Sue Gets Ridden by Bikers

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Slut Wife, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Story about my ex wife Sue before she was ex - she spends time with some mature bikers and ends up being their bike - and being blackmailed.

Sue was a well put together woman - sexy mouth and eyes, 38 B or C bust with large, sensitive, stubby nipples set in large dark aureoles, a flat stomach and slim waist flaring out to rounded hips with a full mound and her pride and joy - large juicy lips around her cunt which quickly became soaking wet at the slightest stimulation. Her rounded buttocks were very shapely and as her cunt was low slung, if she bent forwards or went on her hands and knees, her large cunt hung beautifully lined up for a cock.

At 40 something she was just a little heavier than she used to be but was every bit as sexy - her fuller tits were just the right size - squishy and good to fondle or squeeze and they hung beautifully, swaying as she walked, a good handful. She was normally very aloof which added to her allure but when aroused she was wanton and almost completely abandoned. Her arousal and abandonment were highly influenced by her consumption of alcohol and, on very special occasions only, a little wacky baccy. When under both these influences she could be either very aggressive, taking any man and demanding he perform, controlling the situation, taking him in her hands and her mouth before deciding the position when it came to the time to fuck him or, she could go to the opposite extreme and be very submissive, needing to be controlled, needing to be taken and used, preferably with some crudity, some roughness but not too violent - just pushed a little beyond her normal limits.

Max had instructed her on what to wear and where to go and sent her out with instructions she was to go with whatever developed and tell him every bit of it on her return.

She had started the late afternoon in a real ale pub where 40 plus bikers (age not numbers) congregated to drink and show off their high powered machines. Sue had ridden lots of bikes in her teenage and twenties and still loved the sound and feel of the powerful machines, her real favourites being the Harley Hogs. She had wanted to throw off her normal routines for a while and had dressed in tight denims which showed off her fleshy mound and the bulge of her lips either side of the seam which split her crotch. Her white blouse was almost see through but this was hidden by her denim waistcoat. The short sleeves revealed a tattoo on her upper arm and the blouse was open enough to show a glimpse of another tattoo on her right breast. Both of these were transfer tattoos worn only for the effect but they looked realistic.

She had soon gravitated towards the biker group and gradually was drawn into their reminiscences. She was soon accepted by the group and as she was drinking Buds at the same rate that they were, was as relaxed as they were. There were another couple of girls in the group, both younger than her, in their early 30s she reckoned but everyone got on well as a group so when they talked about moving on and she was disappointed they would be leaving, it was quite natural for her to be offered a ride on one of the bikes, the choice was hers. She readily accepted and went out with them to select the machine she would ride on. She was choosing the bike not the rider as this was about bikes, not men. She chose her favourite machine, one of the Hogs, and after putting on the offered helmet, tucked her long blonde hair under it and threw her leg across the bike and held onto the man in front of her. The sound, the sheer noise and power soon took her over like a drug as they roared off, through the town and onto the open road.

Later that day they stopped at other pubs where they drank more but somehow the adrenalin from the high speed riding seemed to break down the alcohol so she was kept very relaxed but not as drunk as you would expect from the volume she had had.

By the late evening they were all old friends and as a group it was agreed they would go back to one of the houses. They sprawled around the lounge, drinking from cans and bottles provided by their host and continued to swap yarns. Sue noticed that someone was smoking a joint and that it was being passed around. When it came to her turn they watched to see her reaction and were pleased to see her draw on it with obvious experience. A couple more joints were started so there were a few making the rounds and everyone had plenty to smoke and they all mellowed a lot. The alcohol and waccy baccy joined together in her system to make her extra relaxed and her inhibitions were quickly fading.

There was a bit of a pushing and shoving at one end of the room and she leaned forward to see what it was about and saw one of the girls was topless and was sucking one of the men's cock. The others were gathering round to watch, some were fondling the girl and others were encouraging her or the man. It was all being done as a group, there was no "ownership" of man or girl, no jealousies.

Sue felt a tingle start around her crotch and knew her juices were beginning to flow at the sight. The cock was large and she could imagine the feel of it in her mouth as she watched the girl suck on it. Johnno, the leader of the group moved and sat beside her on the floor and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"From what you've been telling us today, you must have had a few cocks in your mouth in your time eh?" As he spoke to her softly, his arm had gone round her shoulders and he noted that she leaned into him and not away from him. His other hand came up and fondled her breasts through her waistcoat and when she leaned back further against him to let him feel her, he quickly slipped her waistcoat open. By now the others had gathered round the two of them to watch.

Johnno slipped her opened waistcoat off her shoulders and they could all see her nipples showing clearly through the blouse which he quickly opened and slipped off her shoulders so everyone could see her full breasts.

Hands were all over her, feeling and fondling her, gently at first then squeezing her breasts and nipples which she found arousing but it then got to be quite painful as some of the hands were rough skinned and grabbed her breasts with some force. Johnno passed her another joint and they all moved back a little so for a few minutes she sat topless, smoking the joint while the men and girls sat around her. She was then passed a glass to drink. She gave no thought to what might be in it, never really registered that it was not a can of Bud and drank quite freely. Soon she felt a little light headed but was still aware of everything going on around her although it seemed slightly removed to her.

Johnno talked to her again, this time so everyone could hear. "You have spent the day with us all, you know we are a group who share everything. We have shared our bikes and our booze, now its your turn to share what you have with us. Before the night is out, we shall all have fucked you - OK?"

In her relaxed state she just murmured "Mmm" and they all moved closer. "Lets see what you've got to share then" he continued to her. "Stand up and get your kit off. Your tits are great but what about your cunt?"

"My cunt is lovely, you'll see - I've never had any complaints" she giggled as she struggled to stand. Helping hands held her steady as she kicked off her boots then unfastened her belt and jeans. Hands helped her pull down her tight jeans so she stood in her tiny pants until she slipped them down with much assistance. She stood with her legs apart, her hands on her hips as the men sat around her on the floor, looking up into her glorious bush and cunt.

Johnno reached out and ran his hands up her calf, then her thighs then ran his fingers through her pubes and parted her cunt lips, pulling them open so they could all see how large they were. There were various comments about the size of her lips and cunt and how fuckable it was. "See, I told you you'd like it" she giggled as Johnno finger fucked her. "Listen to her cunt slurp" he laughed to them. "What a wet slag this is."

Johnno stood up and went behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders and guiding her to the arm chair and pushed her shoulders down so she leaned forwards, resting her weight on the arms of the chair. He crudely kicked her feet wider apart then slipped off his leather jeans, his cock springing out as he wore nothing under them. He held it and guided it to her. She used one hand to reach under, between her legs to take his cock and guide it into her cunt. As she put it into her cunt he grabbed her hips, pulling them back towards him as he thrust his hips sharply into her, resulting in his cock being rammed hard into her cunt. She cried out from the sudden pain and they all cheered. Johnno started to fuck her, slowly at first with long firm strokes then he speeded up, ramming and banging into her, lifting her off her feet so her cunt was supporting her full weight.

"Look at her tits go as he fucks her" someone called out and hands reached up to fondle her as her body was rocked by Johnno's thrusts until he thrust extra hard and deep into her and she felt his spunk shoot into her. When he pulled out, his spunk and her juices combined and ran down the back of her thigh as she stood, still bending forward.

Johnno moved her round to face him and with his hands on her shoulders, pushed her down so she was kneeling in front of him. She needed no words to know what he wanted of her. She took his semi erect cock, wet with his spunk and her cunt juices, and put it in her mouth. He tasted clean and salty. As her lips closed over it, her hand moved up and down his shaft, the other hand cupping his balls as her mouth worked on him until she felt him hard and solid again.

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