by Mark Pitt

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Desc: Sex Story: Well the weekend to Galveston

Some may recall we had a wonderful encounter we had with 5 guys in a used bookstore. A few days later our privacy was invaded and sort of scared us. If you didn't get the write up I did, let me know and I will forward it. We decide our next endeavor had to maintain piracy but neither of us like the idea of a set-up type of Gang Bang. It lacked spontaneity, excitement and it just seamed to be fucking for fucking sake. We decide we would rent a car, go out of town and see what happened. We decided on Galveston for a weekend.

Well the weekend to Galveston. Where do I begin?...

I guess a little preliminary info. Thanks to some of your help, we solved the problem of lubricating the condoms to Debbie's satisfaction. The stuff called "Wet" works great for the ass and pussy. Olive oil on a rag then rubbed on the condom works OK for the mouth/throat. A little oily taste, but Ok. She came up with the idea of flavored olive oil which helps some. She likes rosemary the best followed by some sort of fruit mixture. She had her act together Thursday night. I worked my ass off until 3am both Wednesday and Thursday night. It was no way I was going to get away with delaying this thing. We were trying to get away early afternoon Friday but I just couldn't get it all done. If it wasn't one customer it was another. She was pacing like a dog in heat. (I guess she was) She would ask ever few minutes if I was about through. You don't know pressure until ... Well you know.

We finally got away a little before 5. Then we hit traffic. I was a wreck at this point. I think she sensed I was pretty tight so she let me have a little quite time. About an hour later our weekend really started.

She lifted the arm rest and came over and snuggled up to me. I felt her left tit press up against my arm. I could feel the nipple was rock hard. Believe it are not that was the first time I even noticed how she was dressed. WOW!! I told her to sit back against the door so I could get a better look. FUCKING WOW!!!

She had on this bright yellow shirt/dress that I just love on her (It especially showed off her tan she has been working own). I think it is really considered a long shirt, but since she is short, it is long enough to go as a "Short" dress. It is a thin stretchy material that clings to her curves like butter. The neck line swoops enough to show a little cleavage. It has three buttons that were not being used right now. So you talking about cleavage ... Fucking Double Wow!!! She has the best natural (without bra) cleavage I have ever seen. I'm a little prejudice, but she looked great. Since the dress clings so nicely, I like for her to not wear panties so I can see the curves of her butt cheeks. But I assumed this being the first time she had worn this out, she wore panties. Wrong. She parted her legs and my blood pressure shot up a couple of notches. I know a few have said that if she would be in a gang bang then she must be an exhibitionist. No, she is really on the shy side. Knowing that made this look all the better.

A horn blaring brought me back to reality. The traffic had moved up and I was still sitting there. After collecting my thoughts, I looked at her again and ask her if she was going in the hotel like that. She grinned a sexy little grin, and said "if you want me to." This was my little Deb?!

We cuddled together the rest of the way. My right arm having the best arm rest every built. We got there a little before seven. When we got out of the car I noticed she had buttoned up two of the buttons. I guess she didn't have the courage yet. She still looked fucking unbelievably sexy. Remember the butt crack thing ... ummm! The doorman just stared. He didn't even open the door. She was sure getting the stares. I was turning a little red but there was no looking back now. The Desk clerk was a women. At first I thought she might be turned on by Debbie. But she got sort of frosty and shot daggers at her. I was glad Deb didn't seem to notice. I notice there were three Bellman milling around close. Trying to be first with a helping hand. When the Desk clerk rang the bell there was a mad dash. It was a little obvious and embarrassing. The clerk just shot them a look like I wish I could fire you all.

Normally I would take our bags to the room, but I had other plans. We got to the room and the Bellman was not letting his eyes off her. He was trying to show me about the TV or some sort of thing. It was a half hearted attempt at best. Now for my plan. Unknown to Debbie.

I said I guess you need a tip. He stuck out his hand, still not looking at me. I said, let her give you the tip. She looked at me quizzically and turned red. I grinned. Gave her a nod and said our weekend has started. You give the tips. That blush and that tan give her a wonderful glow. He just stood there sort of like what's going on here. She finally got it or got up the nerve. She removed the gold chain from around her waste and undid the two buttons. The bellman turned red but grinned a big ass smile. She reached down and slowly pulled up the dress. Up. Up and off. Boy did she look fine. It looked like the bellman lost his load right there.

She came over and gave him a peck an the cheek. He gab a handful of Boob and gave it a squeeze. I love it when a plan comes together. After a minute, she grabbed his arm to pull it away. He wanted to take the boob with him. She coached him to let go. She squatted down. Unzipped and unbuckled his pants. Pulled them down and out popped his cock. She gently held it and kissed it on the head.

That's when I stepped in. Handed her a condom. She looked disappointed. I don't think he even noticed. He even moaned when she put it on. We didn't have the oil unpacked yet so she licked and sort of slobbered up and down his dick. He was almost in heaven and getting there quick. She put her mouth over the head and slid down real slow. Down. Down. All the way. Well friends and neighbors, we all know what that means. When the "Flutter" hit he just bucked his hips and sort of grunted a "he he he he." His eyes fluttered. He started reaching for some imaginary object to hold him up. It was a beautiful site. She gave him a couple of more stokes with each one seaming to drain a little more life out of him. For those who haven't read the account of our first endeavor the "Flutter" is a marvelous thing that happens when your dick hits her throat. It is not a hum or vibration ... it's a flutter. It seams to be a natural thing. Nothing she tries to do. Nothing I have ever heard of from anyone else. The only problem, if you want to call it a problem, is you have to go slooooow. If you do it at a regular fucking pace, it is your everyday garden variety mouthfuck. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes it is great to rare back and give that mouth a go. But oh that flutter. It is wonderful...

Anyway, back to the Bellman. He plopped down on the bed looking like he wasn't going to be able to walk are talk again. I came over and gave Deb a big kiss. Boy did her tongue go wild in my mouth. I broke away to see the Bellman pull his pants up with the rubber still own. Now he couldn't look at either one of use. He just had to leave. She grabbed his arm and reached over and gave him a peck on the cheek and said "thanks, you were great." He smiled, glanced at me and said thanks and sort of sleeked out of the room.

Deb turned to me with a wicked little smile and said you had that planned all along didn't you. I did my awe shucks look. She said that she was glad I didn't tell her ahead of time. She said that was a bigger rush than when I ask her to show her boobs in the bookstore. With that, I laid her on the bed and started kissing her franticly. Ripping my pants off. I fucked her for all I was worth. It was pretty powerful stuff.

As I mention I had pulled a couple of long nights trying to free up this weekend. With that episode, I was pooped. It was about 8pm so I said lets just go eat something come back and hit the hay earlier. We can continue our fun tomorrow. It was like I told her there is no Santa Clause. She finally agreed. She put "that" dress on again. Fixed her hair and makeup. She looked like million bucks. What flies we could catch with that bait. But just not tonight.

We went down to the Hotel Restaurant. On the way, we saw our bellman. He was talking to another one, undoubtedly telling him this was the woman. The other guy was giving him a you are full of Bullshit look. I told Debbie to give him a wink and a wave. She did and the other guy about dropped his drawers. We went into the restaurant and the hostess gave us (mostly Deb) a big smile. She kept looking back at Deb and smiling (sort of a "I want to eat you for dinner smile") as she walked us to a table. Of course my thoughts immediately went to "I wonder if I could get Deb to do a woman." Anyway she seated us, and gave Debbie one last smile as she walk away. Debbie didn't say anything, but with the look in her eyes, I bet if I had ask at that moment she would have said yes ... I didn't.

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