Merry Christmas

by Hambone Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, True Story, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Nurses Katie and Amy give the men under their care a merry Christmas.

Christmas day dawned bright for Katie Shaw. Her clock radio had awakened her to the sound of Christmas carols and news of snow falling since 2:00 that morning. There must be at least three inches on the ground. The prospect of the roads being covered didn't dampen Katie's spirits as she turned on the shower while she brushed her teeth.

Stepping from the shower Katie took down the oversized towel and rubbed it briskly over her skin. She could feel the electric tingle she created as she rocked the towel in a dental floss like motion between her legs as it agitated her clitoris. As she finished drying, the image reflected in the bathroom mirror was of a full bodied woman nearing fifty with large breasts and breeder hips. She had a pleasant face of no particular distinction framed by shoulder length auburn hair. Her best feature was her emerald green eyes which naturally sparkled. Catching her reflection Katie paused for a moment and took in the sight. The wide hips set off by a full bush with tapering thighs down to well shaped calves. Her large breasts were accented by silver dollar sized pink areolas topped by pouty nipples. She patted her well defined paunch and whisper to herself, "Girl if you put this on the open market you could retire."

Instead of her usual slacks she wore an A line dress that buttoned up the front. On any other day she would have worn tights against the cold but instead she donned leg warmers and her fur lined boots. Just before leaving she put on her heavy winter jacket, scarf and watch cap along with her wool gloves.

It was an uneventful trip in the snow and Katie pulled into the lot and parked in her usual spot. She along with a few others trudged into the employee entrance of the largest veterans' hospital on the east coast. Just inside the entrance over the inner doorway was the reminder, "The Cost of Freedom is Visible Here."

As she rounded the corner she saw Ben Harris waiting for the elevator. He was stamping his feet. He had not worn boots but had on sneakers.

"Merry Christmas Ben."

"Merry Christmas, Katie," he said still stamping his feet, "Damn it's cold as a $2.00 whore."

"You should have worn boots, Ben. What were you thinking?"

"That's it. I wasn't thinking. I wasn't leaving from home and the available boots were a little small for my size elevens. You going to be working alone, again this year?"

"No. They have a first year to help me out for whatever that's worth. They don't seem to know shit anymore. What are they teaching in those nursing schools. In my day I would have been fired if I hadn't known any more than these girls do. You would think they had never seen a live patient."

"You have to admit this is not the kind of hospital that these young kids were expecting. We have a contract with their nursing school and they send them here for a year of learning patient care. The demographic here is not quite like it is at civilian hospitals. We have older vets with normal ageing concerns but on top of that many have the ravages of war that need tending. And then we have the young who are recovering from combat wounds including the loss of limbs, loss of sight and disfigurement. That's a heavy load to tote for these young kids."

"Yeah, I know you're right Ben. It's just that we owe so much to these guys. They have put it on the line for us and when these young nurses act like they are dealing with leapers it burns my ass."

"Just be patient Katie. This is an occupation that takes some getting used to. They'll get there. Remember Sue Bell? Man, talk about green but she is one of the best nurses in this hospital now."

"Yeah she sure is. And one of the best pieces of ass from what I hear. You wouldn't know anything about that would you Ben?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Katie and thank God this is my floor. Later."

See you later Ben."

Katie went into the employee room where she had her locker. She hung up all her outer wear put her leg warmers into her boots and placed them in the bottom. She slipped her feet into her white crocs, put her stethoscope in the pocket of her white nursing dress, fixed a cup of coffee and proceeded to the nursing station.

There were only two nurses working in a wing that normally had six to eight. There were no doctors although they were on call and there were always doctors down in emergency. Ellen Brown and Karen Hopkins were having a final cup of coffee while inputting patient information into the computer before their shift was over.

"Anything special Ellen?" Katie asked as she walked behind the counter, "Hi Karen."

"No. Everything is quiet. Everyone had breakfast without incident and they are all asleep again or watching TV. I don't think the parade is on yet. That's always a favorite. I want to thank you for all us gals. We appreciate being able to have Christmas with our families."

"Glad to do it Ellen. Took me awhile to get this thing figured out but it seems to work pretty well for one day and I like to show the men how much I appreciate their service to our country."

Katie Shaw was a nursing supervisor and didn't need to work the floor on Christmas day or any other day for that matter. She had started this limited staffing three years ago and the men seemed to appreciate it and it was a day of joy for her. Only once was a man still on the floor for two Christmases running and his eyes lit up when he saw Katie enter his room that second year.

Amy Hodge walked behind the counter into the nurses' bull pen wearing a bright pink slacks and top matching outfit. She was twenty-two and had only been at the veterans' hospital since September. She was cute and perky and always wore a smile. "Hi, I'm Amy Hodge. I was told to report here for the day. I've never worked on this service before."

"Hi, Amy I'm Katie Shaw and you'll be working with me today. This is Ellen and Karen. They are just finishing up the night shift. It will just be you and me for our turn. Things should be pretty quiet. There are never any visitors on Christmas day. Everyone who visits this time of year usually finishes by Christmas Eve so it will just be us and the guys."

"How many are there for just the two of us?"

"There are eighteen. Sixteen, in eight double rooms and two in the singles. There are a couple of oldies from the Korean War, three from Iraq, two from Afghanistan and the other eleven from the Viet Nam era. One Air Force, three Marines and the rest are Army," Katie answered.

"How do you know all that?" asked Amy.

"It's all right there in their computer files. You should try it. Frequently who they are is as important as what they suffer in caring for them. They require more than just medicine sometimes. Even in high turnover wings such as this one you should know your patients."

"We're heading on out Katie," Ellen said as she and Karen walked out of the bull pen area. "Harry is probably on his second drink trying to keep those heathens from coming downstairs to where all the goodies are. Merry Christmas everyone."

"Merry Christmas Ellen, Karen," Katie and Amy said almost in unison.

"You hold down the fort here and I'm going to start in the rooms. You might want to pull up those records and give'em a look."

In the room at the end of the hall were two heart catheterization patients who had come up late yesterday and would be leaving tomorrow or the next day once their blood thinning medication had stabilized. Charles Henderson, sixty, was in the bed nearest the window and David Wilson, sixty-three, in the one nearest the door. Wilson was asleep when she entered. Katie stopped at the supply closet to get a towel and undo the top two buttons on her dress. Walking toward Charles she pulled the privacy curtain between the beds and turning to Charles said, "Merry Christmas, I'm Katie and I'm your nurse today Mr. Henderson."

"Merry Christmas Katie, you can call me Charlie."

"You picked a heck of a time to have a heart cath done, Charlie."

"Yeah, tell me about it. But it wasn't by choice. I had some chest pain and called my primary care doctor about it and she told me to come right in for the procedure. They found a blockage and put in a stint and now I'm on some heart medicine."

"You're lucky they could do the stent yesterday; most of the time you have to come back because not all cath doctors do stents. Doctor Tropico must have been working the cath lab yesterday. Here let's have a look at the wound site," she said moving the covers down below his knees. Below his left knee was a vacant space where his lower leg should have been. He was wearing a gown and no bottoms or underwear.

"How'd you get that little souvenir, Charlie?"

"During the Tet I stepped on a Gook mine. Took the leg off just clean as a whistle. Spent six months in a VA hospital and I walked out under my own power. I hardly realize it was ever there."

The right side of his groin had a large bandage firmly adhered. It covered the area in his crotch where the catheter had entered the carotid artery.

"The nurses did a nice job shaving you. They left you nice and smooth," Katie said as she rubbed back and forth over his cock as if checking for stubble. While grasping his cock with one hand with the other she peeled back the corner of the bandage to be sure that there was no bleeding. She could feel Charlie growing in her hand and smiled as she replaced the bandage.

Charlie lay almost frozen in silence afraid to speak least she let go of his hardening cock. His jaw was hanging open but no sound came from his mouth. It had been so long since anyone had fondled his cock. God, how he missed it.

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