Borrowed Wives

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Some guys just like to connect with married women. Some of them like it a lot too. And some need help with their marital sex life. Note: If you are very sensitive to sexual portrayals connected to religion then do not read this story. No disrespect is intended towards any major religion but artistic license has been employed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Teacher/Student   .

The beeping brought them back from the post-coital slumber. Casey shook her lover awake and they wordlessly headed for the shower. Dressing quickly, she kissed him goodbye with, “See you in three days, stud.”

As he dressed for his five-pm work starting time, the fierce rutting that had just finished was top of mind. How does she control herself in bed with her husband?

Now you may wonder why this odd question? And situation too? It will become clear in due time.

Myron had a stop to make on his way home after the three am finish of his workday. The porch light was on and the door unlocked. He was unbuttoning his clothes as he climbed the familiar stairs. Just inside the marital sanctuary he put the rest of his garments over the chair and slipped under the covers with a lightly snoring woman.

That woke her and she reflexively reached for the ready phallus poking her side. “Hmmm, thinking about me at work,” she murmured.

“Always, my dear teacher. Which way do you want to enjoy me this time?”

“Spoon me from behind. My breasts want your attention. I’m slippery already. A lover left not long ago.”

His mushroom head knew the way and slid in easily, enjoying the hot erotic lubrication recently left by another male. All parties were aware of what was going on, and in, so it was an erotic situation.

Even her husband basically knew. He worked away three-quarters of the time and had no illusions or unreasonable expectations about his wife’s monogamy, or lack thereof. When her hormones changed and she reignited her long-simmering lusts after four children, he knew better than to stand in her way, especially since to do otherwise would mean losing the love of his life.

Beverly was not promiscuous, Myron thought, actually quite dependable and consistent. He’d known her long before his puberty and had often played with her two boys. With them gone and her husband absent so much now, she had called on him for help with the big house. Myron was quiet and polite and her needs finally bubbled to the surface.

One afternoon he had just finished some hot yard work and was dressed only in shorts. Seeing so much skin with the many male odors wafting across the kitchen table, Beverly blurted out, “Do you have a girlfriend now?” When he indicated not, she got braver, spurred on by a flush between her thighs, “How do you take care of those, you know, needs?”

It was his turn to be embarrassed, but that only encouraged her, “My husband is gone so much that mine aren’t.” He stared at her and his eyes opened wide. He wasn’t stupid. Her closing pitch, “May I take a shower with you. I miss that too.”

She became a teacher and confidant, loving his eager inquisitiveness. Her husband sensed her improved mood when he next returned and occasionally caught a male scent from her panties even while he was home. Her increased ardor in their marital bed, and delightfully in other locations too, was a definite payback for his tolerance.

Four months after initiating Myron, she had to speak to him, “My dear young lover and student, there is a matter I need to bring to your attention. Just as you know that if you develop other female relationships it does not necessarily mean the end of ours, I have the same rights and privileges. Such a circumstance has arisen, or at least I think it will. Please pardon that play on words which I could not resist. You know me.”

“Seriously, a childhood friend of mine has returned to town after losing his wife and we are becoming reacquainted. We played doctor so many years ago as youngsters and I’d like to explore beyond that now. I am informing you, not asking, you realize, just as I hope you will do from your side.”

Little changed except he was more likely to find her welcoming place already prepared for his entry. She would answer him honestly if he asked about her husband’s visits there, and now Fred’s. They’d actually crossed paths in her foyer when he arrived early one day. Beverly was delighted when Myron suggested an MFM “birthday” party on her 47th, which her husband was out of town for. That was a cherished memory for all involved.

His few attempts at regular dating were disappointing, with the ones willing to get naked either so uptight he quit before consummation, or so slutty he felt dirty. But Beverly had a wide social networking presence. One pause between romps in the early morning, she mentioned, “You have become a considerate and talented woman-pleaser. I know women who are in desperate need for that. Will you consider ‘paying forward’ what I have taught you?”

He tried to remain cool but the twitching member still soaking in her hot-spot gave him away. “I trust you would carefully screen any such partners? I don’t want anything to damage our relationship.”

She hugged him, “Well, Fred hasn’t, has he? I know you well enough to trust you with this task, although you will probably not consider it that. I have someone in mind and I’d like you to be here for lunch after church.”

When he arrived at her doorstep he bore a bottle of her favorite wine and some flowers. After a smothering hug against the ample bosom he dearly loved, he was introduced to Casey, short for the biblical Cassandra, a rather mousy-looking but not unattractive girl.

“See what I told you,” crowed Beverly, “He is a true gentleman. Wineglasses are already on the table.” Casey wasn’t sure about that but the hostess said, “Try it. Jesus thought it was alright. The Bible says so.” The young woman timidly sipped and then again. Pretty soon she needed her glass refilled.

After the meal, they adjourned to the porch with a fresh bottle of wine. Casey was getting pretty relaxed and Beverly winked at Myron when she slurred a word.

Beverly moved her chair to face both of us, “Myron, a little background on our guest.” That caused her to sit up straighter and take another sip. “Casey comes from a strict fundamentalist background. She was married in her church three months ago to a childhood friend of the family. I won’t bore you with how this all came out and she is too shy to tell you. The problem is that sex in her marriage is not at all what she expected from the descriptions her older sister gave her and what she has read in forbidden women’s magazines.”

Myron glanced over at Casey who hid her face in her hands. Beverly continued, “I have told her that you are an expert in such matters and exactly how I know that. She is brave enough to want to change what can be changed. I will leave you two alone to get acquainted. I’ll go visit Fred. Let me refill both your wine glasses before I do.”

He kept out of her space as they began to talk. “As you know, Beverly filled me in on the essence of the problem but I would like to hear it directly from you.” She kept looking down into her wine glass so he took another direction. “I am not a heathen. I have read the Bible as well as studied other religions. I researched the church that you belong to and that helped me to understand some of the nature of your problem.”

That got her to raise her eyes and she blurted, “But I cannot commit adultery!”

He continued to speak softly, “That is an Old Testament term. Even Jesus did not condemn the woman who was caught. It seem like he was chiding her for being so careless. I believe that his teachings override those that were intended for the Israelites. I follow his precepts and will not knowingly cause harm to anyone. Rather I would express caring and compassion. Beverly knows I am quite capable of that or she would not have arranged this meeting.”

This was getting into her familiar territory and we talked for a while. She expressed that her older sister seemed to think about things more like I did and mentored as best she could.

“We aren’t here to talk about religion, are we? Please tell me about the problem in your marriage as explicitly as you can so I have a full understanding. I do my best to not be judgmental so just say what is in your heart.”

She took a big gulp of wine, emptying the glass which I chose not to refill so the talk would not be interrupted. “I do not love my husband. Our marriage was arranged like in India. I was the dutiful daughter. So was my older sister but somehow her marriage is working. Anyway, our wedding night was a disaster for me. With no romance or other preparation, my husband pushed between my legs and took my maidenhead in a painful way. Fortunately his rough motion did not last long and he rolled over to sleep. The next two times that he pushed in me in the night I was wet from the previous times and that helped a little but it was little pleasure for me like my sister said there could be.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

He reached for her hand, wanting to make some gentle connection. She gripped it as she continued. “It has not gotten any better. My husband was taught, as I was, that sex is for creating new members for the church.” He smiled at her sarcasm and she caught that, giving him a hint of one. “At least it’s only once a day now for a few minutes and I use my fingers for satisfaction. My older sister did not want me to have to deal with pregnancy right away and took me to a clinic. My husband rarely sees me without clothes so it is easy to hide this little bump under my arm. She also knew Beverly and arranged for us to visit. So here we are now.”

He turned his chair to face her squarely and took her other hand, “I am not a trained therapist but I can understand your feelings and frustration. What can I do to help you?”

Casey stood up, weaving a little, and announced, “That’s all the time I have today but I can meet you here at this time the day after tomorrow. I tell my husband I’m getting lessons from Beverly and he is happy I have something to occupy my time since he does not allow me to work.” That caused a very brief hint of a grin and he gave her a quick hug as they separated.

Beverly came home little while later and said she was ready for her second helping of loving while she learned about his meeting today. That woman was a sexual dynamo and he’d never guess she spent the last few hours in another man’s bed the way she used his body. He was not complaining, mind you!

Beverly fed lunch again two days later, with the helpful wine, and took off for Fred’s place, a delightful way to give some privacy. By the way, Myron had moved into one of her spare bedrooms by now. Nothing romantic, just a common sense practical move. Made it easier for them to get it on when her husband was home too.

“So what you been thinking, Casey?” He inquired. She was much less shy and came right back with, “Well, my mind’s been in quite a whirl, as you might imagine. My feelings too. Since you want me to be honest I will also tell you that when my husband stuck his thing in me I pretended it was yours and it felt much better.” She put her hands over her face and mumbled, “There, I said it!”

He picked up the ball, “That’s a real compliment, coming from an attractive woman like you!”

She put her hands down and stared, “Nobody ever said I was attractive and how could an experienced man like you even think that? I am so plain I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror.”

“Stand up, young lady!” he commanded. “Hold your arms out and turn around slowly. OK, your face is attractive but it’s hard to tell about your body in that shapeless bunch of fabric you call a dress. Please remove it so I can make an accurate answer to your question.”

She hesitated, saying, “No one but my sisters and my husband has ever seen my underwear.”

He noticed she was not refusing so he pushed a little harder, “If that garment is as unflattering as your dress than maybe it needs to be removed also.”

He thought he saw her nipples project through the thin fabric. Apparently brassieres were sinful. Slowly she turned around and pulled her dress over her head. She had beautiful skin, marred only by the ugly loose white panties that hid her derrière. Still moving slowly she turned around to face her new mentor. Yes, her nipples were standing out proudly on some beautiful rounded mammaries.

Trying to keep his erection less obvious, he acted like a beauty contest judge commenting any serious tone of voice, “Very nice. High-quality with no excess fat or saggy skin.”

A huge smile broke out on her face and she shivered in delight. She was actually pretty when she smiled, he noticed. She gulped a full glass of wine and turned around again. This time he watched her slowly uncover a delicious set of buns. His rod was unable to be contained so he rearranged it for comfort. Her last brave act was to face him. Her pubes were decorated with dark untrimmed hair of a pleasing amount but nothing of her vulva was visible. Just as well for now he thought as he remarked, “I wish I had a blue ribbon, but there is no place to pin it anyway. Please accept my commendations on your beauty. Now tell me what you think.”

The last class of wine hit bottom as she stood displaying herself to this man not her husband. Wetness began to seep down her thighs but she paid no notice although he did. She smiled as she said, “For my prize may I get a wish?”

“Of course. What is it?”

“I wish to judge you as well. Let us trade places.” He watched fascinated as she carefully walked to the chair he just vacated and he stood before her. Then he made a show of removing each piece of clothing and easily observed her avid attention. When his pants came off he noticed her stare at his still covered but full shaft. Finally, he turned around, dropped his drawers and rotated to face her.

He heard a gasp and in a strained voice she said, “That is huge! How could it ever fit inside me?” She stopped, realizing what she had said aloud, but then continued, “I don’t know how it compares to my husband’s because I have never seen it like that, only felt it inside me. May I touch it?”

Myron thought that was the perfect next step and moved closer standing quietly as she explored his genitals with trembling fingers. She looked up at him plaintively, “My sister says she kisses her husband’s. Can I try that?”

He said very gently, “I’m here for your education so you can do anything you wish that is not painful, and I assure you that wouldn’t be.”

Kisses turned into tentative sucks and eventually into several inches being engulfed by her mouth. When he felt the sap rising he cautioned, “My seed is about to come out so perhaps you need to stop.”

She pulled back and looked up at him, “The Bible says that seed is not to be wasted and there is only one right place for it. I’m not quite ready for that (he noticed the word ‘quite’) so is there something else we can do to know each other better?”

“Certainly. Let me return the favor you just bestowed. Lie down on the bed and I will pleasure you with my mouth.” She soon discovered that well treated breasts can induce orgasm but was utterly astonished when she found out what his tongue could do where usually a penis went. On her second tongue-induced orgasm she was shaking and howling. He let her calm down a bit.

Cuddling by her side he said, “I’m so proud of you letting go to what nature has built in for you to enjoy. You are a lovely woman and I think a loving one and I am so honored to be your teacher.” She cried with joy in his arms, speechless.

Beverly was also delighted as she relieved his unrequited horniness. She arranged to have Casey come early next time so they could have girl talk before he arrived. Several days later he walked into a very animated conversation and both women turned to give me a big smile. Beverly commented, “You’re a great guy and I know you are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Looking directly at his pupil he said, “What’s not to enjoy having two beautiful women who seek my attentions?”

A more confident Casey looked right back at him as she remarked, “Well you haven’t gotten all the attentions I’m capable of just yet, but be patient.” Beverly made some chuckling sounds and squeezed Casey’s arm.

With the ice broken, they quickly went to the naked-in-bed stage. When he began tasting her twat, Casey made a gentle request, “I hope I taste better than the last time. I told my husband last night that I did not feel well.”

“Casey,” he gently scolded, “He is your husband and the whole goal is to get you two better as a couple. I have no intention of replacing him and you tasted just fine last time. I have done this with Barbara even shortly after her husband has been inside her.”

She looked at him wide-eyed, “You have? Her husband knows?”

“And her other lover too,” he remarked, “But maybe I shouldn’t be telling her secrets.”

She pulled him up for their first kiss, laid him on her delightful bosom where his tongue could reach a nipple, and coincidentally his legs were between her thighs with the pole lying along her belly. “Thanks for keeping me on the right track with this. I am dealing with guilty feelings but also with hope and therefore keeping our goal in mind which makes it okay.”

As if to punctuate that last thought, she reached down between them and wiggled her hips to guide the mushroom head to her wet and dilated opening. Then she put her hands on Myron’s buns and gently pulled as she thrust her hips up. He didn’t know she even knew to do that. It must’ve been instinctive. As he took deeper and deeper strokes her eyes were closed and she gave a little moan with each entry. When finally their pubes met she gave a loud gasp and said, “This feels so damn good and you are bigger. Now just last a long time for me.”

He did, having learned good ejaculation control and gave her a brief warning before the point of no return. She urged him to fill her with his seed where God and nature had intended. She had not orgasmed from that but wrapped her arms around him and sobbed.

He whispered in her ear, “Are you okay?”

“Oh yes, oh yes! I’ve now felt what I was promised.”

So now we’re back to the beginning of this story. We get together two or three times a week and she reports her husband has commented on her better frame of mind but his performance between her legs is not improving in spite of things she tries. That part is getting very frustrating because now that she is sexually satisfied she’s beginning to appreciate other things about the man she is married to. There is just this one last big misconnection.

Finally, there might be a breakthrough. Her husband’s company has sent him away overnight, the first time they have been apart since their wedding. Casey is in bed with Beverly and Myron, getting her curiosity satisfied as she watches the older woman and her lover copulating. As they lay together with him in the middle, Beverly has an idea.

“Since indirect teaching isn’t working for your husband, how about taking a more direct and proactive approach. Just as you have been taught by Myron, can we find a way for me to teach him the proper way to behave with a naked woman?”

Myron was not really surprised, having been around this wise woman so much, but Casey was astounded. “How could you pull that off? I have no objection if it will work and I’m certainly in no position to criticize the activities involved, am I? I’m very tired of holding back and not getting satisfied by him. The few new things I’ve tried he has reacted negatively to, and I’ve had to explain them as being from Beverly. I’m not sure he even approves me being around an unbeliever like you.”

Beverly sat up against the headboard, her big mature breasts sagging beautifully and Myron couldn’t resist cupping one of them as he put his arm around her. She loved it. Her words of wisdom were thus, “In my experience, those that protest the most are holding back the most. I remember a youth minister back before I met my husband who talked piety and then groped me whenever he could. I know he’d have filled my crotch in an instant if I’d have let him.”

Casey said, “I think you’re right. Our last minister got replaced when he was caught in bed with a deacon’s wife and then two other women came forward saying he had blackmailed his way between their legs. So maybe you think that my husband is overly righteous because he’s having forbidden thoughts and can’t deal with them?”

Myron agreed and they set about figuring out how to break this man free from his guilty past into a glorious future. Their target was a journey man plumber and Myron said he could rig a problem at Beverly’s house, then Casey could ask him to come and help with it on a Saturday. The rest would be up to Beverly who was looking forward to the challenge.

It was an old routine. He was under the sink and she was overly helpful in her tight halter top and brief denim skirt commando. When he got enough cleavage and beaver shots that she saw his pipe-wrench was ready to tighten a coupling, she unbuttoned his coveralls as he lay trapped beneath the sink and deftly had him in her mouth before he could complain. He didn’t; it was a forbidden fantasy come true without any effort on his part.

She noticed his utter lack of complaining and said, “I am an angel of love sent by God to give you a gift.”

He came in her mouth and she swallowed, commenting “You taste good. Can you make more of that?” He extracted himself and sat as if in shock.

Beverly squatted down in front of him, knees spread so he got a perfect look at her crotch. “Your wife has described your lovemaking to me and it is not nearly as good as she needs. She has authorized me to teach you what every man should know when bedding his wife. This is not love nor lust, this is education and I tell you that your marriage will not survive without it.” She could see that she had his full attention.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking and questioning and demonstrating. When he finally got to repairing the minor plumbing problem, she called Casey. “He’s not to be worth much to you tonight but he did put a lot of effort into getting better. That is quite hopeful. I expect you’ll be able to go easy on him since Myron has undoubtedly taken good care of you.” She got a yes answer to all points.

It was very interesting when the young couple got together that evening. Myron and Beverly were so curious about what would happen and wished they had a video feed. It started out like an ordinary evening. Neither one mentioned anything out of the ordinary until it was time for bed. Casey took off her clothes, all of them, right in front of her husband and got between the sheets naked for the very first time. He was bug-eyed so she chided, “This is how I’m sleeping from now on and lose those damn baggy boxers please.”

Already subdued by the dominant Beverly, he quickly submitted to his assertive wife and she noticed. “I know you’ve had a busy day so I’m not expecting any sex from you tonight. Let’s get a good night sleep and I want to hear about your lessons with Beverly in the morning.”

When she got up she pissed with the bathroom door open and he was goggle eyed. She noticed his cock beginning to swell as he came in to take his turn at the toilet. It was cool so she put on a baggy T-shirt instead of her very modest robe. It was short and her buns showed when she moved. It felt wicked and it felt good.

After breakfast she led him to their couch and turned to face him. “I want you to tell me all about your lessons. Don’t leave anything out.”

He did a decent job, she thought, considering that his memory was probably fogged by the kinds of things that happened. She talked to Beverly and so knew exactly whether or not he was trying to hide anything. He didn’t seem to, so she said, “I’d like you to do that thing with your tongue that she showed you. It sounds like a pleasure I need.” “Boy oh boy,” she thought “I’m pretty good at acting innocent,” as she lay back and spread open her legs in invitation.

“Oh my God,” she thought a little later, “He’s actually giving me an orgasm. There is hope after all.” To him, after she shuddered and moaned a little, she complimented, “Beverly said you were a good student and that was very nice. Now I’d like to do something for you that she has told me about.”

Switching places she gave him a blowjob, cutting back on her skills since she was still playing the role of the almost-innocent housewife. He wouldn’t kiss her after she swallowed but she didn’t push the issue, figuring he would come around in time.

That night he tried to hop on for his usual quickie but she stopped him. “Beverly said that if we do what we did this morning to each other first then intercourse will last a lot longer and be better.” They did and it was, with him lasting a whole five minutes which almost got her off again. Fingers did the rest.

And so it went until the next Saturday when he was sent back to Beverly for his next lesson. He told her what he had done with his wife, which she already knew about and he didn’t realize, and she asked, “So is intercourse better?”

He kind of stuttered and said, “Well I lasted longer but I don’t know about Casey.”

She was very stern when she commanded, “It’s VERY important that you know how your partner has been pleasured. When they do the same to you it is wonderful and will make your marriage very strong. I can see what we need to practice today. Take off your clothes and follow me.”

She laid back in bed and he showed her he’d been practicing cunnilingus. She complimented him and said, “Move up here and put your hard cock between my breasts. This is called a ‘titty fuck’ and I just want to show you that there are even more places than you thought for pleasure. It feels good to me too, you should know.”

She led him to completion and asked, “Have you ever seen your seed come forth? I’m sure you have masturbated.”

He seemed embarrassed to admit that he had done that but had never watched, always in the dark. She got a washcloth and cleaned off herself and him and moved him to his back. Straddling him she hung her big mommy breasts in his face and instructed him on what made them feel good. When she felt his rod refilling, she moved down and took it inside for the first time. His eyes were wide as she gyrated her hips and squeezed her muscles and did things beyond his imagination.

When she felt him erupt inside her, she didn’t stop. “You can do me again, you know, without coming out. Think about where you are and what you just did and realize that other men have been there and put their seed right where yours are now. I have embraced the womanhood that God gave me and have responsibly enjoyed the gifts that were provided for my use.”

She could feel his cock still inside her beginning to swell again and knew she was touching some key points, so she continued, “You are married and I am married. Your wife knew this would happen, and my husband has given me free rein for quite some time. His discovered that my careful adventures bring excitement to our marital bed and he reaps the rewards. I know your religious background and I want you to realize that, since we are not hiding or joining, it is not technically adultery. That was more of an Old Testament concept anyway and I feel that those guidelines are obsolete and misused by many preachers. Hmmm, feels like there is life in that young hose yet. I’ve got another position for you to try with me and tonight with Casey.” She moved them to a scissors position and after a while they finished their time together.

Casey was delighted, to understate her feelings quite a bit. She reported her progress in the marital bed to Myron when she was in his, and to Beverly sometimes there or afterwards. It was decided to let the spouses work on the husband’s education independently for a while and have him return to Beverly to check on progress occasionally. He happily complied, delighting in the newfound pleasures being gifted to him without probing too deeply.

Myron realized that Casey was still wanting the pleasures of his company just as often as before, even though the amount she got at home had a huge increase, so he had to go about weaning her. He and Beverly decided that there was one last step that needed to be taken and presented a plan to Casey.

Her husband was informed that he would have one last session with Beverly. He was a bit surprised when Casey accompanied him and she gave him a little kiss before they knocked on the door. Beverly welcome them and led him to her “teaching room”. He was too distracted to think about where his wife had gone until he was all worked up and ready to put the meat to his older teacher. She stopped him and said, “There’s something you need to see. Follow me.” She led him to the next room where he stopped in shock. It was Myron’s room and that’s who was pistoning between her legs as his loving wife turned her head towards him and smiled.

Beverly was ready to restrain him if necessary but he just stood there and stared. She reached around to grab his fully filled phallus and said, “She got lessons too. Only fair you know. Remember what I said about my husband? Can you be as big a man as him?”

He slowly walked forward and around the bed viewing the still humping couple silently. Then he reached down and gave her a very solid kiss. She reached out and squeezed his dangling dong and then he left to continue with Beverly.

He copulated with his teacher furiously, sucking and slamming ferociously. She loved the ride and gave off plenty of appreciative sounds until he blasted his seed. Casey and Myron were watching from the doorway and applauded, which startled him and made Beverly laugh.

Walking to her husband, she pulled him off the older woman and said, “My turn!” As she led him back to Myron’s bed. Myron joined Beverly and they hugged and congratulated each other on a job well done as Myron’s tool refilled.

Casey kept in touch with Beverly and a few months later announced she was pregnant, ready to start a family. One request though, would Myron and Beverly join them for a wedding anniversary celebration of the most intimate kind? The date was put on the calendar.

By now Beverly had already introduced another candidate for Myron’s talents. Teresa was Fred’s son’s wife. About halfway in age between Myron and Beverly, she’d been married for a decade and suddenly her routine and uninspired sex life had gone dead. Lloyd had tried romancing and all the other things he’d read about but nothing really worked. When she did give it up she was simply a lifeless place for him to rub his dick in. That was no damn good.

Having heard from his dad what a terrific piece Beverly was, he’d been hankering to meet her. When he did he’d certainly have taken his clothes off at her slightest request but that wasn’t the most important goal. She brought Myron into the conversation as he explained their sex history and the current state of their sex life.

He had never been with another woman and she had been semi-raped as a young teenager. Getting her to marry him had been arduous and the wedding night was a disaster. It was a week after the wedding before he was allowed entry and she cried after the minutes-long joining, apologizing that she was not a virgin.

With lots of patience he was able to have a weekly coupling although it was never very long or very erotic. Now, 10 years and no children later she had “gotten religion” and claimed that since she was barren there was no reason for sex anymore. What could we do to help?

He took a day off work without telling her and we set time aside for him. On that very first visit, Beverly had a nearly transparent gown on and said to him, “You know that your father is one of my lovers, and so is Myron. I am also married but with an often absent husband who is completely aware and agreeable with how I choose to share my body. I understand how you are hurting and I would be pleased to give you comfort to get things started.”

He was stunned but didn’t object, so Beverly took him to her room and they didn’t emerge for almost two hours. She smiled and nodded at me as she showed him to the bathroom which she entered with him and I heard the shower running.

I prepared a light lunch with wine and we talked about trivial things while we ate. Beverly had done her part so I took the reins, “You’ve now experienced what a truly sexually comfortable woman is like. We believe that any woman can reach that state if she is properly guided and rewarded. Of course that goal is a wonderful reward in and of itself. We have dealt with these religiously repressed people before and, although we are not counselors, we have some therapy techniques that they don’t have.”

Lloyd finally spoke, “What I just experienced was amazing and I shall be forever grateful even for just that time. No wonder my dad is in love with you. Oops, don’t tell him I said that! I do want Teresa to be just like you and whatever you need to do to make that happen is okay with me. As we were lying together I was wondering what it would be like to share her with you, Myron, and even my father, and delight in doing so. I can’t believe I have these thoughts. Is there something wrong with me?”

I reached over and put a hand on his shoulder, “Not at all! Beverly does kind of get you going and I love her for that.” She beamed.

This was going to be a tough nut to crack, we decided. It was easy for Beverly to seduce a male in need of a broader outlook, but the other way around was much more difficult. She would shy away from Myron, it was figured, so Beverly had to find an opening in her spiritual chastity belt.

Lloyd did say that she had no friends and was not good at making them except, it seemed, at church. Since Teresa knew that Fred was “dating” Beverly, that was a good reason to get them together. Beverly would not wear her wedding rings nor would any of them mention that she was married at these get-togethers.

So a Saturday night dinner at Fred’s was arranged to celebrate something or other thus some champagne could be liberally spread around. Theresa was pretty much a teetotaler but also wanted to be liked and the bubbly was impressed on her frequently. As she got tipsy, she relaxed and seemed to be having more fun. Beverly seized on that and got into some down and dirty girl talk. Something was bubbling below the surface, Beverly deduced, and probed a little bit to get some ideas of what. She didn’t get too far but arranged a lunch with Teresa two days hence.

It was at Beverly’s house and the hostess worked hard at bonding. After lunch she said, “It’s a beautiful day and I want to work on my tan. Let’s go to the pool.”

Teresa stated she didn’t have a suit so Beverly said, “I don’t usually wear one out there. It’s private so just strip down and enjoy.” Her guest did go so far as leaving just her panties on. Then Beverly asked, can you put this tanning oil on me?” Touching is a good way to break down barriers and she reciprocated for Teresa, avoiding sensitive areas this time. The woman had nice breasts, it was noted.

As they lay side-by-side sunning, Beverly kept probing Teresa’s feelings about her marriage and about religion. Yes, it was another one of those cults that kept popping up. As Teresa opened up, something she rarely did with other women for lack of opportunity, a few things got Beverly’s attention. The first was that this particular church was nonmainstream, and had a strong and dominant figure leading the flock. The theology, if you could call it that, seemed very controlling.

When she carefully probed into their marriage, Teresa said that she was very disappointed she had never had babies as that was God’s intention for women. Taking off on that Beverly started investigating her attitudes toward sex. “So let me get this right,” she asked, “so if babies aren’t forthcoming then sex is not a natural right?”

“Our Leader (Beverly noted she did not say ‘minister’) teaches us that sex is a form of penance and worship and can only be used to glorify God and create new disciples.”

Beverly probed a little deeper, “was your first sex with Lloyd on your wedding night?”

Teresa hung her head and said, “not quite.”

Beverly looked puzzled, “what does that mean? I don’t understand.”

Without raising her head Teresa said softly, “A boy violated me when I was younger and didn’t know how to resist him. It only happened one time, thank God, and I have felt guilty ever since.”

“Does Lloyd go to church with you?”

“No, he does not. Our leader is unhappy about that and says that I should not share my body with him since he is not spiritually correct and it would not glorify God.”

Beverly didn’t like the way this was going but had to pursue it carefully, “Don’t you have a natural woman’s urges anymore?”

“Yes I do, but our Leader takes care of it when he prays with me. He helps several women in our congregation use their natural desires as worship.”

Beverly had difficulty keeping a straight face at that revelation and then concluded the conversation with one last question, “If Lloyd were to join your church would you resume intercourse with him?”

“Of course! But I would continue to pray with our Leader since I know it is essential for my salvation. Lloyd would just have to accept that.”

“Perhaps Fred and I can persuade him to do that. I would like to come to your meetings as well. You have intrigued me.”

Teresa was delighted, thinking she may have made two converts and it was arranged. Lloyd was, of course, less than happy with the news, but pleased to have some more information as to what was going on. He pretended reluctance but agreed to accompany the two women the following Sunday.

Beverly sized up the “Leader” as a sleazy snake oil salesman and struggled to act interested in his bullshit. It was all Lloyd could do to keep from decking the bastard who was banging his wife. One positive thing he reported to Beverly was that she opened her “gates of heaven” to him and was somewhat more enthusiastic than the last time he’d entered her body.

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