The Sisters

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Incest, Sister, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Guy meets two charming filipino girls at baseball game. Wines and dines them, introduces them to doing shots of Tequila before bringing them to his hotel room where he slowly seduces both girls who happen to be sisters.

I was sitting in the company box just to the third base side of the Braves dugout. Because of a conference that pulled most of the company's executives out of Atlanta, I had it all to myself. It was the fourth inning and the Braves had a comfortable 5 – 2 lead over the Diamondbacks when I spotted the two girls attempting to sneak into the adjacent box. I knew the usher would be on them as soon as he looked their way. It was obvious they didn't belong. For one, they looked about sixteen. Then the box, which had eight seats, already had two occupants who would probably object to sharing the seats with them as they were also Asian.

So I did the right thing and called them over to my box. "Ladies, would you like to join me? As you can see, I'm by myself, with all these seats available. And if the ushers ask, I'll vouch for you."

Like young teens they giggled a thank you and joined me, making sure to sit one seat away.

We chatted and I told them it was my companies' box. They assumed I meant I owned the company and were very impressed. I quickly ascertained that they were sisters; Filipino, and were born on the same day, but a year apart. Tala, the younger, was twenty, and Luningning, twenty-one. They were in the United States to go to a small Georgia college. They were strikingly pretty, reminding me of the beauties painted years ago by Paul Gauguin. When I told them this, they tittered like twelve-year-olds and I found them both enchanting.

I leaned that they both had crushes on Chipper Jones, the Braves third baseman.

"Would you like to meet him?" I asked, taking advantage of their naivety in such matters.

"Oh, yes," they answered in unison.

Chipper would be coming to bat in the Brave's half of the fourth and with the on deck circle only fifteen feet away I thought I might get his attention and get him to wave at the girls.

When Chipper stepped into the on-deck circle, swinging a weighted bat, I called out that he had two lovely admirers with me, and asked if he give them a wink and a smile.

He couldn't help but hear me. But athletes are conditioned to block out most of the sounds coming from the fans and focus on the game at hand.

I called out louder: "C'mon, Chipper, give the girls a break, will 'ya?"

I saw him glance in our direction and quickly pointed to the girls. He shifted his right leg so that he was looking in our direction. I told the girls to stand and wave at him. Of course they did, and to my relief, Chipper nodded to them and then smiled before giving them a wicked wink. Then he turned away and renewed his concentration on the opposing pitcher and the timing of his swing.

The sister's were in awe. Their hero had acknowledged them. What's more he had winked at them. When they sat down it was Tala sitting next to me, the deliberate spacing had been forgotten.

"Do you know, Mr. Chipper?" Luningning asked.

"I'm afraid we haven't met socially. I have met him several times at autograph sessions, but I don't really know him."

"But ... he smiled at us when you asked him too," Luningning said sounding as if she were convinced we knew one another quite well.

I assured her I did not really know him, but she and her sister wanted to believe otherwise and I left well enough alone.

I had an opportunity to study their bodies as the game went on. Neither girl had what some would call head turning looks. In fact they were average in most respects. But they had a vitality missing in most of the women I dated and for that reason alone I found them sexually interesting. Luningning appeared to have her sister beat in the breast department, but not by much, with both no better than average. Tala had the nicer ass, but as they were careful about exposing any parts of their respective anatomies, I was left to draw my own conclusions.

Still, there was something about them that held my attention, and I invited them to join me for dinner after the game.

At first they declined. I insisted, using the fact that I'd introduced them to Chipper Jones as my leverage. After some discussion between sisters, Tala told me they would be delighted to accompany me, but only if they paid.

I knew they didn't have much money and so I lied and told them I was on my company's expense account. We would all be eating on the company, and it wouldn't mind.

I hailed a cab and took them to the Renaissance where we had a suite booked year round. The sisters had never been in a hotel like the Renaissance before, and I gave them time to adjust to their surroundings.

Tala was afraid to enter the restaurant; she protested that she wasn't dressed appropriately. Her sister was about to agree when I found a couple seated having lobster who were dressed so casually as to make one think they were street people. Actually they were in style if one wanted to be shabby-sheik. But the sisters were convinced they were dressed in an acceptable fashion and allowed me to seat them.

I ordered a bottle of Riesling, which is a dry, semi-sweet, sparkling wine while the girls went to the ladies room to freshen up.

They had already informed me that with the hotdogs and other junk food they'd had during the game they wouldn't be eating a meal, so I ordered dessert for them, crème Brule, which would be light but very enjoyable with the wine.

When they returned I saw that both girls had added some lipstick and rouge to their face. Their facial features didn't really require anything else. They were both pretty, with the flattish noses common with women from the Philippines which made them at least to my eyes, more desirable than the typical American female.

Luningning's eyes lit up on seeing the dessert on the table. "What is this?"

"It's dessert. I know that your bellies are full, but there is always room for some dessert. And the wine is Riesling, a fine German White which I think you'll enjoy as well."

Tala's eyes were sparkling as she picked up her spoon and sampled the Brule.

"Ummm, Luningning, this is wonderful, do try some."

Giving me a look of resignation, Luningning followed her sister's example and tried the dessert.

"It's ... its truly wonderful!" she said, sounding amazed that I would provide them with such a sumptuous food

I poured the wine and both girls sampled it and expressed their opinions that it might be the finest wine they'd ever had.

They were quick to finish off the dessert, and as I refilled their wine glasses I felt a touch on my leg under the table. It made me jump, and I looked down and saw that it was Tala's bare foot tickling me. She'd kicked off her sandals and her toes were stroking against the outside of my leg. I moved my leg against hers and smiled at her. My legs were slightly apart now, and I deliberately edged my chair a bit closer to make it easier for her. She slid her leg over mine until it was between my legs, stroking against my inner thigh.

"I really can't hold my liquor, Mr. Washburn," she said, her eyes sparkling even more if that was possible.

I saw a quizzical expression cross her sister's face, but it quickly vanished, replaced by her normal expression.

"Please, you must call me Peter, I insist. After all I am using your first names, am I not?"

"Yes," Luningning giggled, "but that's because you would find our last names very difficult to pronounce."

I let my left hand fall below the table top and my fingertips made contact with Tala's satiny smooth skin I stroked her left calve.

She knew what she was doing with her toes, teasing me by rubbing my thighs, deliberately not going any higher. Then she broke contact, and I got that weird feeling you get when you know something is close to you even thought you can't see it. I was rock hard and waiting for her toes to make contact with my erection.

Meanwhile, Luningning was observing a party of six at the bar doing Tequila shots.

"Whatever are they doing, Mr. Washburn?" she asked.

I was relieved to be asked a question I could readily answer, and said, "They're doing Tequila shots. It can be a lot of fun."

"It looks fun," she said just as Tala's toes pressed against my cock, wiggling them backwards and forwards, even tickling my testicles.

I put my wineglass down and said, we can do it if you want to. It involves biting into a lime, downing a shot of /tequila and then licking some salt off your wrist.

Tala spoke for the first time since she'd begun teasing me with her toes. "What is this Tequila you speak of, Peter?"

Luningning gave her sister a disapproving glance for using my first name.

"Thank you for using my first name, Tala. I appreciate it."

She got my true meaning and gave me a shy smile.

"As to Tequila, it's a Mexican drink and its made from the cactus plant. You know what a cactus is, right?"

Both girls nodded, and I went on, wondering if Luningning knew what Tala was doing under the table. I spent several minute rambling on about tequila, and as our wine bottle was empty, suggested we move to the bar and try tequila shots.

We settled in at the bar, with Luningning on my left and Tala on my right. Tala was two stools removed from the other party doing shots.

Tala proved adept at mastering the technique, while Luningning couldn't quite get it down. As we finished our second round of shots the other party tipped the bartender and left. We were alone at the bar.

The sisters thought this a wonderful game and quickly finished a third round and ordered up a fourth.

They failed to notice that I hadn't joined them in the last round and was spilling more of my next shot than swallowing.

Diabolical aren't I?

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