Sue's Surprise Evening

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Reluctant, True Story, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: My wife Sue gets taught some lessons at her surprise evening.

[This story was written about my then wife [now ex] in the 80s, before the internet and digital cameras, when we had to use contact magazines and Polaroid photos. I could have updated it but I have kept it authentic which I hope you prefer.]

My wife Sue was often proud and haughty and was known to be aggressive and imperious and could be a big flirt and tease. Often people had muttered about wanting to see her being brought down a peg or two. Things had come to a head and I decided that it was time she was taught a lesson. She was by nature very physical with a large sexual appetite. She had a good body and was very exciting in bed with some way out fantasies. Tonight she was going to experience something that would be close to her most frequent fantasies which were based around being forced or even raped and it would also teach her a lesson abut the danger of teasing guys.

I planned it as a serious project, to be arranged in detail in order to get the very most out of it. I advertised for a single man or a couple and contacted the replies which seemed suitable, arranging initial meetings at pubs to get to know each other before I went into the detail of what I was wanting to arrange.

I was looking for men who would be forceful but able to enter into the spirit of what we were doing and give Sue the experience she needed. She preferred men a little older than herself so I was looking for someone who would not suit her ideal, someone in his late twenties as against her being in her late thirties, someone who would maybe offend her and humiliate her or even degrade her.

There would be at least two men and possibly a woman if I could find the right one. I had some Polaroid photos of Sue to show them so that they could check that she was of interest to them. These were of her topless, showing her 36B breasts and large nipples which were easily aroused and very sensitive.

If the meeting went well and the man seemed suitable, then he also got to see the other photos that showed her fully nude, her tall tanned body from behind, showing her tight, rounded bum and firm thighs and the ones of her on her back with her legs spread wide to show her cunt, still open from being fucked, with the shiny spunk dribbling from her lips and the shots of her on her hands and knees with her cunt stuck out. She had quite unusually large cunt lips and got very juicy very quickly when aroused. We often joked that she really was made for fucking.

Within a month or so, I had decided on the group that was right for the evening. There were two single men and a couple - Drum, a tall negro, since she did not like coloured men very much he was perfect, muscled from his body building hobby and a little aggressive, Chris who was shorter than Drum and a little heavier and the couple, Sandy and Keith. Sandy was in her late thirties, as was Sue, and a very similar build. She would test Sue's interest in another woman, often expressed but never tried while Keith was known as a long stayer who would add to the male "team."

I told Sue that we had been invited to a party with a sexy theme and that she had to dress the part and told her what I would like her to wear – a loose silky blouse which would show how her breasts swayed as she would have no bra and a loose skirt just above the knee to show off her long tanned bare legs, made more shapely by her highest heels.

When the appointed evening came round, I got home early and asked her to do me a favour and shave her pubic hair. This was something that she knew I liked and she would do for special occasions and I told her that it would be a turn-on for us to know that she was shaved under her flimsy outfit so she agreed to do it. This accentuated her large lips and would add to what I had arranged to follow.

We then drove to where the party was supposed to be, Keith and Sandy's house and we went up the drive and parked. I produced a blindfold and told her to put it on as part of the evening's fun. A little reluctantly she put it on and I helped her from the car to the door and into the house.

At the "party" I got her a large brandy to help relax her and led her into the lounge. When she had finished her drink, she asked about taking the blindfold off and I told her that it would be taken off later. In the meantime, there was just one more thing, and as I spoke, I had her hands behind her back and before she realised what was to happen, I slipped a pair of handcuffs over her wrists and fastened them behind her back. At this she flew into a panic and I had to hold her very firmly as I spoke to her.

I told her that she was not at a party and that she had to be very quiet and listen carefully.

She quickly calmed down and listened carefully, trying to understand what was going on. I explained that she had often caused offence to people by her aggression and rudeness and that tonight she was to be taught a lesson.

I promised her that there was no-one here who knew her so she need have no fears on that score but that I had given her to the people in the house for their pleasure, to use her however they wished.

I explained that if she resisted, she would be taken by force and that she would also be punished for resisting.

She was to obey whatever she was told, without hesitation, or else she was liable to be beaten with a riding crop. I brushed the crop against her bare arm to let her see that I meant it.

I told her that if she struggled, she would be restrained and it would probably add to the evening, that she could shout and scream as much as she liked since the house was soundproofed and some distance from its neighbours.

I suggested that she simply accepted her fate and lay back and enjoyed it so to speak, since she was not in a position to prevent it. It would be completely out of her control, and that was the main point of the evening, to take control away from her, so she may as well accept it and enjoy the evening as it was going to happen anyway.

She was aware that others were in the room but had no idea who or how many or whether they were all male. What she did know for sure was that they would be undressing her in their mind although her outfit did not leave a great deal to the imagination.

Later she told me that she was scared stiff and excited all at the same time but her instinct was to scream and try to escape and she only just managed to get herself under control. She knew that I would not let anything get too far out of control – there, that word again – so she worked hard on trying to accept the situation.

She was wearing very high heeled shoes which pushed her breasts forward against the thin silky blouse, clearly showing the outline of her breasts which swayed as she moved. Her hands being fastened behind her back pulled her breasts out even more and her long tanned legs were bare under a flared skirt which came to just above the knee, leaving her thighs covered. I knew, and they would discover, that under the skirt she wore only a small white G-string.

I led her into the centre of the room, with the sofa and chairs drawn around so that they all could see her. I stood behind her with my arms around her, feeling her breasts as I spoke to them.

"This is Sue, she is yours for the evening to do whatever you desire. She has promised to obey without hesitation and I am sure that you will take full advantage of that. Would anyone like to check out what they are getting before we start properly?"

I unfastened her cuffs so she couldn't later claim she had no choice but to let them take her. I wanted her to know she had acted as their slut, their whore for the evening and that she had allowed them to do whatever was done that evening.

At this, Drum got up and stood in front of her. His hands went straight onto her breasts which he felt very thoroughly. I saw her flush under the blindfold and we both knew that the evening had now started in earnest. He leaned over his shoulders and spoke to the others. "Her tits are as good as he said they would be. Lets see what the rest is like."

With that he went behind her and ran his hands all over her body, through her clothes but touching her breasts, her stomach then to her back and down over her bottom and down to her thighs. He ran his hands all over her, from front and back then whispered loudly in her ear so we could all hear "I can't wait any more. I have to fuck you now, just as you are. Bend over and put your hands on the chair." He turned her to face the chair and pushed her shoulders down as she fumbled for the arms to rest on. "Stick your cunt out" he told her as he lifted her skirt and laid it over her back.

The high heels made her thighs tense as she stood bent over for him. He ran his hands down her bottom, bare except for the string between her cheeks. He moved the tiny G-string to one side and his fingers ran down her bottom towards her cunt. They slipped into her and he told us all how wet she was. He pushed her feet further apart with his feet then unzipped himself, not bothering to remove his trousers. His large cock was firm as he put it against her hands, for her to feel how long and thick it was before he put it against her cunt.

"Spread yourself you randy cow" he told her, making her feel even more of a slut than she did already. As she felt his cock against her cunt, she instinctively moved to angle herself for him to enter her, having realised that he was a big man from the quick feel that she had had.

"See how much she wants it" Drum laughed as he pushed into her at the same time as he pulled her hips back so that he jammed himself into her. She gave a cry as he rammed into her more quickly than she had expected.

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