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I'm aroslav a.k.a. Devon Layne. Happy to meet you. I've been a writer and author for many years, and started writing erotic romance and adventure here on SOL in 2011. I was quickly hooked and now produce about ten times more words here on SOL than I produce as a commercial mystery writer under a different name. I love feedback, so when you like or dislike something I've written, click the button and let me know!

Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Adventure3 Stories

Cole Alexander Bell was a time traveler. For a while. When his host died, Cole had no physical presence in the past. But in the present, he had children. Two with his first cousin, Mary Beth, and two with his wife, Ashley. When the kids start time traveling, they discover a new set of rules and a new set of ancestors in this endless loop.

Hero Lincoln Trilogy3 Stories

A series in the Damsels in Distress universe.

Model Student4 Stories

This series follows the lives of Tony, Melody, and Lissa as they share their great adventure together--their love and their loves. It begins when Tony is a freshman in college and progresses from there.

Strange Art3 Stories

Words just don’t come easily to Art, if they come at all. His slow speech, self-consciousness, and shyness all combine to keep him isolated from his peers. He can only let his frustrations out on canvas. If it wasn’t for his sister, Morgan, Art would not have survived school, but her love and the love of their girlfriend, Annette, hold Art together through his toughest times and expand his horizons.

Wonders of My World3 Stories

Alice wanted details, not the sanitized Facebook version of my life. She gets off on hearing about my various relationships and the women who have been such a profound influence on me. Once I started writing them, I kept remembering things and realized I couldn't cover it all in one travelogue about my trip around the world. So, I've kept writing. They are ordered as I wrote them, but could probably be read out of sequence. You'll discover where a lot of the inspiration for the women in my fiction has come from. These are the stories that Alice wanted to hear.
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