Fiance's Encounter With a Pony

by rodeotexas

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Desc: Sex Story: Old High School Girlfriend finally gets engaged with the help of her very close bestfriends

March 2012

My wife and I are best friends with another married couple who have been our dearest friends since grade school. This other married couple is also a bit unusual as they have two other women living with them and they as well were in school with us. It was well known in high school these four were exceptional close. We did not know how close until over time we spent many very intoxicated nights over the years sharing a hot tub or pool shedding inhibitions only as best friends could, no secrets held between us. Our friends requested my wife and I to write their story...

Now in their own words:

We all grew up in and around a small ski resort town. I commuted in from the family ranch 30 miles away up in the high mountains. Being a small town, Cindy and I had known each other and been best of friends since grade school. I watched her grow up and developed into a world class beautiful, intelligent and gifted woman and we started dating in the beginning of our sophomore year - even though it seemed I was dating three girls because a majority of times her two best friends, Michelle and Lori tagged along on our dates. I really did not mind because they were my very good friends as well and have been for a number of years. Despite their own beauty and personality, they never seemed to date anyone for very long. Plus they had an disconcerting habit of outlandishly and blatantly flirting with me with my steady and serious girlfriend Cindy apparently encouraging it to her great amusement!

It went beyond just those two holding hands with me with Cindy holding my other hand - it seemed to be a game with all them who could shock me the most, her best friends kissing me at times full on with delving tongues, wearing the skimpest attire around me especially when I was at one of the girl's homes, unabashedly revealing and flashing intimate areas to me when in private and public! And when we all went dancing I seemed to be the exclusive property of all three of them and they kept me constantly embarrassed with their very suggestive "dirty dancing", not to mention their wandering hands. You all get the picture, and it went far beyond this but I was serious with Cindy - I was in love with her, deeply, and she with I, though it did not stop me fantasizing of being in a naked pile in bed with all three of them and Michelle and Lori certainly were not coy in the numerous outright statements, nor suggestions, to me and Cindy about doing exactly that!

Our senior year Cindy and I were elected Homecoming King and Queen and of course Michelle and Lori were her court!

We seriously discussed about getting married after college and as our senior year drew to a close there many intense serious discussions of our future, our plans and with that an unacknowledged and unacceptable realization that our path together was to part.

We had a traumatic and painful breakup when she decided to go to a university that had an outstanding business/financial department in another state and I to a university with an top ranked agriculture department for I was to manage the ranch after graduation while my parents retired and went traveling.

Both of our parents as well as all of our friends thought it was tragic we broke up and could not fathom the reason why even after it was explained to them. We kept hearing the same comments – "but you two were made for each other, you are really soul mates!"

Dad and mom both came from very successful old ranching families that a little oil money helped with along with selling some land to a ski resort and exclusive high end vacation homes for an exorbitant amount of money that was wisely invested. They were able to buy out a small adjoining ranch to make up with what they sold to the ski resort and still had plenty to establish a trust fund to take care of the ranch in perpetuity. Mom and Dad raised cattle and a few horses. While I was attending university my parents began breeding a few very select high quality gentle ponies discovering a small lucrative market for the wealthy with small children.

I only saw Cindy four more times during our university years, each time only during the Christmas holidays. She was on a fast track to earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees in investment counseling in four years so she did not come home for Spring Breaks or for the summers being in summer school. During the Christmas holidays I guess we spent more time together than we should but it felt so natural for us to be together. We held hands, held each other and we kissed but we never slept with each other - both afraid what would happen if we did, it would affect Cindy's future career plans not to mention the painful parting that happened each time we left to go back to the university. Even so the goodbyes each holiday season were painful tearful affairs for both of us.

I saw Michelle and Lori constantly as we all attended the same university and Michelle and Lori were getting agribusiness degrees with a minor in public relations. We three were together frequently all through our university years and still the outrageous flirting and blatant come-ons continued but I thought it was still just a game for them as nothing romantic ever really happened between us despite all their big talk and flirtatious actions.

One night during our second university year during Spring Break, Michelle, Lori and I had gone back home. We had all been out dancing and drinking quite a bit, it was still pretty cool at night and we three wound up in the hot tub at the ranch. Michelle and Lori were wearing outrageously skimpy bikinis that showed off their beautiful toned athletic bodies and bountiful assets, they had continued with the teasing and flirting they had started while we were dancing. I was determined once and for all to see if Michelle and Lori were serious about starting something. We were taking shots and finally after we all were quite intoxicated I slipped an arm around each of them and brought them in close to me.

Both of them looked at me with sparkling eyes and I leaned in and kiss Michelle deeply, kissed her with an intent that she knew I was serious and not the playful kissing that had occurred for years. As I kissed her I felt a hand move up my thigh and I realized it was Lori's. I eased off the kiss and looked at Michelle, her face was deeply flushed and not with the alcoholic intoxication flush and she was breathing deeply and rapidly with her eyes wide. Lori was looking at me expectantly as her hand worked its way under my swimsuit and and she let out a gasp as she felt my full erection for the first time with her bare hand. I leaned in and kissed Lori like I did Michelle, I definitely knew I was impacting Lori's libido as well gauging by her reaction of trying to free my cock from the confines of my swimsuit as she deeply moaned into my mouth. I could feel Michelle start caressing both of us as she leaned in to kiss us both as her hands caressed Lori and I and her hand fully exposed one of Lori's beautiful breasts.

Suddenly, Michelle stopped and pulled back and looked at us. Lori had a very disappointed look upon her face. Michelle slowly started shaking her head looking directly at Lori with a sad whimsical smile. Lori nodded and then both looked at me.

I was surprised to see tears start to form in both of their eyes and start streaking down their lovely faces.

Hesitantly, Michele started speaking

"It is about time you knew that Lori and I as well as Cindy both had serious crushes on you that began when we all were in grade school that later on became love. There is nothing more we both want to do right this instant is for both of us to show you how much we have always loved you. But, we also love Cindy as well, perhaps a bit more than we love you ... and we know that at this stage in our lives that if we proceeded, it would wound Cindy and possibly irreparably damage not only our relationship with her but for all of us. We still have hopes that one day Cindy will realize what is really and truly important in her life that also impacts the lives of others in her circle"...

Lori then spoke in a trembling voice as both women tightly held my hands

"Michelle and I had decided that upon reaching thirty, and if there have been no significant changes in our lives, that we have some serious decisions to make. We both plan to move back home after graduation and start our own business together. When we reach thirty, if at that time you are still willing, we will revisit this conversation. Just know that for now we cannot, must not allow ourselves to ever go beyond what we three did just now. Our love for Cindy and our hopes for you and her to get back together one of these days take precedence over our own desires for we recognize, as everyone else does that know you both, that you two are truly destined soul mates, Cindy just has to discover this again for herself..."

For our remaining two years of university, it seemed the three of us grew even closer. Of course the blatant teasing never stopped and there were numerous times we spent mostly platonic nights together at my apartment in my king size bed wearing the skimpiest, revealing and alluring lingerie, but we never went all the way.

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