Ain't Talkin' Bout Love

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2014 by StangStar06

Sex Story: Valerie was confused. She had a lot of problems with her own body image and blamed them on her husband and kids. She decided to run away with her first love, the rock star Screaming Steve, and leave all of her problems behind her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Rough   Anal Sex   .

Hey folks. Thanks to Barney-R for his great work in editing this story. And thanks to all of you who read it. SS06

When I think back now on where my life went off the rails, I'm sure it was the concert. We should never have gone. Before the concert, our lives, our marriage, and our relationship were normal. However, that's all gone now.

I met Valerie back in college. She was a bit on the short side, with olive skin and the longest prettiest black hair you've ever seen. That hair was alive. There were streaks of brown, red and even a few errant strands of blond in it that catch the light from time to time. Val is always adjusting it, and putting it into and taking it out of ponytails.

It's almost as if her hair gets bored with being in one position or one style and forces her to change it. Her hair is the first thing that women notice about Val, and usually they're really jealous of it.

The first thing that men notice is her ass. Val's ass is Kardashian-like. In fact, Val looks like a shorter, chunkier Kardashian. From years of studying my wife and all of her bodily dimensions; I have come to a few conclusions. Val's waist is normal sized. But the fact that her ass is so big makes it seem smaller than it is. Her boobs are just slightly bigger than normal. However, since most women who have one outstanding feature are generally short changed in others; they seem to be bigger than they are.

I think it's because nine times of out ten, a woman with a really big ass is almost always flat chested and vice versa. Val hates her ass, but over the years, she's come to realize that it really is a strength for her.

She also hates her thighs. What she doesn't realize is that if she had those long thin thighs that women, all seem to want, they just wouldn't work with her ass. She would look like a frigging lollipop.

Val's thighs are massive and rounded. When most guys see those thighs, they seem to notice like I do that your eyes are drawn to follow the curvature of those thighs, and they lead you right to her pussy.

I think that most men take one look at my wife and just want to fuck her. I know that's still true, it's just that I no longer feel that way. Until right after the concert, I loved Val with all my heart and soul. We got married right after I graduated from college and we've had a truly perfect life since then.

Val never actually graduated because we had a little scare and a big tragedy. Actually, it was that tragedy that led to Val being built the way she is. Back in college Val was much thinner. She also didn't have her ass and her thighs; they were a lot smaller. She was just a short thin, almost flat chested woman with a hell of a lot of hair.

Since Val had a reputation as one of those girls who didn't put out, she didn't have a lot of guys chasing her. I'd always thought she was pretty, but I was too shy to talk to her. I heard that at twenty years old when I first saw her that she was one of those rarest of creatures at our college, a virgin.

Things moved on and Val became just another of those anomalies, like the full moon, or an eclipse that we notice in passing, but don't really affect our lives. I saw Val around campus occasionally and heard that she had a boyfriend. She also had a roommate, a very pretty girl who was huge. I think I saw her once. She had gigantic boobs, a gigantic gut, and a really pretty face. It was as if a God was giving you that face as a reward for putting up with her bloated body.

I often thought about Val in passing. But, I had a life of my own, so I didn't spend very much time dwelling on circles that I didn't intersect with.

That all changed one snowy evening, when a truly pissed-off Val, walked into the coffee shop that I was studying in.

"There are no empty tables in here, can I share yours?" she asked. I just nodded without looking up from my book.

"I'm Valerie," she said. "But you don't have to look up. I mean it's not like I have big tits or anything." She was clearly pissed at someone, but just hearing her name forced me to look up.

When I looked up, our eyes met, and it pulled me out of studying and her eyes softened somewhat. For some reason, I think we both felt something. Now before you jump to conclusions, let me explain something. I don't ... let me repeat I do not believe in love at first sight. In the first place, this wasn't the first time I'd seen Valerie. And I had always been attracted to her; I'd just never believed that I had a shot with her.

However, that evening in the coffee shop, I sensed that I had a very good chance. I did all of the guy stuff. I bought her coffee and a donut. I sat there and listened very carefully to her tale of woe. It was some drivel about her boyfriend doing some stupid thing. I complimented her on now pretty she was. Even back then her hair was incredible. I think her hair liked me. Every time she leaned over her hair moved towards me.

When it was time for the coffee shop to close, I walked her back to her dorm. I was too shy to ask her out, or even to ask for her phone number. But I didn't really have to. The fates were on my side. Or at least I thought they were. But the fact is unless you're Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, or Tom Brady; the fates are never really on your side. They just set you up with short term happiness that leads to long-term pain.

But I was still surprised when I ran into her again two nights later. Something had to be going on, because during my college years, I dated a lot. I didn't have a steady girl because I went to college to get an education, not to get married. I dated a lot of girls, had sex with some of them and remained friends with a few. My goals for college included getting an engineering degree, getting a great job, and replacing my aging Mustang with a newer model. I'd been bitten by the Mustang bug at an early age and had no intention of changing.

"Josh, you are a hard man to track down," she said, trudging up behind me. Her tennis shoes and the bottoms of her jeans were soaked from the snow.

"Hi Val," I said. "I didn't know anyone needed to track me down."

"I wanted to thank you for the other night," she said. "I was really down then, and I truly needed someone just to listen to me. You were great. And you didn't try to tell me what I should do, either. You just listened. Thanks for that. You're a great friend. Unlike some people I could mention."

"Thank you for the compliment," I said. "It was nice seeing you again."

"Where are you going?" she asked. She reached out to grab my arm and did the Val for the first time. I should probably explain what doing the Val is. My wife is pig headed. When she makes up her mind to do something, nothing outside of the will of the Gods is going to change her mind. However, another of Val's characteristics is the seeming ability to defy physics with her clumsiness. Val can fall in situations where it seems impossible for anyone to slip.

And on that evening, she slipped and fell, stretched out on the snow-covered side walk. I again did the guy thing and helped her up. It was the first time we touched, and I'm sure that we somehow passed a jolt of bio-electricity between us. Time seemed to stand still as we looked into each other's eyes.

"You've got snow all over you," I said. "Can I drive you home?"

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Nowhere exciting," I said. "One of my professors told us about the meteor shower tonight, and I was going to drive out into the country, away from all of the street lights, so I could see them."

"That sounds amazing," she said.

"I could ... If you want..." I began.

"Yes," she said expectantly.

"Take you back to your dorm, so you could get your boyfriend to take you!" I said.

"Josh, I broke up with him after what happened the other night," she said. I had no idea what she was talking about. I had spent the time when we were together looking at her. I'd been mesmerized by her hair and her presence. Listening to her was asking too much.

"Can I go with you?" she asked in a whiny little voice.

"Val, are you sure you wouldn't be bored?" I asked. "From what I've heard, you hang out with a pretty wild crowd."

"Those are Steve's friends, not mine," she said. "And most of the time, I'm bored there. I just hang out with them because he's my ... he was my boyfriend. I've never seen a meteor shower."

We stopped off and got snacks and drinks. She was surprised by the fact that I didn't buy any liquor or beer. And on a crystal clear, bitingly cold winter night, we drove out into the country and pulled over to the side of the road on a gently sloping hill. I had positioned the car just below the crest of the rise, so we didn't have to crane our necks to see the sky.

We made small talk, while looking into each other's eyes for a while and then out of nowhere, streaks appeared, hurtling across the night time sky. It was like nature's very own fireworks display. Val seemed to be really surprised.

"There really is a meteor shower," she gasped. "And it's beautiful."

"Val, that was why we came out here, remember?" I said.

"I thought that meteor showers were just another name for submarine races," she giggled.

"That's the kind of stuff you use on the easy girls," I guffawed. "Not for someone like you. Holy Shit, look at that one." I pointed upwards towards a big streak of light that seemingly exploded and filled the sky with smaller streamers of light. That was what happened when the meteors actually hit earth's atmosphere and burned up.

As we started the car to drive back it was already very late. "Josh, what did you mean, someone like me," she asked. "Seriously."

"You're not the kind of girl, that guys run games on," I said.

"You mean I'm some kind of stuck up, chick who doesn't like to have any fun. So no one needs to waste their time on her?" she asked. "Because, I'm not like that, Josh. I'm just as much fun as the next girl it just takes..."

"Val, you're not the kind of girl who guys run games on because you're the type of girl that they marry," I said.

Something changed between us then. For the first two and a half years that we were in school I hardly ever ran into Val. But after that night, I don't think I could have gotten rid of her if I tried. And wherever we went, she was all over me. The constant touching led to hugging. The hugging led to kissing. And Val didn't care where we were or who was around us.

Some of my on and off dates made it a point to notify me that I was wasting my time, because Val didn't put out. Others made it a point to let me know that Val's ex, Steve had also gotten some on the side, to ease his cravings, so I could let them know if I was interested.

What they had no idea of was that Val was doing her best to lose her reputation as a virgin, and she seemed to want to lose it with me.

"Meteor showers tonight?" she asked me.

"Val, there aren't any meteor showers tonight," I smiled.

"We should go and check just in case," she said.

That led to us parking on that same deserted country road staring up at the sky. We sat there eating snacks until Val pulled out a bottle of liquor. And a cup.

"I brought this for you," she smiled.

"Val, I don't drink," I said. "And even if I did. I have to drive us home."

"You're supposed to give it to me, Silly," she giggled. "Isn't that the way it goes? You get me slightly drunk to lower my inhibitions so you can have your way with me. Of course if I was totally unwilling, you'd have to get me really drunk. But if you get me really drunk, I wouldn't remember if it was any good or not."

"Shit, in that case, why waste money on alcohol?" I asked. "If I was going to rape you, why not do it the NFL way. I could just knock the shit out of you and fuck you while you were passed out!" I started the car angrily. My ten-year-old 1990 Mustang roared as I started her, as if she was mirroring my anger.

I put my hand on the gear shift to drive us out of there, but Val put her hand on top of mine. Then she reached over and switched the ignition back off.

"Josh, you don't seem to understand what's going on here," she said.

"Yeah, I do," I said. "This was some sort of test. You're trying to see if I'm the kind of creep who might someday try to take advantage of you. I hate to disappoint you or whoever it was that told you I was a rapist. Yes, Valerie, I'm sorry; I have had sex a few times since I've been in school here. However, I am a healthy twenty-one-year-old man. We can't all be as pure and special as you are. So maybe I've failed your God damned test. But I have never raped or tricked any woman into having sex with me, so..."

"Josh," she said calmly.

"And another thing," I said loudly. "Your test was stupid! What if I had taken you up on your offer? Or what if you had gotten me all heated up to the point where even if you said "no," I wasn't going to take that for an answer. I could have just NFL'ed you and just left you by the side of the road and..."

"Josh, shut the hell up!" she yelled suddenly. She reached down between my legs and pushed the seat back. (Sorry guys, this is a story based on a Van Halen song so from time to time I might throw in some of the classic VH lyrics)

Then she straddled me. Somehow she moved herself between me and the steering wheel. I should point out that nowadays, fourteen years later; her ass would not fit in that space. Anyway, she raised herself up by scraping her tits and everything else across my body. My dick was rapidly rising in my pants, and it was pulsing so hard that both of us could feel it. She looked directly in my eyes then, and I was lost.

"Josh, you're a fucking idiot," she said. "Wait, change that you're a non-fucking idiot. You didn't drag me out here to take advantage of me. I begged you to bring me out here. I didn't ask anyone anything about you because I already know everything about you. This wasn't any kind of test. And I didn't think you were going to rape me. Raping someone is taking sex from them against their will either by force, threat, coercion, drugs, or incapability. You don't have to take it from me because, you idiot, I've been trying to give it to you for weeks. The liquor wasn't to get me drunk; it was to get YOU drunk. But now that we're this close. Close enough that I can feel your ... Uhm ... equipment throbbing between us; I realize why my plan would never work. I'll have to try something more direct."

"Why wouldn't it have worked?" I gulped.

"Do I really even need to say it?" she smiled.

"Val I have no idea what you're talking about," I said.

This was the first time that Val had demonstrated her second super power. The first was her uncanny ability to fall flat on her face or ass in situations where most people wouldn't have. Her second super power was the ability, like most wives have to look into her man's eyes and almost always know his thoughts.

I tried to turn my face away from her relentless gaze. She grabbed me by my chin and turned me back to face her.

"Sure you do," she smiled. "Clearly, I'm the idiot here for not seeing this sooner."

"Not seeing what?" I asked. I had no idea what she was talking about, but let's face it. Most of us will never understand women.

"Josh you love me," she said. "I'm such an idiot. All of the things you do. All of the places you take me. The fact that you actually listen to me. God, I'm thick."

"Uhm..." I began. At a slight tilt of her head, I shut up. She started to unbutton her blouse, and I grabbed her hands.

"Jeezus, what now?" she asked.

"I can't do this," I said.

"You're too young for erectile dysfunction," she said.

"My erectile is functioning quite well," I spat.

"Yeah, I know," she smiled. "I can feel it through my jeans. If it was any more erectile, it would probably have pushed my jeans and my panties into my pussy. So why can't we do this?"

"Because, it's your first time," I said. "That is a really special gift for you to give to someone. It's going to be something you remember for the rest of your life. What will you tell your daughter someday? Yeah, Honey, my first time was with some guy, in his car. Nope, we're going to pause and make arrangements so your first time is really special."

"Holy shit, my mother is going to love you," she said. I took her home that evening, with her maidenhood still intact. It lasted another week. The following weekend we drove to Niagara Falls and rented a honeymoon suite in one of the hotels.

We took our time and worked her into a frenzy. By the time I gently pushed my way inside of her, she was on the verge of a massive orgasm, courtesy of my fingers and lips and tongue. She was so close that all it took was a few gentle strokes to push her over the edge. Afterwards, I washed her clean with a warm towel and held her until the pain went away.

It took her a few days for the soreness to go away, but I never forced anything on her. A few days later, she was all over me again. Our sex life was very full and very healthy. She wanted to try everything. She had no fear and no inhibitions when it came to the two of us. She talked about our sex life as if it was perfectly normal. She, for some reason, seemed to enjoy rubbing it in her roommate's face.

She seemed to scream especially loud if we did it in her dorm, when her roomie was home.

The excitement lasted for about a month and a half. That was when we discovered that Val was pregnant.

We wasted no time driving home to tell her parents the news. Her mom was happy for us. Her dad was skeptical. We had dinner with them in their home and after dinner, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I gave her my grandmother's ring, and she accepted my proposal. Even her dad was smiling then.

We started making plans for how our lives would go. Everyone we knew was happy for us. We drove back to her parents' house every weekend, so she and her mom could plan the wedding. We'd been moving things along really quickly. We wanted to be married before the baby was born.

It was a typical Saturday morning for us when things changed. Val and her mom, along with a couple of Val's friends who were acting as bride's maids were going shopping that day. Val's Dad and I were going out so he could teach me to play golf.

She was laughing and making fun of me, when it happened. She used that first super power of hers to change our lives. There was no rug on the floor to trip over; it was just a regular ceramic tile floor. However, somehow Val managed to trip and fell heavily, flat on her tummy.

She was still laughing when she tried to get up, and suddenly she started to hemorrhage. There was blood everywhere. Her Dad called 911, while I gathered towels and pressed them between her legs to staunch the flow of blood. I scooped her up in my arms and ran to my car. I put her on the front seat and leaned it back as far as I could.

I broke every speed limit in the state but fortunately there were no police cars around. During the section where we drove on the freeway, our speed was more than a hundred and forty mph. I got her to the ER, and had her on a Gurney, with a doctor hooking up an IV and then called her mom and dad. Her Dad, had been pissed at me for moving her, but he had to admit that I had done the right thing because by the time that I called them, the ambulance hadn't arrived yet.

Her parents got to the hospital about a half-hour later. They had to explain to the police and the ambulance, why we weren't there.

She was in surgery for more than four hours. In the end, the doctors told us that Val would make a full recovery, but the baby was gone. Val and I cried our eyes out. Just as one of us would stop crying, the other would start. We both ended up taking a few days off from class. I took a week off. Val never went back.

After that first week had ended, we were able to take her home. Val was depressed. Her mom and dad were constantly reminding her that it had been an accident. I even tried telling her about how often she tripped and fell over nothing.

However, Val was inconsolable. "I killed our baby," she cried. That started another bout of crying. It took days before she was ready to talk again.

Val's parents were church goers. They invited the reverend from their church to come over and say a few words to her. I guess their hope was that he could lift her spirits with a few words of wisdom.

"Valerie, The Lord works in mysterious ways," he said. "I've known you since you were a little girl. I know that right now you're feeling really bad about this, but you have to look at the bright side. God has a plan for you, and maybe this was just not the time for you to have a baby. The doctors have said that your ability to have children is still there. You can have another baby in the future. And now you don't have to get married." I walked out of the room angrily.

Her dad ran after me. "Josh, what are you doing?" he asked. "Val needs you."

He convinced me somehow to go back. The good reverend waved at us as he drove off. "Did Reverend Flynn cheer you up, Honey," he asked Val.

"Nope," she said. "All he did was tell me that I'd have another chance in the future to be a mom."

"And don't forget that we don't have to get married, now," I said, sharply.

"That's true," said Val's Dad.

"That's bull," I spat. "What does one thing have to do with the other?"

"Josh, you're a good guy," said Val's dad. "You would have been a good son in law. When we found out that Val was pregnant, you did the right thing. And you did it without hesitation. However, this gives you two the opportunity to take a step back and..."

"No," I said. "No steps back. I didn't ask Val to marry me because we were pregnant. I asked her because I love her. This is bullshit."

"Calm down, Honey," said Val. "There is nothing on this planet that can keep me from marrying you. Just as soon as I can get out of this bed."

Her mom and dad were grinning from ear to ear. Six months later, we were married. And our lives together have been awesome. I have a great career as an engineer. Val not only didn't return to college, she never went to work. Taking care of me was her job until six years ago when our son Robbie was born. Everyone was afraid whenever Val even stood up, but the pregnancy was uneventful. Almost a year to the day later, our daughter Yvette came along.

Our lives were perfect until that damned concert.


It wasn't that fucking concert. How can one thing be blamed for ruining a marriage that has been going on for fourteen years? The seeds were sown many years ago. The concert was just the catalyst for those seeds to ripen.

To begin with, I've been a silly bitch for most of my life. Almost everything I've done until recently was out of pure vanity.

Over the years, it just grew worse and worse. It started out with a betrayal and a scheme and grew into something very beautiful, but tainted.

Let me start at the beginning; you see even Josh doesn't know this part. I started this whole thing as a very average college student. I didn't work very hard at my studies, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself.

To me, college was an extension of high school and every year I told myself that I would get serious the following year. There was one bright spot on my existence. My boyfriend was Steven Dee Golf. They called him Screaming Steve and he was a local rock singer. Like me, Steve had long black hair down to his ass. We looked good together in pictures. I went to see every show that he did. He was always the center of attention, and I was right there beside him.

In those days, I had a roommate too. Claudia Jenson was her name. She was a big woman. Claudia was the prettiest obese girl I've ever met. She had huge boobs and a big fat ass, but her face was beautiful. I think that to be truthful, her face was prettier than mine. The only thing I had on her was my hair, and the fact that I was thin. I sometimes felt sorry for her because she didn't have many dates.

I felt so sorry for her that I once took her out to one of Steve's concerts with me. After the concert Steve, as usual, wanted to talk about the show, and how good he'd been. We went back to our dorm. The three of us were excited and really jazzed up. Claudia had some beer, and we started drinking. It was the first time that I'd had alcohol, and it really didn't taste good to me. I barely finished one, and I felt awful. I almost passed out on the sofa, and my stomach was really upset. To this day, I'm not much of a drinker. But that night, I was out of it. I vaguely remember Claudia putting me to bed.

The next thing I remember I was waking up, and my stomach was churning like there was no tomorrow. I barely made it to the bathroom to vomit out my guts. With the door to the bathroom closed, and the door beyond it to the living room closed; I doubt that Claudia heard me and I didn't hear her.

I was about to go back to bed, when I heard the weirdest sound from the living room. I opened the door and saw my boyfriend thrusting himself into over three hundred pounds of jiggling fat girl.

I had never seen Claudia naked before that. Her boobs were huge. Each one of them was far bigger than her head. Steve was sucking on one of those huge tits and slamming his dick in and out of her ass. Both of them were moaning like they were about to explode. They were so intent on what they were doing that they had no idea that I was watching them.

Then Steve pulled his dick out of her ass while groaning like he was near death. Claudia got up and then dropped to her knees and took his dick in her mouth like she was ... Shit she was a fat girl ... And she was acting like his dick was the last donut on earth.

The first splash of his cum landed on her face. Then she swallowed the rest of it like it was the nectar of the gods.

"Do my pussy again, baby," she begged. "You fucked everything else so we may as well start over."

"Okay, just give me a few minutes to ... Oh Shit!" he gasped. He finally saw me in the doorway. "Valerie, this didn't mean anything. Honest babe, it was just sex. I don't even like her. She's just one of those fat girls who let anybody fuck her, seriously!"

"Just get out," I said, far more calmly than I felt. "And take the fat slut with you."

The next day I found out that Claudia and I would have to share the dorm until the end of the semester, unless there was another opening or someone was willing to trade with one of us.

I also found out that Steve had been cheating on me for months. Apparently his willingness to wait until I was ready to have sex only meant that he was willing to let me wait. Meanwhile, he was free to screw every woman he ran into, including my roommate.

In the movies, a cheating boyfriend is apologetic and willing to do anything to win back the heart of the woman he loves. Steve never even called me. It was as if his whole attitude was... "Oh well, ya caught me. I guess we're done. See ya."

I was pissed. I was of course hurt and disillusioned, but mostly I was pissed.

I found myself walking around until my fucking bones were chilled. I went into a coffee shop that was so crowded that I couldn't find a table. I sat down at a table with a guy I had never seen before. There was nothing special about him; I just wanted to sit down.

He turned out to be a really nice guy. He bought me coffee and a donut. And he listened to me bitch about Steve and Claudia. As I talked, I really looked at him. He was actually kind of cute. We talked ... Well I talked until the place closed, and then he walked me back to my dorm.

Early the next morning, I was so pissed that I decided to go to class; I ran into Steve coming out of another dorm.

"Oh hey, Babe," he said. "We on for tonight?"

"We broke up, last night, remember, asshole?" I yelled.

"Oh yeah," he said. "Why did we break up, again?"

"You fucked my roommate, is it coming back to you, now?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, but that was your fault. If you were taking care of me, I wouldn't have had to go to someone else, ya dig?" he said. I just walked away from him. He clearly didn't miss me. I meant nothing to him. He'd already found another woman and still wanted me too. I began to see that I had deluded myself with Steve. I needed to find someone who really did want to be with me.

And that was when I tracked down Josh. I decided to use Josh to make Steve jealous. Josh never knew it but we went to a lot of places, just so I could run into Steve. Every time I saw Steve, there was always some slut hanging all over him.

That was when I decided that I would use Josh to learn about sex. I would give Josh my virginity to make Steve jealous. And then when Steve and I got back together; I would give him all the pussy he wanted. And I wouldn't seem like such a dork because I would know how to do it.

But somehow, I started to realize that Steve didn't give a half a damn about me. I was sinking into a depression, when a couple of girls that I knew started to ask me questions about Josh. They were talking about how cute he was. They asked me about how I had found him. "He's so much better than that freak you were dating," said one of them.

I never looked back. The next thing I knew Josh, and I were an item. Then I found myself pregnant. It all just seemed unreal. Then suddenly I was engaged. And through it all, I felt as though there was this warm envelope of love surrounding me. Every girl I knew was jealous of me.

It was bizarre. Josh loved me so much. Except for my parents, no one had ever felt that way about me. I liked it. And then we lost the baby. I know that my parents and Josh were all very sad about it. I was just numb.

My dad had been lukewarm about Josh, but after seeing how pissed Josh got at the thought of not marrying me, he realized how much Josh loved me too.

And Josh really did love me. He was always talking about how beautiful I was. After I got out of the hospital, I expected my body to go back to the same way it was. It didn't. My wedding dress had to be refitted. My boobs were bigger I didn't mind that at all. But my ass was bigger too and so were my thighs.

Josh loved it. All he talked about was how sexy I was. I, on the other hand, began dieting, and I resented Josh. I resented him because he had been the one who'd gotten me pregnant. The pregnancy and the flooding of my system with hormones led to my ass and thighs getting bigger.

I had always had the kind of body that looked good in a bikini. On my honeymoon, I was afraid to put one on. Josh made me feel better as usual. He couldn't take his eyes off of me. He told me that I'd been too skinny, but now I was perfect.

Our lives moved on and after eight years of marriage and being constantly harassed by my parents about when they'd be getting grand kids, I decided to go ahead and give them some. I had two kids in quick succession and found my ass even bigger.

Once again, I blamed Josh. And although I didn't tell him, I went back on the pill. I went on every type of diet I could find. It was stupid. Yet still Josh kept telling me how sexy I was. My body didn't look anything like the women on TV.

My ass simply swallows a bikini bottom. Any type of panties I wear become a thong. My thighs are bigger than my husband's.

My life was a disaster. I was trapped. I was a fucking soccer mom. I had a husband who worshiped me. I liked him, but I wasn't sure about love. I think I loved the fact that he loved me.

We had two kids who I blamed for ruining my body. And all along, I dreamed of getting back at a guy who probably didn't even remember me.

During family get-togethers, my dad always talks about how lucky I am to have a beautiful house and a husband who loves me so much. He talks about how great my kids are, and how glad he was when I dumped that loser and met Josh.

A few years ago, that loser met two Dutch guys in California. Teddie Hal Naven and his brother Angus were a guitarist and drummer. They added a bass player named Anthony Michaels and the band Hal Naven was born. I was so depressed that I didn't know what to do.

My ex was now a world-famous rock star, and I was wiping the noses of little kids and entertaining offers to join the PTA. I got more depressed every year. I also got better at covering it up.

Hal Naven's first three albums went platinum. They traveled all over the world. Steve got into all kinds of trouble the way rock stars do. There were drug busts and a couple of arrests and lots and lots of women. I should have been there. I would have been there if it hadn't been for Josh.

I'd been beautiful and thin until Josh started pumping babies into my tummy and making my ass big.

Hal Naven's fourth album sucked. It did not go platinum. It did not go gold. In fact, it was out of the metals. The album went wood. That is a special category for recordings that have more returned to the record company than were actually produced. Kids were making bootleg copies of the record and turning them back into the record company for a refund.

The band was arguing, and they all blamed each other. Steve went solo. His tour was bringing him home. I was dying to go to the show. I bought a ticket and told Josh I was going.

"Well okay," he said. "If you really want to, we'll go."

"Josh, I want to go alone," I told him. I could see the pain in his eyes, but he nodded his head and told me to have a good time. My heart leaped in my chest. I hoped, and I prayed that Steve might see me among all of those thousands of people.

I think over the two weeks that I had to wait until the night of the concert; I hurt Josh more than I ever had. I walked around the house singing Steve's single, "Ain't talkin' bout Love."

I went out and got my hair trimmed and got my makeup redone. I bought a new outfit. It had a very low cut top and a very tight skirt. Josh took one look at it and went out for a drive in his Mustang. For the first time since we'd met he didn't sleep with me.

Something told me that I was making a mistake, but I was so excited about the concert that I couldn't think of anything else.

The night of the concert, I left as soon as Josh got home and could watch the kids. I ran out of the door and drove downtown to the concert hall. I stood in line for over two hours with a bunch of teenaged boys and a few older guys. There were a few groupies there too.

When they finally let us inside, the crowd pushed inside the doors. I was swept along with the flow of the crowd. I knew that if I tried to stop. I would be trampled.

I finally got to a spot right up front near the stage. As soon as the lights went off, I was being groped and felt up.

I turned and felt even more hands on me. And then the music started. There he was no more than ten feet away from me. I screamed when I saw Steve in all of his glory. He had on tights and a loose tunic-like shirt. He wore a bandanna wrapped around his head that was the same material as his shirt.

The guitars and drums were loud as hell but Steve's vocals were the loudest of all.

"Ain't talking bout love," he sang. "My love is rotten to the core."

"Ain't talking bout love," the crowd sang along with him. "Just like I told you before."

And then it happened. I looked up directly into Steve's eyes, and he smiled. He nodded at me and made a gesture to one of his roadies. The next thing I knew, I was being invited back stage. I watched the rest of the show from the back stage area. There were several groupies back there with me. We waved at all of the people staring at us from the audience.

I felt really special. Most of the women in the backstage area were really pretty or really slutty young girls. When I was younger, I would have felt right at home with them. I wished more than anything else that I had my body back. I let my hair down and swung it out to free it. None of them had hair like mine. Sure, there were blonds with curls and a few with very straight hair, but nothing like my dark tresses.

There were men walking by and looking at us. They whistled and made comments. I began to feel good again. But then as if to remind me of what Josh and his kids had taken from me; I heard two of the girls talking.

"My God, look at that giant ass," said one. "And her thighs would probably crush a guy." They both giggled.

"Be nice," said the other one. "She's probably someone in the band's grandmother."

"It's pathetic," added another woman. "She really should be at home in her rocking chair with a cup of tea and her cat."

Then I heard them start to scream. I thought they were all laughing at me, but a shadow that fell over me made me turn around. There he was pushing through the group of girls until he got to me. Then his arms opened, and I ran into them.

"Hey Babe. Been a long time hasn't it?" he shouted. The other girls were pissed. They scattered, trying to compete for the guys in the band that hadn't picked anyone yet. When the band was all partnered off, they went after the road crew.

"You haven't changed a bit," he said. We left the arena and went to his trailer. We talked for a long time. He filled me in on everything he'd done since he'd left Michigan. His life was exciting. He'd been all over the world several times. I envied him.

He smoked some really strong weed. I took a puff or two, so I didn't seem stuffy or boring. I didn't like it. I liked what came next even less. He took me by the hand, pushed me down over the back of his sofa, pulled my panties down roughly and started fucking me. As he slammed his dick home in me, it really hurt. I think it was the surprise. He didn't give me a chance to get into the mood. I wondered why I wasn't ready. It never took me very long to get ready with Josh.

Then I remembered that Josh always cheated. He always spent a lot of time kissing me, and rubbing me, and eating my pussy until I just begged him to fuck me.

The weirdest thing happened. Just thinking about Josh got me wet. But it was too late. Steve had pulled out. Before I knew it, he had lined up and forced the head of his dick up my ass. The pain was incredible. Josh and I experimented with anal sex a few times. I really didn't like it. I gave it to Josh every once in a great while as a special treat. He understood it for what it was and was very gentle and appreciative. Steve was just slamming his dick in my ass like a madman. I started crying, and he took my whimpers for moans.

"Ooh baby, I may have to keep you around," he leered. "Someone really likes it up the old poop chute, huh?"

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