Nis: Charlie and Charley

by obohobo

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Desc: Sex Story: Charles (Charlie), a school prefect, and very shy Charlotte (Charley) are paired for their week in the Naked in School programme. The humiliation is almost too much for Charley.


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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental. The ideas and thoughts that follow are pure fantasies. In real life, at the very least they would be unpleasant and probably illegal. Fantasies are like that; daydreams where we can contemplate and imagine the sensations without suffering or inflicting the pain, despair or humiliation.

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Friday afternoon

"There's a high chance I'll be in the programme next week, in fact there's a 25% chance, my mathematical mind told me, but who will they partner me with? Jenny Carstairs probably. I've worked on a few projects with her and we're both a bit nerdy. Yes, almost certainly it will be Jenny, the form master always tries to pair compatible students, students with a common interest." The programme started seven weeks previously and by now most students accepted it without the over amount of touching and gawking of the first few weeks and even the biology and art teachers have given up using the naked students as live instructional models.

Looking around at the students in the classroom, with the two still finishing their Naked in School week, fourteen have completed the programme, leaving ten remaining in my 6th form class and because of the imbalance of males to females, four were boys and six girls, hence my 25% chance. I wondered what the school would do with the last two girls; put them together of use two boys who'd already experienced it? One of the raison d'être was to have a male/female couple as buddy partners who'd keep together for the whole school time except when certain classes dictated otherwise. Thus they spent their breaks together, ate at the same table and used the toilet at the same time and, by what had become a tradition, the boy used the girl's toilets. At least now with the bitterly cold November weather I wouldn't be expected to do PE outside without clothing and be watched and subjected to raucous remarks from the public standing around the school fence, not like those students who'd been in the programme on warmer days. I realised I was fortunate in being at the rear end of the couples attending the programme.


My guess as to my partner proved to be totally wrong. Over the weekend, I'd become more and more certain I would be chosen and Jenny would partner me. I'm nearly six feet tall, thin and lanky and have above average intelligence, being top of the class in maths, English and computer studies. Presumably these combined influenced the staff to award me prefect status but not to become Head Boy; I wasn't into the sporty things that seemed a requirement for that office. As I said, I'm a bit of a nerd and mostly study or read rather than socialise. Jenny, at 5ft 9 inches is tall compared with the other girls in the class, socialises much more than I do but is still in the top three or four for intelligence in the class and she too is a prefect. An excellent combination, I thought. I certainly looked forward to seeing her well-developed tits at close quarters and having her give me 'relief'. "Perhaps something more will develop and we might get together after school and maybe she'll become my girlfriend." A forlorn hope especially as she'd already had a number of boyfriend relationships that lasted only a short while but I could dream and I wanked myself off several times to that thought over the weekend. At least two couples in my class were still together weeks after finishing their stint and I'm pretty sure they had sex at the time and since, so I held on to the faint hope of a long term love life with her.

Oh, I guessed correctly that I would be in the programme but not in my wildest thoughts did I expect Charlotte Green as my partner. Charlotte, a very shy, slightly dumpy looking girl with a below average IQ, is very good at practical things but always hides herself in the background and hardly speaks to anyone. For her final year she is taking woodwork (of all subjects for a girl), needlework and domestic science and she is likely to get good grades in these but will fail dismally in Maths and probably English. What have we in common? Only one thing that I could think of; I'm Charles Winscombe, usually known as Charlie and Charlotte is nicknamed Charley, they, I assumed, put us together on our nickname basis. "Bloody Mr. Browne our form master, is playing a cruel joke," I cursed when I realised this.

Actually I didn't find out immediately. Monday morning's I am the prefect on 'gate duty', a task that entails seeing students arrive in an orderly way and checking-in the late-comers, hence I entered the school building ten minutes after the bell had gone and everyone else in the programme had been informed and had left for their form rooms. "You've to go to room 103 straightaway," the school secretary told me when I handed her the late list and this gave me the first hint I'd been selected because students in the programme used room 103 to change and store their clothes. Although I felt rather nervous at the prospect, I'd already psyched myself to being naked for the week and concentrated my mind on seeing Jenny, giving her a hug and feeling her tits against my chest. Shock, horror, curled in a chair in a corner of the room trying to hide her breasts and sobbing pitifully, sat Charley Green. My face must have registered my shock because she turned her face from me but I had little time to say or do anything before Miss Timpson, the teacher overseeing the students, asked me to get undressed. Because of my lateness, at least I didn't have the embarrassment of undressing in front of the others, although I knew Miss Timpson watched me closely. "Keep your book bags on your back and don't use them to cover your fronts," she reminded us as if we didn't know from the previous weeks. My thoughts centred on Charley and her pathetic weeping and distressed state, a state I would be expected to comfort somehow. Miss Timpson confirmed it when she said, "See what you can do with her Charles and take her to assembly, nothing I have said has helped." Again I silently cursed Mr. Browne and Dr. Carter for placing the extra burden on me.

Perhaps Miss Timpson thought my being a prefect and of Charley's age would somehow allow me to enter her mind and pacify her but nothing I said helped either and I had to physically try and lift her, a feat that I couldn't have accomplished had she totally resisted but once on her feet I gave her the hug I intended for Jenny and for the first time felt a girl's tits against me, not against my chest but much lower and her tears wetted my shoulder. "Off you go otherwise assembly will have started," Miss Timpson chivvied us, "Oh it already has, we'd better creep in the side door," she added when we heard the music from the hall.

I dragged Charley along but her crying drew everyone's attention when I tried to enter the hall quietly to take the seats along the sidewall reserved for those in the programme. Dr. Carter, the headmaster, paused his assembly causing all eyes to turn towards us and to make matters worse we had to thread our way passed the juniors in the programme and they tried to touch and feel us as we went by and each time she shivered and moaned with gave a cry of disgust. Not an auspicious start and unless something changed dramatically, this wasn't going to be a good week for me. In many ways I felt sorry for the girl but when I looked across and saw Jenny standing to sing the hymn, my disappointment again surfaced especially when she turned towards me and gave a little smile or, more likely, a smirk. Only during Dr. Carter's announcements, did I have a little time to reflect on the situation and wondered what, if anything, I could do to improve it. Nothing came immediately to mind.

"Will Charles Winscombe and Charlotte Green report to my office immediately after this assembly please," Dr. Carter ended the assembly and I guessed we were already in trouble.

The interview with him didn't go well either. He brusquely told Charlotte to get over her reluctance to show her body, "That's one of the reasons for the programme," he stated and ordered me to ensure she conformed without further fuss. Charley sobbed and I put my arm around her shoulders.

I must have shown some leadership qualities for them to make me a prefect and at that moment I decided to assert myself and try to help my partner. "Sir, with all due respect, considering the depth of her feelings on this matter, that is not going to happen, not in a classroom situation. I'm no psychologist but I would think it better to build up her self esteem rather than having it knocked and battered by comments from others in the class."

"Good for you boy," he gave a little smile, "And you wish to take her out of the classroom for private tuition? That would again defeat the purpose of the programme."

"Only until break time Sir, and then perhaps allow me to accompany her during her next lesson. We have the same classes in the afternoon."

Reluctantly and only after more argument did he give his agreement but he threatened that if there were any more problems he'd take more drastic action. We both knew that meant contacting our parents with the view to continuing the nakedness together at one of our homes or being sent to the psychotherapy wing at the hospital for a weekend of training and a further week in the programme. As her partner, I would be forced to accompany her even though I went through the programme without problems.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked as, with an arm around her, I ushered her to the girl's showers.

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