My First Client

by Evestrial

Copyright© 2014 by Evestrial

Erotica Sex Story: An escort with special attributes enjoys her very first customer, a very rich married couple.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   Prostitution   .

I knocked on the door and heard the faint echo of the reverberation travel through the house. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating incredibly fast, and my mind kept telling me to leave, head home, and quit this before you start. I pushed a strand of bright red hair out of my face and hooked it behind my ear, trying to distract myself. The job sounded fun, the pay seemed amazing, and in my inexperienced way I craved the adventure. In an attempt to calm myself a bit I gripped my clutch between my knees and straightened my dress down. I pressed at the bottom of my breasts to fill the top and amplify my cleavage, then ran my hands back down my sides to smooth out the wrinkles; my hands gliding into the curve of my waist and back out around my hips. Picking up my clutch again I looked down the to the bottom of the black dress I was wearing where it seemed incredibly short as it ended well before my arms were straight. I glanced down past my red painted nails to the smooth seamless leggings as they ran all the way down my legs to sharp black stilettoes on my feet.

The door opened and I looked up to the smiling face of a beautiful man wearing a loose gray silk shirt and cotton pants. His dark, curly salt and pepper hair accenting his smooth olive skin as the light from the room behind him shown around him highlighting the sharp Mediterranean bone structure of his face. He glanced down me and back up, lingering momentarily on my pelvis, then back up to my eyes where they stayed. My giddy heart started beating even more quickly as he smiled in a way that put me at ease and excited me in new way. "You have beautiful eyes," he said in a half whisper, "you must be Eve, please come in and meet my husband."

I thanked him in a shaky voice and stepped past him to the foyer of his home. The wood floor was polished and gleaming, so smooth and well matched that you could hardly tell where joints int eh floor boards sat. The walls were smooth white, marble paneling running about half way up from the floor, giving the entire room a pristine feel. There was a grand staircase in front of me and to the left that swept up to a second floor on the right, a balcony of dark red wood railing circling all I could see of the second floor, and above that a giant mural, on a skylight in the style of Michelangelo. I followed him under the sweeping stairs to a huge room, giant windows on the far side looking out down the side of the mountain and out to the stars and moon. Another man, more rugged looking than the first sat on a couch in only a pair of loose, off white, cotton pants. He had darker, skin, a rich mocha colour and his chest and abs were nothing but chiseled muscle.

As we walked into the room, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor, he set his glass of red while down on a small glass table and stood. "This is Marcus, and I am Anton." The first said, turning to the other, "Marcus, this is Eve. Isn't she everything the agency said she was?"

Marcus stepped away from the couch and looked me up and down. He started to walk around me, "Well," he said in a smooth deep voice, "we won't know she's everything until we get her undress, now will we?" Behind me now he gently ran the side of his fingertip up from the base of butt, curving over the cheek, then into the small of my back and up my spin past where the dress ended below my shoulder blades, he removed his hand when he reached my neck, pulling it out through my hair and leaving a chill running up my spine. Finishing his inspection he stepped back around in front of me and sat down on the couch. "Would you like a drink? And please, sit down," he said waiving toward a love seat across from him. "Marcus, please fetch our new friend a drink, something to help slip the tension off her."

"Of course, dear," Anton said as he left the room. I watched him walk through a doorway as I sat down, admiring the firm shape of his ass even through the loose pants. I very carefully sat down on the loveseat making sure to keep my knees together leaning them a bit to the side to show off the length of my barely concealed legs. Marcus just watched me with a playful grin and mischievous glint in his eye. "Here you go," Anton said as he walked back into the room holding two drinks. "A Japanese whisky, twenty-one years old, aged in bamboo. It's a bit sharp, but still quite sweet. I would recommend sipping in slowly."

I took the glass as he went and sat down next to his husband. I took a careful sip of the drink and was surprised at how incredibly smooth it was on my tongue. As it slid down I felt it burn at the back of my mouth, touching my throat and filling me with a gentle fire. I took another sip, "This is delicious," I said.

They both looked pleased and Marcus put his hand on Anton's knee. "I'm glad you like it." Anton said, "So tell me, how old are you?"

After another sip, "I'm twenty-two, barely older than this drink," I said as I set the glass down on the table next to my clutch.

Marcus leaned forward, his eyes almost smoldering, "So young to be in this line of work, why choose it?"

I sat back, feeling more comfortable now that the alcohol was starting to release my inhibitions, "The money was too good to refuse and I don't think anyone should be ashamed of their bodies, so I make use of my natural assets," I arched my back a little while talking to draw attention to my breasts, "and my assets are fairly rare."

Marcus and Anton both looked down to my cleavage, Anton's eyes straying all over the rest of my body, Marcus' sliding back up to my eyes, holding me in his gaze. He leaned back and said, "You should come over here now." I stood and sauntered over to him, taking my time and swinging my hips. My heart was beating in overtime as I approached, never once loosing eye contact with him. "Now kiss me." He said, his breath catching slightly in his throat, making his deep voice sound a bit raspy. I stepped up to the couch, straddling his right leg, placing my right knee on the couch between his legs, and I leaned forward, placing my left hand on his chest to support myself. His heart was beating almost as fast as my own. I reached up with my right hand and set it on the side of his face as I leaned in to kiss him. His lips were soft and smooth as our mouths opened to each other. I felt his tongue dance out and flick across my own, I touched back and the tangled in our mouths as our lips worked against each other. I felt his hand come up on the right side of my face, sliding gently across my cheek to the top of his head were his fingers dug into my hair, taking my breath away for a moment. His other hand slid up along my arm that was supporting me, sliding up over my shoulder and playing across my back, pulling me into him.

While we kissed, saliva playing across our lips and tongues, I felt Anton slide a hand up my leg, caressing and cupping my ass as he did, sliding my dress up till I could feel the air against the small of my back, where Anton then started kissing. He was gently grazing his teeth against my back, his hands sliding around my ass and up and down my legs, under my dress, across my stomach. I pressed away from Marcus for a moment, catching my breath as a thin string of saliva stretched between our open mouths. I straightened my back and Anton slid my dress up over my head and let it drop to the floor beside us. Marcus reached out and ran a hand up my stomach to my breasts, cupping and squeezing one, pressing in just behind the nipple. I groaned and stiffened, closing my eyes as Anton, holding my back, leaned forward and started lightly biting my other nipple. My body stiffened and my panties started feeling much too small as I gasped for breath under the onslaught of sexual stimulus at my breasts.

Marcus let go of my nipple and slid his hand gently down my stomach. The sensation almost tickled but instead it was exciting and caused my abdominal muscles to suddenly contract. And despite Anton's teeth around my other nipple, I fell forward onto Marcus, lying sideways on his bare chest, our skin pressed to each other, warm and smooth. His right hand came up around my back, holding me to him, and he pressed me into a kiss, my arms folded onto his chest, one of my hands spread out over the wide, firm muscles while the other, extended, sat clenched between us.

Our lips met again, moist and soft I opened up to him, my tongue sliding out of my mouth and playing with his, twisting together in a wet, slippery ballet of breath and exhilaration. Unconsciously I curled my hands closed, my right softly digging into his chest where I could feel the muscle flex and quiver under my fingertips. My left curled around his pants, grabbing hold of the cloth over his pelvis, and at the same time brushing against my own.

I could feel Anton start to kiss my side, his lips and teeth working down my ribs, causing tremors through my muscles as the gentle sensations caused micro-convolutions and an intense sensation on physical contact. His hands played around the areas he kissed, smoothing, warming, relaxing, before and after his kisses and gentle bites brought intense sensations. He worked slowly down my waist, then over my hip, kissing lightly the smooth silk of my panties, then further down, unclasping the first of my garter clips with his mouth. His hands then gently rolling the legging on my right leg down, past the knee, to the ankle, then off with my stiletto, kissing and biting the entire time.

As he started on the left leg Marcus' left hand came up to my breast, squeezing it tight and twisting it, almost forcefully, but the pain only intensified everything I was feeling. His right arm pressed me securely into him and his kissing became deeper and more forceful. I melted into his kiss, unable to do anything, to even move more than was required for the deep passion of the kiss.

Then, in the space a breath, it stopped. Marcus drew his head back, ending the kiss, a coy smile still playing on his face. Anton had finished removing the hose from both my legs leaving only my panties and the garter clips hanging against my thighs. I looked into Marcus' eyes and quirked a smile at him then rolled all the way onto my stomach, pressing my breasts against his chest. I kissed him lightly on the lips and then slid down him, dragging myself over the edge of the couch between his legs.

I was left kneeling on the floor between his legs, so I leaned forward, gently nibbling his crotch through the loose pants he was wearing. My hands sliding up his legs to his waist, I then slip his pants down, nuzzling my face into his bush for just a moment before I had to lean back to let him close his legs for me to finish pulling off his pants. I turned to the right and started to do the same to Anton, Marcus picked his impressively large cock and gently stroked it while slid Anton's pants down. His cock was so hard that once the pants came free it sprang back up and slapped me in the side of the face. Not as big as Marcus' but still plenty large, I slipped Anton's cock into my mouth and started sucking it. Anton groaned loudly as I slid my tongue around the tip; Marcus moaned softly as he watched, playing with himself.

I leaned over, gripping the cap of Anton's throbbing dick with my teeth and pulled him closer to Marcus. Reaching out with my left hand I took control of Marcus' cock, pushing his hands out of the way and making him wait while I sucked on his husband. I gently rubbed up and down his shaft, rolling the uncircumcised skin over the tip and back down. I cupped Anton's balls and gently squeezed them as I slid my head up and down the length of his dick, using my tongue and soft lips to slide my saliva all over him, making it wet and slippery.

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