Long Drive Home

by DFWBeast

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, True Story, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Revenge, Slow, Violent, Military, .

Desc: Drama Story: Vet gets BTB revenge on cheating wife. Not for the feint of heart! Sex is only mentioned.

Author's Note: Wasn't expecting a non-erotic BTB cheating wife revenge story to be my first offering on this site, but hey, this one got done before the others! LOL! Anyway, if these types of stories bother you or if you're looking for explicit sex you'll want to skip this one.

My deepest appreciation to ChasingEden, who made this story a heck of a lot better than it was before she first started editing it! BTW if you find any grammar issues it's cause I got my grubby lil hands on it again before it was submitted! (grins)

Mandy stared at the well-dressed man standing in front of her, his words still echoing in her mind. Amanda Black, you've been served, he'd said with a little sadness. The people in the office had grown deathly quiet, and for a moment Mandy thought time might have stood still. In her hand was the death warrant for her five-year marriage.

With a small sob, she slumped into a chair clutching the paper. Slowly, the office began to come to life. The stares, the whispers and all the disapproving looks started to build. Suddenly, Mandy heard her friend's soft voice beside her.

"Mandy, come on," Kit said gently as she took her friend by the arm and stood her to her feet, "let's get you into a conference room and out of this spotlight." The raven-haired thirty-something woman guided her friend away from the gawking stares of their fellow office workers.

Those who had witnessed the show noted how Mandy had gone from a loud, flirty, fun-loving blonde, to a beaten woman in just minutes. A few saw humor in the irony; others pity but most already suspected the reason behind the divorce papers.

"How? I ... I ... don't understand," Mandy stammered, "Things had just started changing for the better."

She clutched herself, as if her hug would give her more strength. Kit slid her arm around her trying to comfort her friend.

"I don't know, girl," Kit said gently. "Did Eric say anything? Any clue this was coming?"

"Just the opposite," she managed to say between gasps, "It was like we were newlyweds again. I figured he was making up for all the wasted time he'd spent oversees."

Kit flinched only slightly but Mandy noticed it.

Mandy replayed the last four months of her marriage in her mind. Since Eric came home from Afghanistan, their sex life had been incredible. It was even better than after he had returned from Iraq two and a half years ago. He had been so passionate and physical. Oh God, she thought to herself, most times I can barely walk afterwards. She smiled sadly as she wiped a remaining tear from her eye.

"It's been so hot and exciting! I mean after I got back from that business trip last week," Mandy's smile warmed a little, "oh my God Kit, Eric just worn me out! We did it so much that I ended up begging him to stop!"

Mandy's smile disappeared when she looked at her friend's questioning face. "NO! Nothing happened when I was on that trip, I told you it was over," she retorted.

Kit nodded but wasn't smiling. In a calm voice she asked, "When was the last time he just held you, or simply spent time kissing and touching you. Sweetheart, when was the last time he gently made love to you?"

She sat there in a daze, looking questioningly at Kit. "What?"

With a determined sigh, Kit looked at her friend for a moment before going on. "Mandy," she asked bluntly, "was he making love to you or just fucking you?"

Mandy's buried her face in her hands and sobbed deeply. But why? Why would he do that? She wondered then suddenly froze. No, he couldn't know, could he? Slowly raising her head she had a look of horror on her face.

"Oh God, Kit" she whispered, "He knows. Oh God please no! Please no!"

Tears began to fill Kit's eyes as she held her friend as she wept. She knew Eric pretty well and if he really did know, then this would get ugly.

Eric nodded as he listened on his cell. "Thank you, sir," he finally said upon hearing his wife had been served and that the packages containing the pictures and legal documents had been delivered. Hanging up, he turned his attention to his laptop.

With a simple click he started the process that would change his unfaithful wife's life forever. One she'll remember for the rest of her life, he thought to himself as he picked up his cellphone and dialed.

"Hello, this is HR," said a sweet young voice, "How may I help you?"

"Mr. Davis, please," Eric said coolly. "This is Eric Black."

"Oh! Mr. Black!" the girl said quickly. "Let me transfer you!"

A few seconds later Eric was speaking to a man who most had never seen smile. The conversation was brief. Neither man raised his voice, but the hostility was not missed by either man.

As Eric ended the call, he let out a deep sigh. Looking at his phone, he saw on the call log that his wife had already called him five times. Not yet, he thought trying to steady himself, not yet.

There was a brisk knock on the conference room door. As Kit opened it, she immediately recognized the three individuals standing in front of her. The first was a well-dressed elderly man named Simon Samuels, the Vice President and head of this branch.

Behind him stood the imposing presence of John Davis, Director of Human Resources. Kit couldn't miss the fact that Mr. Davis' face was bright red and she swore that she could see heat coming off his face.

Behind the two of them stood Anna Prescott, Office Manager and Kit and Mandy's supervisor.

"Ms. Garnett, we need to speak with Ms. Black," Mr. Samuels said, his face grim, "Thank you for your assistance but please return to your desk."

The three walked into the room and Kit left behind them, gently closing the door.

"Ms. Black, we have a problem," Mr. Samuels began.

Mandy walked quickly out into the parking lot, trying not to stumble. She held tightly to the manila envelope that Mr. Davis had given her. Inside were pictures--horrible pictures of her and Sean Thompson, a Business Consultant from the third floor.

Mr. Davis had briefly recapped his discussion with Eric. Eric was threatening to make public the fact that the company had not enforced their code of conduct policy. He'd told Mr. Davis that he'd discuss it with his future ex-wife at home before he decided on whether to pursue any possible legal actions. Mr. Davis informed her that they would be meeting with Sean next but that she "should get her ass home and talk with her husband before this all gets out of hand". He had also informed her that they would all sit down with her and discuss her future with the company tomorrow, after she had met with her husband.

Mandy had a difficult time finding her car because she was still crying so hard. The bright sunlight glared off of the cars making them a little more difficult to identify. However, her car should not have been that hard to find. The big black Hyundai Santa Fe was not easily hidden. Mandy crawled into it, remembering the fights that had led up to Eric finally agreeing to lease the car for her. He'd conceded just before he'd left for Afghanistan.

She wiped her eyes, put on her sunglasses and took off for home. A man in an old Chevy sedan parked close by picked up his cell.

"Thanks Bob," Eric said calmly, "No. no that's all. Please tell Ron that you guys did a great job and deserved the bonus. Thanks again. Goodbye."

Looking down at his laptop, Eric sighed again. Just one more call, he thought to himself, just one more and there would be no turning back. But why would he even want to go back? All that was left was an unfaithful wife that tore his heart out and a shattered marriage that he would never be able to put back together again. Eric shook his head and took out a prepaid cellphone. This last call needed to be untraceable.

He dialed quickly, his face showing nothing. He sat back and listened.

First ring.

Second ring.

Third ring, a soft click and then ... silence.

Eric sat emotionless as he stared at his laptop watching the video feed. Finally, after several minutes, a tear ran down his cheek.

Mandy pulled the big SUV out onto the Interstate and groaned. She had hoped she would be able to avoid the rush hour traffic. She hadn't. She pounded on the steering wheel. At this rate she knew that her usual 30-minute commute would take over an hour.

She thought about her marriage, about how unlikely she would be able to salvage any of it. Eric had found out about her affair. Before Iraq, he might have been able to forgive her but now? The pictures had been taken while he was away in Afghanistan. She sobbed realizing what he must think. Even though the chances were remote, she had to try to save it, simply because she still loved him.

A funny way of showing it though, huh? She chided herself. Cheating on him not once, but both times he had gone overseas to serve his country. She shook her head quickly as if trying to push back the guilt and shame but the tears began flowing again.

Trust was not something that came easily to Eric. His childhood had been a hard one. His father had run out on him and his mother when he was little and his mother was an alcoholic. In the five years they'd been married, Mandy had only seen his mother twice. Once at their wedding and once when their son was born. It had taken him years to trust her. And now...

When Mandy had met Eric in college, she'd known he was a soldier. She thought she had accepted that. He'd already served two active years and was well on the way to receiving his engineering degree. They had dated a year before Eric asked her to marry him. She could still hear her father's reaction.

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