The Sexual Adventures of Abbey Orange


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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Abbey Orange Sexual Adventures Included: M/Ff,D/S,Hj,Oral,Rim,Spank,Toys, Abbey Who Is an Adventurous Lover Who Loves to Pleasure Her Man Sj -the Story Is Written From Abbey and Sj Point of View.


Abbey comes home from work.

Abbey's point of view

Abbey Orange is siting on the edge of the bed removing her black boots, her husband, SJ is in the bathroom getting undressed ready for to the shower. Abbey is watching him in the reflection of the bathroom mirror, as she slides her boots off. Her eyes are roaming over his chest as he removes his shirt. She likes his feel chest, the softness of his skin, his manly smell. She has started to remove her stockings and her fingers absently linger on her crutch. As if in a trance she places her hand inside her satin G-string and starts gently rubbing herself. She slowly eases a finger inside herself; she is so wet from watching her husband strip. With a finger slowly moving up and down gently rubbing herself, she finds her other hand is caressing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. Her hand between her legs is making and her wetter and wetter. SJ is bending over removing his pants, she likes his round firm cheeks, and she finds herself licking her lips, salivating in desire. Abbey can no longer control herself. Now naked, she stands up and goes to him, she can feel her juices flowing down her thighs. She stands behind him and pushes him against the wall and starts kissing his neck, he feels so soft and smells so nice. Abbey reaches around grabs his penis with one hand, still kissing him, nibbling on his ear, the other hand is playing with is balls, his cock hardens under her touch. She turns him around, so that he is now leaning against the bathroom wall, she gently starts licking his nipples, with the tip of her tongue, switching from nibbling to sucking. Abbeys hands are still roaming all over his cock and his butt, one hand is alternating between stroking his rock hard 8 inch cock and balls, while the other has found its way to between he cheeks of his butt and is gently massaging his hole. She slowly inserts a finger into his butt, then a second, gentle moving them in and out. Abbey reaches down and picks up the conditioner, and places a dollop of conditioner on her hand and returns to stroking him, slowly at first moving her hand up and down the full length of his thick shaft. Her fingers are still sliding in and out of his butt; her mouth is working on his nipples. Abbey can feel that is about to come and slows down her movements, she wants him to take her in the shower. They get in to the shower, Abbey lets the flowing water clean conditioner of SJ's penis, she bends down, she can feel the hot water running down her back, she takes SJ penis in her mouth, slowly sucking his shaft, playing with the tip of his penis with her tongue. Abbey makes him spread his legs wider apart and places kisses in his inner thighs, her fingers gently tracing the outline of his well shaped legs, she picks up the cloth and gently washes his penis, then his legs, she washes his feet and toes. Abbey is sitting on the shower floor, washing his toes, she sucks each toe in her mouth, as she continues to wash and massage his feet. SJ pulls her up from the floor and turns her around, she bends over, and she is flexible enough to place her hands on the ground. He enters her from behind in one quick motion; this is how she wanted him to take her. He penetrates her deeply, the more she leans over the deeper he can get. He thrusts harder, his hands are on her nipples. The water is cascading down their backs. Today she wants it hard and fast. She is close to climax, he can feel this and works faster, as she comes she can feel his penis spasming deep inside her as he shoots his cum in to her well-satisfied pussy.

SJ's point of view

It had been a long day. I came home and prepared to unwind with a hot shower. I saw Abbey getting changed and looked forward to fucking her. She was such a wild lover; no night was dull in bed with Abbey! As I am just about to get in the shower Abbey comes and takes me. Kissing me and touching me the way she knows I like. Fuck, her fingers work my arse and my cock. I am ready to cum but Abbey takes me to the water and washes and kisses me until I can wait no longer. I slide inside her and feel her push me in deeper. I squeeze her tits as I feel myself about to cum. As I find her nipple and twist as I push harder inside her she moans pushes back and cums. Her body takes me over the edge and I flood her with my cum. What a way to wind down at home!

FRIDAY the 3rd

Later on in the week,

Abbey's point of view

They had gone out dancing all night and could not wait to get home. All the close touching and gyrating on the dance floor had got her hot and ready for sex, her body was craving his touch. Abbey was still in the mood for dancing when there arrived home and decided that she would give SJ a lap dance. She placed a chair against the wall and made SJ sit there fully dressed (she knew she would need the wall for support). She walked across and pressed the play button on the CD player, she knew her SJ's favorite song was next to play ("Throw your arms around me"). With the lights now dimmed and the music playing in the background, she slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Wearing only a lacy black bra, suspender belt and stockings and high heel shoes, she slowly walked across the room staring into SJ's eyes. Her hands were running all over her body and through her hair, her hips were swaying from side to side in time to the music. She stood between his legs, leaning her upper body forward; her hands on the wall above him, her back was arched, her butt up in the air. She was teasing him, inching her body forward and backwards, closer and closer to face. Her freshly waxed pussy was glistening in the subdued lighting; it was wet with anticipation of things to come. She liked to keep her pussy hair free so she could feel his tongue. Even now he was trying to touch her with his tongue – but she kept gently pushing him back in the chair. She rubbed herself and spread her lips wide, so he could see her pinkness glistening. She teased him with her hard nipples, rubbing them against his lips, SJ tried to lick and suck on her nipples, but again and again she kept him from touching her.

She took her hands and slowly started rubbing her breasts, she touched herself, telling him what she wanted, were she wanted him to touch her.

She inserted a finger into her wetness, and then places it between his lips to tease him with her taste, and then she pinched her nipples and moaned with desire. She then turned around and leant over, exposing her little brown hole by spreading her cheeks, she allowed him to lean forward and give her hole a quick tongue which sent tiny shivers up and down her spine She pushed back harder onto his tongue reveling in the sensations he was giving her. SJ could not take it any longer, he grabbed her around the waist and placed her on the ground, Abbey was now on all fours, He quickly unzipped his pants and his rock hard penis sprang out, pre-cum was oozing from the eye like a river. Kneeling behind her, he quickly lined up and thrust hard, feeling is penis slide all the way inside her, filling her completely. She was so hot and worked up that the initial thrust set of a mind-blowing orgasm. As she was shuddering in delight, SJ felt his balls swelling and released a full load of hot cum deep in her hot pussy. Abbey then turned around and took him in her mouth. The taste of their combined juices was heavenly as Abbey cleaned him. SJ then laid her down and leant in between her legs, Abbey felt his tongue and lips touch her, gently caressing her, his tongue on her clitoris felt warm and wet, licking, sucking and blowing on her, she was squirming with pleasure, the thought of him tasting his own cum just added to her overactive sexual delight. His fingers stimulating her G-spot, she started to lose control, once again SJ had given her a mind-blowing orgasm. She was then turned over onto her hands and knees again. His tongue started licking her rose bud as he prepared to fuck her arse she loved this dirty side of him. As she felt the head of his hard penis at her opening, she pushed back and let it slide in all the way. It was so good to feel the full width of him stretching her. Soon he was thrusting in and out hard and she new it wouldn't take much for him to come deep in her bowels. What an unbelievable feeling. As he came, I felt him rubbing my clit hard and I experienced yet another leg quivering orgasm as he emptied into me yet again. Mmmmm ... what if I could feel the powerful thrust of two hard cocks at the same time.

SJ's point of view

My lover is amazing. After a night of sensuous dancing she gives me this amazing lap dance and lets me take her doggy style. I cum so quick I am sure could not have cum. I go down on her sweet pussy and taste our combine juices. A finger or two in her and my tongue on her clit and soon she is squirming. I watch her beautiful body and wonder how else I can please her. My mind drifts to places I fantasies about but could never ask for. Will she let me fuck her while she sucks on another man? Does she wonder what it would be like to be taken by two men at the same time? Will she get off on me exploring my own sexuality?

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