories. At first I was disappointed, I wanted to see tits. Out of curiosity, I clicked a category and started reading. By the time my shift was over I had read fourteen stories and was in the middle of number fifteen.

For the first time since I joined the workforce I hated to see the end of my shift. I drove home as quickly as I could and finished reading the story at my PC. As I read story after story I realized a few things.

The first was that for armature writers, I got about the mix I expected. I got writers that could write a damn fine story, and I got writers that seemed they were probably giggling like ten age boys as they wrote about boobs and pussies. And of course there were some who seemed to be lucky to string three or more words together to make a comprehendible sentence.

Second, I realized that I had a few ideas of my own and I could probably do a decent job of getting my story out there. I had done well in English all through school and I have a better than average vocabulary. So I decided I would write a story and submit it to the site.

The third thing I realized was that it was two in the morning and I had been sitting at my computer since four in the afternoon. I hadn't eaten or gone to the bathroom. Worst of all I had to get up at 5:30.

As I worked the next day I let scenarios play in my head. Every once in a while I'd laugh or say "That's good" as ideas played out. I know a few of my co-workers had to think I was losing it. I spent every break and my lunch period reading on my phone.

When I got home that evening I opened Word and started typing. Previously I had only used the PowerPoint viewer to look at porn. By 10:00 I had six full pages written and three more pages of notes and research. By the end of the weekend I had my first story done and was ready to submit it.

I opened an account on the site and made up a pen name. I decided to call myself DirtyCharlz, because Longcock69er and BigDikFukr were already taken. The "Dirty" was because I wrote dirty stories, and "Charlz" was for my first dog Charlie.

Four days later I had my story back from an editor named SlutnBoyShortz and I submitted it. I checked every day and finally a week later it was posted. As I waited for the comments of "You're awesome" to roll in I read the other new stuff that day.

By early evening I had two comments on my story. One said "Thnsk for shring" and the other just said "Really?" At that point I decided that maybe I couldn't write and told myself I was all the better for trying.

The next night I checked the e-mail I had used to set up my account and found three encouraging notes from readers. One even offered to edit my next story, because she wasn't happy with the job Slut had done.

So with renewed enthusiasm I started writing my next story. I decided to write an incest story because they seemed to get the most readers and from what I read the most positive comments.

So over the next year and a half, I wrote a multiple chapter incest tale. It started with the fumblings of a brother and sister's first sexual relations, and progressed through the ages. They lived as man and wife and raised a family.

As the tale went on I realized that I would have to end it at some point just to avoid the story becoming mundane. So with three chapters left, I had the sister die of cancer, but to keep the eroticism going I had the oldest daughter jump into bed with her father. In the next to last chapter he fathered his own grandchild.

For the last chapter I had run out of ideas. I had him wish to die by being fucked to death, and all of his daughters and cousins joined in to give him his final wish. A lot of the readers were upset that I had finished the series.

After I had submitted the last chapter, I started trying to decide what I wanted to write next. That decision was made easy by three e-mails I had received. The first one offered to send me video of the poster and his young sister performing my favorite sex acts. "She'll do anything you want to."

The next was pretty similar. A guy wanted me to write a story about him raping his sisters, aged 16, 14, and 9. Needless to say I deleted it after I forwarded it to the FBI. Even that wasn't the most disturbing e-mail.

A woman sent me the worst one. It was a three page rant about sexism and my objectifying women and promoting incest. She said I needed to think long and hard about the victims. Her final line was

"You will soon find sympathy for your victims, sinner!"

I said "Bitch!" out loud as I deleted that one, and swore I was out of the erotica game for good. After that e-mail I would know her as "The Bitch."

So I had decided once again that I wasn't going to write anymore. My creativity had run its course and I had egged on some pretty sick people. I was feeling good about leaving the scene when I got an e-mail from a fifty year old guy in California named Jimmy. He told me that he was disabled and all he was really able to do was read stories and play on the internet. He said that while he was physically unable to have sex, he had a vivid imagination and erotica had replaced the real thing for him.

He told me that he saw a real talent in my writing and that if I changed my subject matter, I could be one of the best out there. He closed by saying that people like me gave him a reason to go on living. Right there and then I decided to write again.

For three weeks I thought about new stories. I had spent so much time working on the one incest tale that I had trouble coming up with a different set of characters. Finally I came up with the idea of a guy who just goes around getting laid. I figured he'd be like the King Midas of pussy. He walks into a room and automatically any woman in that room wants to fuck him. It could be like a supernatural power. Thus Jimmy DeBone was born.

In the first chapter, Jimmy goes to a massage parlor. I know;

every guy that goes to a massage parlor gets laid.

I call bullshit, because I have gone to massage parlors many times and have never been offered a happy ending. Of course Helga, the main woman I like to be rubbed down by, looks like she'd be more at home in a biker bar pool tournament. She's nice as hell, but damn she is a scary butch chick.

So I had Jimmy go to a massage parlor. His masseuse is Kiko, a small dainty Japanese girl with magic fingers and a snapping pussy. Three hours after Jimmy goes in, he stumbles out well fucked and tired. I had three specific adventures planned for Jimmy.

After the massage parlor, I had Jimmy get molested at the grocery store. An under-appreciated housewife dragged him into the stock room and fucked him silly. When the manager caught them, she simply told him she was looking for fresh meat and had found it in abundance.

The third adventure had Jimmy make a delivery to a house while the woman there was hosting a bridge club. While there he became the central entertainment for eight horny cougars. After I had all three chapters written and edited I submitted them along with a request that they be posted a week apart.

The first chapter came out three weeks ago. It was pretty well accepted by the new crowd. I got a few hateful notes about a guy going around just fucking random women, but hey; you can't please them all.

Two weeks ago the second chapter posted. It had a pretty good reception as well. Fewer hateful notes and a lot more kudos made me realize I liked writing again. Everything was just fine. Four days ago the third chapter posted. I spent the day reading comments. Most were good; a few didn't like the direction I took Jimmy in. I was making an outline for the next few Jimmy chapters when all hell broke loose and my world changed for the worse.

Off to the south I see a flash of light. My first fear is that my pursuers have me caught in a pincer move and are approaching from the river trail. If they were I'd be driven back into the teeth of the main group and my hopes of escaping alive would be dashed.

The sound of the train horn gives me hope. The light I saw was not flashlights; it was the headlamps of the train. I decide that I can cover the half mile to the tracks before the train can reach the trestle and jump on before it gets back to full speed.

My original plan was to board the bus at 6:30, but I figure jumping on the 5:15 train would be cheaper and get me out of town faster and I'd have a lower chance of being discovered. So I extricate myself from my hidey hole and begin jogging down the trail toward the tracks.

As I am moving along the trail, my mind goes over the events of the past couple weeks. When the first chapter of Jimmy's story was posted it got decent reviews. I got a few e-mails with good things to say about my writing. On the day before the second chapter posted, I got an e-mail from "The Bitch" that only had one sentence; "Remember sinner, you reap what you sow."

"Crazy bitch," I said as I deleted the message. I was glad that I couldn't be tracked down through the e-mail address I set up for DityCharlz. I figured she was likely a member of one of the crazy churches I always see in the news.

The second chapter posted and this time I got more good comments, including a few that proclaimed me to be their new favorite author. This time there was no e-mail from the crazy lady. By the time the third chapter posted I had forgotten about the crazy bitch.

For my 25th birthday, my sister sent me a gift certificate for a massage at my favorite salon. I booked the appointment and began to look forward to having Helga beat the shit out of me.

When I arrived at the salon I was disappointed to find out that Helga had gotten married and was on her honeymoon. "But we have three other well suited massage therapists who will be more than happy to accommodate you," the greeter, Sheila told me.

She led me to a room and handed me a pair of shorts and a robe. "You know the drill?" she asked. I nodded and she left me alone with my thoughts and tiny wardrobe.

I stripped and donned the tiny shorts and the robe. Sheila returned and led me to the steam room. After I was good and steamed, she led me to the therapy room. I hung my robe on the rack, removed the shorts, grabbed a towel and assumed the position on the table.

I was kind of dozing when my masseuse entered the room. I opened my eyes to see a dainty pair of feet.

"Oh great,"

I thought.

"I'm about to be rubbed down by some small kewpie doll who won't be able to work any knots out."

I was profoundly disappointed.

"Oh well, it isn't costing me anything."

"How are we doing today Mr. Frost," she asked.

"Please, call me Chris. I'm doing well. And you?"

"I'm just fine. My name is Noriko. I will give your massage today."

I was immediately surprised by the power of her small hands. Helga had never hurt me so good. In no time I was a drooling puddle of goo being manipulated like putty in Noriko's capable hands. She had me relaxed to the point that sleep was almost inevitable.

I was so relaxed I actually believed I was dreaming when a small hand snaked its way between my thighs and grabbed ahold of my cock. "Relax Chris," she said as she started slowly stroking the length of it. "Oh so nice," she purred. I groaned as she worked my shaft, the hot oil she'd been using on my back only added to the experience. I was so convinced that it was a dream that I didn't object when her other hand began playing in my ass crack.

"Oh, you like," she said. It wasn't really a question. Her finger began playing around the muscle of my asshole. It didn't dawn on me how absurd the situation was. I had to be dreaming, because normally Helga would be working my back muscles almost to the point of causing pain. Helga had never so much as moved the towel that covered my ass, and now some dainty girl named Noriko was not only fondling my junk, but her finger was threatening to penetrate my...

"Whoa shit!" I hollered as her finger entered my ass. I spun around and was face to face with the most exquisite face I had ever seen. She kissed me fully on the mouth.

"Shh. You relax Chris. Just let me drive and you won't regret anything."

With that statement she began stroking my cock in earnest. She pumped me faster and faster. I could feel my orgasm building. "Slow down or I'm gonna cum."

She just smiled and kept stroking. She seemed to know when I was ready to erupt, because at that precise moment, she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. At the instant I felt the first shot leave my balls, she stuck her finger up my ass again and I was in no position to protest.

I had never cum so hard in all of my life. Noriko kept stroking my cock and swirling her finger in my ass. I think I passed out, but I am not sure.

One moment I was having the orgasm to beat all orgasms, and the next, Noriko was naked and climbing up to straddle my still rock hard cock. I'm not the biggest guy around; I'm not porn star material anyway. But I was amazed watching the perfect porcelain skinned beauty sinking down on to my erection. It looked as if I had no business fitting inside the girl. It didn't feel like I would fit.

I had never had a girl as tight as her. When she had sunk all the way to the hilt, she threw her head back and moaned at the ceiling. When she started moving her hips I was in heaven. She had muscular control like I had never heard of. I could literally feel her vaginal walls rippling as she rode me.

She started pumping her hips at a feverish pace. Between her gyrations and her inner muscle flexing I soon felt another orgasm building. She seemed to sense this and brought her head down close to mine. Our tongues intertwined as we kissed and she moaned into my mouth.

Just before I went over the edge she raised her head and we locked eyes. I felt as if my soul was being pulled into those deep brown pools. Neither of us blinked as we hit our climax together. I don't remember leaving the salon that evening, but I remember every detail of Noriko.

My cock is starting to strain at my jeans as I recall Noriko and her amazing pussy. I chastise myself for getting distracted. But thinking back, I have never been able to perform the way I did with Noriko. Usually I can fuck for about twenty minutes before I cum, and can get hard once more after several minutes of recovery time.

Noriko had managed to keep me hard for over two hours and made me cum five times. And with the exception of my first orgasm in her mouth, we came simultaneously every time. Now I hear the train's horn blowing at the Miller Road crossing. In less than ten minutes it will reach the trestle.

I am just about four hundred yards from the trestle. I know this because I can see the last trees that line the river trail. A warning voice in my head tells me to stop before I break into the clear. Part of me though feels that my pursuers are looking for me in the barns and cellars of the farms to the west of town.

I abandoned my car in the woods near there just hours ago and stole a bike from a porch to make my way into town a lot speedier. I abandoned the bike as soon as I hit town and made my way alley by alley to the bridge I had just left. I'm sure they won't find the bike, because I stashed it in a motel dumpster.

I reach the end of the woods and I stop and get as near to a large elm tree as I can. I'm confident that anyone watching from the clearing won't be able to make me out in the shadows. Just as I am about to make my move toward the track I see movement ahead and to my right, or at least I think I see movement.

For countless moments I stare into the darkness along the tracks. I feel as if I am pushing my eyeballs out in an effort to peer into the shadows ahead. I am almost convinced that I saw nothing when I see definite movement. A large shadow near the trestle moved.

As I hear the train's horn at the Jammer Street crossing I realize that my pursuit is actually thinking a step ahead of me now. I resign myself to hiding under the bridge and start creeping quietly back up the trail. I mentally kick myself all the way back up the trail for leaving my safe bridge spot and trying to rush the train.

If it hadn't been for that little voice of reason in my head I'd have walked right into the waiting hunters. Fate seems to be with me though. It was perfect timing that one of them got ants in his pants at the right moment. I wonder where that voice of reason had been when I was fucking Elise Meyer.

Elise Meyer is married to Sherriff Dale Meyer. At 44 you can still see the gorgeous woman she was at 20. Her body has never been ravaged by childbirth and she works out at least five days a week. Any guy who has seen her swimming at the gym or tanning at the city pool can attest to her perfect body. She also has a face that needs little or no make-up to be stunning, and only shows enough of her true age to be downright heart stopping.

Unfortunately Elise lacks the basic ability to keep her nose out of others' business and she's overly opinionated and uppity. If she thinks you are not up to snuff, she has no qualms about letting you, and everyone else she talks to know about it.

I have made it a point in my daily dealings to keep away from people like Elise. She and others like her contribute more to the misery of others than they know. So when I came upon Elise Meyer sitting in her husband's broken down Ford pickup two nights ago I knew I was fucked.

If I stopped to help out I'd have to deal with her nosy ass. If I blew on by it would be all over town what an un-chivalrous douchebag I am. So opting for the lesser of two evils I stopped.

"Oh hi Christopher!" she said as I approached her vehicle. My mother never even called me Christopher. Chris is actually short for Christian; which was my grandmother's dying wish for my mom to name me that even though the woman is still alive.

"Hi Mrs. Meyer," she reportedly hates being called that. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Well I just don't know. I was tooling along and all of the sudden the engine died and I coasted off of the road. Four people drove right on past. Can you imagine that?"

"No ma'am, I can't," I lied. I opened the hood on the truck and looked around. I'm no Mr. Goodwrench, but I do know my way around an engine. I couldn't see anything immediately wrong and told her so.

"Darn. Well Christopher, if you'll be kind enough to give me a ride to my house, I can call Dale and he can have it towed. I can't wait for my Buick to be fixed."

I cringed at the thought of being stuck in an automobile for the two mile drive to her house. I looked in vain for some visual cause to her problem. Once again finding nothing, I resigned my fate and closed the hood.

We made some small talk as I drove her home. I asked her about library fund raisers and she went into a big spiel about needing more public participation. I felt like I was at a fundraiser, but at least she wasn't asking me personal questions or telling me about which people were fucking each other around town.

I was constantly catching myself taking sidelong glances at her. I was enrapt with the way her tits moved under the chambray shirt she wore, and the way the blue jeans showed off the shapeliness of her thighs.

When we reached her driveway I pulled in and put my car in park. I turned to look at her as she continued to talk. I imagined her lips and tongue working on my cock while I played with those firm tits. I hoped my sunglasses were hiding where my eyes kept going, but I figured she was too into her speech to care much that I was inspecting the goods.

Suddenly she stopped speaking and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue probed and I found myself kissing her back. She broke the kiss and said "That's for looking at me like a man should look at a woman. Dale doesn't see me that way anymore and most people around town only see what I do, not what I am."

I didn't know what to say. For a moment I contemplated playing dumb, but she'd obviously been paying better attention to what I was doing than I thought. The whole thing was surreal. Every guy I know has dreamed of fucking Elise Meyer, but none of them would ever actually do it.

"I've always thought you were a good looking woman Mrs. Meyer," I said.

"Christopher, damn it! Call me Elise."

"I will if you'll call me Chris."

"Ok Chris, I saw you looking at me like you appreciate the way I look even though I was prattling on about mundane shit and dressed like a ranch hand. Christo, I mean Chris that meant a lot to me." The look on her face at that moment would have melted the iciest of hearts. "It means a lot to feel wanted in the basic sense of the word."

I was searching for something suave to say when she kissed me again. I know she had to feel my cock starting to harden because when she pulled away she looked down at my crotch. "Hmm," she sighed. "Do you know how long it's been for me Chris?" She looked into the back seat of my Eldorado as she asked her hypothetical question. "It's been a year and a half. Dale last made love to me on my 43rd birthday. Do you know the last time I did it in the back seat of a car?"

"No, but I assume it's been longer since you have than I have." Was I really discussing back seat sex with the Sherriff's wife in his drive way? Certainly I was about to get a speech about promiscuity or something.

"Chris, I like to tell everybody I lost my virginity to Dale on our wedding night. But I actually lost it two years before in the stock room of Charlie's Grocery. I had dated Tommy Simms off and on and we had necked quite a bit. One day I was in the store talking to him when the urge overtook our good judgment."

"Tommy took me into the back and I lay down on a stack of boxes. Of course it was quick, it was bad, and it was painful. It was the first time for both of us. Just as I was pulling my panties back up, old Charlie walked into the room. When he asked what we were doing, I told him I had been looking for fresh bananas and Tommy had brought me back here to see if we could find fresher ones that were in the display."

"I'm not sure Charlie bought that, but I grabbed a bunch of bananas and took them to the cashier and left. Tommy later told me that Charlie had read him the riot act about taking customers into the stockroom."

It struck me as odd that her story was so close to a scenario that I had for my Jimmy DeBone story. My cock grew rock hard though, picturing Elise getting fucked on a stack of boxes.

"After Tommy, I wouldn't have sex again until my wedding night. Tommy joined the navy and shipped out a month after our tryst in the store. He met other women and I met Dale. I have never had sex in the back seat of a car Chris." With that she kicked off her shoes and climbed up over the seat and into the back seat.

"It's nice and roomy back here Chris. Please join me."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!! What are you waiting for asshole?"

my inner horn dog screamed at me. What was I waiting for? I quickly removed my shoes and clambered over the seat.

"What took you so long? It's not nice to keep a lady waiting."

She unbuttoned her shirt and I was treated to the sight of one of the nicest pairs of tits I had ever seen on a woman, regardless of age. I had been with twenty-somethings that weren't as firm in the rack department as Elise was.

They had to be a c cup, but showed no sign of sag. Her nipples grew erect in front of my eyes. Elise's breathing was becoming ragged and we hadn't even touched each other yet. It didn't take me long to change that.

She moaned as I caressed her spectacular chest. I couldn't believe how firm her tits were. I rolled a nipple between my thumb and forefinger eliciting an ecstatic sound from Elise. "Suck on them baby. Suck my nipples please?"

She shrugged out of her shirt as I began to suck on her nipples. Suddenly a thought hit me and I stopped cold in my suckling;

"She's married to the fucking Sherriff!"

Then, as if she had read my mind she said, "Don't worry about Dale either baby. He's patrolling the north part of the county with Deputy Denise today. I don't expect him home for hours." The way she spit the name Denise out, I gathered that she must suspect Dale was getting some deputy trim on the side. Doing the math in my head, I figured out that Denise Shaw had been hired on at the Sherriff's department around the time of Elise's 43rd birthday.

I knew of at least six other guys who were also currently nailing the good deputy on occasion, and at least fifteen that had nailed her prior. So maybe it was a good thing for Elise that Dale never touched her anymore.

"I'm just glad that you haven't fucked her Chris. Really glad! Because baby I need a good fucking." This nosy woman knew a lot, but who was I to complain? I knew to stay away from Deputy Denise when I found out that she had fucked Greg Davis, Justin Martin and Todd VonSydow in the space of 36 hours.

I have always been the long haired kid who gets labeled as a troublemaker. All through school I was blamed for a lot of things I didn't do. It wasn't until late in my senior year that people woke up to the fact that I wasn't as big of a fuck head as I was rumored to be. And now here I was with one of the people who had perpetuated rumors wanting me to fuck her.

I kept sucking her nipples and she was moaning. I was getting so lost in what I was doing I didn't think about the fact that we were in her drive way, ten feet off of a public street and the street lights hadn't even kicked on yet.

She started sucking on my earlobe and I was about to go nuts. Her ragged breath sounded like the sweetest of music. After a few minutes I started reaching down to her waist toward the opening of her jeans.

"No." she said pushing me back. "I want to do something first baby." She reached down and undid my jeans and pulled them off of me. "I knew you were a bad boy," she said when she discovered I wasn't wearing any underwear. She discarded my jeans into the front seat and began kissing her way up my thighs.

I was shaking by time she got to my balls. She let a hot blast of breath over them "Are you cold Chris? You're shaking like a leaf."

"I'm sure not cold. I've just never imagined anything like this."

"Oh baby. Your ride is just beginning."

Using just the tip of her tongue she licked my cock up and down the main ridge from my sac to the slit. She'd circle the tip and then repeat the process. I was a twitching panting mess by time she reached the tip for the fifth time. I think she was taking perverse pleasure in torturing me. She kept her light licking up for what seemed like forever. I was dying to cum by time she stopped.

"Oh baby. It's been a long time since I have given pleasure to anyone like that. Now come right over here and open your present."

I shifted over and kissed her full on the mouth. After I broke the kiss, I kissed down her neck and across her collarbones. I worked my way back down to her tits. As I was working her nipples over with my tongue and lips I was unfastening her jeans. Shortly they joined mine in the front seat as did the turquoise panties she wore.

She was completely bald under her panties. I kissed down her stomach and took my time kissing down her mound towards her pussy. Her breathing was getting ragged again and I could feel her muscles tensing.

When I got to the top of her slit, I skipped over her pussy and started nibbling and kissing her thighs. "Oh you naughty boy! Teasing me like that." She moaned. "Don't stop."

I had no intention of stopping. I put my hands under the backs of her knees and raised her up. I was rewarded with "Oh my fucking God!" when I probed her ass with my tongue. "I didn't even know that was possible," she squealed as her orgasm hit her several minutes later.

She let out a disappointed sounding "Oh" when I quit using my tongue on her asshole, but her disappointment didn't last for long. I attacked her clit with a vengeance. Her next orgasm exploded from her as I began sucking her clit while I wiggled a finger inside her pussy.

She grabbed ahold of my head and held on like a bronco rider as I elicited her third orgasm. I had never made a woman cum so many times in such a small time span before.

"Oh fuck. Enough baby. Please just fuck me now? Please?"

I stopped working on her pussy and kissed my way back up her body. I did stop and pay attention to her nipples for a moment, but she pulled me up further and stuck her tongue down my throat. We were still kissing as I aligned the head of my cock with her entrance and started pushing in. She let out a squeal of delight as I bottomed out in her wet hole.

Sherriff Dale Meyer is a large man. He stands 6 foot 5 inches tall and probably weighs in the neighborhood of 250 pounds. It seems to me that a guy that size would have destroyed Elise's petite pussy. All I could think as I pushed into her was "Fuck she's tight."

As I have said before, I'm not porn star material. I'm not tiny either, but her pussy felt like it had never had a man in it. I started pumping into her slowly. She had me so worked up it was taking every bit of concentration I had not to shoot my load on the first few thrusts.

"Oh fuck baby, this is just what I needed. Oh yeah! Fuck me hard now sweetheart. Fuck me hard!"

As I began to pound into her, she dug her heels into my ass cheeks and her fingernails into my back. I knew I was going to have marks from this experience. I managed to hold off my orgasm long enough for her to cum and come down somewhat. As she was recovering I slowly moved in and out of her.

She kept kissing me and telling me how much she was loving it. I thought more than once that Sherriff Dale must be a complete dumbass to fuck that skank Denise while he had a quality woman at home waiting for him. Denise was a good looking woman, but he was definitely trading down.

After she had recovered for a few minutes I began picking the pace back up. She was panting and squealing again and I was getting totally lost in the moment. Then I remembered an old trick and re-positioned myself so that I was driving into her at a different angle. I knew my cock was hitting her g-spot with nearly every thrust.

"Oh fuck baby! I don't know what you're doing but don't fucking stop!"

I started pounding into her, relishing the feeling of my balls slapping her firm ass hard enough to make sounds. I was fighting a losing battle though as I felt my orgasm building up to the point of no return. At that same moment she was experiencing her first g-spot orgasm.

I had made one girl squirt before, but I was shocked when she screamed out "Oh fuck!!" and sprayed cum all over my crotch. I lost all pretenses and shot my load deep into her hungry wet hole.

As we lay there holding each other and panting, I began to survey the scene. I was instantly reminded of the car sex scene in "Titanic" where you could see the hand print on the wet steamy window. There were several such prints on my own steamed windows.

After several minutes she spoke, "I have never felt that before in my life Chris. Damn I don't know exactly what you did to me but I loved every second of it."

"And I had to fight every thrust to keep from being a quick draw McGraw. I need to find you broke down on the side of the road more often."

"After this you just might," she said as she started pulling her clothes from the front seat. "Damn it, why couldn't I be twenty years younger? I would love to have a life with an attentive lover like you."

"I wouldn't complain. No one bit. I'm not even sure you'd have to be twenty years younger. I like you just the way you are."

"Yes, but twenty years younger, would mean twenty more years of fucking you."

Soon we were both dressed. I gave her a kiss and started my car to leave. "Chris," she said, "I really do men it about you might find me broken down more often. Come by the Library Thursday evening and see me. If Dale can play with Deputy Denise then I can have you. We'll just be the cuter couple." She smiled at me and headed for her door. I watched her gorgeous ass as she walked to the entry way and went inside, then I backed out of the driveway and turned toward home. Three blocks away I passed Dale Meyer headed the other way.


I thought.

I had no illusions of Elise divorcing him and running off with me. I should have felt bad about fucking a married woman, but somehow I didn't. If Dale was stupid enough to cheat on her, then I was more than happy to give her what she needed. It's just a pity that I'll never see her again.

I'm almost back to the bridge. I'm just going to hole up like I was, and should have stayed earlier. I slow down and move as quietly as I can. I don't know why, but once again that feeling overtook me and I decided to err on the side of caution.

I stop and peer into the darkness under the bridge. I couldn't see well enough to discern if it was vacant or not. Just as I am about to make my move to scurry under the bridge, I smell cigarette smoke.

I move closer to the river and crawl into a thicket. I crawl on my belly until I have a clear view under the bridge. For a moment I don't see anything, and then I see the cherry glow as the smoker takes a drag. He is hooding the cherry trying to hide it from view. If I had not gotten lower I wouldn't have seen it. Off to my right I hear someone moving through the brush. I hold my breath and hope they aren't using flashlights to light their way, if they are they'll see me for sure.

I almost scream out loud when someone kicks my foot.

"I'm fucked!"

I get ready to make a dash into the river and hopefully they'll not react fast enough to shoot me before I can cross and hit the woods on the other side.

"Fucking roots! Fucking trail! Fucking chasing shadows through the fucking dark," I hear an angry voice muttering as the owner lumbers on toward the bridge. For a moment I think I have wet my pants. It takes me a few minutes to stop shaking.

I can just make out his shape as he approaches the bridge. I can hear them whispering to each other, but I cannot tell what they are saying. I quickly roll across the trail and into the tall grass on the other side. Chagrined that my hidey hole is now ocupado, I begin belly crawling through the grass towards town.

I belly crawl for a good fifteen minutes before I even consider popping my head up to see where I am. I quickly look around and can't see the bridge, nor can I definitively tell where I am exactly. Ten more minutes of crawling, on all fours now, I don't think I need to belly crawl, brings me within ten feet of the park.

I can see the slide and the swings, and I know fifty feet from the slide is the entrance to the pool. That would be a wonderful place to hide, but I know that they would catch me there for sure.

I have to move across the playground and across the front of the pool area. The pool is lit with security lighting so I'll be exposed until I get to the other side of the pool enclosure. After that I have a forty yard dash to the street across the pool parking lot, which is also lit up. Then there's a dash across the street and down half of the block to an alley. If I make it to that alley I have to go two blocks to get to the bus station.

I crawl to the edge of the grass and observe the park as best I can. I can see clear to the street. The only thing I can't see is about half of the pool's parking lot. Any number of people could be waiting there, but it's a risk I have to take.

I get up and make a sprint for the pool entrance. I keep expecting a shot to ring out as I run across the playground, weaving around the swings and the ducks on springs. I reach the pool building and duck into the entrance. I take a moment to catch my breath, I can't stay too long or I will be seen.

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