My Little Fetish

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Size, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: College freshman finds a pair of panties and jerks off in them. Trying to return them he gets caught. The girls try teaching him a lesson, but in the end everyone learns something.

I was a freshman in college, a virgin, and as luck would have it sharing the dormitory floor with more females than males. In fact there were two beauties just across the hall from my room that I shared with Kevin Morris, a very religious kid who was penciled in as next year's starting quarterback.

It was during the second week of the semester that I first noticed the girls across the hall had a habit of leaving their door ajar. Naturally, I began to do everything but poke my nose in the crack to see what I could see.

The third day I was rewarded with a view of Rachel pulling a tee shirt over her braless tits. It was my first real look at a girl's knockers! I didn't think she saw me as I only caught a fleeting glimpse of her before darting down the corridor to the men's room where I locked myself in a toilet and whacked off.

Needless to say, I made a point of popping in and out of my room in hope of further erotic sights of Rachel or her equally lovely roomie, Megan. There were several opportunities over the next few days, but sad to say while the door was left open, there were no girls to behold.

A week went by with no 'sightings' and I was starting to think that I had had my one look and that was the end of it. However, as I ventured silently out of my room, (intent on whacking off to some pics in the latest Hustler, I noticed their door ajar and moved close to the slight opening.

There on the floor, scant inches from my foot lay a pair of powder blue panties! Scarcely bothering to breathe, I bent down and snatched them up, tucked them into my pants pocket and made my way to my masturbatory haven.

Seconds after sitting down on the commode, I worked the panties out of my pants pocket and examined them.

They were slightly soiled, and I guessed either Rachel or Megan had dropped them enroute to the washers at the end of the corridor.

I held the panties in front of me and a strange odor hit my nose. It was kind of sweet smelling with a hint of urine mixed in. I liked it, and began whacking off while holding them against my face and dreaming of Rachel standing nude in front of me while I jerked myself off.

As I neared my climax, I lowered the panties and directed the copious ejaculate into the panties crotch then balled them up and placed them on the floor next to the Hustler magazine, which I had all but forgotten in the heat of sniffing the panties.

What I did later that afternoon was stupid, and I admit it; although it did work to my advantage after a great deal of embarrassment. What happened was I decided to wash the panties with my own dirty laundry, and I did. My mistake was on reaching my room with my clean laundry, I saw the girl's door ajar and couldn't resist peeking inside.

Seeing no one about, I tossed the freshly laundered panties into their unit and returned to my own room.

Ten minutes later there was a light knocking on my door. Kevin was at football practice, and would be for another two hours. Had he been injured? With that on my mind, I opened the door to see Rachel standing there with her clean panties clenched in her fist.

She shook her fist under my nose, and said, "You've got a hell-of-a nerve breaking into my dorm and stealing my underwear."

"W ... what?" I gasped, knowing that I was turning crimson.

"Don't w ... what me," she said indignantly. I can imagine what you did with them after stealing them from me."

"I didn't steal ... really, I ... I found them outside your door. All I did was to add them to my own laundry. Your door was open a little when I came back with the laundry and I..."

"You what?"

"I kinda pushed them through the open crack. I didn't want to embarrass either of us."

"You didn't want to embarrass me?"

"Us ... either of us; I mean..."

"Are you alone?"

She asked eyes wide with what I would come to know as desire.

"Um, yeah ... Kevin's at practice, so I'm..."

"All alone," Rachel said, finishing my sentence for me.

"You were a naughty boy with my panties, weren't you?"

"No ... I ... I washed them, like I said."

"You sniffed them, didn't you, you pervert!"

"No!" I said denying the accusation, but even I could tell that my protests were feeble.

"I found semen on them!" Rachel roared, or at least it sounded like she did.

She was lying, of course, but I had no way of knowing I hadn't left a glob of cum on them that the washing machine had not erased.

"Look at that!" she yelled, pointing at an imaginary semen stain. "Look at that crusty gob of cum ... you masturbated into my panties, didn't you?"

Every ounce of denial fled my body at those words. She had me. She had the fucking evidence. My DNA on her panties; I was a goner.


"I knew it!" She chortled with a gleefulness I thought odd, but read nothing else into as I was as mortified as I'd ever been in my short time on Earth.

And then she smiled at me.

I was thoroughly confused. I would be putty in her hands as events would prove.

"Some people would call you a pervert," she said and her smile widened. "I find it interesting that you would do something like that with them. Tell me why, it's Walter, isn't it?"

I nodded yes to her question on my name then waited what came next.

"They ... um, excited me."

"Really? You're telling me that sniffing my pissy undies excites you?'

I nodded, unable to admit it verbally.

"Now we're getting somewhere," she said, moving toward the torn arm chair Kevin and I used to watch TV and play video games on. "I think you owe me an opportunity to smell yours, Walter." She drew my name out interminably long as she sat down.


"Oh yes. You still have them on," she said sarcastically. "What do we do now?"

"I could ... go change?"

"Or you could smell my panties? I mean the ones I have on."

And before I could act in any fashion, Rachel grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of her.

"You'll have to kneel if you're going to smell them, Walter," drawing my name out again, mockingly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of her. "Get on your knees."

The next thing I knew I was on my knees and Rachel had spread her legs so that I had a clear view up her skirt. The panties she had on were nothing like the ones I had smelled earlier. They were smaller and almost see-through. I couldn't see through them, but what I did see was what I later learned was called a camel-toe through the darker shading of her pubic hair.

Rachel giggled and placed her feet on the arms of the chair, and then scooted toward me, her butt almost leaving the chair.

"Sniff to your heart's content, Walter," she said in a voice that had turned husky.

"But..." I said, protesting weakly.

"But what, Walter? You gonna get a boner? You gonna have to jerk off in front of me?"

The thought of whacking off in front of her was one of my fantasies and of course, caused me to generate a maximum-sized boner.

"Oh, look at him! Isn't that adorable! Maybe I should have my roomie, Megan over. You think?"

"No, no, I ... um, I think I should..."

She spread her legs a little farther. "Get your nose in there and start sniffing, Walter, or else!"

Frightened by both the opportunity to get close enough to actually smell her crotch and by the fact that she had spotted my hardon and didn't make a commotion about it, I leaned into her and inhaled.


I spent a couple minutes with my nose pressed up against the gusset of her panties, and then I lost my senses and reeled backward, falling on the floor.

Can you believe that, I actually fainted. It must have been too much of a good thing. At any rate, Rachel revived me, slapping my face until I responded enough to assure her I would live to sniff again.

She settled back into the armchair, spread her legs again and told me, 'To get back in there!'

As I moved forward again, she placed her hands on the top of my head and whispered lewdly, "You can jerk off if you want to."

"You'd let me?" I gasped.

"Why not? I like to watch too, Walter."

I fumbled with my fly as my face approached Nirvana.

"Wait!" Rachel called out, and I froze with my boner in hand. "Let me see it, Walter."

I let my dick drop from my hand and it popped back up, that being the basic property of a youthful boner.

"You can jerk off, but I want you to lick my panties."

"I was truly in Heaven! I forgot to stroke my dick while jabbing my tongue out, but discovered I needed to move in even closer to accomplish my task.

My tongue made contact with the filmy panty material. I was surprised that there was no real flavor there.

"Come on, give it a real licking," Rachel husked, and shoved my head closer to her center. My head went a little sideways and when I stuck out my tongue I hit her thigh.

"Hey. That felt good too. But don't let your boner get soft. Jerk it a little faster."

Truth be told, I'd forgotten about masturbating, although my dick was dripping precum by the gallon at this point. I put an effort into my jerking off as well as licking her crotch.

"C'mon, Walter, I'm helping you out here."

"What?" I said, not understanding.

"I mean, I'm getting wet from the inside too. That should add some flavor to everything, you think?"

Up to that point, I'd known very well what all this licking was doing to me, but only then did I realize how it was affecting Rachel.

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