Run Boy Run

by DFWBeast

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, True Story, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Revenge, InLaws, Slow, Violent, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Young Southern husband tries to deal with wife and his brother's affair. Everyone has an opinion. Well meaning intervention turns bad. Husband finds a 9mm solution to the cheating situation. Intense and dramatic story that tells of this tragedy from both the husband's and wife's sides.

Author's Note: I've been reading several stories where someone steps in after the marriage is on the brink and gives our hero the 'tough love' he needs to pull his head out of his ass and put his life and marriage back together. It's usually family members, clergy, a marriage counselor or friends, and usually a group of them. This is my response to that type of... 'intervention.'

Warning: THIS IS NOT A FEEL GOOD STORY! There's no happy ending here. So if that kinda of story bothers you or 'brings you down, ' umm ... PLEASE DON'T READ IT! Lots of other stories out there you might like. LOL!

Thanks to findingmyvoice for making this a better read. Any mistakes you find are mine, since I always tend to mess with my stories after I get them back from an editor.

BTW – YES, I am in anger management classes. Remedial ones, of course. <smiles and bears tusks>


I nursed my drink and stared at the lazy Texas sunset. Man, I'm gonna miss this. I ain't gonna miss the summer heat but there's something about standing in your backyard wearing only shorts and a t-shirt in November that I could've gotten used to. Oh ... and the smell of Texas barbeque ... damn, my mouth is already watering!

Turning, I glanced back on the family cookout that was in progress behind me. The get together was in my honor, celebrating my recent promotion as shop foreman. It was labeled an 'adult party' and the half dozen company employees and their spouses were there without any children. I was thankful for that because I had every intention of turning this into my farewell party.

When I got the chance, I went out to my truck. I picked up what I figured I'd need for a 'visual aid.' I suspected they'd ask me to give some kinda speech and I wanted to make it memorable. I stuck my Glock 9mm into the back of my jeans and made sure it wasn't noticeable under my dinner jacket.

Making my way back through the guests, I saw my boss coming towards me. Tommy Peterson was a big, fat guy with a smile that could light up half of Dallas. Even in his fifties, the man had a presence about him that both demanded respect and put you at ease.

Beside him walked Martha, his wife, my problem. Alright, maybe she ain't the problem. Maybe she's just the moron who keeps opening the damn door and letting the real problem in! It don't really matter, either way, it gets taken care of today!

Martha Peterson was more than a little on the heavy side but was still decent looking, even in her fifties. She had that kinda personality that drew people to her and made her 'Momma' or 'Granma' to just about everyone. Problem was, she believed the old wives' tale 'Momma knows best.'

Since I'd moved here eleven months ago, she'd made it her mission in life to set me up with the 'perfect' woman. It didn't matter what I did or what I said, she couldn't get it through her thick head I just wasn't interested in dating. I'm still trying to get over my first marriage.

Maybe if I would've yelled or thrown some kinda fit she would have gotten the hint. But that just ain't me. I tend to be quiet, polite, and private. I guess if I'd been more of an ass ... well that's gonna change!

There they sat, Martha and several of the other wives all just beaming like cats that'd caught a mouse. They'd found their 'perfect' girl for me and there she was sitting with them. She was beautiful, barely five feet but with a good figure, long blonde hair, and a very pretty face. Of course she always looked great because she worked in a beauty salon.

I had to give them credit, I thought she was the 'perfect' girl for me too ... till about two years ago! Unfortunately, the 'perfect' girl they'd been pushing on me the past couple months was my ex-wife, Teresa.

The fact they knew that is what really burned my ass. I hadn't told them the real story behind my divorce because it wasn't any of their damn business! I'd told them I didn't want to date her, or talk to her, or even be in the same state as her. Now, there she sat, surrounded by a bunch of women who were extremely pleased with themselves at finally getting my ex-wife and me face to face.

Teresa probably hadn't told them much about our how our marriage ended because she was good at leaving out little things when she didn't want to face something. She had a way about her that charmed almost everyone she met. She'd told them she'd made a mistake and that I refused to talk to her and forgive her. She'd played the 'broken and sorry wife' role perfectly. That and her "I pray for the chance to show Doug how much I really love him" routine had Martha, and her hen party, eating out of her hand.

Tommy stood up, addressed the group, and finally introduced me.

Show Time!

"I'd like to thank y'all for coming out tonight. I know this was supposed to be a celebration and I guess it is in a way.

"Tommy offered me the job as shop foreman and I want to thank him for that. But sir, I'm gonna have to turn it down because as of today ... I quit. Sorry to spring this on you and I'll understand if you don't want to give me a good reference but I'm gonna be gone tomorrow no matter what happens."

I watched the startled faces as Tommy opened his mouth to say something.

"Doug, this is a party and my home," he said sternly.

"No disrespect to you, sir. You've been more than fair with me and I owe you an explanation but there are others here," I said coldly, "that I sure as hell don't owe anything."

"Doug?" Martha said.

"Martha, I think you and the rest of your little coven have done more than enough to me. I'd made it very clear I didn't want to date anyone and I sure as hell made it clear I didn't want to be anywhere near my ex-wife. Apparently, what I want ain't important. So, I'm either gonna speak now or I leave for good. Your choice, either one sounds pretty good to me right now."

The group was silent except for the sound of Teresa crying.

"Alright, then I'll tell you a little story..."

Teresa looked up at me and slowly shook her head, her eyes begging me to not go on.

"You see, about two years ago I left my little hometown in Georgia for the first time in my life. I left behind a destroyed marriage and a family who'd turned their backs on me. I came here eleven months ago trying to start a new life, but it seems I can't get away from my past. It just keeps finding me, with the help of others."

I glared at Martha until she looked away.

"I married my high school sweetheart five years ago. She was everything I ever wanted or dreamed of. We got married after she graduated and for three years I thought we had the perfect marriage. She worked in a beauty salon and I worked in one of my family's garages. My dad owns several garages across northern Georgia so that's where I learned to be a mechanic.

"But just like the Garden of Eden had a serpent ... so did my marriage. Unfortunately, my serpent turned out to be my kid brother, Billy.

"Billy is three years younger than me but he's always been the center of attention in my family. He's supposedly a recovering drug addict, and has been since he was fifteen and dropped out of school.

"All my life, my parents have a looked out for him, sacrificed themselves, and me, for whatever was best for Billy. I heard 'Doug, we have to help him, he's sick' more times than I can count.

"So, three years ago, when I heard he'd been evicted from his latest dump, I wasn't surprised. My family, including my wife, wanted him to stay with us until he could get admitted into another rehab. My response wasn't 'no' but 'Hell No!'

"Both my wife and my parents were 'shocked and appalled' I could be so cold and turn my back on my brother. In my mind, I didn't turn my back on him I just wasn't enabling him. Over the next few weeks they made my life a living hell, pressuring me until I agreed to let Billy come and stay.

"And my reward for trying to be a 'good' big brother?"

I glared at my ex-wife trying to calm myself.

"I'm not sure what line my piece of shit brother fed to my wife to get her to spread her legs for him, but it worked. Of course, neither one ever bothered to let me know about it. Two months later, I got the great news... 'Honey, I'm pregnant'. Like a dumbass, I was thrilled since we'd been trying to have a kid for the past year.

"Imagine my surprise, a few months later, when the doctor told us there was something wrong with the baby. That the baby had a small heart defect that was common with women who used cocaine. My wife of course denied ever using drugs. Then the doctor said something that turned my world into a nightmare.

"He said there were studies that said drug abuse didn't have to be from the mother. Early studies showed sperm from a drug addict could cause birth defects. I started getting pissed.

"He asked me if I'd been doing drugs. When I told him I hadn't, he said birth defects were still a mystery and there must be another reason.

"My wife, the one who I trusted more than anyone in this world, told me I was the child's father. But, things weren't adding up right.

"When the baby was born, they did the surgery. It was considered a total success. But I'm not a complete fool so I had a DNA test run. When the results came back it was final ... I was an uncle!

"I lost it. I threw all of my cheating wife's things out of the house, grabbed my Glock, and went looking for that shit, I once called a brother.

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