Omachuck: Favorites

1: The Bells of Tanah by Invid Fan
This is the lead story of one of my favorite series. Invid Fan died several years ago after contributing many popular stories on SOL and his own site. The whole series is on SOL at and his home site I suggest that you explore his offerings - I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
3: Blue Topaz Eyes (1) by Todd_d172
Short, well written story with a twist. Read past the start, you'll be glad you did. I've enjoyed all Todd's stories to date.
4: If the Spirit Is Willing by Invid Fan
Invid Fan was a popular and prolific Author on SOL. He died after a brief illness and is much missed. This is the first in a series of related short stories that can be found on SOL and at his own site
5: Love and Family During the Great Death by Crumbly Writer
Well written, realistic reactions to tragedy, humor.
6: Retribution by Thornfoote
A fun, well imagined, well written story with a twist. Minimal sex. I helped edit/proofread this one while it was in the process of being written - and could hardly wait for the next chapter.
7: Sell Anything On Craigslist! by G Younger
Funny. Well written. Not a stroke story.
8: Watching Trey by Horace Phillip
Very erotic seduction.