My Kids Hold Hands

by Richard King

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Desc: : For the past five years, I've noticed my son and daughter were always holding hands. This is my observation!

My son and daughter hold hands!

They hold hands all the time. That, along with the look of satisfaction on their faces makes me wonder ... if they're doing more than just holding hands.

Tom's two years older than his sister Susan — she's 15, which makes him 17.

I first noticed this back when he was 12 and she was 10 — too young for them to realistically be doing anything naughty with one another. They could be kissing ... or possibly even touching each other? That almost makes me feel sick inside to even think that.

I'm not real sure I should bring up the subject — I've yet to talk to my husband about any of this.

Tom picks his sister up from elementary school everyday. He says he does this so he can help her with her homework — but I'm not real sure. He's always been an 'A' student, while Susan's a 'B' student with the occasional 'A' tossed in.

Oh, they're coming in the house right now — it's quite cute the way he opens doors for her but quickly grabs her hand as they walk into me.

"Hey, Mom," Tom said. "Hey Mommy," his sister added.

"Hey kids," I said back, "I guess it's safe to assume you've both done your homework already?"

"Mom, Sue has got a report to do, so we'll be in her room looking up stuff on the Internet and taking notes. Call if you need either of us for anything," Tom said.

"OK, leave the door open, so you'll hear me," I countered waiting for either a remark or a shift in body language. They glanced at each other as Tom turned and said, "Sure thing, Beautiful," leaving me in the kitchen. I noticed that when he's not holding her hand, he's got his hand on her back. Hmmmm?

I've an older brother, and I remember his way of looking out for me was holding my hand and putting his hand on my back just like I saw Tommy do. It may be the time to separate the two and have a conversation. Maybe I should call my brother?

I had a good friend with a similar set of kids, so I decided to sit down and call her on my cell.

"Hello, this's Valerie?"

"Hi, Val — this's Janet, can you talk?"

"Sure, what's up Jan?"

"Well, this's going to sound a bit strange, but do your kids hold hands?

"What do you mean exactly, hold hands?" my younger friend replied.

"When they're going from place to place, or around the house, how do they walk next to one another? Holding hands? Does Joe touch the back and direct his sister to where they're going, like our husbands do with us?"

"Now that I think about it, I do see that! Sometimes though their hands are by their side, but I've noticed the back of their hands click one another, and Joe almost tries to hold her hand, but Dina seems to brush it away. Are you suggesting ... what I think you're suggesting?"

"I ... really don't know about Joe and Dina, but Tom and Susan seem to always be holding hands. I'm not sure what to make of it. The last thing I want to do is to make 'that' kind of accusation and be wrong. In my mind, I think they might be kissing or touching each other, but finding out I'm right worries me as much as finding out I'm wrong!"

"Jan, when I was their age, my brother was in charge of me a lot — he's four years older — He was always holding my hand, taking me from place to place. It never felt odd to me. To be honest, he was my first kiss — but it never got any more than that."

"Thanks for listening, Val — you're a good friend," I said to her hanging up.

My brother Mark was my first kiss too - I wanted to feel what it felt like to be kissed. We both kept all of our clothes on, although he did feel me up a little. I didn't mind — I kind of liked it!

I stopped and called my brother.

"Hello, Beautiful!" he answered.

"You're still so full of..."

"Sand, Yep — I'm still full of sand. I get sand-faced at least once a week — what's up Sis?"

"Are you alone?" I asked, laughing at his silliness.

"What, you want phone sex, I can do that — although my phone might be too big to fit insid..."

"Mark - I need to talk to you about something serious. It might take a while- are you alone?"

"Yeah, Shelly's out shopping — will probably be 20 minutes or longer. What's going on, anyway?"

"It's Sue and Tommy," I said.

"What about them?" Mark said back.

"I don't know — remember when we were younger, you always grabbed my hand and would often be touching my back, kind of directing me when we walked together?"

"Yeah, I took my job as your older brother very seriously — if Tommy isn't watching out for Susan, 'I'll make him an offer he can't refuse, '" he said in a near perfect Brando.

"Oh, he's doing that real well — maybe too well?" I lamented.

"What do you mean — 'Too Well?' he replied.

"Well, when they're walking, holding hands — I see something in their eyes, it makes me think — it makes me think — something else's going on - something sexual!"

"When I was holding your hand, placing my hand on your back — did that feel sexual to you back then, Sis ... shit, what a horrible thing for an older brother to say — Sorry, Jan!"

"That's OK, can I ask you — were you ever, I can't believe I'm asking you this, were you ever ... turned on by me?"

"Mark, are you there?" I repeated.

"Jan, are you really asking me that question — I'll answer it, but is there really something going on between your kids, or is this all about you and me?"

"Yes, Tommy and Sue might be having sex — and that's a legitimate question I just asked you."

"Jan, you were and still are my favorite sister — Don't tell Alice or Betty I said that — or I'll deny it. Yes, you turned me on, you still do. I was scared to death to do or say anything, but Dad had always told me that my main job was to take care of my little sister and I did it the only way I knew how. With a smile and a firm hand. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"I'll call back another time to understand what you just said, but thank you for being so honest Mark — Why don't you and your family come over for dinner in about a month. Maybe our kids could become closer."

"It'd still be incest, Jan — but I'll pass the invite on to Shelly and the kids. When we come over, could we talk about what I just said to you?"

"Yeah, maybe we could find a closet to make out in?" I said.

"Exactly what went through my mind, Sis — call you in a month — remember phone sex, it's not just for teenagers!" I heard him laugh as he turned off his phone. What a character!

Well, Dan'll be home in thirty minutes from work, so I got real busy making dinner. I'm kind of old-fashioned — I like having dinner at the same time every night, with the four of us around the table, talking about our day and finding out the newest events in each other's lives. Tonight, I'll be keeping a few secrets.

I'm fixing a homemade pizza tonight, something everyone likes, even Dan. I go to the trouble of making my own dough, adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to the recipe I found in the Betty Crocker Cookbook. They all call it 'Mom's Special Ingredient Pizza.'

The two pizzas are ready just as Dan walks in, "KIDS, wash up — dinnertime!" I yelled.

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