Story 1: Our Conjugal Amorousness

by Mahir

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, MaleDom, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, BBW, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Mahir is infatuated with his beautiful wife Sushma. Her love is a great inspiration for him to narrate their real-life erotic adventures as the central idea for this story.

Cast of Characters with their Profile:


Her relation with Mahir: Wife

Her age: 27 years

Her occupation: A knack housewife

Her face: Alluring and nymphish, oval in shape

Her eyes: Deep set, heavy-lidded, and dark brown

Her nose: Straight

Her mouth and lips: Full and rosy pink

Her hair: Black, silky, ample, and mostly intertwined by her into a thick plait which runs down to her arse

Her voice: Musical

Her figure: Voluptuous, hourglass, and soft – contoured

Her BWH: 38DDD/29/40

Her height: 5' 5"

Her attire: Sari (nivi drape), mangalsutra, and bangles. She prefers to wear bangles on her left wrist.

Some Info about Sushma's Sari drape:

The sari is a strip of unstitched cloth which is worn over a petticoat or underskirt and a short-sleeved choli or blouse. There are various styles of sari drapes but most common of them is known as nivi. The nivi drape starts with one end of the sari tucked into the waistband of petticoat. The cloth is wrapped around the lower body once, then hand-gathered into even pleats just below the navel. The pleats are also tucked into the waistband of petticoat. They create a graceful, decorative effect similar to the petals of a flower.

After one more turn around waist, the loose end is draped over shoulder. This loose end is called the pallu or pallav which is draped diagonally in front of the torso. It is worn across the right hip to over the left shoulder, partly baring the midriff. The navel can be revealed or concealed by the wearer as she can adjust the pallu, depending on social setting in which the sari is being worn. The long end of the pallu hanging from the back of shoulder is often intricately decorated. The pallav may either be left hanging freely, tucked in at the waist, used to cover the head, or just used to cover the neck by draping it across the right shoulder as well.

Mahir (Narrator of this story):

His relation with Sushma: Husband

His age: 23 years

His occupation: Chartered accountant

His face: Square with prominent cheek bones

His eyes: Close set

His nose: Convex

His lips: Thin

His hair: Black and close cropped

His voice: Deep in pitch

His figure: Muscular

His height: 5' 6"

His attire: Shirt and pantaloon, Kurta or loose shirt and pajamas or trousers (mostly worn by him at home)

Sushma and I were married one year back. Since then our conjugal love has grown stronger and deeper than before. The love she feels for me and the love I express with her is pure and heartfelt. It suits best for me to dramatize this amorousness as the central idea of first story.

Most of our nights pass under the lingering passion of making love. Every time, we prefer to change the routine. Hence, I can't jot down all the overnight, erotic adventures we indulge into. Nevertheless to generalize the narration, I have to spice it up for the sake of pleasure.

After taking supper we go to our bedroom. We chat heartily and watch TV for some time. Then I take the initiative and we hug each other. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss and my tongue pushes into her full lips. She responds impulsively by sucking on my lips and tongue. My hands don't stay idle but they roam up and down her back. I can hear her moans which mix with the jingle of bangles as she raises her arms to hug me around shoulders. The kiss seems to lock our lips for ages. But I break it on an urge to slobber down her body.

I kiss on her neck and proceed to her huge bust which is yet covered under the choli. I don't stop there but kiss down her midriff which is still enshrouded by the pallu. Sushma closes her eyes and raises her left arm higher. I hear the jingle of her bangles again and can perceive the shift of pallu from her midriff. Now I can kiss on her exposed navel and dart my tongue out to lick it. My arms clasp Sushma around her wide hips.

I turn my head to kiss and lap on the naked left side of her waist. After nuzzling down her hip, I bury my face into the pleats of sari where her ripe womanhood lies underneath. She pulls at my hair, and I take this as an alarm for the rise of heat between her thighs. Perceiving at her desire for some bold foreplay, I look up at her and get on my feet. We hug and kiss each other fervently before going to bed.

With deft maneuver I take-off Sushma's sari, unbutton her blouse, unhook her bra and pull the petticoat down her full legs. Then I step back and stare at her. Now she stands before me in stark-naked splendor. Usually I do not take off my clothes before going through the erotic tour of her nudity. Hence I push her on back and kneel beside her then.

At first, I reach her face. Sushma smiles beauteously and closes her eyes at the light touch of my fingers. They roam all over her face in smooth deliberation. This blissful expression on her face makes me to stoop over her. My lips kiss hers lightly. The jingle of bangles is followed by her welcoming hug and I close my eyes too. The warmth of this embrace intoxicates us in the glory of heartfelt affection and the kiss grows passionate. Indeed, we are engrossed into the depth of this unbreakable bond. Yes it's unbreakable even if Sushma's vulnerable nakedness triggers me to slide down and proceed with the erotic tour of her curvaceous figure.

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