Going to the Library - What Have I Got Myself Into?

by a_student

Copyright© 2014 by a_student

Erotic Sex Story: My girlfriend went on a spring break fling with two women. So I didn't feel very guilty when I had delicious spring break sex with Katie. It was a sneaky cheating swap. My woman was in Florida with Katie's woman. Our lovers were fucking in Florida. Woohoo. Spring Break was over, but we can't stop. We hid in her library study carrel for heart pounding sex in the stacks, trying not to make too much noise. Sneaking around was hot. Then secrets came out and we all got fucked.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Group Sex   Orgy   White Couple   White Female   .

Well Spring Break might be over, but we can't stop. Back in school, Katie met me in the library. We snuck into her private study carrel in the stacks. We had a heart pounding stand up fuck at the desk, trying not to make too much noise.

Sneaking around was hot. Then secrets came out and we all got fucked.

Note: This stuff must be a work of fiction right? How could anyone remember all the conversations or know exactly what lovers were thinking?

What happens on Spring Break Stays on Spring Break. Right? That means keep your sexual flings on the down low. Or does it?

My girlfriend Susan left for Spring Break on Sunday, just after noon with Charlene and Allyson. The three of them had gone off on Spring Break together. Susan left me behind, because I had to work.

Allyson left Katie behind she had to work. I guess they thought it was OK. After all I'm a guy and Katie's a lesbian. That's what we all thought, including me. Except for Katie.

Katie jumped my bones. We had delicious steamy cheatin' sex for a week. Then we had to cool it or get caught. We started stopping on Friday, one last fuck and we'd quit. We didn't quit.

Susan called from the road with updates. "Horrible Traffic." "How do you change a flat?" "Bad fog in Tennessee" Thank God, they stopped for two hours." The last call from the road was early Sunday morning. "I'm fried. I'll never drive straight through again, Miami to Ohio. Ugggh. Horrible. We're all going to crash for a few hours. Please come and wake me up for dinner. I want you."

'Oh, Shit. They're nearly here.' Finally Katie and I went to our separate corners to clean up and let our minds clear before our lovers got home. Man I didn't want to stop.

It felt nice to be wanted.

Hours later, I found Susan spooned behind Charlene in Susan's bed. They were both naked, so I got naked too. Three in a double bed doesn't leave much room. That must be what woke them up as I pushed in behind Susan.

"I think he's happy to see us." said Susan.

"What makes you think that?" countered Charlene.

"The boner." sniggered Susan.

"Bullshit it's always hard." No mercy from Charlene.

Susan moaned when I got my boner in her. Charlene moaned when Susan got her Oster powered vibrating hand on her clit. Together we slowly reached take off speed.

"Charlene, you better get your diaphragm." Said Susan.

When Charlene mounted me she said, "This is a boner test to see how much sex you've been getting. If you can't cum four times, you've been foolin' around. Might have to cut off your pussy supply." Needless to say I was motivated.

A while later, I made a naked run to the bathroom. Katie was waiting in the hall when I opened the door. She put a finger to her lips silencing me as she gripped my cock in her hand.

I went back to Susan's room with the mother of all boners. Katie rejoined Allyson. That little grip filed my mind with memories and fantasies as I went another round with Susan and Charlene.

Monday night the five of us ate dinner at Susan's house. It turned raucous. Over dinner, Katie and I struggled to keep our sexual fling on the down low. Cheating? Who me? We tried to slide back into our previous lovers and relationships, but it would never be quite that simple. It had been too delicious. Temptation was too close. Reunited partners were pestering each other for steamy details of spring break fun.

I asked, "Susan how many nights did you take them out dirty dancing?"

"We didn't go out dirty dancing." sputtered Susan.

"So you just stayed in the room got high and fucked?"

"Now wait a minute, we went out."

"So when you three did wet t-shirt contests, did you take your bra off under your shirt right in front of everybody?" Katie asked Allyson.

More stuttered denials and red faces were all we got for responses to our harassment. Katie and I kept the focus on Florida. When Allyson tried to turn the questions back to Katie, she flat out lied saying, "I just worked and didn't really do anything for fun. I did go out to The Women's Bar with the crew but it wasn't any good without you."

Susan turned to me. "I hit the usual sailing club parties. No I didn't pick up any women there. In the small world category, I did see Katie and crew hitching back from the women's bar and gave them a ride home. On the other hand I got a lot of work done, but not much for fun."

Hey, my escapade with Katie wasn't funny, it was serious sex.

The next day, Katie saw me in the coffee shop on campus. Pressed close together in line, Katie squeezed me down low, asking, "So how's Mr. Dickins doing? You know Miss Kitty weeps whenever she thinks about him. That's kinda often."

Then she shrugged away laughing loudly, saying, "Good to see yah. Say Hi to Susan."

Yeah, right. Mr. Dickins went, Throb, Throb, but we seem to have pulled it off.

Thursday that week, I tracked down a book I needed at the main library. That was a long way from my normal engineering library haunts. After checking out the book, I found a comfortable place to read for a bit in the casual reading room. Across the way I spied Katie with a bunch of students in a glassed off study space. As our eyes met, we exchanged furtive knowing nods and shy smirky grins across the distance.

The study group soon broke up. Katie made her way across the room to kneel by my easy chair. She whispered in my ear, "I've never seen you here before, what are you doing?"

Leaning closer I whispered back, "I needed this book, it was here. I figured this might be a good place to read it before my next class. It's comfortable, besides I might have to work if I go to the lab. So, what's up with your study group?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I didn't think you lesbians actually ever hung around with guys?" My nose was buried in her hair, my lips brushed her ear. It took strong willpower to keep from love biting her lovely ear.

I can't pass up the little verbal dig. Glancing down I can see her nipples peaking up through her bra and shirt.

Katie makes me lightheaded, so beautiful in this wholesome girl next door sort of way. Then out pop her nipples and I'm ready to fuck her right there in the library. There is something in the smell of her skin, her hair. I'm in absolute lust. I can see why Allyson is hooked.

Leaning in closer she replied, "Yeah, but only when I..." She held out the I as a long gasp. "Really need some..." another long mmm as she reached into my lap. "Some help stud ... e-ying of what guys can do." She said with a sly smile. This close I can smell her body. Oh, man her hot woman musk is making Mr. Dickins strong.

Placing her hand on my arm, she whispered, "I think we should go to see my study carrel. It's in the stacks on the 9th floor. It's not very big but it's pretty private."

Leaning in a bit more, she whispered, "Miss Kitty is so lonely. She wants to fool around."

"OK." I responded.

Katie had me fired up from way across the room. Up close she had Mr. Dickins full attention. I was trying to look innocent, holding down my smile. My books had a mighty hard time hiding my swelling dick.

We made our way to the stack elevator which is packed with other students. Katie pressed me into the corner with her ass, it didn't help my swelling. Fortunately the rest of the elevator occupants disembarked at different floors. Finally at the ninth, we were the only ones to get off, I mean leave the elevator. As the elevator doors closed behind us, she took my hand and pulled me down a dark narrow passage between the floor to ceiling book shelves. It's dead quiet.

We went around a corner into a very dim corner. There surrounded by dusty volumes on European history were three narrow doors. Katie pulled a lanyard with key and ID from her bag.

The light from a window at the end of the row is just enough to get the key in the door. Her carrel is the center door in a row of three. "Good, no one else is here. No lights," she said quietly, pointing to the space below the other doors.

Katie flipped on the light to reveal a tiny windowless study carrel barely bigger than an airline bathroom. With the light on, I can see a built in desk, above it a shelf with integrated desk lamp and a single hard chair.

It needs mentioning that Katie was a really strong athletic woman, dick stiffening sexy as all fuck, but strong and nearly as tall as I am. It doesn't wound my manly pride at all to say that she grabbed me and nearly flung me inside the carrel saying quietly, "Get in there."

Inside she pressed me to the wall, whispering, "Fuck me. Fuck me now Mr. Dickins. Fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." At the same time Katie, pulled my belt buckle free and dropped my jeans around my ankles.

Then in a flash, her personality flickered to another channel. Her voice rose an octave so she sounded like a little girl as she squealed, "Oh goodie, Mr. Dickins is hard for Miss Kitty." Giggling she shimmied out of her shoes, pants and panties.

With her bubble ass perched on the edge of the desk, she locked one heel up on the desktop, her knee pressed against the wall. Her shoulder pressed against the opposite wall of the narrow room. Her legs spread wide as she propped an elbow on the shelf behind her. It was a kind of awkward but sexy pose.

She didn't have to say anything more to entice me. It seemed as if my cock reached across the room for her, as she swabbed the tip between her cuntlips. Then she whispered, "Do it. Do it."

Wet, thought she may be, there is enough dry skin between us that it took a few strokes to get Mr. Dickins head buried in Miss Kitty. My mouth and kisses smothered Katie's moans as we joined.

No matter how athletic she is, it's not exactly a stable perch for her. I held her ass with one hand under her raised knee while spreading Katie's cunt lips wide with my dick root. As I slammed her with every bit of my length, she wriggled to stay on the edge of the desk. A little frustrated worried "eennhh" whimpered from her involuntarily.

"Other leg, raise your other leg." I whispered. She squeaked as I took a possessive hold under her widespread knees, pushing her back onto her perch with my body. Leaning into her, I had her nailed, frog legged with her ass on the desk.

Flexing my legs to improve my aim I pushed while Miss Kitty cautiously swallowed Mr. Dickins. In her ear I whispered, "Oh that naughty Miss Kitty, she sure is hungry for Mr. Dickins."

The hard bodied woman panted as I held her pinned against the desk and shelf. My first strokes now past her lips, I teased her with the tip for a bit before she pulled me snugly home to momma. Seating me completely, she held me tight and sighed. "Fuck me hard."

The position seemed to work for me too. I'd never really had stand up sex before. Why work so hard? Now I was motivated. I was taking short strokes that stayed deep and slammed us together at the closest point. It must be working for Katie too. Her frustrated whine was gone.

Now the little room filled with the moan of a woman reaching take off speed,

"Shuush" I kissed her, Frenching her into silence.

Holding her tight I started a steady ramming into her cunt. The desk seemed sturdy almost as if someone planned for it to take this kind of load.

My knees straighten as I leaned into her, my cock riding tight against her clit. She held my shoulders as I leaned into her body. I'm hard at it, humping, pumping. She sighed a low "OOOOHHHHHH that's nice."

Taking deep breaths she looked me in the eyes and whispered, "I've been missing you Mr. Dickins."

Steady strokes are my response, I can see the flush building on her throat down into her shirt. Her head rolled back resting against the bookshelf. I watched her build to a quick orgasm. As she peaked a stifled, "Ah" squeaked from her throat. She grimaced to stifle further cries. Continuing to pump her past her quaking orgasm I build the way into my own. Breathing deeply, quietly, through open lips we pant. The sloppy sound of sexes joining and our bodies thudding fills the tiny space.

My orgasm was announced by a sharp guttural "UUhh" and the jets of jism in her pussy.

A few friendly strokes later I paused in her resting. Listening. We pant silently. Holding still. Braced against the desk and walls. Dick and pussy deeply joined.

I whispered, "Did you hear the elevator ding?"

In the distance we hear a bang and low conversation.

"Shuush," she whispered. "Clean me up. I'm full of your jizz. Suck me out or I'll drip. Do a good job so Allyson won't be any the wiser."

"Do me good and I'll get you off again. Dick."

I gave her a dubious look then knelt to do the deed. Katie caressed my head as I sucked and licked to clean her out. Finished with clean up, I focused sucks on her clit. A nearby noise froze us both. We held still while the book cart thumped a flat caster on down the aisle.

I started to suck on her clit again. She pushed me away whispering, "I'm freaked, it won't work now." I frowned and stood. She spun me to the desk and dropped to return the cleaning favor. She sucked my semi-hard cock deep and stroked him.

We can hear a cart banging around as books are re-shelved.

"This isn't going to work. We'll need to get out of here. They will see the light," I worried.

Katie flipped off the light never taking her lips from my shaft. Minutes later she has me near orgasm for the second time in minutes. I shook with joyous agony as she pleasured Mr. Dickins. Way down the stacks someone is whistling as books are reshelved and others retrieved. I sigh quietly, as the last of my cum is milked into her mouth.

Passing me a paper towel she said, "Wipe your face. You'll need to wash the pussy out of your beard in the bathroom. There is a tiny one by the elevator." Kissing me with plenty of tongue she said, "This was fun. I'm glad we had this time together."

"Me too. I'd better get washed up before class, I don't think my lab partners would be entertained by pussy breath."

Giggling, she said. "See you around the house. Dick. I'm going to figure out how to get more of you."

Maybe I should have been warned, or worried, but it's pretty hard to worry when your body is flooded with endorphins from two back to back orgasms. I was walking on air.

That Saturday night, I was the only guy at dinner with Susan and three of her female housemates. Beth had become a phantom housemate, now practically living with her latest lover. The women were in a jokey mood telling tales of Beth spotting.

"She looks real happy." Allyson said.

"You might have the same smile if you were getting dicked with seven inches twice a day." Katie teased back while tossing a quick subtle eye fuck my way.

The five of us were teamed up to prepare a meal of lasagna, salad and garlic bread. The food preparations started early burning enough herb to lower inhibitions and loosten lips. The kitchen was hot, with simmering sauce, a warming oven and boiling noodles.

Allyson wanted to go dancing after dinner. She was already dressed for clubbing in a slinky short skirt and flouncy top. Katie who still wore her jog bra and running shorts tried to convince Allyson that staying home was a better idea. She groped Allyson's braless tits, holding her from behind, hands under the top with her own breasts wrapped around the smaller woman's neck.

There was a lot of affection being displayed. Everyone was still dressed, but that didn't stop squeezing and hands slipped under for a feel.

Charlene and I were layering a huge lasagna in the pan. It was hot work and I was steaming, in a couple of ways.

Susan fingered the shape of my swollen cock as she continued to tease Allyson. "I think you need a banana in your dessert." Allyson sputtered her protest, covering her pussy.

Susan kept pushing. "Katie, think she would be interested in seeing a flaming banana?" Still tracing along my cock, she had my attention.

'Banana dessert? OK. Flaming banana. UhOh.' I must have flinched.

"Stay calm honey," she cooed to me with an air kiss, "I mean we should make Bananas Foster for dessert."

Bananas Foster was a sore point. Susan's parents had taken her to New Orleans for a family wedding timed along with Mardi Gras. – I specifically was un-invited. – Oh Yeah, that was just one more sore point with Susan's family politics. Susan's Mommy dictated that her young toy (me) wasn't an acceptable companion. Much as I'd love to stick it to Mommy, I don't know if I should be pissed or relieved at not going. I do know I would have loved to go with her to Mardi Gras. I certainly would have made life hell for her Mother.

When Susan returned, she was contrite, apologetic and horny. Our make-up sex was filled with raves about my flaming banana. OK, so she thinks I'm hot? It didn't make much sense, but who's doing critical thinking in the middle of a welcome-home fuck? She still had a cunt full of my banana when she described eating Bananas Foster. The waiter served them up flaming at the table.

To even things up, I spent most of our three days apart working on the sex toy project with Gloria. It wasn't Mardi Gras, but it worked for me. I'd bet anything I had more sex than Susan did. I was still a little mad about the trip, but I came to think of my time with Gloria as the bananas revenge. Memories like that were making me horny.

Now this evening, the mention of flaming bananas had me hard and thinking about a place for my banana. Neither Charlene or I could do much more than look at each other with our hands full of lasagna noodles, sauce and cheese. The bulge in my shorts and her obvious as nipple points showed where our heads were. How much had Susan told Charlene about my flaming banana?

Was it Susan's desert description or was it the munchies? Suddenly we were going shopping again. Compulsively organized, Susan made an ingredients list. It looked like my flaming banana was going to have to wait.

About that time Charlene and I finally got the lasagna assembled and into the oven. While the lasagna baked the five of us hurried off on our mission.

The five of us must have made quite a parade walking to the grocery and liquor stores. We were being responsible, saving gas, getting exercise, giggling. So high, none of us should have been on the street, let alone driven. Katie took Allyson hand in hand and lead the pack down the quiet residential sidewalk. Susan, Charlene and I linked arms walking behind.

Watching the two women walking was an eyeful for all three of us. I knew both of my escorts had the hots for their housemates. Up front the two of them had to be putting on the hip swinging slut strut. Didn't they? "Which one do you think is making him hard?" Asked Charlene loud enough to be overheard. Katie looked back over her shoulder as she lifted Allyson's skirt. I thought she might not know her thong split cheeks were on display until she said, "Dream on big boy, look all you want but NO TOUCHING." This got a round of laughter from us all. With that she made sure her sexy little ass was covered.

"Hey, Allyson, as nice as it is, the one that makes me hardest is right here." With that, I grabbed Susan's bun resulting in her squeal which produced another round of laughter.

"Nope," countered Susan, " It's these things right here, pointing to Charlene's boobs." Yup, Charlene's tits were very nice. Charlene was tall and fairly thin. Today her boobs were swinging loose under a thin rayon shell. Shaped like ripe pears with barely a crease underneath, Charlene's breasts are narrow at the chest standing out further than they are wide. Her nipples turn up slightly making a beautiful curve from shoulder to nipple tip. To make my cock even harder, you could see every contour of her nipple through her top. Since Susan brought Charlene into our bed those nipples had been making me hard quite often.

To be fair, Susan's body was my first and foremost addiction. Big breasted, Susan wore a bra anytime she was dressed. No matter how sexy a bra she wore, her nipples were way more contained than Charlene's. Susan's naked body dominated my thoughts, but 'Oh, fuck, ' Charlene's nipples were fine.

Our sexy parade meandered through the store, it was a good thing we made a shopping list. It took all five of us to pay attention long enough to find the stores, get a pound of brown sugar, a pound of butter, cinnamon, five pounds of bananas and a gallon of vanilla ice cream.

Then one other stop, the Liquor store. You should have seen the look we got when Charlene put a handle of cheap dark 151 rum on the checkout counter. Four sexy women, one slightly swollen embarrassed guy. Sixty ounces of 151 Rum. Five people?

He was already giving us the hairy eye ball when Charlene asked, "This stuff will burn won't it?"

He chuckled and said, "It will feel warm all the way down."

"No, I mean will burn if we light it with a flame?" He shrugged, Susan said of course it'll work. Our giggles probably gave him a clue that something was up. Then again he probably had seen it all. What could go wrong?

When he said, "Have fun." Susan nearly collapsed with eye rolling giggles.

Amazingly, we made it back at the house with the ingredients before the lasagna was done.

"We need a test shot." yelled Katie as she pushed us into the kitchen. Then she was rumbling through the cabinets for glasses. In seconds five juice glasses were lined up with a finger of the dark potent rum.

"Test Shot, Test Shot," Katie chanted while pulling her giggling friends around the glasses. Raising our glasses, she said, "A toast. A toast. To flaming bananas." Then we all slammed down our shot.

A shot of 151 Rum burns like crazy going down. I'm not really sure how many of the women knew what they were doing before we did it. We all stood there stunned by the burn, eyeing each other as I said, "Fuuuck meeeee." in a low long rasp.

Maybe they were all thinking the same thing in one way or another. Then the oven timer rang and broke our trance. Charlene pulled the lasagna from the oven and declared it done.

Katie yelled, "Time for one more." and poured another finger of Rum into our glasses. It's safe to say I wasn't the only one reeling at that point, we were all wasted.

Over dinner at the table, Katie started pestering Allyson, Charlene, and Susan for details of their spring break sex. I could see the little devil horns popping up on her as she pestered her housemates for the lurid details. "Charlene, did Allyson make that little 'nngh' sound just before she orgasmed?"

We are all very familiar, we have all seen each other naked. I've had sex with three of the four women. However, including me in open talk about the details of their spring break sex is exciting new territory. Katie keeps giving me little quick eye fucks with a tight little smile. I'm hard as a rock.

Katie kept digging for details on the trio's spring break sex. "You how did you do it? I want details."

"Allyson masturbated in the back seat, when we smelled her it made us both horny. We got a room with a king bed just short of the Florida border, it was too far for us to make it to Miami in one shot." said Susan.

"Allyson was last in the bathroom and came out wearing a t-shirt. Charlene and I were naked.

Giggling Susan confessed. "It all started when I took out my Ben Wa balls. Allyson's eyes got as big as the ball. Charlene could tell I was fired up. She did me with her dildo. It was a screamer."

"We jumped on Allyson next. Charlene got her shirt off, I started sucking her clit."

"I started to go inside her with my finger. She resisted until I hit her with a g-spot massage. Finally Charlene got her to try that vibrating dildo with a nice hooked tip." I am familiar with that dildo because the three of us used it to great success on Susan and Caroline. It knocked it out of the park for both of them.

Allyson had flushed a lovely shade of rose. Her erect nipples showed excitement not embarrassment. Katie, reached right over and circled that hard little bump with her fingertip. The table is small and we are all close. Katie triggered a round of groping until Susan said, "Let's make dessert."

I have to say, this was all very exciting. These were all hot women. Susan was my waking wet dream, her rounded curves were displayed in a scoop neck shell and short tight terry shorts, Charlene still wore the rayon top, clinging to her nipples.

Allyson as still dressed for clubbing in a short skirt and flouncy top. Katie wore her jog bra and running shorts. I wore cargo shorts and a t-shirt. We had just gotten a play by play description of their first night of sex. They had formed a three way eat 'em out daisy chain. The day was warm, the kitchen was warmer. We were HOT.

We headed for the kitchen to set bananas on fire. Katie was still on a roll. She hugged Allyson from behind, openly groping one of her breasts. "I know you asked all our friends who I was fucking. Were you jealous?" Allyson struggled, but Katie wouldn't let her go. "So who was it? Who did they say I was fucking? You know those cunts would brag. Eh?" Katie pinched Allyson's boob getting a squirm from her captive before continuing. "None of 'em that's who I fucked. While you were getting it on, I was missing you. Going without your sweet little tongue."

I had to admire her BS. It's true Katie didn't fuck any of their women friends. She had been fucking me. Allyson was suspicious, but had no evidence. Somehow they missed me as a possibility. It was delicious. I couldn't have been harder.

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