Sue on Camping Holiday in South of France

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Sue is used by some young guys while on holiday.

My wife and I went on a camping holiday a couple of years ago which led to more than was in the brochure.

We went to a wooded camp site in the South of France and on arrival, found that the nearby beach had a nudist area. This was a bonus to us as we went almost every weekend to a nudist beach on the south coast where we lived at the time.

Our tent was a large family sized permanent tent with proper rooms, as were most of the tents on the site, only a few being tents that people would put up and take down.

We explored the area but spent a lot of time on the beach and going for a dip to cool off and topped up what were already very good all-over tans. The result was that Sue, my wife, looked at her best. She is tall at 5'7" with a slim waist, flat stomach, full 38" breasts and long legs. Her blonde hair was bleached even lighter and her pubic hair was also bleached by the sun and as it was trimmed very short, when she sat or lay, if she opened her thighs, she displayed her large lips to whoever chose to look.

We noticed that at home, men would often position themselves so they could see up her legs and then pretend to read a paper or doze. She would tease them by pretending not to realise what they were doing and lie for a while then move and open her legs so they had a full view of her lovely cunt. Often the sun would glint on the drops of juices which would be seeping from her closed but swollen lips as she enjoyed exhibiting herself like this.

This beach was no exception but there was a difference. Whereas at home there was a mix of all ages and sexes and family groups, here there were a lot of young men in groups, especially Scandinavians for some reason.

As a result of sitting in the same part of the beach for a few days, we began to recognise certain groups as they passed us and some would wave hello as they passed and we would wave back. The same groups tended to sit in the same areas and we noticed a couple of groups who seemed to take a keen interest and they were given the usual treatment by Sue.

When we got too hot, we would go down to the sea for a dip to cool off. If you have not experienced swimming in the nude, it is hard to describe the feeling of relaxation and the amazing difference the absence of such a small garment makes. After a few days of the sun, sea, food and drink, we were totally relaxed and decided to go to the bar and dance hall which was attached to the camp site that evening.

We had called in briefly for a quick drink on our way out or on returning from exploring the night life in the area but as there was not much life in the immediate area, decided to try it for an evening.

When we had called in we noticed that a lot of the females wore only bikini bottoms and T-shirts or shorts and as the weather was so very hot, Sue decided this was sensible wear and wore her bikini bottom and a cut-off T-shirt.

I wore shorts and a T-shirt as did most of the males. Although she was a bit older than many of the females at the camp, her lovely body combined with her tan and her natural bearing made her very eyecatching and I knew that she would be noticed by a number of the men that evening. Indeed, I fully approved of her outfit as it guaranteed she would be noticed.

We had had a few glasses of wine in our tent and it was later in the evening when we arrived at the bar which by then was crowded. We got drinks and could not find a table so stood around with our drinks and got into conversation with a couple of Norwegians.

We had both been to Norway and Denmark on business trips so could speak to them about places we had visited and, like most young Scandinavians, they spoke good English. After a while, they were called over to the bar by some friends and left us and we took the opportunity to go for a dance.

As we danced, Sue's breasts were visibly bouncing up and down as she moved to the music and my hand slid up her cut-off T-shirt and felt her nipples which quickly hardened. We danced close for a while and I had one hand on her bottom, pulling her in close while I felt her breasts with the other. We whispered to each other about how many other people were doing something similar, indeed others were going further and hands were inside pants in a couple of cases we could see near to where we were.

This turned us on and we began to whisper about whether I should let Sue dance with someone else to see how far they would go. I should mention that we like to have experiences with one or two other men providing I am present to join in and to protect Sue from anything going too far. As we do not like to get involved with people who know us, times like this when we are away from home are often the start of an experience.

As we came off the floor, our friends called us over to their group which by now was in a darker corner at the end of the bar. We had both had rather a lot to drink and were very relaxed and turned on by our touching and feeling and by what was going on around us so we welcomed some company.

The group opened up to let us into the centre and it was only when I heard Sue giggle that I realised that each of the men was feeling her as she squeezed through the group. I saw hands go up her cut-off T-shirt and grope her breasts while others felt her bottom and one went into her pants. The obvious leader of the group laughed and spoke to her.

"We recognise you. You are the lovely woman who has been teasing us with her cunt for the last few days so we could not resist having a feel of the body we have all seen so much of."

This made her blush a little and my stomach lurched with the usual butterflies I get when we go into a scene. The conversation was turned away to other subjects but I did notice that they were plying Sue with drink. She enjoys her wine and can drink most men under the table but even so, they were refilling her glass as soon as it looked empty.

The leader who was called Per came over to me. "May I dance with your beautiful wife please?" I told him he should ask Sue which he did and she nodded in agreement.

There were loud guffaws and comments in Norwegian as he led her to the floor. She grinned at these as she left the group and we all knew that he would be doing more than just dance with her. The only question was how far she would let him go. We all moved nearer to the dance floor so we could watch although the light was so low that we could only see them from time to time.

To start they danced quite normally, the music was lively and Sue was moving her lovely body without inhibitions. Her bikini bottom showed how her tanned thighs tensed as she swung her hips and her breasts swayed under the small cut-off shirt. Then we saw Per put out his hand to clutch her breast outside her T-shirt as she danced and when she did not stop him, everyone gave knowing grins and nods. They obviously expected a lot more to happen.

As the music slowed down again, they danced closer and we could see Per's hand go inside her shirt and she leaned away from him as he was obviously squeezing her hard. He pulled her back in with a hand behind her back then moved his other hand from inside her shirt to rest on her flat stomach then it slowly inched down to the waist of her bikini bottoms as he stared her full in the face, almost daring her to stop his hand.

Instead, she leaned back then leaned into his shoulder and neck so we could not see anything but we all knew that his hand was now in her bikini pants and he would be feeling her cunt. After a while, they returned to the bar and the men all cuddled her rather affectionately as she passed them. This surprised me, they were not rough or crude as I would have expected.

Sue came back to me and cuddled against me. By now she was quite light headed with the wine, the music and the atmosphere to say nothing of what she had just experienced. I whispered to her and asked if she had enjoyed it and she gave a soft mmmh which I took to mean yes. I quietly asked her if she wanted to go back to our tent or stay and let things develop and she said "lets stay" so I knew she was comfortable for things to continue. We had a code between us that if things were going too far she could let me know without being too obvious so I could make the best arrangements to get her out of the situation.

"Aren't they a bit younger than you normally like?" I asked her as she usually went for men who were a little more than her mid-thirties whereas these men were mid to late twenties. "But he has such a hard cock" she replied and grinned and I grinned back at her.

Einar, one of the men, took her on one side and was talking to her when Per came up to me.

"Sue is a very lovely woman." I could only agree with him and said "you should know, you have seen her body and now you have felt it." He asked if I minded. "As long as Sue is happy, then its OK with me but isn't she a bit old for you lot?"

"She is older than we would normally go for but she has such a lovely body and there is something very sexy about her so what does age matter" he replied. "Can she come back to our tent please. I would like to fuck her" he asked me. In one sense I was not at all surprised as it was obvious that this was the next step but his outright manner of asking me did surprise me.

"She does not go anywhere without me so if she agrees to go back, I will be there as well" I told him and he agreed. "What about your friends?" I asked as there were six in the group altogether. "Well of course they would like to fuck her as well" he said. "They have been teased the same as I have and its only fair that they can have her" he said quite matter of fact.

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