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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: No, not my mom, but Katies mom. How Oncie comes out of a protected life and is introduced into a world filled with fun things to do from movies to sex.

This is a partially true story, embellished a little to make better reading, but most of the facts are true.

Katie came running into the living room as the phone continued to ring. I never answered the phone, usually it was some guy trying to setup a fun evening and if I answered they would get spooked and never call back, then I would be in trouble for spoiling some of her fun.

"Hello," Katie answered. "Hi Mom, anything wrong."

"I was just wondering, you very seldom call during the daytime, unless there is a problem."

"Of course you can, we will pick you up this evening."

Curious, I asked, "What was that all about?"

"Dad is having some work done at the house, new furnace, having the kitchen remodeled, and several small things and he wants Mom out of the way while the work is being done. She asked if she could stay here for a few days and I agreed, I hope that is ok with you."

"Of course it is, they help us out so much taking care of the kids so we can go out sometimes, so it is only fair and we have plenty of room. I'll go and make sure that the guest room is all ready."

That is how Katie's mom's visit started, just a casual phone call, but it sure wouldn't be how it ended.

That evening we made the trip to her parent's house to bring Katie's mom to our house. This would be a first; we had never had any of the parents stay over before. After loading the usual woman's concept of what it takes to live for a week, you know, five suitcases and several smaller bags, we headed back home.

I guess at this point I should tell you a little about Katie's Mom. She is just a twenty-five year older version of Katie, same wonderful features, slim build, nice breasts, firm ass and eyes that would drive any man to the edge.

Katie's mom, Oncie, had lived a very sheltered life, never really traveled more than fifty miles from home, never had any type of a social live, controlled by first her own father and then marrying young, she continued to be controlled by her husband for so many years. Always forced to dress like a woman out of the 90's, no not the 1990's but from the 1890's, all dresses had to be mid calf or lower in length, never owned a pair of slacks or shorts. She had never been to a play, movie, or even gone out to eat, had never tasted wine or any kind of drink that contained alcohol. Katie had planned a week for her mom where she would be able to try some of these things for the first time.

Arriving back at our house, I unloaded the baggage and carried it all up to the spare bed room. Katie said to Oncie, "We are going out to dinner this evening, the kids are excited about you spending a week with us and they want to take you to their favorite restraint." For the kids that meant a trip to our local pizza joint.

Oncie had never tasted pizza in her life and she objected, "Why go out to eat, when I can fix us dinner here."

Katie would not hear of it, "No Mom, we are going out tonight."

After more objections from mom, the whole tribe piled into the minivan and off to dinner we went. Oncie decided to let the kids order and she would just sit back and enjoy and enjoy she did. With her first bite of pizza, came the statement, "Oh my, I have never tasted anything like this before, this is great."

Many slices later we headed back home. After playing with the kids for a while all of us headed off to bed. Katie showed her mom where everything was located and made sure that she was setup for the night. All of us settled down for a nights rest, except that we had to take time for some adult fun.

Oncie was first to rise the next morning and had a wonderful breakfast prepared for everyone when we came down stairs. Nothing special was planned for the day, just a normal Saturday at our house, kids watching cartoons, many of their friends running in and out all day. The phone ringing off the hook, with calls from several of the kid's friends, in the mix of calls were calls from several of Katie's male friends, she told each no, because she was spending time with her mother.

Sunday was a carbon copy of Saturday except that we took the whole family to a movie with popcorn, Oncie was fascinated. That evening after the kids had been put to bed she said, "I think I should go back home."

"No Mom, there is no reason for that, we have the room and the kids are having a ball with you here."

"But I keep hearing you on the phone telling your friends no, because I'm staying the week. I'm keeping the two of you from going out and doing things with your friends."

"No that is not true."

"But I keep hearing you on the phone."

"Mom, that is only partially true, I guess I might as well tell you the whole story. Those are not our friends, those are my friends, male friends."

With a puzzled look on her face, Oncie said, "I don't understand."

"Mom, I have a lot of male friends, no really they are more than friends. I really don't know how to tell you, I have, we have, uh. Bill and I have a very close marriage, not only a very close marriage but an open marriage."

"Your dad and I have always been open with each other."

"No mom, that's not what I mean, we have an open relationship in that, uh, I have special male friends. I have several lovers, lovers that I meet with several times a week."

I thought Oncie was going to fall off the couch. "That is the truth; I love Katie so much that I will do anything to make her happy, even if that means I have to share her with others."

"I still don't understand. How can you-do you mean-what are we talking about here?"

"Mom, I have a want, no that isn't true, I have a need for sex, Bill fills all of my other needs, but there is another need and that is, to have sex with other men, some I know, some I don't."

"How could you, you promised in your marriage vows, I'm confused, I don't understand."

"Mom, sex should be fun, not a chore that you have to do because of some vow."

"I can't handle all of this; I'm going to bed and think about this."

With that Oncie shuffled off to bed for the night. I stayed up late watching TV and I could see her light on until the wee hours of the morning. I knew that behind that closed door she was trying to address what had been said during the evening.

Monday morning, brought the beginning of a new work week, I was out the door before Oncie got out of bed. Around noon Katie called and said she was worried about her mom, Oncie was so quiet, hardly saying a word all day.

"Bill, what time are you going to be home?"

"I should be there around 5 or so, why?"

"Andy called and wants to have some fun before he goes to work, he will pick me up around 4. I'll tell mom I'm going out and ask if she will watch the kids until you get home. I should be home around 9 or so."

"Have a good time."

When I got home around 5, Oncie had dinner on the table; the kids were in heaven having grandma take care of them.

After dinner, Oncie asked me, "Do you know where Katie went this evening?"


"Do you know what she is doing?"

"Yes, I do."

"And you don't mind?"

"It isn't whether I mind or not. Katie needs these times and I can put up with times like these as long as she comes home to me when she is finished. I love her that much." With that I could see that Oncie's mind was running full speed. Nothing more was said between us until around 8:30 when Katie came in the door.

I asked, "Have a good time."

"Yes, it just didn't last long enough." I knew exactly what she meant, most evenings she would be out until the early hours of the morning.

Oncie walked into the room, "You are back. Where have you --? Did you --?"

"Come on mom you can say it."

"No I can't even think about it, let along say it."

"Ok then I'll say it. Yes mom, we went to his house and I fucked him, not once but twice and I enjoyed every second of it and I plan on Bill and I making love later tonight."

"How can you talk like that, not even counting the fact that you were with another man then come home and expect your husband to accept you after what you have done?

"Mom, I always come home to Bill, he is the one I love. Sex should be fun, or should be if you will allow it."

It wasn't hard to tell that Oncie was trying to let this entire happening sink in, she remained silent the rest of the evening, except to say good night.

By Tuesday the strain was beginning to show, we decided to go out for dinner, then pick up a couple of family DVDs and spend the rest of the evening in family time.

After the DVDs were finished and the kids were shuffled off to bed, the three of us sat around and began talking. I broke the ice, "Did you hear from Dad today? How is the work going?"

"I talked to him earlier and he said it would probably be a couple more days then they would be finished. I've been thinking about the two of you a lot over the last few days, are you really happy with the way things are between you."

Katie was the one to answer, "Mom, we are happier than we have ever been before, my drive for sex is being satisfied and Bill and I make love almost every night. There is a big difference between just wild sex and really making love, each fills a different need within me."

"I wouldn't know, with your dad it was always something that was expected from me... ," Oncie sighed and let her voice drift off into nothing.

"I love no one except Bill."

"I guess to me this seems so strange, I've never even seen another man naked except your dad."

"Mom, have you ever wondered, have you ever had questions about other men"

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