Our Gang

by Ronski46

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Francis laid back, her skirt around her waist her pussy on display, Maureen playing with her tits and sucking her nipples, as I knelt between her legs ready to plunge into her virgin pussy. A tale of young lust among friends and family

Chapter 1: Our first time

I suppose it's best to start from when I was 15yrs old, at the time I lived in a typical English city in a road of semi-detached house's, my best friends were Bernie and Tony both the same age as me. We were all born in the street and had lived there ever since, Bernie next door and Tony about 100yrds away. There were loads of other kids living along the same road but we three were really close friends.

Also living close by were four girls we knew, Maureen age17 with shoulder length dark brown hair cut into a bob. Brenda age15, slightly chubby but pretty with blonde hair down to the middle of her back, Francis age14, darker skinned as her mum was from the far east somewhere, she had long black shiny hair the same as her Mum, which was right down to her waist and Sheila age14, tall and skinny with curly fair hair about shoulder length. Like us the girls all lived within 100yrds and we had known each other all our lives except for Brenda who had moved in about a year ago.

Maureen being the eldest had proper tit's which we boys all wanted to try and cop a feel of, Brenda had slightly bigger tits than Maureen which suited her slightly chubby body and again we longed to get a feel of. Francis was younger and smaller but with her tit's just beginning to show up nicely under her school blouses. Sheila being skinny was nearly flat-chested, her tits were just beginning to show as small mounds.

We formed our own little gang, always hanging around together, visiting each other's houses, having dinner and even staying overnight when parents had other things to do.

Me and Bernie lived on one side of the street which happened to have a field with a small oak woods about halfway across on the top of a hill, a little further along was a small pine woods and at the bottom of the field a sandpit which the farmer used to extract sand from occasionally. Many times we would go through the fence at the bottom of Bernie's garden and go off to play in the fields, the woods and the sandpit.

We had been doing this for several years and over time we had built a den in the oak woods using odd bits of timber and canvas with branches over the top. It was around the base of an old oak and we accumulated a couple of old chairs and a sleeping bag, with the floor covered in pine needles from the other woods, it was comfortable and we would go there to smoke the odd cigarette or bottle of beer we sneaked out.

Obviously being the ages we were we began to develop an interest in girls and we boys had discovered the joys of masturbation, which I for one indulged in daily, as I suspect so did the other two lads, the object of our fantasies being various film stars and the four girls in our gang. Maureen was the one who started us along the road of sexual discovery, being that bit older she had started going out with older lads and we discovered she had lost her virginity a few months before the first episode.

We were all sitting around the den and she asked if any of us had fucked yet, when we all said "No" she told us she had and it was great. We sat there looking at her and Francis asked why we should believe her and she explained about a girls hymen and how when she was fucked for the first time it was torn and no longer there. Francis then asked her to prove it, so Maureen stood up and pulled her panties down, stepped out of them, laid on the sleeping bag and pulled her dress up to her waist. I looked at Bernie and Tony and noticed that they, like me, were sporting hard cocks as we gazed at the small amount of pubic hair on Maureen's pussy mound and the lips of her vagina. None of us really knew for sure what to do, so Francis leaned forward and touched the lips of her pussy, Maureen took her hand and encouraged her to rub it, then guided her fingers inside of her vagina. Francis pushed two fingers inside of what was by now a wet pussy and worked them in and out as Maureen moved her hips in rhythm, I think everybody realised that we all masturbated as this happened and Bernie lent forward and added his hand to what was happening. By then I desperately wanted to join in and as I did so Maureen stopped us and asked Bernie to open her pussy up so that we could see inside. Wow, it was wet and turning bright red, me, Bernie and Tony were fascinated and we all put an experimental finger into Maureen's pussy, rubbing it around and taking turns to push a finger inside until Maureen suddenly started to cum, she grabbed Frances's hand and pushed her fingers hard into her pussy as she worked her hips and cried out in ecstasy. To see her pussy clenching and being finger fucked had got us all excited by now, Sheila and Brenda were sitting back, both of them were rubbing under their skirts as the rest of us either rubbed ourselves or had a finger in Maureen as her juices ran out.

As Maureen flopped back flat she said "If you feel there is nothing inside to stop anyone from fucking me or playing with me", which of course there wasn't. Francis was still fingering Maureen and also had her hand under her skirt as well, when Maureen asked if she was still a virgin Francis said "Yes".

Maureen then sat up and pulled Francis down onto the sleeping bag alongside her and looking at us boys told us to take off Francis's panties for her, we were all happy to oblige and three sets of hands went up her skirt and her panties were pulled down her legs and off.

We were then told to lift her skirt and open her legs, we did this and saw that Francis had virtually no hair on her young pussy, just a faint fuzz beginning on her mound. Maureen then rolled towards her and laying half on her asked Sheila to come and hold her arms above her head which she did. Francis was now laid on the sleeping bag with Sheila holding her arms, her skirt bunched up above her waist and her legs being spread by the boys as Maureen started to rub her clit and run a finger along her pussy lips, Francis started to struggle a bit but stopped quickly when she realised that she had no choice but to give in. She even started to move her hips a bit as Maureen continued to work her clit and pussy with her fingers before slipping a tip of one finger into her now wet pussy.

Maureen then told us, "You saw what mine was like, now if you gently use a finger to hold hers open, just inside about an inch up you will see a bit of white skin around her hole, that is her hymen, which disappears when she is fucked". Us boys were totally in awe as we all took turns to hold her pussy inner lips open to see for ourselves.

Of course the inevitable happened and Francis started to get very wet and move her hips with all the attention being paid to her pussy and as we continued she had a small orgasm.

Maureen then suggested we should fuck Francis if she wanted us too, Francis just nodded "Yes" as Maureen continued to rub her clit, I was chosen as I was the one between her legs at the time. Brenda was sat rubbing her own pussy through her panties as she watched all this happening and so with Shelia still holding her arms and Maureen working on her clit I stood up and removed my jeans and Y-fronts, my cock rock hard and pointing skywards I knelt between her legs and moved forwards. Maureen then took my cock in her hand, which almost made me cum there and then, and guided it towards Francis's wet pussy, offering it up to her virgin cunt as I moved my hips and felt it just pop inside. I started to push further in, feeling the tightness of her 14yr old pussy as it began to wrap around it, Francis tensed up slightly in anticipation, Maureen told me to keep pushing hard until my cock was right inside of her, so I forced my hips forward and Francis took a deep breath and cried out as I penetrated her virgin hole. I stopped but she told me to keep going and I felt her very tight little cunt grip my cock as it entered further inside, suddenly the resistance went and I slide completely in and Francis let out the breath she had been holding.

I started to fuck her marvelling at the way her pussy sucked on my cock as I pulled it out and then gave way with a wet softness as I pushed back in. It took only a few minutes of fucking her and I felt my orgasm gallop through my body and suddenly my inexperienced cock exploded inside of her as I rammed it in as far as I could, I don't know if Francis orgasmed as well but she was certainly pushing hard back against me. I allowed my cock to subside a little and then pulled it out to find a blood and semen mix on it and Maureen said that always happened when a girl lost her virginity, but it was no problem.

Maureen then told Bernie to fuck Francis as well and Francis opened her legs to receive the second fuck of her life as he positioned himself between them, as he did this Maureen pulled Tony on top of her, I noticed he already had his cock out playing with it, and she grabbed hold of it and placed it into her wet pussy and told him to fuck her, which he started to do. By now being a randy 15yr old boy my cock had got hard again and I pulled Brenda towards me but she told me "No", but she did want to play with my cock as she had never seen one before, Shelia said she hadn't either so a laid back on the pine needles and let the two of them slowly wank me as they watched it grow harder. Brenda even played with my balls but I noticed that Sheila was more interested in watching the others fuck than paying attention to what she was doing to me. Of course it didn't take long for me to cum again, with all the action going on and listening to the other four all having their own orgasms my cock soon exploded cum over the girls hands.

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