An Inappropriate Romance

by Jenny Anderson

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Safe Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: In love with my wife, but with a love life that left much to be desired due to her commitment to her job. Then a young married woman takes an interest in me. So begins a romance that should not have happened. Regrets? I have none.

With our teenage girls less demanding on her time, Reb began working in a nursing home. The fact that she worked a permanent afternoon shift worked out well. The kids went to and from school by bus. Reb leaving for work after lunch. I fed the kids their evening meal, making sure they did their homework. Reb returning home at eleven.

Life really was good.

After four years of this life, I began to tire of continually hearing about the sickness she had to cope with. I'd been supportive for years, but now it had become boring. Her workload had increased to a point were she was completely stuffed when she got home, and even on her days off, all she could do was talk about the job. Any intimacy between the two of us now a thing of the past.

Now, life wasn't so good now.

Both of our girls had horses, and through them, I met Susan.

She was in her final stage of pregnancy, her belly rounded, and her breasts full. I was smitten; I adored pregnant women. Full of new life and proud of it.

We engaged in the usual small talk about horses, all the time my eyes drinking in the wonderful sights of her body, and I must admit I was turned on. As her time came closer, I saw less of her, then not at all. I assumed she'd had her baby and that was keeping her busy.

The business I was in had been good to us and we built a new house. Who should be living across the road but Susan and her husband Colin? Susan and I knew each other of course through the horses, it wasn't long before Reb met Colin, and the four of us quickly become friends. The kids and Susan spent a lot of time together having the horses in common, and Colin and I did a bit of fishing together.

Life was looking up again.

One evening, with Reb at work, Susan dropped in. "If you're not doing anything after tea, why not come over and have a few drinks."

"That would be nice. The kids can look after themselves for a while. It gets lonely after they've gone to bed."

Seeing her again, this time without her husband, stirred up all the old feelings I'd had while she'd been pregnant. It would be nice to spend some time with her again.

With tea out of the way, I walked over the road. The first thing I noticed was that Colin wasn't home, I didn't give it a second thought, he was often home late. I knocked at the door and Susan let me in.

"Colin not home yet," I asked.

"No he's away in the bush, he won't be home until after eleven," she informed me, "there's only my sister and I here, and the kids are in bed."

The three of us sat and had a few drinks, and the more we had, the closer Susan got. As we laughed and joked, she leant on me, and as if by accident rubbed her breasts on my arm. I was surprised, and immediately aroused. Not for a moment did I think she would fool around with someone my age.

The joking had become sexual. Susan had wrapped her arms around one of mine and was deliberately pressing it to her breasts. It felt strange with her sister watching, and I must admit, I was a little confused.

Susan felt my awkwardness. "Don't worry, Deb keeps anything she sees to herself. We're good sisters with stuff like this."

The next thing I found her hand on my inner thigh, gently scratching it with her nails. That simple action stirred feelings I hadn't felt for years. Then Deb went to the loo, leaving us alone. Without thinking, Susan and I were at each other. Mouths open, bodies pressing together, tongues fighting in each other's mouth, as my hand pressed firmly into the yielding flesh of her breasts, her hand busy between my legs. At the same time, we noticed Debby standing at the door, watching us, a smile on her face. I went to pull away but Susan pulled me back, not wanting to let go.

"Don't panic, she won't say anything."

Then the words that were music to my ears. "I want you," she whispered.

"I can think of nothing I'd like to do more, but we haven't time."

We wanted each other, but with our partners due home in less than half an hour, we untangled, and after tidying ourselves, I headed for the door. Susan came with me, and as we stood on the veranda, we were in each other's arms again.

I didn't want this to end. "You know we could have all tomorrow afternoon if you still wanted to play."

She seemed eager. "Where could we go?"

"Well we could always go over to our block and see the horses, there's a lovely tack room we could use."

"I've never been there? What is it like? Does anyone go there?"

"We're the only ones, it's at the end of a no through road, and no one goes that far down," I assured her.

I kissed her goodnight and walked across the road, my mind in turmoil.

While I sat waiting for Reb, my mind went back over the happenings of the night. Here was a willing young lady who had obviously been giving me as much thought as I'd given her. Someone who wanted nothing more from me than a quick sexual romp. Nothing wrong with that. We'd jump each other a few times then stop, our partners none the wiser. No harm done. Our carnal appetites satisfied.

The following day, Reb and I had lunch together, then the moment she left for work, I went to prepare a love nest.

At such short notice, our love nest would have to be bales of hay with a blanket over them, firm but it would do for now. I'd just finished when I heard Susan's car pull up. I was shaking from the rush of adrenaline I experienced. She walked in and we were on each other instantly, no preamble, no hello, it was as though the hour we'd been apart didn't exist as we picked up where we'd left off the previous night. My hands now free to wander over her body as we kissed.

"This looks great," she said as she saw what I had done.

I lay with her, and we were at each other again, my hand going under her skirt, removing her panties. I kissed her single-mindedly, as I groped her breasts and tried to undo her flimsy top. Eventually it opened, and that left only her bra to get rid of. It was one of the front opening types, and offered little resistance to my practiced fingers. My mouth left hers and went straight to her wonderful breasts, licking and suckling her pert nipples. She seemed to like me suckling as though I was nursing. To my surprise, she still had milk. Something that pleased us both.

Susan was the perfect lover. She could tell in a moment when I was getting too close, and she'd slow her movements, allowing me to cool. Then we'd start again.

After three hours of the most beautiful sex, and with my girls due home from school, we dressed. Although the bedding had left a bit to be desired, the afternoon had been fantastic.

I arrived home just as the kids got off the school bus, and we went inside watching tele until teatime. When they'd finished, they did their homework, watched the box for a while, and then went to bed. All the time my mind was on Susan and the fun we'd had, and were to have again tomorrow, luck being with us.

I still had an hour before Reb was due home; I spent that time planning tomorrow's encounter. The hour went quickly, and she drove in on time.

We showered and went to bed. I kissed her goodnight ready for sleep. She had other ideas though as her hand began coaxing me to life. This was a surprise; she usually kept right away from me on the nights she worked. I responded quickly, and was surprised to find she was more than ready for me. If she were like this more often I wouldn't need a girlfriend. Would I?

After a wonderful night, Reb and I spent a relaxed morning, she pottering around the house doing the never-ending chores. Me looking after the business side of things. A quiet lunch together, then she left for work. I left at the same time to go to the block, I needed to check horses, and if I were lucky, Susan would come to visit. With the horses done, I made the back of the pickup more comfortable, the sides and the canopy would give us all the privacy we would need. I was in the shed when I heard her car pull up, and immediately my heart rate doubled.

"Would you like to get in the Ford, we might be able to have a little more comfort in there," I suggested as she walked in to join me.

"But I'd like us to be able lie down," Susan said as she kissed me.

"Come and have a look at what I've done," I said.

We climbed in, and straight away, she looked at the seat, trying to think how we were going to be able to fool around properly.

"Look in the back."

"Oh, that looks better," she said as she saw the comforts I'd added, "looks as though you've thought of everything, matrices, blankets, and you even thought of pillows. You really have been a busy boy."

We sat quietly and had a couple of drinks. With us relaxed, it was time to climbed into the back and begin our fun. Within seconds, we were naked. Our hands found each other's genitals, and we began a slow tease.

I wanted more of her breast milk, so I settled down to some serious feeding. Sure enough, my mouth was soon swimming with the lovely stuff. I was having the time of my life. Susan obviously enjoyed what I was doing, her lower region began to squirm the moment I started.

With her breasts dry, it was time now to concentrate on the rest of her. I had learnt the day before; the thought of me ejaculating in her, was enough to take her with me. At first, I thought she was feigning, but as it turned out, she was for real. It didn't matter what position we were in, as soon as she thought I was about to blow, she was off. Something the deviate in me put to good use from time to time, always leaving her exhausted.

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