Cooking Classes Changed Us

by sweetsadiya

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Desc: True Sex Story: I started attending cooking classes and the classes went too far and i and my husband were into swapping.

Hi Friends,

I am Sadiya a 23 year woman married for 4 years with an interior designer businessman Akram, who is a loving husband. I am a bit short with just 5 feet and 4 inches with a 30-28-32 figure normal built (somewhat lean) and whitish complexion and my hubby 30 years of age with around 5.10 feet height and average built and is a real handsome I would have liked. His dick size is 9 inches and circumcised as in Muslims. This is my real story of how I had my first sex outside of my marriage with another man and my hubby with his wife. We both belong to conservative and business families, from India which has rich traditional values. I had never had a boyfriend and my husband was also with the same values, and we were virgins when we were married and it took 1 month for us to get comfortable with each other and consummate our marriage. We never had seen a complete naked man or woman before our marriage and we started liking it once we had the taste of sex. We had a good sex life and enjoyed it and started watching adult movies using my hubby laptop and have sex in different styles watching the actors and we both we too hot and tried to outdo each other every time we had sex. We could not go to honeymoon either due to his business commitments, and we did not get time after that for some time as even I had to get adjusted to new household with a joint family of in-laws.

It all started one day 2 years back when I saw an advertisement regarding cooking classes nearby our area and wanted to learn the art of cooking and took permission from my in-laws and husband and they both agreed happily and since I had much free time in the afternoons. The next day I got ready with the traditional burqa (outer garment worn by women to cover their bodies when in public) took my bike and drove to join the classes. Since the classes had started a couple of weeks back I was a bit late and I had to pick up the missed classes as early as I can, so I was instructed to join the same day. I took my timing in the afternoon from 1-4 pm since I use to be free during those hours.

The classes were conducted by a Hindu couple Amit and Nisha in their big house which had a big hall and a couple of rooms in the ground floor which were converted as the kitchen and the rooms as stock room and changing room. The above two floor was the living space. Nisha was a very beautiful woman of around 26 years of age around 5.8 ft with assets of around 32-28-34 and she was the managing person and Amit was around 30 with more than 6 feet and as handsome as my husband with an athletic body. Amit had been a cook in a star hotel and quit the job and started their own cooking school with his wife who was also a cooking expert and they were into catering business and use to get regular orders from big companies and business people for their parties. Amit was also a polite and decent man. They also trained their student personality development like how to deal with clients and the way of dressing for different type of occasions like official parties, family functions etc. I needed to learn a lot since I was bought up in a strict environment and had never attended any hi-fi parties except family ceremonies etc. and wore normal dress. I had never worn jeans or blazers so after my interview, Nisha also asked me to be a bit contemporary in my dressing way. She also said I had to remove my burqa and wear the apron. Nisha give a demonstration class like how it works in the industry and I was really excited as I will be seeing the other side of the people I may meet in future. So there were a couple of dull theory classes for a couple of days explaining me different type of cuisine and dishes. I took permission from my in-laws and husband regarding my dress and modern way of lifestyle and they were comfortable with it as they had been watching the master-chef serial on television and also wanted me to learn the art, so I was granted the permission to wear blazers, jeans or trousers only during my cooking assignments, and I was not only happy but a bit comfortable.

After a week of classes I was in the league with other students and started learning Thai, continental and Arabic dishes. After 2 months there was an order from a business house and my 3 batch mates were selected and I was left off since they were better than me and I felt a bit disappointed. The party had been good and we were shown the photographs and dishes which were prepared and I was sad that I had missed the opportunity to be a part of it.

Again, after 15 days they was an announcement that there was an order from a well known multinational company after 20 days and our institute had got it due to Amit's reputation and both Amit and Nisha wanted it to be the best, since they were going to be a permanent client for our institute, so they started having a small competition among the students and wanted to select the top two performers. We were given different dishes to be prepared in a single class and I luckily passed all and was selected with another student, Kavitha. We were asked to be ready for any type of dishes which were ordered and get prepared for it. It was also informed that since it was a multinational company, the party may run until midnight and as all the students were either married women or girls they wanted us to have it informed. Kavitha was married with children and she could not make it so she opted out and there were just three of us (Nisha, Amit and Me). I informed it to my hubby who was ok with the idea and wanted me to do the best. We received the order of dishes for Thai and a few continental dishes and I was asked to stay a couple of hours extra daily to speed up my course, and I agreed. Amit was going to train me into those dishes.

The next day after the classes, Nisha came with a lady tailor and wanted me to get a uniform stitched for the occasion which was a shirt, trousers and blazer. I was taken to changing room and got my sizes measured and I was given the sample the same day which was perfect and tight fitting to my body and it was to be delivered the next day, and Nisha took me to get the matching shoes also, and I was prepared to be ready for the occasion. The next day when the tailor handed over me the dress Nisha asked me to have it worn with the shoes and see if I was comfortable to work in it. After changing the dress I walked up to my place and started studying the book on some dishes. Nisha came up to me and asked if I was comfortable with the dress and I replied in affirmative. She was happy with it and asked me if I can continue the classes with Amit since she had to go for shopping. I agreed and continued and after 10 minutes or so Amit came inside and locked the main door, usually it use to be just closed but he locked it and I was unaware of it and he came me and complimented me that I was really looking gorgeous in the outfit. I smiled and said "Thanks Amit". He smiled and asked me if I happy to be part of the team and I said "Yes". Then he just asked me something which blew my mind off.

Amit: Sadiya, Do you want to be best cook and want to learn the specialization of it.

Sadiya: Of course, I like to.

Amit: "Well, you can, I have been seeing you learn the trick very fast and you are intelligent in it. It just needs to be some grooming before you become a great cook.

Sadiya: Well Amit then can you groom me in it.

Amit: Yes I will, even Nisha had been praising you the other day when you prepare the dishes perfectly. But..."

Sadiya: But, what Amit, can't I do it.

Amit: You can, but what will I get.

Sadiya: I didn't get u.

Amit: Well, if you do not feel bad or get angry I would like to say you something, but it should be between just you and me, and if you don't like it then its "OK" anyways I will teach you.

Sadiya: What's that Amit?

Amit: Can you give me a blowjob?

Sadiya: Sorry, I don't know what it is. (I had done it to my hubby, but did not know what it was called)

Amit: Oh, I think you are not aware.

Sadiya: Yeah, I have heard that word for the first time. What it means?

Amit: You have to suck my Penis, will you?

I was just shocked and stood like a statute for a minute, Amit just shook me hold my arm and my whole body just got a shock. No man other than my dad and my husband has touched me. I started sweating and my whole body started getting wet.

Amit: Sadiya, are you ok?

I just came back to my sense and did not know what to say or do. I thought if I disagree he may not teach me the perfection of cooking and I was also afraid of the consequences. But a bit of greed overcame my fear, and I just said a lie.

Sadiya: Amit, I am afraid. I haven't done it before even to my husband. What will happen if Nisha or my husband comes to know about it? It will spoil my whole life.

Amit: Don't worry Sadiya. Nisha won't be back for an hour or so, and I have also locked the door and your husband is now here and how will he come to know.

That is when I came to know that the door has been locked by Amit.

Sadiya: But...

Amit: Cool down, it's just a wish from me; you take your own time to think about it.

Sadiya: Amit, Do you do this to all the women here, you also have a very beautiful wife why then... ?

Amit: Oh, Sadiya. I have not done this to any women here now nor before. You just turned me on with the dress and also I love my wife very much and she too loves me very much. You are as beautiful and sexy as my wife so I just wanted you to give me a blowjob since I had a hard on seeing you in this dress.

I had never worn tight dress before this day to my classes and I use to wear salwar/kameez (Indian dress) which was a free fitting dress.

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