LughIldanach: Favorites

1: After the Fire by mattwatt
Just happy-making.
2: Courting Robin by mattwatt
Sexuality and relationships blend seamlessly. I'm sorry this didn't have an option to vote.
3: Eden by Colin Barrett
Stunningly plausible example of First Contact.
4: My First Client by Evestrial
It has me thinking.
5: My Hot Teacher by Mydarkside
Gives me a flashback to a time when, while nothing more than exchanges of hot looks took place, I entered a new school. A supervisor was teaching as in-service training. The actual teacher and I mistook each other -- she thought I was a student teacher while I thought she was the only reasonably mature female. We eventually straightened it out, with laughs.
6: Personal Trainer by Sweet Biscuit
Sexual and dance training are favored themes in my own writing.