Sue's Photo Session

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Sue's photo session went well - very well!

My wife Sue has an exceptionally sensual body and she knows it. She is especially proud of her cunt which has unusually large lips of very dark skin and a fleshy mound which protrudes from the front of her groin. When she wears tight trousers her outline is clearly visible and the seam splits her lips, showing the fleshy bulge on each side as it cuts into her, splitting her cunt lips.

She is tall with longish, fair hair, large brown eyes and high cheek bones which give her a striking appearance. Her tall figure is slim but not skinny, making her body soft and gentle to the touch and hug, not bony. Her breasts are medium sized and full with very attractive nipples set in large brown aureoles. Her breasts hang beautifully and sway when she walks. When she bends forwards they hang from her and show their fullness.

In short she is spectacularly sensual in every respect and she knows it. Added to these qualities, she behaves very sensually and knows how to give and receive great pleasure.

One day we were talking about her body whilst lying in bed. As I stroked her mound and her cunt lips she said "I've never seen a cunt like mine in all the magazines and videos and photos that I've seen. Don't you think its something special?" "There is no doubt of that at all" I replied, adding "and its not just how it looks but what you do with it that matters. Not only does it look as if it is built for fucking but it really is so juicy and such a good fuck."

We had in the past often fantasised about her being displayed either on a stage in a nightclub or in photos which are then shown to people who make themselves come while looking at her photos and I had quite a collection of photos of her, strictly for my own personal use though.

"Don't you think that the rest of the world should be given an opportunity to see this rare and lovely cunt? Wouldn't you like to think of the pleasure you would be giving to so many men if they could see you? How about me taking some shots of you but not showing your face so no-one can recognise you?"

"I think I would quite like that" she said with a dreamy sort of look on her face, obviously imagining herself being looked at by a number of anonymous men. "I could wear a wig so no-one would recognise me then we would not need to worry if a bit of face got into the shot" she suggested and I agreed at once.

It took us a little time to find a wig which suited her but changed her appearance sufficiently that she felt confident that no-one would recognise her but we did eventually succeed and so started a special photo session.

There was an added tingle to it since we both knew that some of these shots were to be sent to a magazine for publication and this was in her mind as she posed.

We started with her dressed in a white blouse with a black mini skirt and her glasses, making her look like the secretary she is and showing off her great legs and tall slim figure.

Then she opened her blouse to show her lacy bra which allowed the brown of her aureoles and her dark, hard nipples to just show through then she removed her bra and I took shots of her with her blouse held open and her hands on her hips, showing off her breasts.

As she stood there with her hands on her hips and her breasts "on full beam" she looked magnificent. She was standing knowing that unknown men would be looking at her and her magnificent, full breasts which clearly showed their large brown rings and nipples. My camera allowed me to do very close-up shots which showed off the detail of her nipples and breasts as well as general shots of her standing like this.

This was how many men would like to see their secretary and the large glasses really added to the effect. We showed her standing upright with a look of pride on her face as she knew how good she looked then leaning forward a little over the back of a chair so her breasts hung down from her body, showing their fullness.

Next she took off her skirt and stockings and put on a white negligee jacket which has a bright dragon motif woven into the back so all she had on was this and her small white pants. I shot her from behind with her glancing over one shoulder, body slightly turned, to show her bottom from under the raised hem of the jacket, her cheeks just visible from the white pants.

Then we did it with one breast exposed as she turned, the profile showing the outline and shape of her lovely, full breast and the outline of her large nipple, standing erect.

Then we showed her in the jacket, front open, holding her breasts, touching and feeling them, in distant and close-up shots.

Next she wore a peep hole bra with open crotch pants and I showed her sitting with her legs open so her cunt could be seen through the open pants.

She then changed into a black lacy teddy top which fastened between her legs. She posed in various positions showing off this figure hugging little black number then sat with her legs open, showing the shape of her mound and fleshy lips through the lace before posing with it open. This was very effective since her body was covered, albeit with a very flimsy lace, except for her cunt, a reversal of the usual picture. Somehow this made her beautiful cunt the main feature as we had intended and I took a number of close-up shots to show the detail of her large lips as she held them open.

By now her cunt was very wet with her own juices and was shiny when she held it open for the camera.

We then took some of her with tiny white pants on, pulling a T-shirt over her head so her arms were raised and her breasts pulled upwards, showing them off to advantage with general shots and close-ups of her nipples and raised breasts.

When she had stripped naked, we took a lot of her breasts, close ups of her erect nipples, leaning forward, leaning backward and lying down. All the time I was talking to her.

"Imagine the number of men who will see your tits and want to suck your nipples, some of them will want to bite them hard and squeeze them. Imagine the man at the magazine when he examines these to see just what your cunt is like, to see how special you are, to see why he should publish them."

After that I started with shots of her bending forward over a chair, sticking her cunt out to her rear so I could photo her large lips which were then closed. Then she reached down and opened her lips, showing the bright pink insides of her cunt and I took some shots of that before she turned round and faced the camera.

She was full frontal with one leg raised onto the arm of a chair so her cunt was opened. Again we took shots of it closed then she slowly slid her hands down over her body, down to her stomach then on to her thighs then slipped her fingers to her cunt and held both lips wide open, stretching them to show how long they were. Her cunt looked like a butterfly with its wings wide open.

We took shots showing the whole of her body in this pose, her standing there holding herself open and available to whoever was going to look at the photos then we concentrated on close-ups of her cunt and lips and her lovely fleshy mound and the tops of her smooth-skinned thighs.

Next she sat on a chair and brought her feet up to the seat of the chair and opened her thighs. This let me put the camera only inches from her cunt so I could get real close ups of her with her fingers playing with her own cunt and then holding her lips wide open. Her clitty was by now hard and erect and was clearly visible when she held herself open.

Next she went down on all fours with me taking photos from behind. Her cunt looks very low slung from this point of view and it protrudes very prominently, showing the dark skin of her lips in contrast to the tan of her thighs and the pink of her inner cunt so we took a number in this position. I also took shots of how her breasts hung whilst she was on all fours.

She lay on her back and inserted the neck of a wine bottle into her cunt while I clicked away then she went back on all fours and reached under to insert and hold a vibrator in her cunt.

She lay on the low coffee table and I took shots of her from above, showing her lying with her legs open, holding her cunt lips open as an invitation to the watcher then she lay on the dining room table with her bottom near the edge and her legs open so I could shoot her open cunt from eye level. Again the camera allowed real close-ups of her cunt so I could show their every detail.

We thought that we had got just about all the shots that we could get published so left it at this. As I put the camera down I held her close in my arms and she lifted up to kiss me hard as I reached down between her legs to feel just how wet her cunt was. We moved to the bed where we quickly lay down together and I was soon inside her beautiful, juicy, hot cunt and as I moved inside her I was overwhelmed by her beauty and sensuality and it was not long before I could hold back no more and felt my spunk pump into her to mix with her juices. We took some last shots to show all the juices dribbling from her then we fell against each other on the bed where we just held each other without any words being spoken. We did not need words at that moment.

When the photos came back from the lab we sat with another couple of bottles of wine to go through them all. There were some shots which had worked well, some which were not so good and others which could be improved upon but there were many which were incredible. They showed her to be the sensual woman she is - they showed off her beautiful body and they laid her out for the viewer to see but he could not have her. She reached out from the photos to tease as well as to invite. We selected the ones we wanted to have published.

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