Summertime Mary

by Coptional

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow, Nudism, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: I was a bit of a nerd. So was she, a math wizard destined to study physics at M.I.T. She was my best buddy, my pal. I never expected what followed...

It was 1974 and the summer before my senior year of high school. At 17, I stood about 5'10" and had a lean, firm body kept that way by playing racquetball and jogging. I had my own car, a used '69 Chevelle SS, that I paid for by working at a local grocery store. Dad had made a five hundred dollar down payment for me and co-signed the note, but I was making the payments and paying for my own gas and any maintenance the car needed. Dad paid for my insurance.

I had started at the store as soon as I could legally work at 16, first as a sacker, progressing to stocker and occasional express lane checker, and now that I was able to work full time hours and would be able to continue to do so during my senior year, I had been placed in charge of the Dairy Department at the store, including inventory and ordering, and was promised a full Assistant Manager position before the end of the summer. The pay wasn't that great and the hours sucked, but I at least made somewhat over minimum wage, which was about $2.00 in those days. Unlike most of my peers, I usually had money in my pocket.

The reason I would be able to work full-time during the coming school year was the fact that I only needed one senior-level English credit to graduate, and that class would end just before 9 AM every morning. I was a bit of a nerd, and my high GPA had already guaranteed me a scholarship at Texas A&M, not a full ride, but at least tuition, books and lab fees were covered. This was a fact for which my parents were eternally grateful. While we were comfortable and didn't really want for anything, they were far from well-off. Dad was a butcher and owned his own fairly successful meat market and deli, and mom was a senior purchasing agent for a large manufacturing firm. I was an only child. I planned to study Mechanical Engineering in college.

I awoke at my usual 6:30 am without an alarm clock. It took my mind a second to process that today was Thursday. My day off from the store! I usually slept in the nude, and reached down to grasp my morning wood. I briefly considered jacking off, and decided the need to urinate was more pressing. Still nude, I padded across the hallway to the bathroom. I knew Dad was long gone to work, as he left around 4 AM every morning, and I could hear Mom doing things in the kitchen. There was no one else in the house to see me.

Our household was pretty relaxed, actually. Mom and Dad didn't try to hide the fact that they still had an active sex life, and we were pretty casual about clothing when it was just the three of us around. I took care of business in the bathroom, got my erection to go down, and went back to my room to pull on a pair of jockey shorts before walking into the kitchen. That was dressed enough for breakfast in our house.

I greeted Mom as I had for the last year or so, saying "Morning, Gorgeous" to her. It had started as just kind of a joke, but for some reason, I still did it. I had to admit, at 35 Mom was still a looker. "A fucking MILF is what she is," Eric, one of my few friends (remember, I'm a bit of a nerd), quipped often. She was in her usual morning attire of a t-shirt that barely covered the thong panties she favored, showing off lots and lots of long leg. I slid into my usual place at the table, which was already set with silverware and a big glass of OJ.

She glanced over her shoulder at me, giving me a big smile, and said her usual "well, Hello, handsome," delivered in a sultry voice. I grinned.

"Pecan waffles OK for breakfast?"

My grin got wider. OK? My favorite! "You bet!" I exclaimed.

She walked toward me and slid a plate loaded with a stack of three waffles, already buttered and covered with warm maple syrup just the way I liked them, and several strips of crisp bacon in front of me. I tried not to notice her large breasts swaying, unfettered by a bra, or her stiff nipples poking out into the thin t-shirt she wore.

"I've got to get ready for work," she said as I dug in. I didn't even notice her firm ass, wiggling under the t-shirt, as she left the room. Much.

Give me a break. She's my mom. Eew.

My cock thought otherwise, and I had a raging erection in my tightie whiteys.

Give me a break. I'm only 17!

By the time I finished breakfast, my erection had subsided and Mom had blown me a kiss and rushed out the door, telling me to leave a note if I went anywhere. Once I had turned 17 a month before school let out, and had been driving my Chevelle for nearly 10 months, my parents had loosened the leash considerably. I could pretty much do as I chose as long as I let them know when I was going to be gone, and made it home by curfew, which they had extended to midnight. I was responsible enough to enjoy the freedom, and not let them down.

I finished my few chores, including cleaning up from breakfast. My parents respected the fact I had a full-time job, and the list was mercifully short. I changed into running clothes, took my usual five-mile jog, and showered, including my usual shower time jack off session. Dressed in fresh jockeys, denim shorts and a yellow tank top, I considered calling Eric or one of my few other male friends to go do something, and shrugged the idea off. None of them had jobs or rich parents, and while I had money, I didn't want to get stuck with the tab for whatever we wound up doing.

It was barely 10 AM in the morning. I had a day off from work, was relatively free, and had wheels and money in my pocket. And I was bored out of my skull. I flopped on the sofa, disgusted, and tried to make sense out of some daytime sit-com fluff on the TV. I had just gotten up to turn it off when the phone rang.


"Hey Greg," said the cheerful female voice on the other end. "What's up?"

"Mary!" I exclaimed, grinning. "Just hangin' out. You?"

Mary was a good buddy, nothing more. A couple of months older than me, she had graduated this past spring. Also a nerd, she had skipped eleventh grade, and would be leaving in the fall on a full ride to M.I.T., where she planned to study physics. She was a math whiz, and was taking a couple of courses at the community college before she left.

"Not much. The folks and The Brat took off camping. I didn't want to skip class tomorrow, so I've got the place to myself." The Brat was her eleven year-old brother Ricky. "I was thinking of grilling some burgers or something if you wanna come hang out here."

"Sure! Beats anything I've got going on. Need me to bring anything?"

"Nah, it's covered. Head on over when you're ready."

"Cool. Gimme a half hour."

"I'll be waiting! Bye..."

Mary's dad was an senior pilot with a major airline, and had lots of time off work. Her mom didn't work. I knew the family took frequent camping trips, and usually, Mary went along. Still, it wasn't unusual in the least for Mary and I to do stuff together away from school like going to movies together, or the Mall, or whatever. I knew her mom and dad, and they seemed to like me. We both got teased by our respective parents about our frequent "dates" but it wasn't anything like that at all. I barely even thought of her as a girl. We were just good buddies. Hell, we had never even hugged, much less anything else remotely romantic. Mary shook hands and gave high fives like a guy.

I left a quick note on the kitchen counter, grabbed my wallet and keys, locked the house up and went out to my car. Getting in, I rolled the windows down to let the rapidly building summertime heat out, and started her up, loving the rumble of the big 396 as it rolled over. Although I was a safe and cautious driver, I was well aware of the fact that my car could literally pass just about anything but a gas station. Luckily, in those days gas was cheap, and five or six bucks would keep me going all week.

Mary's family lived in big house out in the country, set smack in the middle of a ten acre, heavily wooded lot. The long winding driveway meant that the house wasn't visible from the road. Just the presence of a mailbox and number gave a clue as to what lay up the drive. I knew that they had a driveway alarm to warn them of visitors, so it came as no surprise to see Mary step out on the front porch as I parked my car.

I stepped out of the car and then froze, stunned, as I actually saw her for the first time. I know my eyes bugged and my jaw dropped, because I suddenly realized that my buddy was ALL GIRL!

She was wearing a tiny pair of hip-hugging shorts made of what appeared to be thin stretch terry cloth in a rainbow stripe pattern. They barely came down past her crotch, and probably just made it high enough to cover her ass crack. They looked like they were painted on, they were so tight. She was a fraction of an inch taller than me, and her slender, willowy body had a long, long torso. Most of it was bare. A vast expanse of smooth, tanned skin went up from the shorts across her flat tummy and high up her chest until just below her smallish breasts, which were covered by a tube top of the same material that was probably barely three inches wide. She had a cute little inny, I noted, seeing her navel for the first time. Casual sandals with a slight wedge heel and her usual gold wire-framed granny glasses completed the outfit. Her long, wavy dark blonde hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail.

I somehow managed to get my eyes back in their sockets and my jaw closed. I shut the door to the car and headed the few feet towards the porch stairs when she grinned, her blue eyes sparkling, and said, much as a guy might, "Hey Greg! How's it hangin'?"

It wasn't. It was rapidly rising. My eyes were at the level of her crotch and I couldn't help but notice. Yep, definite cameltoe. There were plump PUSSY lips under there!

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