Toby Jones

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2014 by DG Hear

Interracial Sex Story: It took a Halloween party and a swap with a friend to find out what I really wanted.

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Cheating   Swinging   Interracial   Black Couple   White Couple   Halloween   .

I picked her up and put her on the table. Her robe came open and I could see her tits. I reached up and squeezed them and began to rub her nipples.

"No! No! Please Toby, you can't do this. Steve is your friend and my husband. Please don't do this."

Her mouth was saying no, but her body was saying yes. I saw the wetness forming on her white panties. I stood between her spread legs and began rubbing her pussy with two fingers.

This incident took place over a year ago. I'll tell you a little about my life. My name is Toby Jones. I was the youngest of four kids, all of us born in Detroit. We considered ourselves black Americans, not African Americans since my grandparents, parents and siblings were all born in America. My parents wanted us to have a better opportunity in life so we moved to a mid-size city in central Ohio while I was still in grade school. We lived in a mixed racial neighborhood but everyone kept up their properties.

My parents ran a small grocery store in an industrial area of the city. Most of our business came from the workers coming and going from the nearby factory. We sold a lot of beer, wine and cigarettes along with a lot of grocery items. When the VCR tapes came out we added a section to rent and buy movies. A few years later we switched to DVDs.

Most everyone in our family worked at the store at one time or another. My sisters worked there until they got married and left the nest. My older brother and I eventually bought the store from my parents but I'll get to that later.

In high school I was good in sports. Football was my favorite sport to play. It made me popular with the girls as well as having a lot of friends, both black and white. I was good but I didn't have any desire to go to college. I knew my future would be to help run the store and I was happy with that; besides I really didn't like studying.

I did go to the gym regularly to keep up my physique. I liked looking good. I dated girls of all races in school. I kind of preferred the white girls because there was still a taboo factor there. Even my parents were against it but they never pushed the issue.

After graduation I worked at the store but I wasn't making much. I wanted a sports car and to get out on my own but just wasn't making enough money. I applied for a job at the local General Electric plant and got hired working on the presses. I was paid a good wage and had benefits. Even my parents were proud of me.

I still helped at the store after I got off work. I made deliveries and helped out any way I could. Life for me was good but also busy. I bought my new car but wanted to move out of my parents' house. There was an apartment above the store and our most recent renter was moving out. I convinced my parents to let me rent the apartment.

They said yes and it worked out perfect for me. I could walk to work if I chose to; it was only three blocks away. Needless to say I usually drove. Back to my sex life; it was alive and well. A lot of my deliveries for the grocery store were to bored or lonely women. They would come-on to me and I usually flirted back the first couple of times. After that I went for the sex.

I learned from high school that a lot of the white girls wanted to know if the rumors about black guys are true. I got a lot of white pussy proving it to them. To be honest I knew a lot of black guys with long cocks, seeing other guys naked in the locker room. I also saw quite a few that were rather small.

The same went for the white guys. One thing I have to admit is that cock watching in the shower room showed me flaccid cocks, not hard ones. That could make a big difference. As for me, I was a little longer than the norm but definitely had a fatter cock. I'm not bragging but I am proud of my dick. I've been with a lot of women of different races and they've told me I was big. Just seeing a long black cock seems to make a lot of women's adrenalin flow.

When I dated women I preferred the white ones. I knew a fuck was coming before the night was over. I hope this doesn't piss anyone off but if a woman has a tattoo on her lower back I knew I would be fucking her, just saying. I never got serious or fell in love with any of them. I believe the problem was I fucked so many married women both black and white that I don't think I could trust a woman enough to be faithful to me. Besides, I liked getting fresh pussy all the time.

As time went by I was leading what I called the good life. I worked during the day and made good money. At night I helped out at the store and at least three times a week found a good fuck.

One thing here I want to mention. I didn't just dip my wick in a woman. Even though I never loved any of them, I made love to their bodies. I never kissed married women on the lips, that was their husbands' job. However, I did suck on a lot of nipples, kiss a lot of bellies, finger and tongue fuck a lot of pussies till they had an orgasm. Needless to say I ended up sticking my hard black cock most anywhere I wanted.

Over the years a few women told their husbands and they wanted to watch. The first couple of times it was weird but I got used to it. I did my best not to treat the husbands like cuckolds but I can't say all the wives treated them that good; some did some didn't.

I've had a few altercations but I did my best to explain to the husbands that it was always the wife who initiated the sex, not me. I never had any problems I couldn't handle, thanks to keeping in shape, but I did stay away from those particular wives after that. Too much free pussy out there to fight over one.

I had now been working at General Electric for ten years. My parents pretty much turned the store over to my brother Jerome and I. They had saved up some money and wanted to travel. We signed an agreement to buy the business from them. We were to give them two thousand dollars a month till our loan was paid off.

Since Jerome worked there full time and me, part time, Jerome had a sixty percent share and I had forty. The two thousand a month for our parents came off the top. We hired a few part time employees to give Jerome more help, and a break now and then.

We opened at one in the afternoon and stayed open till midnight because we wanted to catch the factory people getting off the late shift. Jerome worked till seven and I finished the night shift till closing. It worked well for us. It was fairly easy work and with the part-time employees we could take a few hours off if needed.

Jerome was married and had a wife and two kids to support. Once his kids started school, Shana, his wife would come in and help him. She was a good looking black woman and she kept Jerome on a rather short leash. They were both happy and I guess that's what counts.

Shana wasn't overly happy when we brought in adult movies. I mean they were pretty raw. We opened up a special room with cameras to oversee the customers who went in that room. It was only for adult movies to purchase or rent and not for sexual acts. Jerome and I had thrown a few people out for trying to have sex or other sexual acts while in that room.

We made as much or more money selling and renting adult movies than we did selling groceries and beverages. Shana was our bookkeeper and when faced with the profit margin selling and renting the DVD's, she agreed it was well worth the aggravation.

I want to tell you about my friend Sherry. As I mentioned our store was in an industrial area. Next door to us was an old stripper lounge. It was a bar and sandwich restaurant during the day but in the evening they had meals and a few strippers. The food was always homemade and a lot of people came there to relax and have dinner after work. They did a good business and bought a lot of groceries and booze off of us when they ran low. We also had a lot of the same clientele seeing they would stop in before or after visiting the bar.

I ate a lot of my meals there. It beat going upstairs and cooking for myself. It's also where I became close friends with Sherry. She was Shana's youngest sister and of course became my sister in law when Jerome married Shana years ago. In the beginning I didn't know Sherry all that well since there was a few years difference in our age.

We became good friends and talked often after she started working at the club. The funny thing is we never had sex; well, not until she moved in with me. I guess this needs a little explaining.

Sherry had this thing for white guys. She told me they were the big tippers and she even dated a couple. One evening after she had been there for about a year she told me she was pregnant. At the time she was twenty-three but still lived with her parents. When she told them that the father of the baby was a white married man her father began yelling at her telling her she shouldn't have taken the job as a stripper and shouldn't be dating married men, especially white men.

After the argument with her parents she said she was going to move out on her own. The sperm donor was a salesman from Pennsylvania and stopped in the lounge when he was in town. I told Sherry to let me know the next time he was in the bar and I would have a talk with him. She told me she didn't love the guy and really didn't want anything to do with him.

I mentioned the situation to my brother Jerome and he just shook his head. Shana and Jerome remembered when Sherry was the homecoming queen and went to college and earned a degree in Business Management. They had told her if she ever wanted a job, they would consider hiring her as their bookkeeper.

However she looked like a model and loved dancing. They were aggravated with her for taking the job as a stripper. She told them the money was really good and she was going to just do it for a couple of years and build a nest egg. We all figured it was one of those situations where she was going to do what she wanted and we kept the lines of communications open.

She called one evening and said the sperm donor was in the lounge. Jerome and I went to talk to him. At first he tried to deny it. We told him we were going to have a DNA test done and if he was the father he would be paying support for the next eighteen years. We also let him know we would be informing his employer and his present wife.

Needless to say he was ready to shit himself. He offered to pay for an abortion. We negotiated for Sherry and she received ten thousands dollars to have an abortion and some living expense since she couldn't work as a stripper. After she received the money she thanked us and asked if the job offer as a bookkeeper was still open?

"Toby, is there any chance I could work for you? I promise to work whenever you want me too and I would know a lot of the customers." She was really serious and I really wanted to help her.

Another problem was she wasn't going to have an abortion. She didn't care about color or what other people thought. I remember her saying it wasn't the baby's fault and it didn't deserve to die because of her mistake. She was going to carry it full term and give it up for adoption. "He deserves a chance at life," she would often say.

I talked with my brother Jerome and his wife Shana and told them about Sherry's asking for a job. They did talk with her about giving her a job at the store; after all she was family. Since she had a degree in business it would take a large burden off of Shana who was responsible for all the bookwork.

They decided to hire her. She worked at the club for another week and gave her notice. She told her bosses about the pregnancy and they wished her the best.

Her dad was mad that she was carrying the baby. Her mother felt sorry for her and said she would help her as much as possible. Her parents argued daily about the pregnancy of their daughter and that's when Sherry decided to move out.

As I mention I lived in an apartment above the store. There were really two apartments upstairs but other than the emergency exit you had to enter the apartments through the store. We just used the extra room for storage. It was actually furnished and just needed some cleaning up. Since Sherry was going to be an employee Shana offered it to her but she asked me if I would have a problem with it though she laughed when she asked me.

Sherry worked mostly during the day with Jerome and Shana. We never let the women work alone in the store. We did have a handgun under the counter should we run into any real problems. We always told our employees that if we were getting robbed, "Just hand over the money. Don't try and be a hero." Luckily for us we had enough traffic in our store that we were never bothered.

As Sherry got larger her back started hurting her. She started asking me for back rubs. After work she would be lying on her bed complaining of a sore back. I would walk in and press on the areas of her back that were hurting. I do have to say other than the pregnancy she had one nice body.

One evening I was on the horny side. I did my best to not get sexual with Sherry knowing it could cause some major problems. This particular night Sherry happened to be horny also. She said it has been months since she had sex. "One time Toby. I know you like me and I could really use it."

After a few seconds she said, "If you don't I might have to go and find someone to help me out." To be honest I didn't know if she was kidding or not. She joked a lot and I never knew when she was serious.

"Sherry, I'm afraid it might open a can of worms. You're my sister in law and I care for you but we might end up with more than we bargained for."

"Are you going to have sex with me or not? Am I that horrible to look at with this big belly?"

"No, not at all. In fact I find you beautiful and that bothers me. You know I'm into white women." I had to smile after I said that.

Sherry slipped off her top and undid her bra then slipped off her shorts and lay on the bed on her stomach. "Rub my back please," she asked.

I guess every thing I said to her went in one ear and out the other. I began rubbing her back. She had a jar of baby oil on the nightstand and I rubbed it on her back. She was a beautiful light shade of brown, like a woman with a nice tan. Her skin was smooth and when I got near her butt she raised up her hips. "Pull my panties down and rub my butt," she said.

I just did like I was asked and slipped off her panties. I began rubbing her thighs and found myself drawn to her ass. I began rubbing oil on her butt and she spread her legs. I slipped my had down between her thighs and began rubbing her pussy. I couldn't help myself. A guy can only take so much. It wasn't long before I felt the moisture of her wet pussy and slipped two fingers into her. My cock was hard inside my jeans.

She raised her hips and said, "Toby, fuck me. I really do need it."

I dropped my jeans and briefs and came up behind her and pushed my cock slowly into her passage. I heard a deep moan and she said, "Damn that feels good."

It wasn't long before I was ready to come. She pushed back hard and I held tight onto her hips and shot a load deep into her. I could hear her moaning and then thanking me. I pulled out and told her, "This can't happen very often. We can't go down that road. You like white guys and I like white women. Besides, we're like family." This really did bother me.

I headed back to my room. I was up early and left for work. When I arrived at the store after work Sherry acted like nothing had happened. I was happy about that but yet a bit sad.

We ended up being together about once a month till she had her little girl. We never talked about it. She would ask me to her room, get naked and lay on her stomach. I had yet to fuck her in the missionary position. I didn't make love to her like I did other woman, this was just sex to give Sherry relief.

We never talked about it and I had no idea whether Jerome and Shana were aware of it. One day I was at work and Shana called me to let me know Sherry was taken to the hospital. I left work and met Shana and Sherry there. Jerome had to run the store. Her daughter was born; she was one beautiful baby. We all knew that Sherry wasn't about to give her daughter up.

Her parents were at the hospital and her mother cried. Her dad had somewhat forgiven her but wasn't overly happy with her keeping the child. She was in the hospital for a couple of days. When she arrived home we had a crib and a lot of the needed items ready for her.

I wasn't at home a lot but when I was I spent time with Sherry and her baby. I couldn't actually believe I changed the little girl's diapers. I was her uncle after all. I guess in my own way I fell in love with the little tyke.

Sherry brought her baby down to the store so she didn't need a baby sitter. Some days her mom would come by and take care of her granddaughter. She said she didn't like her being in the store, too many germs. She would often take her to her house for a few hours. It wasn't long before her husband admitted he liked the little girl.

My life was somewhat back to normal. At work one of my friends asked me about having sex with white women. I let him know I preferred them. He asked me if I have ever been with married white women and I laughed.

"Steve, most of the white woman I have sex with are married, divorced or separated. It's the same old reason; some white women have this fantasy about black men. I'm there to fill their fantasy. They like me because it's all about sex and they know I don't fuck and tell."

Steve is a big guy. He's like six foot four and weighs around 240 pounds. I've met his wife and she's not that big and a little on the thin side. She was a good looking woman and I often thought about approaching her but seeing she was a wife of a friend I never approached her.

"Why all the questions Steve? Have you ever been with a black women?"

He hesitated and told me that he hadn't but often wondered if it was different. He had been married to his wife Linda for over ten years. They had two young daughters in elementary school.

Steve looked at me seriously and asked, "Can you fix me up with a black woman? I don't want a prostitute but someone pretty that just likes sex."

"What brought this on Steve? We kidded about sex a lot but this is going a lot further."

"I took the sex tapes home that you loaned me and I got turned on by the interracial sex. It even surprised my wife and we had the best sex ever. Now I wonder what it would be like to swap wives with a black couple. I know you're not married but I figure you know a lot of black women. Toby, you need to know this was hard for me to ask you this. I don't want anyone else to know."

"What about your wife? Is she interested in swapping and being with a black man?"

"I don't know. I thought we could move into it gradually and see how receptive she is. I don't think she's been with another man since we've been married."

"I'll tell you what. Let me talk to her alone and I'll see what I can figure out. If she seems receptive then we can work something out," I told Steve.

"How are you going to do that? She isn't just going to let you into the house to talk about sex. I know she knows you but I don't think your plan will work."

"Trust me Steve. I'll give you some interracial DVD's to take home to watch with Linda. Have some wine or something while you watch them together. I'll stop by one evening when you're not home and pick up the disks."

The next day I gave him four disks of interracial sex. They were mostly black men with married white women. My goal was to get in Linda's panties. I'd work on Steve's plan later. Funny thing is I had Steve on my side.

The following week Steve told me he would be working the afternoon shift on Saturday and it would be a good time to pick up the tapes. The next day he told me his daughters would be spending the night at a neighbor's house. A few girls were having a sleepover.

I took that evening off at the store and had a replacement for the night. I did tell him I would be back in time to close up. Around nine o'clock, when it was getting dark out, I arrived at Linda's house. As planned, she didn't know I was coming. It looked a bit dark in the house. I didn't think she would be in bed already.

I rang the doorbell and saw movement in the hallway. I was looking through the window in the door. I rang the doorbell again and Linda came to the side door that entered into the kitchen. She was surprised to see me; she had on a wrap around robe which she was holding shut. It was a plush robe with a cloth belt. It went down to her knees. I had no idea what else she had on underneath.

"Toby! Steve isn't home, he worked second shift tonight."

"I'm sorry for coming by so late. I came by to pick up the movies I lent Steve. He stopped by the store and said he forgot them. He did mention that I could stop by and get them."

"Oh, umm, ok let me go get them." I stepped into the kitchen and closed the door. She brought back three disks and I asked her where the fourth one was. "Oh, I think it's in the player. I'll go get it."

I knew she had been in there watching it. She looked a little embarrassed when she handed them to me. "What did you think of them?" I asked.

"I didn't watch them, Steve did." I knew she was lying.

"Steve told me you watched them together. Is that not true? You know what I think? I think you were watching one when I came here; were you?

She looked embarrassed but said she was. I asked her if it was a turn on and if she had ever been with a black man.

"Toby, that's pretty personal. I think you better leave before Steve gets home." That's when I picked her up and set her on the table.

Her robe came open and I could see her tits. I reached up and squeezed them and began to rub her nipples.

"No! No! Please Toby, you can't do this. Steve is your friend and my husband. Please don't do this."

Her mouth was saying no, but her body was saying yes. I saw the wetness forming on her white panties. I stood between her spread legs and began rubbing her pussy. "No Toby, we can't do this." I reached down and ripped off her wet panties. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my very hard black cock.

Linda just stared down at it.

"Do you want it? Just say 'No' and I'll put it away. We both know how bad you want it. Say 'Yes' and I'll give it to you, right here, right now. No one will ever have to know. I won't force you."

"What about Steve? If he finds out I don't know what he'll do," she replied.

"He won't find out from me; only if you tell him. So what's it going to be? Yes or no?"

"Yes!" she said very softly. I asked her again and she said it louder, "Yes, I want it."

I aligned my cock to her opening and kept rubbing it up and down over her pussy. I could feel her shaking with anticipation of what was coming. I believe she could have come just from the rubbing on her clit, she was shaking that much.

She held on to my upper arms as I slowly pushed into her. She was looking down watching my big black cock slowly disappearing into her. I was buried deep in her when she just climaxed. It had to be all the thinking of what was coming because I hadn't done anything special.

I sped up, put my hands under her white ass and pulled her tight against me. I came hard in her pussy. She was still shaking as I shot my seed in her. I held her till her breathing went back to normal. As I pulled out of her she grabbed some sheets of paper towels and put them between her legs. She handed me a sheet and I wiped off my cock and put it back in my briefs but didn't zip up my jeans.

"We shouldn't have done that," said Linda.

"It was just a fuck, no big deal. Wait till next time and I'll make love to your pussy."

"Who said there will be a next time? Regardless of what you think, I'm not a slut or whore. It was a mistake and I won't make it again."

"Linda, how many men have you been with since you married Steve?"

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