Jillian I

by Speakeasy

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Desc: Sex Story: This is the first of a series about my amazing love, Jillian. This first part is 90% true. How we met, our first week together, all true.

For Jillian, Carol, Susan, Sharon, and all the other beautiful women I have known.

I love you.

You asked about our life and I'll bet your interest isn't in what my parents and brothers and sisters were like, or what schools I attended, or even what I do for a living, so I will spare you those very important details and concentrate on what is, shall we say, unusual about the way we live.

Our Home

Welcome to our home.

A round white, adobe house the entryway of which is actually a room very much like a breezeway closed at both ends people who enter must go through two doors 30 feet apart wide enough to be able to give architectural interest with plants and sculpture and flowing water with a place to store coats at the end near the first door. The left side of the hallway is a glass wall that opens into the kitchen area.

The first room you see beyond the second door is a large (30') round center atrium roofed by a glass and aluminum geodesic dome the windows of which open to let in the air, or close to keep in the heat or cool. Small lights hang at different levels from the dome frame to give a beautiful almost Christmas light effect. There is a waterfall at the far end of the atrium that spills over stones, rocks and plants into the large hot tub. The stone floor is covered with planted areas which makes it feel as if it's outdoors, and there are several conversation pits scattered in the area with regular living room furniture and area rugs in them. Any empty wall space is bookshelf filled with CD's, old records (yes, REAL ones!), books and videos. A large round adobe fireplace is at the end to your left and a huge entertainment center is at the other end. Half of the glass in the dome is a stained glass picture that I had made of one of Jillian's art works.

All the rooms of the house open into the atrium area ... it is the living center the hub of the building. There are large support posts at intervals from which hang large iron rings that are designed to fit in with the decor ... to a non-kinky person, they are simply charming because of the "country" architectural scheme. There are also other "country/barn" things ... straps, whips, and a very large wooden wheel about six feet in circumference and hanging vertically from a support post in such a way that it can turn in circles. Adjacent to the atrium is a closed and locked storage area that contains our other toys. They are on a rolling cart so they can be moved to any area of the house quickly and easily.

The kitchen is completely open to the atrium with a dining area that is half in the kitchen and half in the atrium room. The stone floors of the kitchen match the stone floors of the atrium and they flow together as if it were one room.

Behind the waterfall, there is a recording studio from which I do my work I write music for commercials and film production. There are cameras mounted around the house so I can monitor what's happening outside (and keep an eye on my subs) from my hermetically sealed office. There are also monitors in the master bedroom.

There are three bedrooms two smaller ones that share a wonderful gargantuan bath and a huge closet and dressing area and the master bedroom.

The master suite has a double king-sized water bed, dressers, a large bath and a playroom accessible only through the master bedroom. In the usually locked playroom are toys and devices not fit for vanilla eyes.

There is a separate library/studio where we all can relax or pursue those outside interests that intrigue us from time to time. We often invite teachers in to instruct us in whatever strikes our fancy. We have had private seminars in photography, yoga, videography, and Tantra. Sharon wants tango lessons next. We'll see. She usually gets what she wants.

I live there with four submissive women who fit different areas of the life we all lead; Jillian, Susan, Carol and Sharon. They are my wives, people with real personalities that are sexually submissive, but accomplished and aggressive in the outside world and who love each other and me.

Jillian (41) is the business head and the mistress of the house. She is blond, with blue green eyes, 5'10", slim, with long straight hair. She has a private office off the main living area from which she pays bills, tracks investments, and does the promotion and bookkeeping of our businesses. She is also a sculptor and potter, and teaches art at the local college. Her art is a beautiful addition to our decor. She sometimes beats me at tennis. OK, she often beats me at tennis.

Susan (28) is the housekeeper/cook. She is very creative in the kitchen, which is her main domain. She is black, with hazel eyes 5'6" tall and quite curvy. Besides being a registered nurse, she is also a dog trainer and has a large black standard poodle named Mike (you don't want to hear his real name; it's embarrassing), which has won several national championships. We have the blue and red ribbons mounted on the walls of the library to prove it. Her dog training books are found in most veterinarians' offices.

Carol (36) is Asian lovely slim Japanese, almost 5' tall with long straight black hair that reaches her waist and dark dark brown eyes that look deep and calm. She cleans, tends the indoor plants (many of which are bonsai), maintains the exterior gardens and lawn, and helps Susan where needed. She is also an accomplished violinist, and plays with the local symphony.

Sharon (32) is a beautiful red head. 5'6" and a great body. She is a fitness expert with a show on network cable, and travels extensively to lecture and demonstrate her techniques. Her exercise video and books are everywhere. You wouldn't know it by her infectious and devilish smile, but she's also our "mom." She makes us exercise regularly and reminds us when it's time to get a physical or go to the dentist.

We all love each other in different ways and with different intensities, but it is real and it is love.


Jillian and I started together without the others. We were/are soulmates and nothing that happens in either one of our lives will change that. I know you hear those words a lot, but in our case, it's fact. We must have shared many lives together to be so compatible.

It was four years ago in February, that I got an e-mail from a woman searching for an old boyfriend who has the same first and last name I do; it happens pretty often on the internet. I sent her back some saucy answer that made her laugh and she responded in kind we began an internet correspondence that escalated to very intimate exchanges of ideas and innuendoes. Soon we were talking on the phone. We became best friends who could talk to each other about anything with total acceptance of the other. We even cherished each other's flaws. We lived pretty far apart (she was in Atlanta and I in Los Angeles), so it seemed impossible to carry our relationship much farther, despite an obvious mutual attraction. I fell in love with her voice and her manner. I fell in love with the way she deals with people. I fell in love with her because she is funny and makes me laugh. I fell in love with her because she has compassion. I fell in love with her for a different reason every day. I even knew the bad parts and loved her for them, too. As it progressed, we decided to meet despite the distance between us.

I was planning a solo camping trip to the high desert and only half jokingly invited her to join me. She accepted with the caveat that her idea of camping out was a hotel without room service. The decision was made to meet at the Los Angeles airport and progress to Palm Springs where we would decide whether we would stay together or not; if either of us decided it would be fruitless, I would go camping and she would stay at the hotel.

When she got off the airplane, I was stunned. She was not only the woman I thought I loved, but also a magnificently beautiful woman with a lower lip that begged to be kissed all night long. Her long legs were poured perfectly into her jeans. She looked at me with an intensity I'll never forget. I knew immediately that she was the person I was destined to spend my life with. She was tired from the flight, so I got us to my car as quickly as possible. If there is such a thing as love at first sight, this was it.

We drove the 2-hour trip to Palm Springs nervously exchanging stories about the trip and our e-mails and basically testing the other's real self. She told me that if I was an axe murderer, to please wait until the end of the week to do the deed because she needed the vacation. We laughed and I promised her I would.

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