Paula's Baby

by monkeyjoe3

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Joe's relationship with Paula develops from shy teenaged sweethearts to uninhibited lovers, but they split up when he realises they want separate things. But there's something that pulls them back together every now and again...and years later she needs his help...

"She's ready now," said Sarah, her chin wet with Paula's cum as she eased back from between her spread legs. I gazed at her shaved pussy, glistening with her sticky juices, and stepped one pace over to the edge of the bed. Putting one hand on her thigh, I knelt between her legs, and slowly, slowly, rubbed my hard cock against her clitoris. Paula moaned, still sensitive from Sarah's tongue. I looked her in the eyes, seeing her need, and gently eased the head of my cock lower, an inch inside her. She wriggled slightly, wanting me deeper, and I pushed my hips forward to give her more. "Fuck her," said Sarah, softly, from next to us. "Cum in her, Joe, and give us our baby." My cock jumped at her words, and I thrust harder, perhaps halfway inside her now. I was so tempted to just fuck her, hard, but I didn't think I'd ever get the opportunity to again, and I wanted to enjoy this and make it last, so I kept it slow, thinking about how I'd come to be in my ex-girlfriend's bed, trying to make her pregnant whilst her lover held her hand. I guess it's quite a long story...

Paula and I go back a long way. We were at school together as shy teenagers, and although we shared a couple of classes, I didn't really know her. To be honest, I was way too shy to speak to girls in those days, and even when many of our friends paired up with their first boyfriends or girlfriends I always seemed to be left out. Paula then got a Saturday job at the same supermarket as me, and we ended up working in the same area. There is only so much you can talk about cheese and yoghurt, and we slowly started to talk to each other. Looking back, we were painfully shy around each other to start with, and it was a good two months before I ever really found out anything about her, and even then I didn't really like her sort of music. But gradually she became easier to talk to, and I suppose I did too. I looked forward to chatting, to gently taking the mickey out of her for being a "girly-girl" who liked pop music and had her school books covered in red and white hearts, to her feigning distaste for music with loud guitars and football. We were different people, but we worked well together, and enjoyed each other's company. Even so, I was a bit shocked when Simon, one of my friends, nudged me in the ribs at school one day, and asked when I was going to ask her out. "She definitely fancies you," he claimed. I shrugged it off, but it got me thinking. Did she? And did I "fancy" her? I wasn't really sure what that meant - I was certainly a slow starter! I knew I liked her, but was that what fancying was?

I found out at the shop Christmas party, held in the staff canteen above the store. As ever, Paula and I were on our own, not really feeling able to mix with the rest of the staff, many of whom were around our age. Neither of us had ever had more than a couple of alcoholic drinks, so how she managed to pluck up the courage to say "Joe, er, would you, I mean, er, will you, er, kiss me?" I'll never know. I looked at her, her cheeks blushing red in the low light. "It is Christmas," she said, so quietly I almost missed it.

"Er, yeah," I managed to stammer, and bent forward to kiss her cheek. She turned her head though, and before I knew it our lips had brushed together. I'd never kissed a girl before, and really didn't know how to react. It felt nice though, and although it lasted only a second before we both backed away, it was only another second before we both moved together again, this time our lips more firmly against each others, this time for longer.

We backed away, and looked at each other. She smiled, a magical smile that lit up her face. I grinned, and went to kiss her again. "Not here," she whispered, her hand on my chest as she glanced around the room. I understood her shyness. She turned round, and quietly slipped out of the room, and after a second when I wasn't sure what to do, I realised that she expected me to follow her. I caught her up in the stockroom, and she took my hand and led me to a quiet, dark corner, where we spent about the next two hours kissing. It was awesome! Why had nobody ever told me about this before? We never did make it back to the party, but I did walk her the ten minutes home through the cold night, and we did kiss at her front door. "See you at work on Saturday," she whispered, going inside. I walked home on cloud nine, and was still smiling as I got into bed.

Two days later I was at work as normal. I'd hated not seeing her on the Friday, but school had finished, and those were the days before all the kids had mobile phones. It was Christmas day on the next Monday, and the shop was crazy, people almost fighting each other to get cartons of cream off the shelves. Paula and I smiled to each other a few times, but didn't have the chance to even say hello until nearly lunchtime. "When are you due a break?" she asked as I pushed another crate of cheeses to the lift.

"One o'clock," I smiled. "You?"

"Same," she grinned. "See you then!"

And off she went. I suddenly realised that this was what fancying someone was - that brief exchange was all it had taken to radically improve my day, and give me something to truly look forward to. At one o'clock, I went to the canteen, and we sat, as we usually did, opposite each other, her with some crackers and salad and me with a sandwich. While we'd long got over our original awkwardness and could now converse easily, there was something new today. I realised it was my turn to be brave, and open that conversation. "I really enjoyed Thursday night," I said, not quite able to meet her eye.

She chuckled. "Me too," she said quietly. "I've been waiting for ages for you to kiss me?"

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "I had no idea."

"I know," she said. "You're cute, but you're kinda hopeless at this, aren't you?" I hung my head, my cheeks flushed. "It's okay," she continued, "me too. But I couldn't wait forever!"

I laughed at that. "So, er, would you ... er, would you maybe, er, do you want to be my girlfriend?" I stammered.

"Yes!" she smiled that brilliant smile again. "Yes, yes, yes!"

We finished our food, and as on the last time we'd been together, she led me out of the canteen. The stockrooms were busy now though, so, grinning, she beckoned me into the ladies toilets. I stopped, unsure again, but she grabbed me by the arm and we bundled into a stall together. She locked the door, and turned to me breathlessly. "Kiss me again," she said, and we did. It had been all about lips the first time, but now we were a little more adventurous, and I'll always remember the first time her lips touched my neck. I'll always remember how hard my cock became too, and not just because she noticed it today - in the enclosed space I couldn't move it out of the way as I had the other night. She smiled, and deliberately brushed against it harder. I groaned, and at that point somebody else walked in the room. We both had to stifle giggles until we were sure the coast was clear, and then the spell was broken as we had to get back to work. "After work?" she said to me in passing that afternoon. "Walk me home?"

That was the first time we walked hand in hand, officially boyfriend and girlfriend. And later was the first time I saw her bedroom, the first time we kissed on a bed, the first time I felt a girls breast (through her clothes) and the first time I received a love bite. I didn't see her for another week, but it was the best Christmas ever.

Somehow, the next weekend at work, everyone knew about me and Paula. All of a sudden I wasn't just the quiet geek boy, and I could almost feel the confidence growing in me. We went for a walk together at lunchtime, and stood kissing in the park, cold but warmed by each other, her arms around my waist as I wrapped my coat around both of us. At her house later, I was bold enough to feel both of her breasts, and noticed her nipples were hard as I rubbed them. I gave her a love bite too. And she invited me over to her house again for new years eve.

I'd never spent new years eve away from my family before, but I think they were secretly pleased when I said where I was going. I promised to be back by one, and not to drink alcohol, and crazy as it seemed they believed me. And although it was a bit scary for me to meet Paula's parents for the first time, they were really cool with me, and seemed quite happy for us to disappear upstairs to her room. The kissing was taking on more urgency each time, our whole bodies pressed against each other now, both of us roaming with our hands. Tonight was the first time I'd seen Paula in a skirt, and I can honestly say it was by accident that I first felt her bare leg, her knee length skirt having ridden up whilst I was concentrating on her tits. She didn't seem to mind, though, and I loved the feel of her skin. She pulled my t-shirt up and ran her hand over my side, making me groan in delight. But the clock was against us, and we had to go downstairs again for the midnight chimes. I was back home by one o'clock, just, and looking forward to the new year more than I ever had before.

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