The Evening That Didn't Go to Plan for My Wife Sue

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Violent, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Max and Sue plan an evening of sex for her but it doesn't go as expected.

The car pulled up outside the house - it was a converted barn, standing in its own grounds with large trees all around it that gave it a well established feel, even though it had been a home to humans for only a couple of years.

The man turned to his wife - "last check now before we go in", he said. "You are sure you want to go through with this? Once we go into the house there will be no turning back you know."

"I know", she said, "I trust your judgement and I want to do it for my sake as well as to give you pleasure".

Her trust in him referred to him having checked out the replies to their advertisement in the contact magazine, to ensure that the men who she was to meet were their type, clean, civilised, sensual but controlled. She wanted to abandon herself to strangers, to be taken however they wanted her but without the fear of violence or danger. She wanted to be fucked and used and was excited by the prospect and especially so since she knew that her husband wanted to see her with other men so it would be a fantasy come to life for them both, something they had often talked about and had now eventually put into action.

He had met with the men who had replied, sifting out the undesirables, the rough, the too young, the too old, the too fat, the too thin until he had come down to two men who he was sure would give her a good time and to whom she would be attracted. She liked big men with big cocks, the fatter the better. He had shown them polaroids of her in the nude so they could see how attractive she was. She was fairly tall with blonde hair, large eyes, a sensual mouth and beautiful breasts with large, hard nipples which quickly became erect at the slightest arousal. Her cunt was very juicy, lubricating at the merest hint of sex, well used to being stretched by large cocks. The men had been keen to meet her when he had explained that she would give herself to them for the evening, with no reservations. They were very keen to fuck her in whatever position they fancied.

They got out of the car and went to the door which opened as they got to it. The man who met them was tall, a little heavily built and tanned. He extended his hand to her - "you must be Sue", he said to her, "I am Tony. Come in and meet Dave".

The welcome was warm, without any hesitation or nervousness and she felt more at ease than she had expected. Tony's confidence was infectious and she walked through the hall to the large open plan area at the rear of the house almost relaxed. Dave got up to meet her and also held out his hand to her. His handshake was firm but not rough and she warmed to them both. She smiled approval at her husband, Max, and sat on the settee beside him. Tony said to her "I believe your tipple is whisky, would you like one while we get to know each other?"

She accepted gratefully, she had had a couple before leaving but another would help to settle her slight nervousness. Max took one also as he was feeling rather nervous now that they had committed themselves.

They sat chatting for a while then Dave got up and beckoned to Max to follow him to the kitchen where they sat on the large wooden chairs round a pine table.

"She really is as good as you told us and even better than her photos" he said. "You want to see her fucked, well tonight you are going to have a bigger treat than you expected", he smiled as he spoke. Max began to feel a little apprehensive at the smile on Dave's face and the way he had said that.

"In what way", he asked.

"Well, you'll soon see" Dave began.

At this point the kitchen door opened and half a dozen men walked in with enormous grins on their faces.

"This is the reason that you are in for a treat", said Dave. "You see there will not just be Tony and I but the whole gang to fuck her". At this they all laughed and Max knew they were in for a rather different evening from the one they had planned.

He realised now that they were in a house in a deserted area, with eight men who all looked like they were from the local rugby team.

Dave continued, "if she likes cocks then she will enjoy every moment so there is nothing to worry about. You will find that everything happens around you - you will enjoy the evening but you won't be in a position to join in so just sit back and enjoy it - I'm sure Sue will!"

At this Tony came into the kitchen - "are we ready he asked. Lets give her the good news about entertaining all of us". At this the others all joined in with a cheer.

Tony turned to Max - "if you wanted to see her fucked by two strangers then you should be ecstatic to see her fucked by eight, especially since she is guaranteed to enjoy every moment of it". Someone behind him laughed and called out "except that her thighs will probably ache and her cunt will be a bit sore!" Again they all laughed.

They went into the lounge and Max saw his wife sitting in the settee. He was already beginning to feel as if he was a spectator at a play which was being enacted around him, part of it but not in the script when he felt himself being pulled down into a chair where he was fastened in place so he could not go to her help.

Sue began to panic then tried to get up to run away when she saw all the other men come into the room. Max watched helpless as Tony went to Sue and said "how do you feel about fucking us all?" She struggled to get away but he laughed as he lifted her out of the settee and held her tight against his body, her arms pinned by his as the men gathered round her.

They started to touch her, to feel her breasts through her blouse. Max knew that she had wanted to be treated crudely, as a sex object, but he could see that she was unhappy about what was now happening. Although this registered with him, he couldn't do anything about it.

Dave asked her, "if you wanted to be fucked by two strangers, why can't you fuck all of us?" As he spoke to her, he touched her face, running his finger round her mouth as she struggled to free herself from Tony's grip.

Dave's hand moved down to her breasts and he played with them as Max saw her try to pull back from him. Dave was playing to the other men as he playfully hefted her breasts in his hands, weighing them as she was helpless in Tony's grip.

"Don't her tits hang nicely lads", he called to them and they all shouted "lets see her tits, get her stripped".

Dave said to her, "see the effect you are having on my friends? They all want to fuck you, you should be flattered, come on, get on your knees and give them all a good suck before we fuck you". '

At this he squeezed her breasts, pulling her nipples through the thin material until she cried out. He laughed, no-one can hear you out here you know, however hard you shout. That's one of the reasons why we chose this house. You aren't the first to come here to be fucked by the two of us and end up entertaining all my friends you know. They will all have you by the end of the evening so you may as well give in gracefully, go on, say we can all have you. All this time he was feeling her through the thin blouse and she could not pull away.

She could see from the number of men and the look in their faces that he was right, they would all have her but she was not going to give in. Part of her knew that by struggling she made it better for them but she could not just give in and let a whole crowd of strangers take her. Somehow that was different from she had set out to do that evening.

Tony lifted her off the ground a little and a couple of them grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs, pulling them open. She kicked and struggled, trying to close her legs but other men stepped between her legs and ran their hands up her thighs and into her g-string, their fingers probing her.

"Why are you struggling?" one of them asked as he pushed his fingers into her wet cunt. "You are soaking wet so you must want it, go on, fuck us all and enjoy it". '

They all laughed at this and the men turned her face down, hanging in the air while they lifted her skirt to see her bottom, bare except for the string between her cheeks. As she hung there, one of the men felt her breasts which were now hanging freely and again she struggled but in vain.

Max watched all this with horror but also with a growing excitement.

Tony noticed that Sue had stopped struggling so he signalled the men to release her. He helped her to her feet. Do you remember why you came here he asked her. Tell us all so we all know.

"You know why we are here, we trusted you, I only wanted two of you, not a whole crowd."

"Well, you have two choices, struggle and fight us and be punished as well as fucked or lie back and enjoy it. You look as if you can take it. Well, what's it going to be?"

Sue looked around at them all. She was still a little defiant but recognised the reality of the situation. "You know I cannot fight you all" was all she said and they all took it as her agreement to take them all on and they cheered her.

Dave said to her, "come over here so I can feel your tits".

She walked towards him and he smiled at her giving in and obeying him. He knew she was theirs now, to do whatever they wanted for the whole night. He reached out to feel her through the thin blouse, squeezing her hard, very hard. When she flinched with the pain, he grabbed her other breast and told her, "you must understand that you are here for our pleasure, we shall do whatever we want and you will obey without hesitation, understand?"

"But you are hurting me", she said.

"So what, you are here for us to do whatever we want. We might want to tie you to the beam and beat you with a riding crop later so don't start worrying about a little pain!" he laughed.

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