Getting Even 2 - Grant's Birthday

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2014 by NymphWriter

Erotic Sex Story: Bella has asked Zane for his help with a surprise she's planned for Grant's birthday after the guests have left for the evening.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Revenge   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

Zane walked up and down the wine aisles of his favorite liquor store. Tonight was Grant's birthday party and he wanted to give him a nice bottle of wine. The problem was, he didn't know much about wine as it wasn't his drink of choice. He had only bought one bottle of wine and it wasn't that good. That mistake was made about four months ago when he got news that changed his life forever.

Six months ago, Zane had met Grant's lovely wife, Bella, at a local bar. Their meeting was prearranged by a mutual friend of theirs for the sole purpose of Bella having a "justice fuck" after years of dealing with Grant's infidelity. There were a few stipulations Bella had requested: all of her sexual fantasies were to be fulfilled, no condoms were to be used except for anal sex, and Grant was to be allowed to watch. The night ended with Grant watching Zane fuck Bella hard. Then Bella kicked Grant out of the master bedroom and had Zane lock them in.

At first, Zane questioned the reason why Bella would want the door locked, until he heard Grant try to return while Bella peacefully slept. Zane was tempted to ask Grant what he wanted, but decided after enjoying taking Bella's anal virginity while Grant was forced to listen, he decided he didn't need to stir the shit-pot of trouble any more.

Two months after that fateful night, he met Bella at a local café, where he learned that he was most likely is the father of her unborn child. Bella made it clear the choice was his about having a relationship with the child and has left him alone. The most pressure she applied was the regular updates from her doctor informing him that everything was progressing along as it should.

Zane resumed as her lover and Grant was Bella's cuckold. He knew Grant would only get to fuck Bella if he behaved because after their first month, Bella cut Grant off sexually until he begged her to forgive him. He learned this from both Bella sharing with him after Grant was sent out, and Grant's complaining about her poor treatment of him.

Tonight was going to be different though. Bella had asked Zane if he was willing to do something different in light of Grant's birthday. Though it wasn't something Zane enjoyed, he was willing for Bella. In fact, he found himself willing to do more things for Bella and her children than any other lover he had prior or since. Over the past four months he'd gone to more little league games and dance recitals than ever before. Normally he'd never go, but there was something about Bella's children, Tommy and Stella that Zane couldn't say no to.

"May I help you find something sir?"

Zane looked over and saw Janette, the bubbly red-haired clerk he'd known since she started there a few months back. "Actually yes, Janette. I need a good bottle of wine."

"It is for a special occasion?"

"Birthday gift."

"Ah, who's the lucky lady?"

"It's for a man."

"OH!" she exclaimed, then giggled and grabbed a bottle of wine. "Well, this red is pretty popular with men like you."

Zane rolled his eyes. "I'm not gay darling. The man is a friend. I don't know him too well, but I thought a nice bottle of good wine would make a good gift."

Janette blushed. "I'm sorry sir. If it's a good bottle of wine for a man he would like, I know just the bottle. Follow me."

Zane followed her, admiring her ass in her jeans as she walked. He started thinking about how good those jeans would look bunched around her ankles with his cock buried in her pussy. She led him to the back corner of the store near the storeroom.

"Just so you know, these are, in my opinion, our best wines," explained Janette. "They aren't the cheapest, or the most expensive, but it's not a wine that no one ever doesn't like. Would you like to try a sample?"


Janette slipped into the storeroom and returned a moment later with a small cup with some red liquid in the base. "We keep an open bottle in the back for the staff to enjoy. Occasionally we share it with our best customers."

Zane swirled the red liquid and took a sniff. He could tell she was telling the truth, this was good quality wine. He took the sip and was pleasantly surprised. "You're right, this is good."

"It tastes even better when you lick it out of a woman's pussy," she said, smiling wickedly.

Zane glanced down. Yes, she was definitely flirting with him and he very much wanted to see if she was right. "And how, pray tell, do you suppose I can find this out?"

Janette's smile grew, if that were possible. She looked around and saw her coworker covering the front. She took Zane's hand and said, "Follow me."

She led Zane into the back and to the small break room, locking the door. There, on a table was the open bottle of wine. She quickly stripped off her pants and said, "I hope you were serious about that not being gay shit."

"Looks like you're about to find out," said Zane, smiling as he watched her sit on the table and lay back.

"If you eat me well, I'll let you fuck me."

"I look forward to it."

Janette handed him the bottle. Zane took a chair and pulled it up to the table, sitting himself before Janette's pussy. There was just a small strip of red hair at the top, but otherwise it was smooth and hairless. Zane poured a bit of wine into the cup from before and carefully poured some into her pussy. Janette moaned softly as she felt the liquid fill her. Then, without warning, Zane began licking and sucking the liquid from her pussy. The wine mixed with her natural juices and he found the mixture intoxicating.

Zane would periodically refill her pussy and drink until he knew she was ready. Janette's body shook as she squealed with her orgasm.

"Fuck me! Please!" she cried.

Zane didn't hesitate. He freed his bulging member from pants and removed a condom from his pocket, tearing it open with his teeth. Quickly, he rolled it onto his cock, and slammed it into her pussy.

"Like this?" he growled.

"Yes!" she cried.

"Still think I'm gay?" he asked slamming his cock into her pussy a second time.

"NO!" she exclaimed.

Zane pounded her pussy hard, and after she had a second orgasm he shot his load. Though the sex wasn't planned, he'd learned to always come prepared. He stepped back and threw the condom into the trash. The sex may have been short lived, but from the smile on Janette's face, it was successful. He grabbed a napkin off the table, wiped his cock off, and put it back into his pants. Janette sat up, wiped her pussy off, and put her pants back on.

"I'll take a bottle of that wine," said Zane.

"Would you like it gift wrapped?" she asked, zipping up her jeans.

"It would make my life a bit easier."

Janette smiled. "After that fuck, I'll do anything to make your life easier."

They stepped out of the break room, and exited the stock room. Janette grabbed a bottle, wiped it down, and grabbed a wine bottle gift-bag with some tissue paper. She escorted Zane to the register and rang him up. Her coworker glanced her way, but said nothing. Janette wrapped the bottle so it looked nice, then took Zane's credit card to finish the sale.

"Thank you for coming sir," she said wickedly.

"It was my pleasure," said Zane, grabbing his purchase and leaving the store.

Janette's coworker stepped up once Zane was out of the store and said, "Please tell me he's a good fuck."

"Amazingly good," she said smiling. "I sure hope he buys more wine."

Zane parked on the curb and walked up to the house. He could see the party goers milling around and chatting. He rang the bell and waited. Grant opened the door. "Zane."

"Happy birthday Grant."

"Well, you might as well come in," said Grant stepping aside.

Zane handed him the gift bag and said, "Thanks. This is for you."

"Thanks," Grant grunted.

"Where are the kids?"

"My parents are taking them to Disneyland tomorrow as part of my birthday present."

"Ah, so you and Bella will have the house to yourselves."

Grant shot Zane a dirty look. "Something like that."

"Zane!" they heard Bella exclaim. The petite blonde, now six months pregnant walked up wearing a wine maternity dress that reminded Zane of the dress she was wearing the night they met. "When did you get here?"

"Just now," said Zane smiling. "I was wishing Grant here a happy birthday."

"He even got me a gift," said Grant, holding up the bag.

Bella took the bag, "I'll put this with the other gifts. That was so nice of you Zane. Well, have a drink and enjoy yourself."

'I already did, ' Zane thought to himself, then smiled and said, "I'll do my best."

Bella gave him a strange look, then walked away. Zane too, stepped away and got himself a drink. A slender, dark-skinned brunette woman wearing a form fitting red dress showing off her full, firm, breasts walked up to him and said, "You're probably the last person I expected to see here."

Zane glanced over and smiled. "I was invited."

"Me too," she said.

"It's good seeing you again Carmen."

"Really?" she asked. "Because it's been almost a year since I've seen you."

Zane turned toward Carmen. "As I recall, you ended our affair."

"Shhh!" Carmen hissed. "Let's not advertise it."

"Ah, you and your secrets."

"Like you don't have more than your fair share."


"So, you and Bella. How much longer will it last and does Grant know?"

Zane leaned down and whispered, "Grant watches."

Carmen gasped. "Really?"

"Yeah. And as far as how long it will last, hard to say."

"Well I'm sure she'll end it after the baby is born."


Carmen looked up at Zane. "When did you meet Bella?"

"A few months ago."

"Was she already pregnant?"

"Not sure. I never asked."

Carmen looked from Bella to Zane, then said, "Well, it was good seeing you again. Let me know when you're available for another."

"Will do."

Carmen walked away. Zane admired her ass in the red dress and remembered their own steamy affair. Miguel was like Grant, a man who became a cuckold. The difference was their relationship ran its course. He knew she had other lovers and enjoyed their company more than she did his.

He saw Bella and smiled. She walked over to him, smiling. "Having fun?"

"Always when I'm with you."

"Oh!" exclaimed Bella.


"The baby kicked. Wanna feel?"

"I, um..." stammered Zane.

Bella grabbed his drink-free hand and placed it on her stomach. "It doesn't hurt. Can you feel the baby kick?"

It only took a moment before Zane felt her stomach move beneath his hand. "Woah! That's ... wow."

Bella smiled. "It's like she knows who her daddy is." Zane's head snapped toward Bella. "She won't do that for Grant."

"She? It's ... a girl?"

"Yeah," said Bella, "at least we think so. All the tests have come back saying it's a girl."

Zane slowly withdrew his hand. "Congratulations. I'm sure Grant is excited."

Bella exhaled. "He shouldn't be, but he is. I'd best see to my other guests. Are we still on for tonight?"

"I made you a promise Bella. But I should warn you, I must leave in the morning, I have a flight I must catch. I'm being sent to Europe for another month again."

"Your work does make you travel a lot."

"I'm trying to earn a promotion that will keep me from traveling so much."

"Do you need a ride to the airport?"

"You don't need to Bella."

Bella looked up at Zane. "For all you've done for me, it's the least I could do."

Zane looked into those blue eyes and found himself lost. "Fine. Be at my place by two."

"Done. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be the good hostess."

Bella walked away and Zane smiled. A girl, he was going to have a daughter. A daughter who would think he was her uncle. Zane wasn't sure how he felt about this. He decided to have another scotch and worry about it later.

The party carried on like parties like this do. People drinking, eating hors d'oeuvres, and talking. Grant opened his gifts, and politely thanked everyone. Bella was playing the role of the good wife, but Zane noticed she was keeping a bit of distance from him. It would take a careful eye to spot such a thing, but Zane had years of practice. It was how he was able to engage in so many relationships with so many married women over the years.

Carmen slid over and said quietly, "That's a nice bottle of wine you got Grant."

"The salesgirl recommended it," said Zane.

"Did she recommend anything else?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, you're not a one-woman man Zane. You never have been."

"People change."

"Really," said Carmen, looking up at Zane. "Then explain to me why you smell of pussy?"

Zane smiled. "It still doesn't mean I can't change."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

Zane sipped his scotch, but chose not to reply. Soon enough, the party wound down, and the one by one, the guests began to leave. Bella was in the kitchen cleaning up when Carmen approached.

"I need to have a word with you Bella."

"Can't it wait," moaned Bella, "I must clean up before going to bed."

"I'll help," she said, grabbing some wine glasses and emptying the contents into the sink.


"So, how are things going with you and Zane?"

Bella's head snapped up and she looked around. "I don't know what you're-"

"Really Bella, don't be so naïve."

"Shall we discuss your affairs then?" Bella asked, cleaning the counter.

Carmen paused for a moment. "Touché. But I assure you, no one is near."

"That's what Grant thought and look where that got him."

"So, Zane," said Carmen, grabbing more glasses. "He's a nice guy."

"I agree. He bought Grant a nice bottle of wine."

"I was surprised to see him here tonight."


"You know why."

Bella paused. "What do you know Carmen?"

"I know for all practical purposes that you and Zane are still seeing one another and that Grant participates. At least, he watches. I know Grant cheated on you throughout your marriage and you wanted revenge."

"Justice," corrected Bella.

"Fine, 'justice.' And I suspect, that baby isn't Grant's."

Bella froze. Her hands shook. "Who all have you told?"

"Aside from you no one. Nor will I. Look Bella, you chose to give Grant another chance. Why, I have no idea. The man is a liar and a cheat. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he has another family somewhere."

"Get to the point Carmen," snapped Bella.

Carmen stepped up and put her arm around Bella's shoulders. "Zane isn't the kind of guy to settle down. He likes fucking women. All kinds of women. Even if this baby is his as I suspect, that won't change him."

Bella bit her lip. "Who says I want to change him?"

Carmen squeezed Bella's shoulders. "You know you suck at lying. It's why I can beat you in poker. Divorce Grant while you still can. Make him pay child support for the kids and alimony to you. Get rid of his cheating ass and move on."

Bella sighed. "He's been faithful."

"He always is when you're pregnant. He knows your hormones make you a raging nymphomaniac. Once you have this baby, he'll go back to his old ways. You mark my works."

Carmen withdrew her arm. Bella stood silently for a moment, then said, "How many?"


"How many women did you get for Grant?"

Carmen paused. "Two. I'm sorry Bella. The first was before I knew you. I told him after the second we were done. And I swear, I never fucked him."

"Thanks. And thanks for Zane. He's a good guy." Bella turned toward Carmen and added, "I gave him an out you know."


"Zane. I told him I wanted nothing from him. It was his choice to stay involved or not."


"No, I'm serious. I knew going in that I was taking a hell of a risk."

"So, it's been his idea to still be in this pseudo relationship?"

"Yeah," sighed Bella. "And if tomorrow when I take him to the airport, he tells me it's the end, then it's the end."

"You can't be serious?"

"I am. Just promise me one thing, Carmen."


Bella's eyes welled up with tears. "When he does, will you let me cry on your shoulder?"

"Of course Bella."

Carmen threw her arms around Bella and held her tight. The two women hugged for several minutes as Bella softly cried. Then they heard a man call out, "Carmen! Where are you?"

"That's Miguel. I'd better go."

"Thanks for coming," said Bella wiping the tears off her cheeks.

"Thanks for the invite."

"Carmen!" called Miguel.

"I'm coming!" cried Carmen. Then said in a calmer tone, "Goodnight Bella. Great seeing you again."

"Goodnight Carmen."

Carmen walked away and Bella resumed washing the wine glasses. Zane stepped in and asked, "Have you seen Carmen?"

Bella jumped. "She just left."


Zane wanted to tell Bella he had heard their entire conversation, but he didn't. Instead, he helped her clean. Once the guests were gone, Grant came into the kitchen and said, "Everyone has gone. And since he's still here, I can assume he's staying."

Bella smiled wickedly, then said, "He's here as part of my gift to you Grant."


"You've been so nice letting me fuck Zane pretty much whenever that I thought as my gift to you, you could fuck me. A threesome if you will. Zane will participate to help, but tonight is your birthday, and my gift is you getting to fuck me any way you want."

"You're fucking kidding," said Grant.

"She's not," said Zane. "She asked me about this last week to see if I was on board. We know you like watching, but have you ever been watched?"

"No!" exclaimed Grant.

Zane bit his tongue. He knew Grant was lying, but he didn't want to start a fight. At least, not tonight. "Are you afraid you'll be unable to perform?"

"Just what are you fucking playing at?" snapped Grant.

"Bella put a lot of thought into tonight," snapped Zane. "My purpose tonight is to enhance her pleasure. That's it. I'm not bisexual and have no interest in your ass, or any other part for that matter."

"It's a one-time offer Grant," said Bella, now frustrated and hurt with Grant's reaction. "Take it, or leave it."

Grant looked between Bella and Zane, then said, "I'll take it."

Bella breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Good. Then let's go upstairs."

As Bella led them upstairs, Zane quietly simmered. He was pissed that Grant was acting like such a jerk when Bella's gift wasn't that horrid. Then it hit him, Grant wanted a threesome with his wife, but with another woman, not another man. Zane brought up the rear of the group and followed them all into the bedroom. There were scented candles all around and a happy birthday banner on the wall. Bella slipped off her dress to reveal a sexy baby doll negligee that hung nicely over her pregnant belly. Both Zane and Grant smiled at the lovely view before them.

"Go on," whispered Zane, "go to your wife."

Grant walked up to Bella, took her into his arms and kissed her. Zane took a seat in the chair that Grant normally sat in and watched. It only took a moment before Grant said, "Would you mind if Zane got you ready for me?"

"Is that what you want?" asked Bella.

Grant looked over at Zane who was sitting quietly. "Yeah. He gets you ready, I fuck you. And I want your ass tonight."

Zane quickly covered his mouth to hide his smile. He knew that was the one thing Grant had been denied since their affair started.

"Is that all right with you Bella?" Zane asked.

"It's what Grant wants," said Bella, "and tonight is his birthday."

Zane quietly stood up and gave the chair to Grant. "Thanks for not sitting in it naked," grunted Grant.

"No problem."

Zane removed his jacket and tie as he said, "You do look lovely tonight Bella."

"Thank you," she whispered and unbuttoned his shirt.

Zane ran his fingers through her hair. His mind flashed back to their first night and how nervous she was. Tonight she wasn't the least bit apprehensive. The burning lust in her eyes told him how badly she wanted two men to fuck her tonight.

Zane leaned down and whispered, "I'm not comfortable with a DP?"

"A what?" she asked.

"Hey! No secrets!"

Bella waved Grant off as Zane whispered, "It's when one man has his cock in you pussy and another man has his in your ass at the same time."

"Ewww!" squealed Bella. "Please tell me you're fucking kidding!"

"What?" exclaimed Grant.

Zane sighed as Bella removed his shirt and said, "I just told Bella I'm not comfortable with a DP."

"You?" exclaimed Grant again. "If anyone would be into a double penetration with a woman, it would be you!"

"Stop it!" shrieked Bella. "Don't either of you see how disgusting that is?"

Zane looked down at Bella and brushed her hair back with his fingers. "I'm sorry Bella. I thought ... oh fuck Bella ... I should have talked with you about this before. I didn't mean to upset you."

Bella sighed. "Sorry. But you two were talking like I wasn't here."

"I know," said Zane, "and I'm sorry for that. Do you remember our first night?"

"Yeah," she said.

"What are you getting at?" asked Grant.

Zane ignored Grant. "Remember how I asked you what you liked? What positions? What sex acts?"

Bella smiled. "Yeah. It was nice. I knew what I was getting myself into with you."

"Well, you never asked me what I liked."

Grant grunted, "Aside from another man's wife."

"Oh how rude of me," said Bella. "Zane, what do you like to do with a woman, sexually?"

"Many things. I like to kiss her, touch her, and make her feel like the most beautiful and most desired woman in the world. But there are a few things I won't do."

"And those are?" asked Bella.

"I don't do men," said Zane flatly. "And though I've tried it once, I do not like doing a DP on a woman. There are a multitude of reasons, but the biggest one has to do with the woman."

"What do you mean?"

"It's a dangerous act that could cause her harm or permanent injury. Now, I'm not against a spit-roast."

"Figures," grumbled Grant.

"A spit-roast?" asked Bella.

"One man fucks either her pussy or ass, and the other fucks her mouth," explained Zane. "Would you be willing to do that?"

"If Grant would, then sure," said Bella.

"Only if I get her ass," said Grant.

"It's your birthday, man," said Zane. "This is your gift."

"Don't worry Grant, I got your favorite condoms and plenty of KY," said Bella.

"How did you know-"

"Really Grant," interrupted Bella, "do you want to finish that sentence?"

"Just get on it then," growled Grant. "I want to fuck your ass for my birthday after lover boy gets you all primed."

Zane clenched his fists, then sighed. He knew better than to let Grant bait him, so he just took a deep breath and kissed Bella, passionately. "Now, where were we?"

Bella giggled and began to remove is pants. "Should I suck your cock now or wait until later?"

"Later please," he said. "Let me please you first."

"All right," she said, moving pillows on the bed. "I can't really lie back on my back and be comfortable. Do you mind if I'm kinda sitting?"

"Not in the least," said Zane, as he removed his pants. "Will my head bother the baby?"

"Excuse me?" asked Grant.

"I just mean, for me to eat your pussy, I might have my head against your stomach," explained Zane.

Bella smiled. "I may need to move once or twice but if you're willing to work with me, we can make it all happen."

Bella started to climb onto the bed when Zane stopped her. "Hold up. You're a lot over-dressed."

Bella giggled as Zane removed her nighty and panties. Seeing her naked, her belly swollen with child, possibly his child, made her even more beautiful. "Now, you may climb on the bed."

"Thanks," she said.

Bella got comfortable on the bed, lying back and slightly inclined. Zane crawled onto the bed, between Bella's legs and pushed them apart.

"Is that okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said.

Zane took a deep breath. Pregnancy had changed Bella's aroma, and to Zane, she smelled even sexier than before. He looked down at her swollen lips, moist with arousal, and smiled. He saw her belly ripple slightly, then still. He smiled and kissed her belly softly, then kissed the outer lips of her pussy. Bella moaned softly, and purred. Zane smiled, then proceeded to kiss and lick. Her taste was still just as intoxicating as before, but there was a subtle difference. Zane knew it was due to her pregnancy.

While Zane ate Bella's pussy, like so many times before, Grant began to undress. He knew he needed his cock ready, and he didn't want to risk wasting any time for fear Bella would change her mind. Thinking back, he wondered why he'd ever agreed to this arrangement.

Grant knew he loved Bella, she was a good woman and a great mother. Yet, he enjoyed the thrill of fucking other women and as had happened before, he was starting to miss that thrill. His wife was enjoying the pleasures of another man, right before his eyes, and he couldn't enjoy the pleasures of other women. Well, he decided silently, tonight he was having his wife's ass. He would fuck her hard and prove to her once and for all, he was the better lover, and the better man.

Bella shifted her weight, then pushed Zane's head into her pussy. "Yes lover, just like that," she purred.

Zane had two fingers deep in her pussy, and one in her ass. His tongue lapped at her clit as his fingers worked. Though he didn't like DP, he didn't mind using his fingers to drive Bella nuts. Her breathing changed and they all knew, she was close. Zane curled his fingers to touch her g-spot and Bella squealed as her pussy clamped down on his fingers and her juices soaked his fingers and face.

Grant stood up. His cock was hard and pointing out. It was his turn to fuck his wife.

Zane pulled back and smiled. "Amazing as always Bella. Are you ready?"

"Yes," she gasped.

Zane quickly moved out of the way and helped Bella reposition herself. She moved to her hands and knees and positioned herself so her ass was at the edge of the bed. Grant grabbed the condom and rolled it onto his cock as Zane put some KY in her ass with his finger.

"Hey!" snapped Grant. "That's my wife's ass there. I'll put the fucking lube in it."

"I was just trying to help," said Zane, raising his hands in the air defensively.

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