Just Desserts

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2014 by SW MO Hermit

Fiction Sex Story: Once again a husband catches a cheating wife and extracts retribution and compensation for her and her lovers indiscretions. The payback is nuclear to the cheaters and their friends and rewarding to the husband.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Group Sex   Double Penetration   .

Thanks once again to my editor "Wires" for his efforts in my behalf. He has, once again, taken my scratches and morphed them into a story much better written and easier to read.

I rang the doorbell and stepped back to await our host. I put my arm around my darling Heather and pulled her to me for a quick kiss. Oh, how I loved this woman. She had given me four of the happiest years of my life. We were once again going to celebrate our free evening with my best friend Doug Bevers. This time we were attending his New Years Eve party in his mansion. I looked forward to seeing Doug, but I looked forward more to spending the evening and night with my wife and ring in the New Year in style.

I was about to ring the bell once more when finally Doug opened the door for us. He grinned and very loudly invited us inside. I already knew from the number of vehicles parked on the street and in his yard that this would be a very large party, but I was still shocked at the number of people milling around inside his home. Doug reached for Heather and gave her a big hug then a gentle kiss on the cheek before pulling her into the house. He turned from her and shook my hand before once more stepping aside so I could enter.

A maid took our coats and disappeared with them. Doug walked between us and said, "God, I'm glad to see you two. I really hate it when my parties get this large but it just seems like I have to invite everyone. I either do business with or have social obligations to repay to everyone on my list except for a few good friends like you two. Clarissa's around somewhere, probably dodging hands from the lechers like usual.

As the evening progressed Heather and I danced, ate, and drank way more than we should have. We had no worries because we knew we had a bed upstairs when we needed it. We were one of the few couples invited to sleep over so we didn't have to drive drunk, get a cab, or have one of us remain sober to serve as designated driver.

I am moderately successful in the investment business—oh, hell, I'm one of the highest selling brokers in my office and in the top quarter of the brokers in the entire company—so I knew, or knew of, many of the people in the room. I agreed with Doug. Many of them were letches or worse. My Heather was a very beautiful woman and had to fend off the advances just as did his Clarissa. As the evening progressed I took the opportunity to network. I greeted current customers and made my pitch to some of the more well to do in the room trying to gain new customers.

As the evening progressed I also kept my eye on Heather. I trusted her fully but I have to admit I was still slightly jealous. I kept an eye on her constantly and from time to time I took it upon myself to 'rescue' her from a man who I felt was trying to be more than a charming conversationalist. Every time I had to 'rescue' her in previous parties I got a smile and gentle kiss from Heather, usually with a quiet "thank you" or "thank you for rescuing me, Honey" from her. This evening was no exception. Many times I would walk up when I saw her trying to break free from a male and take her away. I got her gentle touch and a smile before a hug or kiss on the cheek then her quiet "thank you". We would talk a moment or perhaps catch a quick dance or drink and would go our separate ways once again.

As the evening drug on many of the people left leaving only those who intended to ring in the New Year with our host. I began to notice one particular man following, almost stalking, Heather. He was never far from her and watched her constantly. I recognized his look. He was hooked on her, totally in lust with her and was taking every opportunity to press his case.

At first Heather would ignore him or even walk away. As the evening wore on she began to stay with him longer, even smiling or laughing when he spoke. Occasionally she would gently touch his forearm. This was not like my Heather. She never flirted that long with any of the men who approached her, especially a stranger.

Doug saw me watching them just before midnight and walked up to me. He said, "That's Jonathan Douglass with Heather. He's a real ass, a ladies' man deluxe. I didn't even invite him, but one of the ladies I invited brought him as her date. I haven't seen them together since you and Heather arrived."

Doug stood beside me and looked around the room carefully. He got an inquisitive look on his face then he continued, "In fact, I think Douglas' date has left already now that I think about it. She watched him following Heather around for several minutes earlier this evening, then I saw them having a rather spirited conversation. I haven't seen her since then. He's trouble, Stan; trouble with a Capital T. He's married and they're separated more than they're together. He preys on married women or women who have something he wants. Usually, he goes for the married pussy and for the single women with money he thinks he can get a hold of. I don't know why, hell, he's worth millions on his own. You need to watch him. He can talk a Nun into fucking him and make her think it was her idea and she loves him for all eternity."

For the third time that evening I walked up to separate Heather and Jonathan. He glared at me as he did most of the earlier times I separated him from Heather and made a condescending remark as I walked off with her. This time Heather did not thank me. She gave me an upset look and said, "Stan, what's the matter with you tonight? You could tell I was enjoying talking to Jonathan. Why did you feel the need to separate us? He's not like most of the lechers you save me from. He's a really interesting guy and has some of the funniest stories. He's running for Mayor and has been telling me about some of the people he meets and has to deal with in his campaign. When he found out I work in my company's public information and advertising section he began asking me questions about how to better get his mayoral message out to the voters. I think he might offer me a job, Honey. I really need to network more with him. Just think what could happen if I could get a position in his administration."

"I don't really care, Heather. I don't trust that asshole and I don't like him around you. Doug says he is trouble, a real womanizer. I've also heard some really bad things about him and I want you safe. From what I've heard, the position he is interviewing you for would require you working on your back."

Heather glared at me for a moment. I could see the anger flit across her face and was scared I had blown it, but then she smiled. As she leaned in to kiss my face she said, "Awww. That's sweet. I actually think you're jealous! Well, you have nothing to worry about, Honey. You're all mine." We had already separated again in the swirl of socializing people before I realized she said I was all hers, not that she was all mine. When the thought hit me I stopped a moment and wondered if it had just been a slip of the tongue or if she was trying to tell me something subconsciously.

Three months later I had reason to recall that night in painful detail. The past two months things were rough in my home. Shortly after the party Heather began running late getting home from some of her meetings or visits to her parents. When I questioned her about her tardiness she became angry, defensive, saying she either lost track of time or she had to finish up a project or something before she could leave. She also began volunteering for the local Republican Party after work and that took up her time. Heather is the manager of her section and her skills in that area are almost legendary. She became the local campaign headquarters voluntary office manager and gave advice on public information initiatives. From the little I heard she made the chaos go away and became a very popular volunteer.

Like many other unknowing cuckolded husbands, as she began staying away from our home more often I began to notice our sex life suffering. I was refused more, and when I got some sex it wasn't as good. Now, she let me fuck her where before we made love, sometimes for hours on end. Oh, she always had a reason, such as she was tired, or it was too late, or we didn't have time but the fact remained where before she had been a willing, enthusiastic, passionate participant in our lovemaking now she seemed to do it grudgingly as if it was a disliked duty if we had sex at all.

One day I was talking to Doug about the recent problems in my marriage. He gave me a worried look. Finally, he said, "Stan, I'm getting worried. I may have been the cause of your marriage going under. For the last few weeks I have been hearing Jonathan has found another married whore to play with. Rumor has it he met her at a New Year's party and we both know where he was and who he spent most of his evening with on New Year's Eve. She is supposedly a volunteer in his campaign for Mayor, as well."

I felt myself get dizzy and I lost my breath for a moment. Doug looked at me and continued speaking. He said, "Stan, what's the matter? All at once you're as white as a sheet."

I sat looking at Doug a moment then I said, "Heather has began volunteering for the Republican Party in their office an hour or so after work and on Saturdays. She's always late getting home and refuses to talk about anything she does any longer. It seems that whenever I bring it up she becomes defensive and angry. The evenings she is latest she becomes angry if I even get near her and is almost violent if I try to see her naked or make love to her."

Doug sat back in his chair and pressed his lips together for a moment, then said, "Stan I'm going to find out what's going on for you and if--no, let's just say I intend to make him pay if he abused my hospitality by beginning an affair with the wife of my best friend. I would be angry if he picked up on any married woman at one of my parties, but abusing my hospitality by taking your wife is even worse. I should have made him leave when his date did but I was too worried about being a good host. If I am the cause of your problems, my friend, I promise to make it right for you to the best of my ability."

I suppose I should say a little more about Doug here. He is my best friend. I would trust him with my life. Hell, I would trust him in a room with my naked wife if they had both been without sex for a year. He would never do anything to hurt me. We were closer than brothers.

Doug is smart, probably much smarter than anyone I have ever met. We were both in the same class in high school. He was Valedictorian; I struggled to graduate in the top ten percent of our 223 person graduating class. He went to one year of college and decided it was a waste of time. He never had to study and missed almost all of his classes but still made a 4.0 GPA. Finally, he just took a couple of finance courses, then began teaching himself all he needed to know about investing and finance.

Of course, the reason he needed to know about business and finance was because when he was in his first year of college he inherited a little over $70,000.00 when his grandparents passed away. Unlike most young people, when he got the money he did not blow it. He did buy a better used pickup truck, then he invested the rest in the stock market. His first two stocks he purchased were on the recommendation of a broker. Of course, they were the current 'flavor of the day' and the only ones who made money were the broker and brokerage house. This pissed Doug off big time so he began studying. He watched CNBC, he read, and researched. He decided to open up an account at a discount on line brokerage. He moved his entire net worth into the account and began investing on his own.

From the first trade Doug made on his own he began to make money—much more money than he made using the so called experts. Of course, it didn't hurt that he began investing in the late 1980's during the Tec boom and the dot com craze. He got into and out of many of the high flying stocks. No, he didn't make money on all his purchases, but he did manage to grow his nest egg exponentially. Wisely, he was smart enough to bail out when things started going to hell. He moved his investments into safer, more mainstream, stocks and rode the market up with them. He bought Berkshire Hathaway at a little over $17000.00 per share and sold out when it reached $72357.00 per share three years later. By that time he was a multi millionaire and was doing business with others, either in venture capital mode or other investments including real estate.

I finished college and worked as a salesman for a restaurant supply chain for four years. I didn't like the travel and was becoming very serious about Heather so I became a stock broker. I managed a small part of Doug's millions. He gave me some of his investments to manage when I started in the business. I suspected he did it to help out a friend and I felt guilty about him doing it. I knew he didn't need me to advise and manage any part of his portfolio and felt like it was charity. He convinced me I was needed. His reasoning was twofold. One, he wanted some of his investment in different brokerages for safety. Two, he felt like someone in the business might hear of good deals or bad information about some of his companies before he did. No, neither of us even for a moment considered anything that could be considered insider trading, but still from time to time I did find a pearl of wisdom I could share with him. We both prospered. He sent me many of his friends or acquaintances if they wanted to use a full service brokerage. I then made money making trades for them.

Doug did not work outside his home. He worked eight to ten hours a day and worked very hard, but only for himself. He researched stocks for himself, traded, and lived life large. He tried to bring me and Heather into his circle fully. We went to many charitable events with him at his expense. Of course, from time to time I did foot a bill for some gathering because I had an expense account as a broker also. We went to political meetings with Doug and rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers in our area. I think we attended every party Doug held at his home.

The Friday evening after Doug and I had our talk we were scheduled to go to a $500.00 per plate political rally with Doug and his lady. Once again he was treating Heather and me. This time for some reason Heather was even more unwilling to go with us than normal. I am afraid I insisted she accompany me and to this day I am sorry I did. I suppose the train wreck that our marriage was rushing toward would have come as soon as Doug's investigators watching Heather made their report but I would have at least remained unknowing a while longer. That meal was the beginning of the end for us, however.

When we arrived I saw we were at a meal where an incumbent candidate for the State Senate was to speak in support of other state and local candidates. The money paid for the tickets went to the State Republican Party although some of it would support the local politicians. What I did not realize was that the candidate for Mayor of our fine city was to be the guest of honor. Of course it was none other than Jonathan 'asshole' Douglass.

When we entered I saw Jonathan standing near the front of the room smiling and visiting with several dignitaries. I felt Heather pull back slightly and turned to see what was bothering her. She was standing staring at Jonathan. Her face glowed like a woman in love. I suspected then that I had lost my wife. I said, "What?"

I saw Heather give herself a little shake then she gave me a wan smile. "I'm sorry, Honey, I just didn't realize who this supper was for." She looked so guilty I wondered if that was true, but I said nothing. She should have known Jonathan would be there since she worked part time at campaign headquarters. I thought, now I know why she was so resistant when I insisted we attend.

I looked at Doug and saw him watching our little conversation. He turned and glared at Jonathan before fixing a smile on his face and placing his hand in the small of Heather's back. He guided her to her chair and pulled it out, helping her seat herself. He then seated Clarissa in a chair that was to be at his left. When I walked past him as he was doing that, he said, "I'm sorry, Stan. I didn't know he was one of the recipients of our largess when I invited you. I saw her face, Bud. I hope I'm wrong, but, well, I have an appointment Monday with a friend that I would like you to meet. Can we do lunch? Say about 11:30?"

After she finished her meal, Heather excused herself to go to the restroom. I noticed when she left the table Jonathan rose and exited the room through a different door. I thought a moment then started to rise and follow. Doug placed his hand on my arm and said, "No, Stan. It's taken care of and if it's her it's too late anyway. Just wait until Monday. Please?"

Later that evening I once again lost track of Heather and went looking for her when I returned from the restroom. I managed to find my way onto the stage and behind the curtains. I heard moaning and quiet gentle voices. One of them I recognized immediately as Heather's. I felt an instant surge of anger and began walking toward the voices. I stumbled on a rope and made some noise.

I heard Heather's voice whisper, "Oh, someone's coming. I have to get out of here, Honey. It wouldn't do either of us any good to get caught right now. See you at the office. I love you." I heard a quick smack as if she had given a fast kiss then rapid footsteps fading away toward the other side of the stage. I followed but was much too late to catch what I assumed was my cheating wife and Jonathan.

I was slowly making my way back the way I came when I ran into Doug in the hallway. His face looked like a thundercloud. He grabbed me and forced me to stop and look at him. He said, "Damn it, Stan, I told you to let it be. My people need to gather information for you before you do something stupid. If she is really cheating on you, and I believe she is, we need information, proof, so we can plan and exact the proper revenge against this asshole and so you can get the best deal in a divorce if that is what you want. The way you're trying to do it the only thing you would get is screwed by the legal system."

After he calmed me down somewhat Doug continued, "I saw them hurrying down the other hallway from back here. They stopped at the door into the auditorium and she looked around trying to find you. When she didn't see you she became scared and told him she thought it was you wandering around trying to find them. Now, you have a suspicious cheater on your hands and it will be more difficult to get the goods on them."

When we returned to the table we made a production of it. We made sure Heather and some others saw us laughing and passing a pocket flask back and forth between us. Heather glared at me when I took my seat by her and asked where we had been. About that time Clarissa came up to Doug and wrapped her arms around him. She smiled at us and said, "OK, you two. Next time I catch you sneaking out to the car for some booze I either get to go with you or I turn you in. Now give me a hit on that flask."

We watched as Heather relaxed a little, then she turned to Clarissa and asked, "Oh, my God. Is that what these two have been up to? I wondered where they were when I couldn't find them."

Clarissa laughed and said, "Oh, Yeah, I tried to get to them for my share before they got inside, but as you can see they outran me."

Later, during the dancing, I took my turn with Clarissa. She melted into me and once when I tried to turn to survey the room behind me she refused to follow my lead. She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and said, "No, Stan. You really don't want to look over there. Just dance with me and try to enjoy the evening. I know what you're going through right now and believe me, it will get worse. Just remember, Doug and I are here for you and we will always be here for you."

I relaxed a little and gave her a gentle kiss back. "Thank you for helping with the conversation earlier. I almost lost it and Doug seems to think that would have been a very bad thing to have done. I want to tear that asshole a new one so badly I don't know what to do."

The rest of the week and weekend were rough on me. I was alternately scared and angry. I knew in my heart that Heather had left me emotionally and that it was just a matter of time until she left me physically. We had not been a happy couple for several weeks now. I was beginning to draw away from her mentally even though I was not sure she was cheating. If she was not cheating we had some other problem because we just were not as loving a couple as we once were.

Finally, my meeting with Doug and his friend arrived. I was almost positive his friend would be a Private Investigator. I was a nervous wreck and felt my stomach rolling. It was upset and sour from the acid. I felt my anger boiling just below the surface and I knew the other two men could see it. I was frightened about what I thought I might find out and anxious to find it out at the same time.

Doug stood when I walked up to the table and shook my hand then pulled me into a hug. After his greeting, he introduced me to his friend Simon Hobbs, who did turn out to be an investigator. We sat and perused the menu for a minute so we could order our meals. The waitress bounced up and took our order, then Doug said, "Well, why don't we get the unpleasant business out of the way first?" He looked over at his other guest then back to me.

The PI reached into his briefcase and pulled a large envelope from it. He handed it to me and said, "We followed your wife and Mr. Douglas as instructed by Mr. Bevers. The surveillance continued for 20 days from the time we were hired until last Saturday evening. During the period we found the subjects had lunch together daily with the exception of Sundays when she seemed to always remain home. Their meals were scattered around town but always occurred at nicer hotels after which they would adjourn to a room Mr. Douglas's campaign rented. On eight different occasions we were able to get into the room posing as a room service waiter. On all eight occasions neither of the subjects was dressed and the bed had been used. Pictures of the room and subjects are in the report. We also made audio recordings of each encounter by placing a microphone under the door of the room. The subjects had sex on every visit to the hotels during our surveillance."

"Many days we have documented inappropriate contact at the campaign headquarters or afterward. We actually have photographs of the subjects engaged in sexual acts three times at the campaign headquarters and once when they attended a party in a local strip bar with some of Mr. Douglas' friends and supporters."

"Perhaps the best, or at least the most damning, thing we caught was when Mr. Douglas used your wife to insure the support of the Municipal Workers Union. They met the President of the Union, Stephen Negrano at the Gentlemen's Club. He seemed quite taken with your wife. We have pictures of her sitting on his lap while he sucked her nipple and had his hand under her dress. My operative managed to get close enough to record the conversation. Listen to this segment of the tape then we will move on."

Simon placed a small notebook PC on the table and began playing a segment from a DVD. He said, "You will be given a copy of this DVD in your report but I wanted to discuss this incident with you before we broke our meeting up. My operative was very excited about this information and I believe your attorney will be, also." Doug and I leaned forward and watched and listened to the ensuing segment.

Heather was seated between Jonathan and Stephen during the session. The two men were leaning over her to talk and Jonathan's hands were wandering. He caressed Heather's nipples and had his hand under her skirt for several moments as the segment unrolled. We heard Heather admonish him to stop once but he told her, "Now, Heather, I can feel how aroused you are and you know how you enjoy what we do. Just relax and go with the flow. It isn't like this type of thing doesn't happen on occasion in this club."

When he quit talking, Jonathan leaned to Heather and gave her a gentle kiss. She moaned and pressed her breasts against him as his hand continued to work under her skirt, --one of the shortest skirts I had ever seen her wear; one, I might add, I had never seen before. From the angle of the operatives shot I could plainly see she was wearing no panties.

When Jonathan leaned back in his seat Stephan reached out and pulled her toward him. She started to rise and resist but he continued pulling her until she was seated on his lap. His large hand went under her dress and we watched as his fingers pressed into her glistening cunt. He unbuttoned her top and began sucking on her nipples. Heather hissed, "Stop that, Stephan."

Stephen looked over at Jonathan and said, "Jonathan, I think you know what you need to do to get the endorsement of the Union. I want a weekend with this lady. If I get that I will make sure the Union supports your candidacy."

Heather stiffened and tried to rise as she hissed, "NO! That's NEVER going to happen. Now let me go!"

Stephen just looked over at Jonathan and raised his eyebrows while he held Heather on his lap and continued playing with her. Jonathan swallowed and leaned to Heather. He said, "Honey, we really need this endorsement. Please, just go with him and help me with this. I mean this will help ensure our future and, well, it's not like you've never made love before. Just tell your asshole husband you have a weekend meeting."

Heather looked shocked and resisted a moment longer in the video, then we saw her relax. Her legs came farther apart to allow Stephen better access. She moaned and turned her head to him and they kissed. We watched as her hips began thrusting, driving his large fingers deeper into her draining cunt. He brought her to an orgasm seated in his lap. She screamed out in her release and collapsed against him, her legs splayed disgustingly open. We saw the clear liquid of her cum draining from her cunt and down the cheeks of her ass. Many of the men in the club were watching Heather instead of the strippers by this time.

About that time the manager of the club came over to the table. He looked at Heather then at the men on either side of her. He seemed nervous and stammered as he said, "Please, Mr. Negrano, I've ignored a lot of things for you but I've been tipped off that you and the boys have been getting a little too obvious. Lt. Jones told me the Chief has asked some of his detectives to come to the club and try to cut down on the displays like you and the lady just had. It they catch us letting things like that occur they'll close me down. Can't you please either take it into one of the back rooms or to the hotel? Please, Sir? This business is all I have to make my living on."

Stephen laughed and looked at one of the large men on the other side of the table. He said, "Hey, Ralph. Why don't you slip Joe here a couple thou for his trouble. Me and the little lady are going over to the Doubletree for the weekend. Make the arrangements for me, would you? Set it up as an executive meeting for the Union like we usually do."

I felt myself becoming more upset and started to rise. I snarled, "That lying bitch. She was gone last weekend. She called me Friday evening and informed me she was assigned an emergency damage control project for her employer and was flying out to San Francisco."

Doug and Simon grabbed me and pulled me back into my seat. Simon said, "Please wait, Sir. I want to fast forward and show you another clip then we'll just let you read the report for yourself. We have some ideas about this I wanted to talk to you about but I thought you might want to see the DVD before we talked about them. Now my operative quit filming at the club and called his backup. My operatives managed to beat Stanley to the Doubletree. After his goons checked him in he and Heather went into the bar for a few drinks. My operatives followed the goons to the Suite in hotel uniforms we acquired. When they opened the door my men followed them in. After the goons finished checking out the Suite my men began straightening pillows, flowers, and other decorations."

Simon smiled and continued, "The senior man even sent his assistant down for some fresh flowers and more champagne so they would have an excuse to wander around longer. We managed to place several cameras and microphones in the main room and the two bedrooms. By the time your wife and Stanley made it back to the suite they were both inebriated. The cameras caught these images among others."

Simon again began playing the DVD in his small computer. Heather and Stanley walked into the suite and closed the door. She was giggling and rubbing the large lump in his crotch. Stanley leaned down and gave her a kiss, then with a roar he literally tore her blouse open. Buttons popped off and flew everywhere. He pushed it down off her shoulders while Heather was lowering her skirt. After her skirt fell in a puddle at her feet she shrugged her shoulders and let what was left of her blouse fall beside it. I already knew from pictures taken at the club she was wearing no underwear so she was, for all intents and purposes, now nude. She stepped and kicked off her shoes, then took Stephen's hand, giggling as she pulled him toward the largest bedroom and the king sized bed.

Heather undressed Stephen and pushed him back on the bed. She grinned and followed, crawling between his legs as he scooted farther up the mattress until his head was almost on the pillows. Heather's knees were just on the edge of the bed and she leaned forward to lick and kiss his cock. Stephen moaned and pulled her head downward driving more of his cock into her mouth.

After several minutes of the blowjob we saw another male figure walk into the picture. Stephen looked up at him and smiled. He reached out and grabbed Heather's head holding it onto his cock. The second man who we could now see was the Director of the City Services held his hard cock in his right hand. I don't know which of the men was the largest. Both looked to have at least eight inches and were almost as large around as a can of shaving cream.

The Director was now standing directly behind Heather. He was grinning as he stared down at her beautiful ass. We could see her juices glistening on her cunt lips and thighs. There was a clear stream draining from her and what appeared to be flecks of white mixed in. It was apparent she had already been fucked at least once. The Director placed his left hand on her hip and nudged his cock against Heather's swollen cunt lips. She tried to jerk her head up from Stanley's crotch and she twisted her cunt away from the surprise invader. We saw Stephen pull her head more forcefully down on his cock and heard him say, "Easy, Honey. You just relax and enjoy another nice cock. Jonathan and you agreed that I got a weekend with you for an endorsement. Now me and the boys are going to enjoy that fine cunt of yours. If you just relax you'll never want to go back to that little limp dick of Jonathan's."

Heather remained tense for a moment then we watched as her legs seemed to relax and her back arched. She tilted her cunt back and upward as she spread her legs a little more. We watched the Director move back behind her and feed his cock into her dripping cunt. After he got the first couple of inches lodged in Heather he placed his other hand on her other hip. He pulled back slightly and we watched as he set his feet. With a groan and a rapid lunge the Director drove the remainder of his cock deeply into her.

Heather screamed and pulled her head off Stephen's cock. She pulled some of her hair out when she moved. He rapidly grabbed Heather and pulled her back to his cock. By now both men were thrusting into and sliding out of Heather. She was moaning constantly and we watched as she began pressing back against the man in her cunt. Both men came almost at once and we watched as the pile began collapsing. Heather rolled to the side. We saw sperm draining down her chin and from her dilated cunt.

I thought that was the end and started to sit back but Simon said, "Wait, there's just a little more." We watched while the two men played with Heather's nipples and gave her kisses. She fondled their cocks and to our surprise they began to get erect once more. Stephen smiled and pulled Heather over him. She straddled him and grabbed his cock. Her face showed her desire and ecstasy. She lowered her cunt onto him. After she was fully seated on him he pulled her down and began kissing her.

While they were kissing the Director rose from the bed and moved behind them. He reached out and scooped some of the drainage from Heather's cunt. He placed it on his cock and moved behind her. At first it appeared as if he was going to take her anally. We watched the head of his cock nudge up in the crease between Heather's pussy lips and her thigh. He held it with his right hand and we watched as his hips thrust once, then again. He changed his angle slightly and thrust once more.

Heather's head came up and she pulled against Stephen's arms. She screamed and we watched in shock as the head of the Director's cock slid out of sight into Heather's cunt. He stopped for a moment then pulled back slightly and pressed forward once more. We heard Heather moan then she began rocking back against the second cock invading her cunt trying to assist in the insertion. In almost no time both men were embedded balls deep in Heather's cunt and she was moaning and thrusting against them in frenzy. When one would withdraw the other would insert keeping Heather in a sexual frenzy constantly. Within about two minutes Heather screamed out in orgasm. We watched while her cunt contracted and released repeatedly and her fluids drained faster from within. This set off both men and they seemed to cum together as they slammed deeply into her. We watched their balls draw up against the base of their cocks and pump their seed into her.

Cum began draining from Heather before either man withdrew. Finally, first the Director then Stephen withdrew from Heather's stretched cunt. We watched runnels of thick white cum drain from her and run down her thighs. Once again the three collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion.

After that Simon turned off his computer. He looked at me a moment and said, "Your wife stayed in that Hotel room until check out time Monday. During that time she had sex with all the senior managers of the Municipal Workers Union as well as with Stephen. We heard plans for using Union Money and paid Union workers to support Jonathan's run for Mayor. Late on Saturday evening Jonathan visited the room and he, the Director, and Stephen had sex with Heather most of the night. We have pictures of that also and recordings of them planning to misuse City funds should Jonathan be elected. We also have pictures of Senator Nussbaum and two Judges having sex with your wife and Jonathan Douglas. Recordings show he was trading her sexual favors for their endorsements as well."

The investigator looked at me before he continued. He said, "During your attempt to catch your wife and Mr. Douglass at the Campaign Dinner, they were going to have sex on the stage. He had her dress pulled down below her breasts and her panties off. He was just beginning the act when she heard you and forced him to stop. That was when they ran from you. We have pictures of what transpired there, too. It would have been better if you had not intervened. Pictures of that act in that location would have been very damaging. We were going to shoot the pictures so it would show the crowd in the background. At least you didn't get caught or cause a scene that would have further damaged your efforts to end this on a successful note for you."

"We have provided a copy of the entire file to you, sir, and will make one available to your attorney if you so desire. Our investigation fees cover any local testimony in a court of law if that is necessary. I would, however, recommend we continue surveillance for possible criminal prosecution. I know that is usually the responsibility of the police force but if we give them and the FBI some documentation of misuse of campaign funds and conspiracy they will take our accusations more seriously. Besides, if you go for a divorce and your wife is incarcerated you will get a better settlement."

Even knowing this was coming I must admit I was upset and shocked. I could not believe the depth of depravity and disrespect my wife had shown during the period she was under observation. The documents showed she felt she was in love with Jonathan. They were actively talking about how and when she would leave me! She was gushing about the position promised her in Jonathan's administration if he was elected Mayor. Perhaps what shocked me more than that was her willingness to spend the weekend in the Doubletree and the sex acts she performed there for her lover and his friends. Some of the sex acts Heather performed with Jonathan were things she flatly refused to do with and for me. In many instances she had even been the instigator of the sex later in the weekend and in their private sessions. I had always known Heather was driven to succeed in her career and admired powerful people, but I just could not believe all she was willing to do to further herself. It made me almost physically ill.

I didn't eat much of my meal and I noticed neither did Doug. After the investigator left we had several drinks. We were both silent in our own thoughts for a bit before Doug told me, "Stan, I am so sorry I ruined your marriage. I hold myself totally to blame for your troubles and I intend to make it up to you. I know I can't undo what I allowed to happen, but I intend to make it as right for you as I can. I will find you a good lawyer if, NO, FOR the divorce. I will give you any other support you need until you are as near back to the way you used to be as is possible."

I pushed away from the table and looked at Doug. I said, "Well, get to looking for that attorney. I was almost ready to give her an ultimatum to either lose her attitude or we would divorce before I found out about her cheating for sure. Now, there is no way I will keep the bitch. My GOD, I can't believe she did those things! I wonder when she changed or if I just never knew what kind of woman she really was? As for the other, you know as well as I do that Heather's cheating was not your fault and you owe me nothing because of that."

On Thursday Doug called me and said, "Hey, my friend. I have found you an absolute shark for an attorney. She hates cheaters with a passion and always takes the innocent parties side in a divorce case. She has a real hatred for public figures and businessmen who use their status and position to move on women, as well. If you play this right, you can not only dump Heather and keep most of your assets but you can get your pound of flesh from Jonathan!"

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