An Unexpected Adventure

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Diane and her husband are getting it on when the unexpected happens and changes their lives.

Strange how things happen when you least expect it, isn't it?

Like with Bob and I. Married twenty years, no kids, his fault, not mine, the doctors tell us, but we don't mind ... not now.

Oh, we're settled into a routine of long standing – well we were, until that one particular night. Bob would come home from work, have his martini, sometimes two, and settle down in front of the television to watch the news and then some porn.

I didn't like that at first, I mean, what was I chopped liver? I didn't understand what he saw or got out of watching men and women cavorting naked and doing all sorts of crazy things like it was the most normal thing for folks to do. I have nothing against sex, good Lord, I love a good romp in bed, but letting someone capture you doing it? It just didn't seem right.

But on June 16th something came over me as I looked in at my husband lying on the sofa watching an old porno film from the 80's in the shadowy room. Only a small lamp on an end table provided any illumination.

I realized it wasn't just his evening at home, it was mine as well and I decided to do something about it.

Bob didn't notice me watching him and from time to time the blonde named Christy Canyon with incredible breasts he couldn't take his eyes off of as she fellated a man who ostensibly was a plumber there to fix a leaky sink.

I told myself that I was Bob's woman, not this celluloid caricature with artificial tits and slid out of my chair and knelt next to his feet. He glanced my way and smiled, acknowledging my existence, and returned to watching C. C. with the double DD's.

But that look, however brief, warmed me all over and I realized that she was not actually in the room and I was.

Taking a deep breath, I reached for his zipper. There was only the slightest hesitation as it slid down over the bulge in his slacks. I followed by quickly opening his pants and freeing our mutually favorite toy.

I was afraid to look up at him.

Gingerly he put a hand on the back of my head and loosely gathered a handful of hair as he slowly urged me down toward his lap. My hand shook as it encircled his base. I leaned forward, tongue out, and barely touched the tip. The cock in my hand stiffened even more and I took the entire head into my mouth and sucked hungrily.

I risked a look up and saw his eyes were on Christy Canyon sucking off a thick penis of incredible length. I lowered my eyes to his growing erection. My lips were about to engulf it, all six inches; I'd done it before - deep-throating him, I mean, and no doubt would do it again. Other than the occasional gagging part I enjoyed the moments of power I derived from fellating him. Then he was entirely my mouth and I closed my eyes and started to fellate him as best I could.

Knowing it was only seconds before Bob would close his eyes and only be thinking about what I was doing to him made my nipples grow erect and I began to lubricate. Without conscious thought, the fingertips of my left hand moved to my bra-encased breast, gliding over the whole of it, barely touching and avoiding all contact with the nipple.

I made slurpy sounds as I sucked away, not swallowing my saliva, letting it seep from my mouth and down my chin. I removed him from my mouth and saw a long string of spittle clinging from my tongue to the head of his cock. He shoved himself back between my lips and I sucked voraciously upon him.

My free hand traced a path around each breast, slowly spiraling in toward the nipples. And as the finger tips reached the edge of my areole I looked up into his eyes and shuddered from the intensity of my arousal.

If anything, Bob grew harder.

My right hand cupped his testicles and gave them a light squeeze.

He groaned.

I felt his involuntary spasm and the first pulse of his cum hit the roof of my mouth. Secondary spurts filled my mouth. I swallowed. I didn't dare to look up at him and concentrated on sucking his cock, the essence of my being at the moment.

I sucked and sucked even after it softened. I sucked it clean, leaving nothing. I let it fall from between my lips after one last suck. I heard a kissing sound and glanced up at him, trying my best not to smile.

Bob was looking at me through half-closed eyelids. He wasn't smiling either.

"Take your clothes off," he said. He hadn't moved. He seemed so serious. It was the first thing either of us said since I'd entered the room.

On the television screen, Christy Canyon was on all fours getting it doggy-style from a different man. I wondered what had happened to the first guy as I began removing my clothing.

I'd never done anything like this with him before and it made me a bit nervous. Thoughts of what was he going to do to me filled my mind as Christy Canyon faded away.

"Sit in the armchair," he said in a hoarse voice as I stood nude before him.

I sat

"Bring yourself off."

I was stunned. I had surprised him and now he was returning the favor. I considered. I could stop it all. I could break the mood.

I didn't want to break the mood. I realized I could make myself do what he asked. After all, I'd just sucked his cock without his prompting.

I decided that I could be as sluttish as he wanted me to be and drew my knees up in front of my hand, as I coiled in what could have been a fetal position. I didn't take my eyes off him. And he didn't take his eyes off me as we stared at each other.

"Open those legs, Diane, my husband croaked.

With a flush of shame and a shudder of excitement, I closed my eyes and opened my legs.

"Now put them over the arms of the chair, Diane."

Shaking with shame and arousal, I did. I opened my eyes and looked down. My hand was still at the top of my slit, but my lips, my slick protruding lips, were uncovered, flaunted, and oh so obviously wet.

"DO IT!"

It was the first time he'd raised his voice to me in years.

I obeyed him and touched myself. Fingers moved automatically, retracing the movements I used secretly since puberty.

Our eyes were still locked. I wanted him. I wanted to cum. But he'd already cum and it was my doing. I fingered frantically.

It felt good -- very good. I felt my breathing picking up. I realized I was breathing through my mouth. Bob was still staring at me, well of course he was, and I liked that he was watching me.

Who the hell was I? Where had it come from - this sudden inclination to suck his cock and then brazenly jill off while he watched?

Oh, fuck I felt good! On the brink of cumming while strumming my clit while meeting his eyes still riveted to my fingers.

In a voice barely a whisper, Bob croaked, "Take your fingers away; put them in your mouth."

I nodded and then slowly tasted myself. As my tongue licked my secretions from the fingers I envisioned a woman wallowed between my legs, licking and sucking with wantonness I had never even thought possible. I struggled to fight off panic, but the sensations I was experiencing were impossible to ignore, and I vowed to have sex with another woman at least once before the year was over.

I kept my eyes closed as my fingers returned to my sodden cunt and began the climb to release. The intensity of my orgasm left me dazed. My hand dropped to my side; my jaw hung open and I think I was drooling as I sat motionless for a timeless interval before he broke the silence.

"Turn around, Diane. Put your ass up for me."

I was happy to comply. On hands and knees, I let my head droop until the crown was touching the seat of the arm chair. I snuck a glance behind me. Bob was hard again. It was absolutely true -- he was hard as a rock. And I was ready too; I had yet to stop fingering myself. I could no longer see him behind me, but there was no ignoring him. I sensed him lining up his penis with my vagina. I felt the briefest contact as he surged forward and surged into my wet chasm.

It felt so good inside me. I wanted to die as I looked down at my breasts bouncing back and forth in time with Bob's thrusts. It was wild, wanton and mindless fucking. I slammed my body back against his pelvis and keened a song of abandon.

And then, without warning I froze, moaned, and felt my vaginal muscles spasm rhythmically as I came.

I fell forward from the force of his next thrust, but Bob grabbed my hips and pulled me back, impaling me again, and again. I couldn't believe I was cumming again, and was just finishing my contractions when Bob began pumping in short quick strokes.

Finally holding me tightly to his body as his hips jerked spasmodically. "Oh, Diane, my love ... Oh God," he cried as he filled me with his pent-up release.

I toppled to the floor, turning on my side as I did.

I blinked.

My mind spun for a second or two and I realized I'd seen a face in the window!

I was facing the window and for a split second I'd seen someone peeking between the curtain and the side of the window.

It took several seconds for me to put a name to the face, but I knew then that the voyeur was my next-door neighbor, Fiona.

My mind raced. She must have been stopping by for something and had glanced in the window. Now she was racing back home, thinking who-knows-what.

I couldn't bring myself to tell Bob, not then. I needed time to think things through.

There was no sleep for me that night, and the following morning after Bob set off for work with a spring in his step and a glow on his face, I reached for the phone and called Fiona.

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