First Times

by Thesandman

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: This is a story I was asked to write on behalf of a woman who contacted me after reading my work. And though I have indeed added to it, where I thought it appropriate, this is a true accounting of a young woman's exploration and self discovery. We both hope you'll enjoy it, and let us know if you do.

Before we begin here. I wanted to personally take a moment and thank The Sandman for doing this for me. I'm no writer, but I thought it might be fun and interesting to relate some of my own "first-time" personal experiences. I've thought about doing this for some time now, going back as far as I can remember to those moments in time that I considered as the first time I did something or explored something. So again, thanks Sandman for helping me tell this story, and for your "poetic license" as you said in keeping it interesting hopefully.

A bit about myself. My name is Shelly. (No last name) I am now twenty two years old. I am five foot five, with what I guess you'd call light brown, reddish brunet shoulder length hair. It looks more red than brown in the sunlight, though I am not fair skinned by any means and tan fairly easily. I have what they call hazel colored eyes, though I think they usually look more green than blue, though that depends a great deal on what I happen to be wearing at the time. Although I've been told I have nice breasts (34C cup) well rounded (tear drop shaped from what I've been told) and certainly proportionate for my frame, I honestly believe my legs and thighs are my best feature. I played a lot of soccer in high school as well as tennis, and still enjoy playing tennis whenever I'm given the opportunity to do so. Like I said, my thighs are well muscled, perhaps a bit larger than a lot of men (or women) would prefer, but I like the way they look, and I think the men I've been with have enjoyed the way they feel whenever I have them wrapped around their bodies. Ok, so enough about me for now. Onto my earliest recollections:

For starters, I have to say that my very first time experience was (sexually speaking in a sense) was when I had just turned thirteen. I remember it clearly even now. Maybe it wasn't a huge first time for some of you as you read this, but I clearly look back on it with fondness, and even now some small measure of excitement in recalling that particular evening. As was tradition in my family, my older brother and I were always allowed one of our friends to sleep over on the weekend (as part of our birthday celebrations). As it turned out Friday was my birthday, and my best friend Doreen, who I had basically grown up with as she lived right next door to us, came over to spend the night. She was six month's older than I, and became my source for learning about things (as they began to happen to her) and as I would of course learn to expect as they began happening to me. Sure, mom had given me the 'birds and bee's' story the year before. So I knew all about that stuff, even though at the time it seemed a bit yucky to me at the time having heard about it. (Honestly, I just couldn't imagine it. But then again, I was pretty naive when it came to anything with regards to sex in the first place. So once again, thanks to my old friend Doreen who basically started me down that path, even though that first time (again) was basically pretty innocent in retrospect.

Although we managed to sleep over at one another's place usually once or twice a month during the summer, for whatever reason, we'd never really seen one another completely naked before. Usually tees and panties were our sleeping attire, though I do remember that it was during one of those times I happened to notice that Doreen's nipples/breasts seemed to be pressing against her tee shirt a bit more than usual, though I didn't really comment on it at the time. On this particular night however, my curiosity got the best of me, especially as I had noticed than my own young boobs had indeed started to change as well. I wouldn't exactly call them breasts yet, but they had started to get a bit rounder, though it was my nipples in fact that had seemingly started to grow first. Something that initially I felt a little uncomfortable about, as I honestly thought they looked somewhat deformed and ugly looking. I was honestly worried they would get worse as time when on. Thankfully, they didn't.

As we usually did, we scurried up to my bedroom with some snacks and a movie to watch. And then again as we also usually did, we got undressed and into our sleeping attire. For whatever reason, rather than going into the bathroom to change first the way she usually did (though as I recall, I think my brother happened to be in the bathroom at the time) Doreen decided to undress right there in front of me. I got the first really good look at her "boobs" which I have to qualify as actually being boobs, and not just mounds with ugly looking nipples attached like mine were.

"Wow Doreen, when did you grow boobs?" I remember asking, laughing, feeling both embarrassed, shy, and yet curious ... not to mention more than just a bit jealous as I stood there openly looking at them. I remember my first ever sexual thrill at this point, because I watched my friend turn, cupping them in her hands (yes she had just enough to be able to do that with) turning towards the mirror to catch her reflection with me sitting just behind her there on the bed watching her. I didn't realize it at the time, but as she stood looking at her own breasts (obviously proud and pleased with my comment and the way they did look), she caught my reflection in the mirror as I pulled up my own tee shirt, looking at my own still childish mounds in obvious despair and disappointment. Thank god for knowing kind friends. I am sure she knew exactly was I was thinking and going through.

"I'm willing to bet, that your tits will look just like mine do in four of five months," she informed me. "Trust me, I know Shell. Because mine used to look just like yours do right now."

That did make me feel a little better. Especially because Doreen was usually right. Just enough a head of me in age, she seemed to go through things just shortly before I started doing so myself. But the big surprise of the evening was yet to come too. And though I am pretty sure I had NO idea what masturbation was at the time, let alone even hearing that particular word before, what Doreen did after that, and then what I did in addition to that, had I known at the time ... would have left me wanting to masturbate like crazy as good as things felt.

"Wanna see something kind of interesting?" She asked. I thought I already was. Sitting there on the edge of my bed actually looking at her boobs as she held them in her hands had been interesting enough. I was actually feeling a little light-headed and giddy.

"Sure. Like what?" Just the tone of voice she had used, along with my own response was like this secret signal we had whenever we were about to share something that we both knew without going into specifics, was to remain a well-guarded secret between us.

I remember her grinning, wickedly I might add. A look on her face I honestly don't recall ever seeing before. Not like this one anyway. She walked over to stand directly in front of me. And as she did that, she reached down and started rubbing each one of her nipples with her finger-tips. "Watch this."

I watched. Fascinated, excited ... though I didn't know why at the time, not to mention a little anxious and afraid and yet so totally mesmerized by what she was doing, that I could have watched her do it forever. "Wow!" I clearly remember saying. I sat there watching her nipples actually harden and grow. I saw how her areola's which were a light pink in color, started to pucker and crinkle up, actually growing a bit smaller, though her nipples themselves sure as hell didn't. They both got fatter and a bit longer, though even that wasn't the best part of what was to come yet.

"I like doing this to them," she shared with me. "It feels ... tingly good," she blushed laughing a bit. I automatically reached down doing the same to my own nipples, though I'm not sure I really felt much of anything at the time. Sure, I had touched them before of course, exploring them as to how they looked more than anything, as opposed to doing anything to them in order to make myself feel good. But then again, I was on brand new ground here too. "Go ahead, if you want to," she told me.

"Do what?" I had asked nervously, though knowing full well what she'd just implied in asking me that. But I wanted to also make sure I had heard her right, and not go leaping to any conclusions about what we were actually doing here. Again, this had that "naughty" feel to it for some reason, which was a new emotion that I would soon embrace as often as possible after this.

"Touch them. See how they feel. See how yours will feel before too long. Just like mine I bet."

I reached out, running my fingers over and around those hard little nipples. It was amazing, how different they felt from my own. Indeed twin little prick-points as I think of them now, small nubbins of flesh that were rubbery hard, and felt interesting to touch as I allowed my fingers to pass back and forth over the top of them.

"Go ahead Shell, pinch them a little. Not too hard, pull on them some ... like this," she now instructed, showing me. Which I did, surprised that it didn't seem to hurt when I did that, especially again by the look on her face as I continued to do that for a moment more. Finally she sat down next to me on the bed. And then before I realized it, she was helping me take my tee shirt up and over my head so that we were now laying back on my bed with nothing but our panties on.

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