Head Nurse, Sharing Love

by bonerdoc

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: True Sex Story: My head nurse catches me masturbating a patient and myself then shares that her husband has rejected her. We have some intense sessions together as I satisfy her needs but are initially unaware that the husband is also secretly fucking my wife. When we find out their secret, it becomes fun for all.

[Author's Note: I have reprised parts of HEAD NURSE to give you, dear reader, some background, but this story is a stand-alone rather than chapter two of a previous story. As in HEAD NURSE most of the story is true, but I hope you don't know which parts so that the involved parties may continue to remain hidden from public disclosure and I may remain undetected from the authorities. Enjoy]

"Oooooh, Doctor, right there ... yesss ... that is perfect," my patient, Mary Quinn, whispered as I gently pressed my hand onto her muff, one finger slipping easily between her swollen wet lips, and I could feel how hot her tunnel was. As I pressed deeply inside her, she scooted her bare ass down and almost off the end of the exam table allowing me to easily slide a second, then a third finger in her juicy cunt. As my thumb began rubbing circles around her erect clitoris, I added the last finger and began pumping them deeply in, then almost completely out. "Ooooooh ... I can feel my orgasm coming ... coming ... here is is ... Yessss!" she cried out as she spasmed against my hand then fell back on the exam table. I could feel her cum run down my wrist so I gently removed my fingers and licked all her juice off them. So sweet!

My brain finally freed itself from the fog I was in..."what the hell am I doing?" I thought. Here I was, masturbating a patient in my own exam room! The room smelled of her sex so I flipped on the exhaust fan and washed her cum off my hands and arms. "Oh, Doctor, that was exactly what I needed!" she exclaimed. "Thank you so much." She sat up, dressed and gave me a kiss as she exited the room. I stood in shock, realizing what I had done but not why. Shit ... shit ... shit!!!

My Head Nurse, Lynn, who seems to have ESP, walked in, then smiled as she sniffed the air. She looked at the boner poking out of my slacks then took my hand and led me into the bathroom saying, "Doug, it looks like you need to take care of some unfinished business." I grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, dropped my boxers, squirted some lotion into my palm and proceeded to furiously pound my meat. It took no more than five seconds before a huge gusher of cum came boiling out of my balls onto the mirror over the sink, then several lesser squirts which splashed onto the sink faucet and down the side. That was the longest spurt I had ever done, maybe three feet away from the mirror. Oh but that felt so good.

I've owned a fairly active Family medical practice in Portland for 9 years. But this was the first time I had ever acted out sexually with a patient. Stupid. But that incredible event with Mary was like the breaking of a huge dam. Daily now I found myself fantasizing about fucking or sucking my patients, my staff, their kid's moms and even the mail lady. I never followed through with any of those thoughts with them but I jerked off so many times in the bathroom that I bet I left a permanent coating on the floor from over a hundred loads of jizz.

Weeks passed with me jacking my cock, usually during lunch, since all the staff would walk down the block to a local eatery. So today I lotioned up in the bathroom, thinking about that last patient of the morning, a 23-year old blond perky college girl with deep blue eyes, killer tits and a firm ass. In a few moments, as I jerked and blew today's load into the sink, I was shocked to hear Lynn outside the door saying, "I remember when your started beating off, Doug. It was the day Mary Quinn came in. You were acting so strange and skittish when I came into the room after she left. There was clearly the smell of her sex in the room even with the exhaust fan running. I knew you would ejaculate when I led you into the bathroom that day and I was right. I've been watching you take your frequent 'bathroom breaks' to flog your cock ever since. Today's cum makes 107 loads of jizz," she finished.

She hadn't gone out with the others. I was so busted! And she'd been counting the times too!

She then shocked me even more by continuing, "I need to confess that I have fantasized about you while you are jerking off in the bathroom. In fact, if it's all quiet at lunch, I stay behind so I can go into the exam room next to you. I can hear you panting through the wall as you get close to your orgasm. I have been fingering myself in time with you, picturing you stroking your big dick faster and faster until you grunt and pump out your seed. I've been so horny that I cum right along with you. Come out here and see what you've been missing by masturbating all alone."

I opened the door to find her leaning against the wall with her panties down around her ankles and her skirt lifted up to her waist, her beautiful blond silky pussy in full view. I knew now that she'd not only been next door cumming along with me but she was still horny. I could see her fingering her cunt right in front of me. I suddenly felt my cock begin to grow hard as I looked at her and she obviously noticed the bulge in my slacks. She pushed me back into the bathroom and pulled my slacks and boxers down allowing my eight inches to stand straight out. She reached for the lotion, squirted some on her hand then began to beat me off while she continued to frig her own cunt. "Oh, Doug, doesn't it feel better if I do it for you?" she smiled.

"Oh, yesssss," I mumbled, amazed at how quickly I felt my balls begin to boil at her touch. I watched as she jerked over and over on her hand, obviously cumming hard from the feeling in her cunt. Watching this brought me off and I shot a huge load right onto her stomach, watching the sperm slowly seep down onto her silky muff. She pulled her hand out of her twat and smiling said, "Open up." She stuck two fingers in my mouth as she scooped up my splooge and began licking her cum-coated fingers.

She said, "I really needed some close human companionship, Doug. You don't know how badly I've wanted you. Masturbating alone can't give you the same pleasure as actually fucking. Can we go into an exam room? The staff won't be back for another half-hour." She smiled as she tipped her head back to kiss me full on the mouth, "Come on! I am so horny right now, I'm going to burst."

We shed clothes faster than I ever dreamed possible once we were in the exam room. I sat her up on the exam table, then dropped in front of her and put one of her legs over each shoulder so I was just inches away from her glistening cunt. I leaned in and inhaled deeply, what a wonderful smell. I began to run my tongue from her little puckered butt hole up inside her cunt lips and through her juicy vagina to gently kiss her clit. I lapped over and over as I squeezed her nipples between my fingers and massaged her tits. She really was so horny that took literally only seconds for her to scream in pleasure and clamp her thighs tight against my head. "Oooohh, Doug. Aaaahh ... yesss." When her legs stopped spasming, she sighed and said, "That was the best cum in a long time. Keep going, sweetie, I feel another one coming." I had no intention of stopping so I continued my gentle persistent tonguing. "Aaaaah ... here it comes!" she gasped as the second wave of pleasure crashed over her.

"Oooh, you can't stop now ... this feel sooooo damn good!" she moaned. So I merely stuck my tongue as far up into her tunnel as I could and held it there. Sure enough, in a few more minutes she shuddered with her third momentous orgasm. "Oooh, you are driving me wild ... I am cumming so hard ... Ooooh, Doug, here it comes!" she shrieked and this time she squirted into my mouth loads of her sweet juice. She crashed back on the table for a minute to recover, then sat back up and smiled, "For the last several weeks I have hoped that it would be this great and it sure was! Now, stand up because it's my turn and we have at least fifteen minutes before everyone returns from lunch."

She climbed down off the table then knelt down in front of me as I rose up. I stood before her gently stroking my rock-hard dick which was now throbbing as it leaked pre-cum from the tip. As I watched, she engulfed my prick in her warm mouth beginning with just the head. As she sucked, more and more disappeared into her mouth until I could feel my cock head pass right into her throat. Watching my dick disappear into her mouth was the most incredible sight I could imagine. She pulled her mouth off and, looking up at me, said, "I can hold my breath for at least two minutes and I learned a long time ago how to overcome my gag reflex. You are going to love how this feels."

Oh, my god, I was transfixed as she resumed sucking the length of my shaft until she was swallowing my entire throbbing cock, her nose pressed into my pubic hair. She didn't even move her mouth but her tongue was doing wonders to my shaft. Then she began to fondle my sack, rubbing each testicle in her warm hands. I didn't last long with her like this and soon my balls began to boil for the third time this hour and I could feel each huge pulse of cum as it shot out of my cock and literally rolled down her throat into her stomach.

"Oh, Lynn," I cried as I blew my wad, my legs shaking as I struggled to remain upright, "That was just too incredible!" She smiled as she pumped the last of my sticky load into her mouth, then licked her lips and rose to kiss me. As our mouths met, she stuck her cum-coated tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own sperm for the first time. "What do you think," she asked grinning, "Like the taste? I just love your taste in my mouth. After all, Doug," she laughed, "I am your 'head' nurse."

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